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Travel Network Marketing

This is a review of the mlm travel called Travelution, but perhaps the first step in the review is to make sure you’re considering the right “Travelution.” There are actually two very similar sites and each are a different travel mlm opportunity.

  • mytravelution.com will take you to South Africa
  • yourtravelution.com will keep you based in Florida, USA

This Travelution review is about Yourtravelution based in 3390 Kori Rd Suite 7, Jacksonville, FL 32257

Travelution launched in January, 2016 even though there were prelaunch actions as early as November, 2015.

Travelution Leadership includes seasoned network marketing veterans:

  • CEO Dusty and Amanda Devaughn
  • Dave Manning and Faraday Hosseinipour

Core3 Founders are those who got in early and are at the very top of the heap. (The place you want to be, but in truth, by the time you hear about it, you’re only going to be measuring how far down into the crowd do you fall). Travelution has some of the most charismatic Core3 Leaders of any Travel MLM you’d want to know. (Bwana Thurman, Larry Williams, and others).

Frankly, all you have to do is conduct an internet search and discover the “time machine” of in’s and out’s these people have had with mlm products, network marketing opportunities, and direct sales. (You’ve got to ask yourself, if the promise of life changing income is the same promise in all the previous pursuits, why do these leaders keep starting up even more and more different mlm businesses? If they were giving up their positions at the top, then we could say they are being very gracious and they’re doing out of human kindness. If they are starting serial, fresh opportunities about every two to three years, while leaving previous ones behind, what might that say about them and about their offers?)

Here’s the Travelution Offer:

  • Become a VIP client of travel and take advantage of low fares and travel costs
  • Become a Travelution Master Travel Agent and get $5,000 to $8,000 tax writeoffs as well as low travel costs, agent only discounts and the opportunity to earn commissions while building a travel team sales force.

Travelution Approach:

Current: In these early launch days of February, 2016, (reportedly only 250 and growing rapidly) the push is to get in on the ground floor and ride the wave of mlm travel team recruitment. Among the variety of presentations among the Core3 Founders (people who jumped in during the prelaunch and early days), the most entertaining (and I’ve seen a lot of them) has the following ingredients:

  • Ask the question: “Would you like to earn over $11,000 per month and do it over the next 7 weeks?”
  • Of course, get the answer: “Yes”
  • Then guide them to two videos: first a corporate video conducted by the CEO and then a second video that will “sell” them and you get the benefit. Now go and get more as quickly as possible.

Reality Check

There’s plenty more to this review that is all about Travelution, but, before we go too far, if you have a moment and are willing to rebalance the scale, you may care to look at this link.

Basically, it’s a proven fact from independent sources that .3 to 3% of participants in any mlm or network marketing offer will succeed. That means that 99.7 to 97 recruits will fail.

Now let’s realize you are the exception. You will be the .3 to 3% winner. Hey, it could happen!

Certainly that’s what you’ve got to consider if you continue contemplating any mlm or network marketing offer.

There you are, you’re the exception, but only because you’ve been willing to invite a host of non-exceptionals to join you. Yep, you get to the top of these things by recruiting a ton of failures, to personally get 3 people who aren’t failures you’ll have to personally recruit 100 people.

Do you have 100 friends that you know will not be disappointed in you when they fail at what you’ve invited them to do?

Now, let’s say you are the .3 to 3% person because you’re just that good. Do you really want to be part of something that most of those you introduce to it will fail?

Realizing you are the exception, how many other exceptional people do you really know? Why would you want to invite so many people to fail?

That’s why you really should give a listen to what my friend Brad lives and breathes…he’s a real consistent 7 figure earner, year after year, and he’s invited me into something I don’t fail at. You can succeed at this and so can your friends!

Travelution Sayings

Although it’s barely in its second month of launch, there are already at least two travelution cliches:

  1. “Get 3 and the fee is FREE” meaning when you enlist 3 to be agents, and they stay active, you don’t have to pay the monthly fee.
  2. “Get 6 in the mix and you’re maxed” meaning when you enlist 6 to be agents, and they stay active, you qualify for the maximum compensation structure.

Basic cost:

  • If you come in as travel client and you just want travel discounts, it’s free and you can get with any travelution agent.
  • If you come in as a travel agent you will pay a one time fee of $249.95 (originally presented as $199 early on); and you pay a monthly fee of $69.95.


Travelution provides modular training toward achieving a Master Travel Agent certification. This involves approximately 36 modules and at least 15 to 30 hours of study. The expectation is to earn the status of a registered travel agent with perks like:

  • Familiarization trips, agent vendor discounts, wholesale rates, FREE upgrades
  • IATAN card ($5,000 in agent commissions required)
  • AD75 discount card (airfare discount)
  • CLIA Embarc Card (new to 2016 and applies mainly to cruises) and some hotels
  • Agent ID Card and noted travel discounts thereby

Basic travelution compensation:

  • Travel Services Commissions

It is illegal to be paid on a tier level regarding travel service commissions. Travel agent commission rates are a percentage of a percentage (important to note). The commissionable portion of a travel service sales will range from 8% to 14% depending on the vendor or service. It is from that percentage that travel agent percentages are figured.  For instance, if Phillip books a $1000 travel service, Travelution receives 10% commission. From that $100, the following percentages are paid out:

  • Once qualified, the agent receives 80%
  • While working on travel agent certification and license: 60% (the other 20% is paid to office agent that completes the travel services sale.
  • More specialized commissions are set at:
    • 50% vendor commission split as a Cruise Travel Specialist
    • 65% Vendor commission split as a Leisure Travel Specialist
    • 80% vendor commission split as a Master Travel Agent
  • Recruitment Commissions:

    • Travelution pays out a percentage of the initial fee paid in by a new recruit (249.95). This is done according to the type of Agent involved:
      • Agent (2 or less recruits) receives 30% on Level 1 (personally recruited agents)
      • Agent3 (has personally recruited 3 active, paying agents) receives 30% Level 1; 10% Level 2; 5% Level 3.
      • Agent6 (has personally recruited 3 active, paying agents) receives same as Agent3 and 3% Level 4; 2% Level 5
      • Special note: All personally recruited agents are regarded as Unilevel and 30% is paid for each personally recruited agent regardless of which Level the agent is placed (see 3×10 Forced Matrix below)
    • A portion of the monthly fee (69.95) is also paid out according to the type of agent and the Levels included:
      • Agent (0 to 2 recruits) = 5% Level 1, 8% Level 2, 12% Level 3
      • Agent3 (same as Agent) and 12% Level 4, 10% Level 5,  5% Levels 6 and 7
      • Agent6 (same as Agent3) and 0.5% to 2% on Levels 8 to 10 varying according to rank of the agent included.
  • Bonuses

Fast Start Bonus

only goes to the fifth level and happens when you first explosively recruit and help others to recruit to fill out your 3×10 matrix of agents. During this explosive phase you will want to personally recruit three agents right away (fill out your level 1) and personally recruit at least three more for a total of six agents (to put you in the maximum compensation posture) and it gives a good push to filling out your level 2.

Check Match

A bonus paid to the agent for each personally enrolled agent, matching the amount of earnings of the recruited agent except for travel services commissions and the two pool type bonuses (Travel Global Bonus and Enroller Pool Bonus, see below).

Luxury LifeStyle Bonus

Status of Agent per monthly Group Volume (GV) production also produces compensation percentages according to twelve Travelution agent rankings and the Luxury Lifestyle bonus is applied accordingly:

  • GV upto 1499 by Agent3 or Agent6
  • GV 1500 to 4999 by Visionary agent
  • GV 5000 to 9999 by Wave Runner agent earns $200 a month
  • GV 10,000 to 24,999 by Beach Bum agent earns $300 a month
  • GV 25,000 to 49,999 by Navigator agent earns $500 a month
  • GV 50,000 to 99,999 by Explorer agent earns $750 a month
  • GV 100,000 to 249,999 by Jetsetter agent earns $1000 a month
  • GV 250,000 to 499,999 by Tycoon earns $2500 a month
  • GV 500,000 to 749,999 by 1 Star Tycoon earns $5000 a month
  • GV 750,000 to 999,999 by 2 Star Tycoon earns $7500 a month
  • GV 1,000,000 to 1,999,999 by 3 Star Tycoon earns $10,000 a month
  • GV 2,000,000 or more by Ultimate Tycoon earns $20,000 a month

(Only 40% or less from just one of the matrix leg can count toward the accumulated GV).

Travel Global Bonus

The entire Travelution vendor commission not collected by the agents on travel services is pooled at 2.5% monthly. Each month agents qualify for a share of the pool by being awarded one share per $1000 of travel services sold in the month the commission is actually received by Travelution.

Enroller Pool Bonus

This is 2.5% of all commissions related to recruitment for a given week from both the initial fee and the monthly fees paid in for that specific week. Each week an agent who enrolls three agents in that week is given 1 share per each grouping of three agents enrolled.

Key practices:

Forced 3×10 matrix: Travelution uses a forced 3×10 matrix. In this structure, your level one is capped at three; and each level thereafter down through the tenth level comes into the total compensation plan eventually. (noted above).

Spillover: Spillover is when you personally enlist more than three agents. When this happens you can place them at your level 2 or deeper. Again level 2 would be Susie in this scenario: You enlist Manny, Joe, and Sally and they are on your level 1. When you enlist a fourth agent (Susie), you place that agent under Manny, Joe, or Sally as you help them to get their three for their level 1, and you are helping your own level 2 to be completed.


It becomes self-evident that when you spend much more detail on commissions from recruitment than on travel services commissions, the true intent of the experience is not training travel agents but recruiting would-be travel agents who will recruits others and bring in the fees.

Even if you are the .3 to 3 percent, if you listen to my friend Brad introduce you to scores of winners, then you’ll certainly find a way to make money and travel all you want, while offering the opportunities to others if you want.

HopRocket travel mlm opportunity

A close review of the HopRocket documents available to the general public provides the website as: https://hoprocket.com . The physical address is: HopRocket, of 10710 River Front Parkway, #110, South Jordan, Utah 84095.

The HopRocket family public access is http://hoprockettools.com/ and this provides all the necessary knowledge to participate directly.


There is a conspicuous absence of the identification of top HopRocket leadership. A little research has some bloggers attributing registration of the website to Fred Ninow, but current website records do not disclose the owner. (Ninow’s history includes Ocean Avenue and

Curious Fact:

The active traffic for both the websites (hoprocket.com and myhoprocket.com) has 2/3 of the current traffic to each coming from Great Britain and the other third from the US.

The HopRocket Travel Offer

There’s nothing particularly unusual about the offer when compared to any other travel mlm business opportunity.

The essential three elements are intact:

  1. A promise of a member-only deeply discounted travel experiences
  2. A means by which to promote the opportunity to others (replicated website, discount passess).
  3. A complicated Compensation Plan (thought said to be simple) that assures much higher payouts through recruitment of new members than by direct sales of travel.

The travel mlm appeal is forever the same:

You want and like to travel, so do your friends. Take a trip with the HopRocket discount. Tell all your friends how much you saved. Your friends and family will naturally want the same fantastic deal you got. Recruit those people and help them to recruit even more. Everyone is happy, everyone is traveling, [click to continue…]

ZynTravel travel agents


ProTravelPLUS travel agent

In the next few minutes you can do your own comparison of two travel mlm businesses Zyndio ZynTravel and ProTravelPLUS. The convenience is having them side by side. There is no coercion to favor one over the other. No personal advancement for me if you go with one, both, or neither.

  • One of these (read on to find out) states publicly, in writing, “Most Independent Representatives earn less money each month in the compensation program than they are paying for their membership.”
  • The other (read on) states in writing, “The testimonials and examples **** uses are very often exceptional results that do not apply to the average Independent Affiliate and are not intended to imply or guarantee that one will achieve the same or similar results.”

Does that instill confidence in one over the other? Does one get higher points for leaving the results to the affiliate or the other get higher points for truth telling?

It’s not my decision that counts, but yours.

Let’s look at each one and let you decide. Only four months separate these 2015 mlm launches into the eight trillion dollar travel industry. With more money spent on travel than the national income of most nations, there is room in the pool for these two.

I’ll tell you from the top that such statements found in Disclaimers and in Policy Documents send me away from travel mlm every time.

In fact, if you’ll take a minute to listen to my friend Brad, you’ll learn what I learned and start earning what I earn. But, that’s up to you. You wouldn’t have found this post if you weren’t careful about your decisions. This one is a no brainer. I encourage you to listen to Brad and then read the information below. [click to continue…]

Make money with ZynTravel VERSUSmake money with Paycation

We’re going to take a quick look at how these two travel mlm business opportunities measure up side by side.

ZynTravel comes to us from Zyndio and was offered in September, 2015, as the initial participation in what is to become a lifestyle involvement in travel, heath, and money. The trifecta of life, or so it seems to some new mlm entrepreneurs.

Paycation began in early 2014 and has plenty of history to glean from the web. There focus is vacation travel and earning some income on the side.

Both have the advantage of seasoned leaders

Zyndio made up quick ground by quite a few members transferring almost in mass over from Vemma (now defunct thanks to FTC). The prelaunch was focused on gaining two thousand members as quickly as possible.

Paycation had a similar advantage when Manning left Traversus, but not as pronounced.

What Do MLM Travel Businesses Do

Both ZynTravel and Paycation offer travel discounts to thousands of sought after vacation spots and entertainment venues all over the world. The costs vary according to the distance traveled, the means of travel, the level of experience sought and the time away you plan to have.

Even with all those factors included, ZynTravel says they have cut out the middle man and can offer deeper discounts that other travel mlm opportunities.

Paycation and ZynTravel use a third party partner to provide the travel opportunities and travel services. These third party travel aggregates provide combinations of travel, location, and lodging in such a way as to make most of their offers exclusive to each travel mlm business.

Many people feel they can achieve equal discounts and accommodations by searching out Travelocity, Expedia, Trivago and others. Some of these only accommodate travel, others only locations and lodging. Either way, its a good way to keep travel mlm companies honest about the savings they intend to provide their members.

An even more effective way for you to hear the real side of making money better than mlm is to listen to my mentor and friend, Brad. In just a few minutes you’ll hear more specific steps to take than you’ve ever heard explained regarding how to make money and where to get it. [click to continue…]

ZynTravel comp plan VERSUS resorts360 comp plan

Zyndio http://www.zyndio.com and Resorts360 Vacation Club http://www.Resorts360vacationclub.net  are travel mlm homebased business opportunities for the masses.

The Travel industry touts an eight trillion dollar annual windfall so the market is sizeable for anyone to become involved. When an mlm concept of marketing creates a ground swell of chatter, just about any “travel the world and make money” opportunity has enough merit to discuss.

In this brief comparison review you’ll get a summary look at each business to save you time searching through tons of search results and then do additional due diligence to see if either of these two are right for you.

The concept that drives travel mlm is consistent and simple:

1) get a membership;

2) try out the travel;

3) take lots of pix while on this discounted travel event;

4) tweet, text, Facebook, and Instagram to all your friends while you’re gone;

5) upon your return brag about how little it cost and that you have your second planned;

6) respond to all the questions about “how can you do this for so little cost? Can you get me a price like that?”;

7) sign them up and have their share experience with their contacts until they can make an adventure on their own. (By the way, the travel has tax benefits if they are signed up to do this as a business).

When you put that concept of marketing with a trizzillion dollar industry, somebody has to make money and it might as well be you!

What I’m about to share about ZynTravel and Resorts360 is not a biased report.

I don’t get money if you choose either of them. I’m not involved with either of them. In fact, I’ve found something a lot easier, cleaner, quicker, and make more money just by listening to my friend Brad. He’s a 7 figure earner and I’m soon to follow. If you’re interested in money and not just travel, you can learn the way I did, right here. [click to continue…]

Needing confirmation? Ready to defend? DreamTrips Scam and World Ventures Scam will bring it out of you.

Let’s just look into “how to travel and make money” with World Ventures Dream Trips. Lots of things to consider.

Scam Issues

What could cause anyone to consider these as scams?

World Ventures Reviews/Complaints/Accolades could be the source and most often come from:

• Rabid fans

In this case, they’ve already drunk the kool-aid of commitment (a reference to Jim Jones’ 909 dedicated followers who drank poisoned kool-aid in a mass suicide November, 1978, Jonestown, Guyana) and their own success is dependent upon a generously favorable review. It’s hard to tell the difference between good experiences or the hype they’ve swallowed.

• Rabid foe

These people are just as scathingly against WV and have lost perspective to disillusioned dreams or down right lies they unfortunately believed. They didn’t get the discounts they were promised nor the income they anticipated.

World Ventures News could point to scams, but such articles diverge:

  • Awards for exceeding level of travel industry service

INC lists WV as 915 among the top 5000 with a three year growth of 491%

  • News press derogatory toward company advancement

The Jamaican Gleaner says WV can’t operate in Jamaica.

Either way, it makes no difference what you put in front of them (see more) their mind is made up.

Scam Detection Meter

Imagine with me you have a scam detection meter. No one else has it.

You carry it around with you and when the topic of discussion gets to be too good to be true, you bring out the scam meter and test it right there on the spot.

Since these scam questions can only be answered with a potential scam, let’s talk about Dreamtrips Scam or World Ventures Scam.

(Now, you’re already trying to size me up to see if I’m scamming you…let me put that to rest right now so you can keep your mind on topic…I’m not trying to get you to accept or reject Worldventures…I’m not making money if you decide either way.)

Just so you know there’s another way to go, I’m including my friend Brad’s best advice. [click to continue…]

When it comes to network marketing business opportunities and travel there are somethings that everybody says; and somethings that everybody agrees to; but not anything that everybody says and agrees to.

Everybody says that travel network marketing business is an industry on the grow. They point out that eight trillion dollars is spent annually on travel arrangements and travel destinations.

Vacation mlm opportunities all say that these items are in the top three choices of everyone’s bucket list:

  1. Travel more
  2. Take vacations in places (specifically named) I haven’t been before
  3. Visit/take time with family and friends in/to distant places.

The encouragement to participate in network marketing travel companies is repeated over and over again, no matter which mlm travel business opportunity you discover, almost with the exact same parlance.

The Mantra of Travel MLM businesses

(Goes like this)

Purchase the product, and experience the product. (They’re talking about the travel experience). As you are enjoying the travel, share with your fellow travelers what a great price you got for this particular experience. They’ll ask you, “How can I get such a low price like that?” and you sell them a membership.

While you’re on your travel experience be sure and send pix and texts to your friends and family and slip in the joy you have at doing these things at such a low price. They’ll ask you “How can I get a deal like that?” and you sell them a membership.

When you return from your traveling, share your pix and your stories with your coworkers and neighbors and just happen to mention that you did all of this at such a low cost that you’re already planning your next one. And when they ask you, “How can I get such a deal?” you sell them a membership.

With every membership you sell, you’re growing a team of salespersons, getting rewards, further travel discounts, and commissions. You can do this well enough to help your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and mere strangers to make money while enjoying travel, too.

“You Should Be Here” Worldventures signs are posted everywhere the imagination can take them. The thrill of travel and the excite of exotic places jump off the pix and straight into the envy of the viewer.

Multi level marketing travel is as popular, maybe more so, than any other mlm business opportunity out there.

In my own experience, I have found something far more rewarding, much more fun, requires no recruiting and makes money like an ATM.

I encourage you to listen to Brad before you go further. This 7 figure earner taught me how to make it happen in my life. [click to continue…]

how to make money with ZynTravel VERSUS Disrupt home business opportunity

Zyndio and Disrupt Worldwide are each a new kind of mlm business opportunity. They present themselves as a lifestyle company, dealing with health, wealth, and travel.

Zyndio gained its start in September, 2015, with leadership coming primarily from Anthony Powell. Mr. Powell cut his mlm teeth on Herbalife in his early twenties. He then moved to Vemma in January, 2013, (a mlm shut down by FTC) and in late August, 2015, made the step forward with Zyndio, bringing a number of committed core leaders with him.

Disrupt Worldwide started in April, 2015, with a CEO in Jason Elrod who came from the key leadership of WakeUp Now (a mlm that is now defunct according the BBB) and brought a number of former WakeUp Now leaders along with him.

We’re going to look specifically at the travel mlm opportunity, realizing that travel is only a portion of all that each of these offer.

ZynTravel  and Disrupt Travel are our focus.

This comparison is greatly aided by two Zyndio prelaunch videos that remain unlisted on YouTube (I respect their desire to inform in a low key manner). The Disrupt Worldwide information is readily available through blogs, forums, and affiliate websites.

The travel mlm mantra is left unchanged by these two new comers. Buy the product, use the product, brag to fellow travelers about how little you spent, brag to your family and friends about what a great savings you had to get you to the places they haven’t yet been, when they ask you if you can get the same deal for them, give them the spiel, and seal the deal to recruit them, too.

Both ZynTravel and Disrupt Travel have third party travel service providers they access via a web-based affiliate portal. Thousands of resorts, hundreds of thousands of hotels, and deeply discounted airfares, vehicle rentals, excursions, and dining services are said to be anywhere from 40% to as high as 85% less than public prices.

There is no push in favor of one of these travel mlm opportunities over the other. In truth, I have found something much easier, with more pay and no recruiting. This seven figure earner taught me, and he can teach you, too. At least hear him for a moment and see for yourself. [click to continue…]

Let’s answer the question “Make money with Zyndio?”

Zyndio is new to the scene of mlm business opportunities. ZynTravel is the initial offer with a lifestyle approach soon to follow addressing travel, money, and health.
ZynTravel scam?

You can find the company website at http://www.zyndio.com and the portal is located here http://zyntravelsuite.com. The domain itself was purchased as far back as October 24, 2011, the owner being Integrity Management Group and the contact email is connected to Anthony Powell.

Their website printed address is: 15333 N Pima Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, with a toll free contact at 800-605-3738.

The most helpful source of information at this early writing comes from two prelaunch unlisted videos, one on August 28, by AnZyndio makes money?thony Powell and another two days later by John Beall. The push was to anticipate the September 9 official prelaunch and a company wide launch to follow 6 months later in Las Vegas with an anticipated 15,000 to gather. Time will tell.

Anthony Powell, the apparent guru of the Zyndio brand made his mark while in his early twenties with Mark Hughes of Herbalife. Moving from Herbalife in 2013 into Vemma, now with the FTC slap to Vemma, A.P. (as his faithful followers call him) is leading out in this new venture called Zyndio.

There are several testimonials of those who have been on the Anthony Powell team for a long time (some as long as nineteen years) and some as news as the most recent Zyndio convert. The prelaunch was all about gaining two thousand Founder member positions.

Let’s focus just on ZynTravel for now, realizing that Zyndio is anticipating the rollout of doctor-aided health products in the near future.

I do need to disclose that I am not ZynTravel affiliate. I have reviewed more than 30 different, prominent travel mlm business opportunities. I keep reviewing and keep finding none that can beat what I already have. I make money consistently. I don’t recruit. I don’t figure compensation plans. I just enjoy what I do. I listened to Brad, a 7 figure earner now for a few years, doing exactly what he tells everyone on to do. Hear it here, and be glad you did. [click to continue…]

Coastal Vacations home business opportunity and Disrupt Worldwide home business opportunity is a fair backdrop to consider. Coastal Vacations lawsuits could be a focus. Disrupt Worldwide scam is another. Coastal Vacations compensation plan and Disrupt Worldwide compensation plan could be the faceoff of our dreams.

Does that seem fair? Coastal Vacations reviews and Disrupt Worldwide reviews all seem so biased. The standard approach to these things always take the same path.

The travel mlm space gets crowded from time to time. Coastal Vacations has had a lifetime of existence in travel mlm years (a lot like dog years). Disrupt Worldwide, one of the newbies has made a splash in the travel mlm waters. Let’s put them side by side and compare.

Coastal Vacations home business opportunity versus  Disrupt home business opportunity

Members who have guzzled down the koolaid of commitment write biased reviews in favor. Disgruntled former members or negative oriented bloggers put out accusation of scams. The real person interested in getting a fair consideration of each is left to piece together the disagreeable parts and come up with a decision to work with one or the other.

I admit I have a bias in this matter, but it does not favor or disfavor either of these travel mlm businesses.

I have found a better, easier, more enjoyable way to make money online. There’s no hard sell. The truth of how it works is adequate enough for those who care to do it. It more than fits my sensitivities and delivers an income I can’t get anywhere else. Just listen to a 7 figure earner who told me about it. [click to continue…]

It always pays to compare. Both of these travel mlm opportunities are vital and strong at the moment. Either Disrupt Worldwide or Resorts360 can deliver on their travel offers. Yet, there are many areas by which they can be compared.

We can talk about how they were started and who started them. We can look at the basic offers each makes to their members. We can discuss the type of membership you can purchase with each one. We’ll even browse through their compensation plans.

You’ll get a feel for their validity and gain a sense of their reliability.

There is no attempt to get you to choose one over the other. That’s left entirely up to you.

My balanced perspective toward these two mlm travel offers comes from the fact that I don’t do mlm of any kind. I used to, but I’ve found something that truly delivers more money, more easily, and more fun. If you have a minute, you’ll see what I mean right here.

I have reviewed more than 30 travel mlm opportunities.

Why do I keep reviewing? Because I owe it to myself and to you to be accurate when I say I’ve found something better. Read on. Then find something better. It’s right here.

Disrupt Worldwide is far more than Disrupt Travel. In order to be fair to both, we will look specifically at the travel aspect of Disrupt Worldwide in comparison with Resorts360.

Disclaimer: This summary comparison comes from blog posts, comments, website visits, and forums. Obviously there is a time factor when searching on the internet, so please understand the most up to date information will best be retrieved directly from the sources mentioned. Please update your information prior to any decision in favor of either of these travel mlm opportunities. [click to continue…]

Make money with Global Resorts Network Head To Head Make money with Disrupt Worldwide

Maybe you’ve been in travel mlm for some time, perhaps even in Global Resorts Network or Distrupt Worldwide specifically.

Maybe you’ve been in one and you’re considering the other.

Maybe you’re just bored completely out of your mind and you’re looking for something to read.

Either way, in the next few minutes of reading you’ll find in one convenient place what took me hours to compile from several sources (websites, blogs, forums, interviews….a lot of time).

If you’d rather listen than read, then here’s something much more informative, and much more rewarding than any mlm travel I’ve reviewed. (I’ve reviewed more than 30 of the top travel mlm and this beats everything). [click to continue…]

Disrupt  VERSUS Paycation Travel

Someone has approached you about Disrupt Worldwide or Paycation. You’re interested in the travel part, but you’re not sold yet. You’re taking another look. Good for you.

Let’s put them side by side and make a comparison.

In April of 2015 Disrupt Worldwide LLC was cofounded by Jason Elrod (previous president of Wakeup Now) and Rea Nichols (previous vice-president of sales at Wakeup Now). They view themselves as lifestyle changers regarding personal money management, travel, and personal wellness. They maintain a website at: www.lifedisrupted.com

I’m not biased to the favor of one over the other because I’m not a fan of either contender. I have found a much better way than what either of these provide. I learned it from a 7 figure earner and I’m on my way to the same income goal. You can hear for FREE what I heard.

Let’s move on to the comparison.

Just a year earlier CEO, David Manning began Paycation (found at: www.paycation.com) in the opening quarter of 2014. Mr. Manning was previously involved with Traverus, another travel mlm, and he still maintains the head position at Xstream Travel (began in 2002) a registered travel agency.

We recognize very quickly that Disrupt Worldwide LLC is much more inclusive than just the travel side of things. Let’s get a quick overview of what Disrupt includes and then move to specifics with Disrupt Travel.

There’s a Disrupt Money Bundle offer:

  • $19.95 a month
    • Several quick videos (9) on Bank and Savings accounts, credit cards, financial investing, home ownership
    • Small business and personal tax software assistance

A Digital Health offer:

  • $34.95 a month
    • Personal fitness program
    • Doctor contacts over the phone

A Disrupt Travel subscription

  • $54.95 a month and an activation
    • Disrupt Travel will be discussed at length in a moment.

Disrupt packages these three in bundles as well:

  • $129.95 monthly for Health and Wealth Bundle
    • Case of Thunder energy drink (Disrupt’s own product)
    • Get all three: Disrupt Travel, Digital Health, Money Bundle monthly.
  • $109.95 monthly for Disrupt Essentials Plus Bundle
    • Get all three without the energy drink.

Let’s breakout Disrupt Travel as a sole consideration for the purposes of this comparison. (Disrupt Travel is one of the total of three pursuits by Disrupt Worldwide).

Disrupt travel offers are:

  • $79.95 per month Disrupt Essentials– combines a Disrupt Travel subscription with Disrupt Money Bundle.
  • $79.95 a month International Essentials– get language taught to you and a Disrupt Travel subscription
  • $149.95 a month Eastern Health and Wealth – add the $79,95 International Essentials to a stimulating skin restoration.
  • $129.95 a month Western Health and Wealth– add the $79.95 International Essentials to a botanical oil application.

Paycation instills the image of “travel consultant” in the minds of their members. Constant encouragement to up the game of each member through additional Xstream Travel training. The focus is on memberships: [click to continue…]

I’ve been scooping and scoobyphotoing my way through mlm travel trying to answer these two questions:

  • How to get money online
  • Customer Service Jobs From Home

Now, I must admit my own personal preferences are to be able to make money without going to work and I want to know that as I earn money from home I am actually serving the needs of others as I do it.

If I were to go into the explanation as to why I am that way, you wouldn’t stick around for the vital information you came here to read. (But, the curious can know if they stay to the end)

Again, working from home and serving others led me to search out travel mlm opportunities. Before I did…I added additional preferences to my list.

Work at home, serving the needs of others, and

  1. Doing it on my own time, not according to someone else’s schedule.
  2. Using my current skills without too much of a learning curve.
  3. Having a mentor lead me through proven steps of success
  4. Making $1,000 the first 45 days and being able to increase that every 45 days (most think in 30 days, but I tend to be slower)
  5. Understanding it is only fair to receive according to how much I put in (I don’t trust fast money, but I do trust slow and steady money).
  6. Wanting to learn a path I could invite others to join to manage their own financial freedom.

The search began and I’ve tagged up more than thirty of these travel mlm opportunities and I’ve found some really interesting possibilities.

If you want the best choice I’ve found among mlm travel, it’s this one (it’s not even a mlm product at all). [click to continue…]

Paycation TravelThe choices are many and the tasks are so similar from one travel mlm business opportunity to the next. Becoming a travel agent with Paycation  might be a worthwhile question to ask.

Maybe you’re a trained travel agent looking for a change.

Or, perhaps you’re a traveler looking to make some income.

Or, someone has mentioned Paycation and invited you to join.

Let me say from the start, I’m not related to Paycation in any way. I am not a member, nor an affiliate, nor in the administration of the company.

Instead, quite the opposite. I’ve found a much better way to make legitimate money online and I’d love to have you hear it straight from the 7-figure earner that has taught me. Yep, you can hear it in a matter of minutes for FREE, right here.

Let’s look into this question of being a travel agent with Paycation.

Unlike most mlm travel opportunities, Paycation actually refers to its independent network of members as “agents” (at least in their log-in screen for members). Most travel mlms call them anything but agents…members, travelers, tourists, etc.

Some would say these travel mlm opportunities are not travel agent positions. Instead of travel agents they are salespeople for travel club memberships that promote discounted travel choices. (That’s exactly what Worldventures, among others, puts in its own promotional material).

Some would even say everyone that joins a mlm travel business is a scammer and any mlm travel opportunity is a scam. They would say that Paycation is a scam, that Disrupt Travel is a scam and that you are a scammer if you join them.

That’s an awful lot of hating going on.

Travel agents have had a rough time. Their professional role has been diminished to a few clicks of the mouse because the public has access to many of the agent-style tools…but they don’t have the knowledge that a travel agent has.

Just clicking through choices for flights and accommodations is the bare minimal a travel agent does in their role of service. Taxes, tariffs, fees, visas, passports, entries, port of calls, connections, additional amenities, excursions, best of travel, travel advisories, preferred levels of comfort, and much more is the normal bill o faire that an agent supplies. Without the agent, the solid travel experience is a craps shoot.

Many airlines dropped their commissions to travel agents back in the first decade of 2000 and this further seemed to level the travel agent field. When the transportation, accommodations, and excursion industries did the same, that’s when sites like Expedia, Travelocity, and so many more were stepped up. [click to continue…]

Somebody has you interested in a travel mlm. You’re wondering if travel mlm agencies are the way to go? Or, if being a travel mlm agent is a possibility for you? Or, if your friends who are in Disrupt Worldwide or offering you something that can’t be matched by Pro Travel Plus?

Disrupt  OR  ProTravelPlus logo

Lots of questions. I intend to provide you information to come to your own conclusions.

Truth be told, I’m not trying to get you to choose one of these two mlm travel opportunities over the other. Making money with Disrupt or making money with Pro Travel Plus is not in my cards.

I have found something far better and certainly more to my way of working to help others and help myself. No hard push here…if you want to make yourself aware of something better, listen for FREE to a seven figure earner who told it to me. Brad has become a friend and a mentor. He’s worth listening to for your own satisfaction.

I gathered the following information from blogs, forums, company websites, and interviews. It’s the same process of discovery you would take if you had the time (maybe you’ve already taken the time and this article is part of it).

Take a look at the two directly from their own sources:

  • Pro Travel Plus got out of the gate in April, 2015 located here: protravelplus.com
  • Disrupt Worldwide stepped into travel mlm communities in April, 2015 and they are here: lifedisrupted.com

Leadership is the key and often the personality of mlm opportunities. A look at the management tells you right away, these guys have experience!

Disrupt Worldwide (Disrupt) has cofounders Jason Elrod and Rea Nichols at the lead. Jason (and several others like Andy Benis) brought experience from WakeUp Now, a mlm of bygone months. (Some have even said Disrupt is what happened when WakeUp Now went to sleep)

Pro Travel Plus (PTP) is guided by Seth Fraser who comes with experience in Kannaway mlm and with Uneeqlee, That Free Thing, and Freebie Force. Again, mlm styled experiences left in the wake of better things to come.

Concepts and Products:

Pro Travel Plus introduces members who promote the opportunity as “professional tourists” rather than salespersons. The concept is to travel for pay, enjoying the savings available to members and membership simply sharing with fellow travelers, and those who only wish they were traveling, the opportunity to become a member, make an income and keep doing the same all the way around the world.

Pro Travel Plus includes a Rewards Network that provides members with access to brand name products and gift cards in addition to a travel booking service with member-only discounted prices.

A PTP member purchases one of three membership choices: [click to continue…]


Resorts360 Vacation Club vs Pro Travel Plus

Travel multilevel marketing opportunities seem to abound. Particularly when a friend, coworker, neighbor or family member is recently joined to one. Maybe that’s happened to you and you are trying to get your footing before jumping in.

Or, maybe you are searching for both travel and income. You’ve come across a few travel mlm names and you’ve decided to check a few of the ones that seem possible to you.

Either way, Resorts360 and Pro Travel Plus are worth your consideration.

I’ve come to study more than 30 different mlms focused on travel. I did it because friends would ask me from time to time about joining one, or if they should consider joining one. I was curious and committed to finding out what makes them tick, are they legit, and would I commit?

Before we go too far, I will tell you I am not favoring one of these over the other. Instead, I favor a completely different and lucrative approach altogether.

Soon you’ll realize I’m all about facts, not emotion. So, if you want a better way, just listen to my friend and mentor Brad. He’s a generous, seven figure earner sharing FREE advice. I listened and I hope you do as well.

On with the comparison of Resorts360 and Pro Travel Plus.

Check Them Out For Yourself

I’ve gathered input from all around the net. I have tried to save you the time it cost me. I’ve put this in one place so you’ll not have to search to decide if you are interested. But, if this brings an interest to you, then by all means, go to the source yourself and check them out.

resort360 logoResorts360 Vacation Club had its birth in the final months of 2008 and its rebirth on April, 2015. You can find them right here: http://www.Resorts360vacationclub.net (later, please, just keep reading for now)

ProTravelPlus logoPro Travel Plus also began in April, 2015 and you can locate them here: protravelplus.com


These travel mlm opportunities come from somewhere. Someone or several somebodies have to conceive, compose, propose, and promote these things. By all means, take a look at the leader of each one when considering your involvement.

The leaders at the fore of these two organizations are:

Resorts360: The founder back in 2008 was an experienced commercial airline pilot, Mr. Rodger Rutter who knew the travel and leisure industry quite well. Jeff Mills became owner and CEO in 2015 with a background in local church ministry, tee shirt selling online and a can do spirit that rivals Mark Cuban.

The Leadership team is rounded out with Andrew Porto as Chief Technology Officer and Judith Drummond, the Customer Support Manager.

Pro Travel Plus has Seth Fraser as its CEO. Mr. Fraser has been associated with other mlm operations by the names of Uneeqlee, That Free Thing, Freebie Force and Kannaway. He is joined by the Vice President Charles Vest.

The handy thing about the internet is how exposed any public figure becomes and how lingering that exposure can be. Using your search engine on either of the names above will open up plenty to consider regarding reputation and likely success. [click to continue…]

 Pro Travel Plus Beats Global Resorts Network, Right?

That’s a question worth asking, but most people don’t take the time to compare travel mlm opportunities, so they don’t ask the question.

You did.

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t trying to understand at least one of the following:

  1. What does Pro Travel Plus offer?
  2. What does Global Resorts Network offer?
  3. What does any travel mlm choice offer?
  4. Can I make money a better way?

You may be asking a combination of those questions.

Let’s start with the last question, #4, first.

Yes, there is a better way to make money. Listen for FREE to Brad, my mentor and friend. He taught me a better way and it’s working!

Now let’s get on with the other questions.

You want to know where you can hear directly from either one of these choices, so here they are:

Global Resorts Network logo

  • Global Resorts Network makes the decision to promote their vast number of member affiliate sites rather than one central corporate site. If you’re going to find GRN, just do a browser search for the name and browse the various and consistent affiliate sites out there (just keep in mind they don’t speak for corporate, they just work with them).

ProTravelPlus logo

It’s a wise step to always check directly with the source. If you become interested in either of these two choices, now you know where you can reach them.

Equally important to where they are, is the question, who is leading them?


Since 2002, Mr. Al Morales, the founder, has provided Global Resorts Network with strong leadership. Mr. Mark Hoverson joined as a partner in 2010.

Mr. Morales wisely stepped into a market that few others even considered back in the opening years of the 21st century. Time shares were cresting as a concept of getting away on a holiday. The practice was to pay around $8,000 or more (according to desired exclusivity) as a down payment on a resort or condominium in a desirable world renown vacation spot. Then pay maintenance fees, promotional fees, association fees, international merchant taxations, etc.

Mr. Morales made contact with one of the largest worldwide brokerages for these time shares, Gold Crown Resorts. He craftily secured exclusive online marketing rights and began promoting the opportunity to stay in these luxurious condo and resorts for about one eighth the cost others paid.

No large down payment, no maintenance fees, no restriction to just one week, and no hassled to try to find another time share owner to trade with you for location, schedule, or cost.

It was a brilliant move…accessing 5,000 properties, for a five to seven day stay at $389 to $799, promoting them online, and coupling that with mlm structure.

Pro Travel Plus (PTP) was begun in April, 2015 by CEO Seth Fraser. Mr. Fraser has worked with other mlm choices such as Kannaway, Uneeqlee, That Free Thing, and Freebie Force.

The concept behind PTP is to regard their members as “professional tourists.” Let the members become satisfied customers and watch them enthusiastically share with family and friends both the savings and the opportunity for income. [click to continue…]

 ProTravelPlus logo


Coastal Vacations logo

Most people either wish they were on a vacation or wish they were planning a vacation right now. If you can believe the hype, that’s exactly what all travel mlms would have you believe. We’re looking closely at two of them in these lines of text, Pro Travel Plus and Coastal Vacations.

Before we get too deep into these two, it may just be that in your situation you’re not quite sure if mlm travel is the right way for you to go.

• You may be focused on the actual experience of travel and you’re wondering if places like Orbitz, Price Line.com, Hotwire.com might not be a better way to go for the real vacation savings.
• Or, you might be focused on the prospect of making money through mlm vacation clubs.

If your focus is on making a little income, and you’re not quite sure what will really deliver income for you, then the better use of the next four minutes could be given to listening to my friend Brad for FREE, a seven figure earner who introduced me to a better way. Really, it does works and since it’s FREE, and you’re here, give it an ear. You won’t be wasting your time.

I’m going to spend the rest of our time giving you a summary comparison of these two opportunities without any bias toward either one of them. My comparison comes from collecting information from the specific company sites and from various blogs and forums about each of them. This is not meant to be an expert’s opinion, just my efforts to pull together information so you won’t have to go looking for it like I did.

I’ve read where some members of the various mlm communities fault those (such as myself) who have not joined their mlm and yet offer opinions to people such as you. Obviously, those mlm members are probably already committed and they don’t particularly want you to look before you leap.

Some may feel that only a person who has joined should have the right to review an mlm opportunity. The unfortunately case being, if you’ve committed you are least likely to provide an unbiased review.

My premise is, an outsider is what all prospective members are and a non-member continues to hold that outsider view when all members tend to forfeit such a view just by joining the mlm being evaluated.

In short, I’m where you want all prospects to be, interested and looking. (Members on the other hand have taken the plunge and most have drunk the koolaid to the point they are no longer rational, just wanting others to desperately join them).

Before you make the decision in favor of either of these two mlm choices, I’d suggest you check out their specific websites and go as far as you can as a mere visitor: (it’s amazing what you can find out)

• Coastal Vacations could easily claim seniority with having launched in 2008 and you can readily find them at: coastal vacations
• Pro Travel Plus is much the junior as to age, launching in April, 2015 you can find them at: www.protravelplus.com


Even if you can’t know the future of the company, anytime you care to search you can at least find the history of its current leadership. MLM travel tends to have either experienced leaders over the longevity of the company or recycled leaders who have dabbled (usually with some personal success) in mlm travel or some other mlm industry.

  • Pro Travel Plus – Chief Executive Officer Seth Fraser has been with Uneeglee, That Free Thing, and Freebie Force, even more recently with Kannaway, all mlm style experiences.
  • Coastal Vacations – Al Romaine is the owner and under his direction, the company sees itself led by a Board of Directors, many of which have mlm experience (directors are invited onto the Board, but the process is a bit unclear to the public as to how an invitation to the Board is won).

General Concept of Travel MLM

At the current time of this writing the markets in China have dropped drastically with historic plunges and as the United States markets open they are set to drop just as dramatically. Our global economy is like a wobbly table top, if one corner titters, the entire system seems to shake. Like it or not, we’re all on this global orb. The upside is, we can travel like never before!

Secure a passport and in most cases (but not all) gain a tourist visa to your destination and mlm travel will connect you to where you want to go!

In addition, mlm travel will hook you up so you can help your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbor to do the same (and, you can make a little money while doing so). In fact, you can easily provide to those very same people who share your life a means by which they could make some income as well. All while sharing this immense planet up close and personally.

Hey, if four couples I personally know could meet on social networks, fall in love, and get married, then surely you can be intimate enough with people hundreds of miles away to tell them about your travel mlm opportunity, enlist them, and make money together. (My friends are certainly making a real life together). Social network marketing with mlm travel is an explosive way to build a team and an income.

Specific MLM Travel Offers

Both Pro Travel Plus (PTP) and Coastal Vacations (CV) offer third-party supplied travel opportunities through online portals (just like Expedia or Orbitz or Travelocity type sites). In each case, the primary offer to the public is two-fold:

  1. Become a member and make your travel plans to thousands of popular vacation spots and entertainment choices, just do so with member-only deeply discounted prices.
  2. As a satisfied customer, become a salesperson for both the travel experiences and the potential of income as a recruiter/team builder in the mlm side of things.

[click to continue…]

ProTravelPlus logo


Paycation Travel

The question in your mind might not be “Do I choose between Pro Travel Plus and Paycation, but rather, do I choose a travel mlm at all?” If that’s your question, then skip this review and listen to an alternative that’s make money every hour of every day, but there is some work you have to do.

If the question you have is “Which of these two is the better?” then this review is intended to help you make your own conclusion.

I’m not solving the choice, just trying to help you study and compare. I’m just like you, a person looking for unbiased information. I don’t need someone to decide for me, just a convenient comparison to all the other information I care to consult.

I’ve gathered this information from each company websites and from insights shared in forums, blogs, and other internet reviews. This should not the final word, but merely a quick discovery to start you on your way, or a quick confirmation of what you’ve already decided.

Given the travel mlm industry strength of over eight trillion (that’s with a “t”) dollars spent annually, it’s a safe bet there are plenty of users and sellers out there. You could be one or the other, or both.

If the travel mlm industry has its way, you would be both a user and seller of what they have.

These two travel mlm enterprises have similar and dissimilar offers.

Let’s start with where you can them for yourself:

  • Paycation had its beginnings in early 2014 and you can find them here: www.paycation.com
  • Pro Travel Plus is just a bit younger, having launched in April, 2015 located here: protravelplus.com

Who’s Leading These Companies

Momma always said, “Don’t just get in the car with anybody, even if they are going your way.” It’s important to know who is driving these companies:

  • Paycation – CEO, David Manning (from Traverus formerly) is also the Chief Executive Officer of Xstream Travel and has a track record easily viewable on the web.
  • Pro Travel Plus — Seth Fraser, is the CEO (formerly of Kannaway mlm) and previously was associated with Uneeqlee, That Free Thing, and Freebie Force (whose reputation can equally be found on the web)

It Has Everything To Do With The Price of Rice In China?

Ironic, isn’t it, that the globalization of so many businesses has emphasized what everyone knew before Columbus’ discovery, The WORLD IS FLAT!

The Price of Rice in China sets an economic dismay worldwide in these days of a shared global market. Here we are talking about global travel and you’re thinking about travel mlm. Are you thinking global, national, or local?

If you are considering either of these companies, you need to think large, VERY LARGE.

Consider for a moment the acceleration of social media and youtube viral communication. The mlm part of the travel mlm experience has exploded with social media platforms. [click to continue…]

Coastal Vacations logo


Global Resorts Network logo

The variety of travel mlm opportunities is really staggering. You’ve come here to see a side by side comparison of Coastal Vacations versus Global Resorts Network.

I’m going to lend my own thoughts to the contrast between these two mlm companies, but I’ll admit right up front that I don’t favor one over the other. As I’ve searched out the best input to evaluate at least thirty of these opportunities I have discovered what you probably already know.

Most of these types of evaluations are heavily sided in favor of one. That’s not going to happen here.

I favor something entirely more lucrative, easier and faster to accomplish and without all the drama of social marketing. You can listen to it before you read all I have to say (and you probably should) or you can come back after you see how thoroughly I consider opportunities like these. Either way, you’ll want to hear for FREE what my coach told me and showed me. I gotta say, Hoorah for Brad!

Let’s get into it:


Here’s where you can find these to opportunities when you do your own deeper research:

  • Global Resorts Network doesn’t provide a corporate footprint on the internet except through their great number of individual affiliate websites, all very consistent in their delivery. So, just point your browser search toward GRN and select anyone that comes up.
  • Coastal Vacations is practically a granddaddy among the mlm travel industry and has nine lives to boot. You can find them currently at: coastal vacations


As the saying goes, you might work harder than top management, but you’ll never out rank them. Here they are for each company:

  • Global Resorts Network – was founded by Al Morales all the way back to 2002. Mr. Morales was joined by partner Mark Hoverson in 2010.
  • Coastal Vacations – was begun in 2008 and is owned by Al Romaine. Despite their preference to be seen as led by a Board of Directors there is no question that Mr. Romaine give significant influence to organizational decisions.


Much like a gyroscope spinning while standing still, the inner ring rotating while the outer ring maintains the stability needed to stand, so runs the travel mlm company.

The outer structure of travel is very impressive indeed. Travel keeps expanding, moving from an eight trillion dollar industry straight into a soon to be nine trillion dollar annual expenditure. That’s a lot of money and it’s not stopping any time soon.

When you add in the growing sophistication of the average traveler and the ability to access travel aggregates like Travelocity, Expedia, Hotels.com and others; if a traveler has a desire and a discounted price that traveler can arrange some very impressive travel, all on her own.

To continue with the gyroscope illustration, the spin of marketing has gained significant speed thanks to internet and social media platforms. As with any mlm structure, you recruit or you ruin. It’s all about recruitment and recruitment is all about me telling you so you tell others who tell others, too. When people communicate at the speed of a click and they can email, text, tweet, pin (Pinterest), hangout (google), chat, skype, and speak to anyone else who can do the same, we’re lighted up to spin on a dime! [click to continue…]

Paycation Travel


Global Resorts Network logo

The travel mlm industry is not going away anytime soon. You are wise to be considering involvement with Paycation versus Global Resorts Network. I have reviewed more than 30 such opportunities trying to discover the best that might be among them.

What I’ve discovered is what I am sharing with you and I share it simply as a fellow traveler in the quest for a legitimate means of producing an alternative income stream for my family.

I have found others along this path who are genuinely focused on the potential options of travel and their curiosity has brought them here. This review will help them.

Still others are not so much interested in the variety of vacation or excursions, but rather on the savings that might be possible in returning to enjoyable travel spots they’ve made over and over again. This review will equally help them.

Regardless of your interest, you obviously want to know more about these two mlm travel businesses and how they might compare when placed side by side.

If you’ve already committed to one or the other, you are probably looking for confirmation that your choice was well made. If you are tittering on the decision to get involved then I think this post helps. If it does then I’ve accomplished what I intended to do.

You won’t find a biased review of either of the mlm companies here. My hope is that you consider an alternative to mlm travel altogether. That’s my bias. I’m the type person to always test my decisions, trying to make sure I don’t miss out on something new and available. So far, what I have found is better for me than any mlm I have reviewed.

Get to hear for free what I paid to hear from my coach Brad, a seven figure earner for a few years now. I urge you to hear it now and then read on. (I do want you to come back and read this stuff…it was hard work to pull it all together in one place for you).

Okay… Let’s get to it.

Where Can I Find Them?

Here are the places I came across the two mlm companies we’re looking at together:

• Paycation began in the first quarter of 2014 and set themselves up here http://www.paycation.com

• Global Resorts Network had a strong beginning in 2006 and has elected to be discovered by you and me more through the various affiliate sites built on GRN (Global Resort Network) rather than commanding a corporate internet location. So do a quick search and you’ll see multiple and consistent presentation of GRN. [click to continue…]

resort360 logo


Global Resorts Network logo


You may be feeling like me. I grow really tried when reviews are just hyped promotions of a product rather than simply a summary presentation of the product.

This compare and contrast summary does not promote travel mlm. I just want you to have another source to consider mlm travel choices when you are comparing Resorts360 and Global Resort Network.

These two travel mlm groups are often confused and perhaps this review will help you untangle the threads.

I will tell you before we get started that I am not affiliated with either of these two opportunities, nor am I involved with any other travel mlm. I’ve found something entirely different that provides income online that’s a lot easier and a lot more profitable, and that’s a lot more like who I really am. (If you want to stop to hear it, you can hear it for free and in brief the way I did from the 7 figure earner who first told me right here).

Pulling these two apart is a lot like getting gum out of your hair, you don’t so much care about the gum anymore, but it’s still very important that you respect it and get all of it out.

If you want to do your own up close review (and you should, my remarks are not intended to substitute for the original sources) you can find these opportunities very easily:

  • Resorts360 Vacation Club had its beginning back in the final quarter of 2008 and an even more recent resurrection in April, 2015. Visit them here when you’re ready: http://www.Resorts360vacationclub.net
  • Global Resort Network launched in 2006 and forfeited its original internet address, but you can catch meaningful and numerous representations by affiliates just by using your internet search browser. There seems to be no easily found corporate presence on the internet these days.


  • Resorts360 Vacation Club (Resorts360) changed its owner and CEO as of April, 2015, Jeff Mills ( Rodger Rutter, the original founder chose to retire after seven years).
  • Global Resort Network (GRN) founder and CEO is Al Morales, and Mark Hoverson came into joint partnership in 2010.

These two travel mlm enterprises are multi-level marketing travel networks. The expectation of each of these companies is to bring travel and the enjoyment of multiple means of travel and opportunities of global travel to the masses. By means of either of these two businesses a traveler can gain discounted fares and accommodations; and, may even legitimately consider making money on the side. (heck, it doesn’t have to stay on the side, you can make money right down the middle if you work at it hard enough).

Okay, the preliminaries are out of the way. Let’s try to do justice by respecting each of these as we compare and contrast them with one another.


They share a common desire, but they try to do so in uncommon ways. They want to make it possible for you and everyone like you to do more traveling, spend more time with family and friends, do so with less expense, and consider sharing the opportunity so often that you can get paid to travel, maybe even to the point that others join you in this exciting, traveling lifestyle. Both assure us this can only happen if you use their exclusive member-only experience.

It doesn’t take too many visits on the internet to discover there are many (I’ve researched more than 30) mlm travel opportunities. They all speak of cashing in on the 8 trillion dollar industry of travel annually.

In truth, the traditional travel agent serving as your personal assistant having insider advantages to packaged discounts specific to each competing airline, hotel, and theme park, is just no longer viable. The general public can sit down at their digital screens and access and compare travel opportunities without much more than just a common sense approach to planning a family trip. That may be the most plausible explanation for why there are so many accumulated trillion dollars spent on travel annually. The pity is, there is little need for a travel agent.

BUT, if a mlm travel enterprise can make the connection for friends and coworkers a little more simple and the packaging (or slight customization) of some travel packages can be made handy for the masses, there could be a lot of money to be made. That’s the concept behind both of these companies.

Let’s just say you like to travel. Because you like to travel you want a great variety of places to visit and you want those visits to not cost you more than what it costs your fellow travelers (and it would be bragging rights if you could get the very same trip at a price lower than all the other fellow travelers you come to know along the way).

In fact, if you could be given assurances that you could get cheaper travel costs consistently, no matter where or when or how many traveled with you, if that were so, you’d gladly share the information with your family and friends so they could do the same. (That’s what these two mlm businesses are trying to bank on). [click to continue…]

Paycation Travel


Coastal Vacations logo


You want to see a thorough comparison between Paycation Travel and Coastal Vacations and you came to the right place. I’m not affiliated with either one of these travel mlm companies so you’re not going to get a biased evaluation in favor of one over the other. The main reason is I’ve found a better way altogether from any of the mlm opportunities you may be aware of, or you are yet to discover.

I know the process of trying to find the right way to jump into earning money online. I still keep my senses sharp by doing reviews like this one. But, fortunately, I’ve found THE way that works for me. If you want to hear it just the way I heard it from the very 7 figure earner I heard it from, here it is. (In the same amount of time or less than it takes you to read through this comparison, you could be on to bigger and better, if you listen to Brad like I did.)

BUT, hey, if you want to read on, I’ve worked hard to give you something worthwhile to read about Paycation Travel and Coastal Vacations (after all, I did all the work to show you, the least you can do is read it, right?)

Let’s start at the beginning. When did these two get started?

  • Paycation Travel began in the first quarter of 2014 and you can still find them right where they started (not always the case with some mlm travel): http://www.paycation.com/
  • Coastal Vacations is comparatively the older sibling having started in June, 2002 and their current insider website is found at: officialcoastaltraining.com


The leaders in the cockpits of these well composed machines are absolutely crucial to their continued success.

  • Paycation is piloted by David Manning, its CEO. Not the first flight for this fellow. He has experience at the forefront of bot Xstream Travel (13 year licensed travel agency) and with Traverus (a former travel mlm organization).
  • Coastal Vacations is owned by Al Romaine. They prefer to be recognized as a Board of Directors led organization, but Mr. Romaine is a major factor in determining which Directors are there.

Primary Concept Of Service

These mlm travel businesses provide direct access to member-only discounted travel services and vacation opportunities. They both make use of third-party systems to provide travel discounts to their members. These systems are not unlike those similar to the general internet public. Sites like Expedia and Travelocity are generally known to the public. Sites like Gold Crown Resorts and Saveon Resorts are known mainly to mlm travel enterprises like these two mlm businesses you’re currently considering. All in all, these travel and vacation access sites function the same.

It’s common knowledge that people who enjoy traveling like to save money while at the same time enjoying luxury accommodations, vehicles, airfares, and exciting excursions or entertainment. People who want to travel but can’t travel often say the barrier to traveling is the expenses involved. IThe idea is, “I’d travel more if it didn’t cost so much.”) So, Paycation Travel and Coastal Vacations want to work with these kinds of people. Along with all the other travel mlm companies, these two often speak of the massive 8 trillion dollars spent on the travel industry annually. That means there are a lot of potential members and customers for their travel mlm systems.

In brief, these two companies want to enlist thousands to serve as affiliates to their travel enterprises and they want those thousands to enlist both customers and additional affiliates. (The truth be told, they both prefer affiliates over customers)

The more who use the system and the more affiliates they can get who sell the services (for the opportunity of commissions), the more money stirs into the corporate pot. And, the more imaginative income is possible for affiliates to tap into. The potential affiliate income comes through two sources: direct sales commissions and from recruitment of additional affiliates.

So, each of these companies have their own exclusive portal into their respective travel aggregate systems that keep the cost lower and the more who jump in, the lower and more numerous the choices of travel and accommodations.

Distinctive Presentations:

Coastal Vacations say they are not sales people for travel. Instead, they sell discount travel packages which in themselves provide access to preset travel services. (though some of these preset services do have slight customization choices).

Paycation, on the other hand, clearly presents themselves as those who sell travel services and even strive to train their members to serve as travel consultants.


Paycation uses a 13 year licensed and experienced travel agency (Xstream Travel) as the training vehicle for turning customers into its own recognized travel consultants. Each consultant is provided a company website that uniquely identifies any of the affiliate marketing and booking specific to each consultant.

Coastal Vacations makes use of websites provided to its members and backs that up with Monday Director Calls. It’s the primary means by which the Coastal Vacations network keeps everyone on the same page. If you look closely at any of the Coastal Vacations members or associates or directors websites, you’ll consistently see they are each powered by FocalPoint. This third party system keeps all the offers and bookings continuously updated and available for each Coastal Vacations travel consultant. Their coastaltravelpackage.com website helps with all the additional training and tools required to be successful using their systems and approaches.

Benefits Available To Members

Both travel mlm opportunities believe their members get a better selection of travel and vacation opportunities than those choices available to the general public. The privilege of membership is the access to these various discounts.

In addition, both companies intend for their members to seriously involve themselves in the recruitment of customers, associates, members, and leadership (each expecting to provide for themselves a means of personal income). [click to continue…]

resort360 logo


Paycation Travel

Resort360 Vacation Club versus Paycation Travel

The compare and contrast assignments are always the most challenging. But I’m up for it and I’m certain since all you have to do is read, you’re probably good to start as well. So, let’s get on with it.

I’m not a member of either of these two travel mlm opportunities. Unlike most of the reviews you read or the comparisons you are offered, I have thoroughly considered each of these, but I’ve found something completely different, completely easier, and completely better suited to who I am. If you want to hear it just like I did, from a seven figure earner, then give it a listen right here for free. (It will save you the time of reading all this, but, hey, I wrote it, can’t you at least do both?)

You may want to find these two mlm opportunities, so here they can be found:
• Resort360 Vacation Club started late 2008 but had a significant restart in April, 2015, and you can find them here: http://www.Resort360vacationclub.net
• Paycation Travel got started in early 2014 and they are located at http://www.paycation.com


• Paycation has David Manning as its CEO. Mr. Manning has multiple mlm organizational experience in his background and can be associated with memorable involvement with Xstream Travel and Traverus.
• Resort360 Vacation Club has Jeff Mills as its new CEO and owner, having taken over from the founder Mr. Rodger Rutter, retiring in April, 2015.

Both Resort360 and Paycation are multi-level marketing travel clubs. Both provide a means to organize and secure your own travel plans to many wonderful places (the two use similar vacation spots and with similar accommodations). Both offer the potential for income through direct sales and the shared commissions from those whom you recruit.

Now, let’s try to place them side by side as we go.


The concept of each company is similar. The focused public offer is to gain exclusive access to a member-only portal into deeply discounted travel, accommodations, and entertainment experiences.

In general, everyone wants to vacation. At least 7 out of 10 bucket lists have some aspect of travel or vacation (“before I kick the bucket I want to…” see new places; go to world known vacation spots; see what I’ve heard about all my life, etc.).

All mlm travel opportunities speak of the 8 trillion dollar industry of travel (consumers spend that much annually on travel or travel related experiences). These two mlm travel businesses are no different. They each approach the travel niche the same way.

The encouragement to the public is for you to discover those who want to travel and just don’t travel because of finances; or discover those who already travel and just want to travel more. Having made those discoveries then introduce these travelers or would-be travelers to the amazing discounted travel experiences available to them right now through this member-only service. Traveling people save money and the would-be travelers find a way to afford to travel.

Driving the whole concept is the natural tendency for those who travel to share their experiences of travel with their friends. Since you’re going to tell your friends and family about how wonderful the discounted arrangements are, you might as well become a salesperson, selling access to this member-only opportunity…after all, doesn’t every traveler have someone jealous of their freedom to travel and envious for the places these travelers have been?

Once you disclose how inexpensive it is to travel, then you can invite them to the same discounts. Even more, you can go farther and recruit them not just as customers, but as team members and build your own mlm travel team, of course continuing to travel and earning money all the while from your efforts and those efforts of your team. Your mlm travel team members can earn a living just traveling and telling and recruiting all around the world. At least, that’s the concept. [click to continue…]

Coastal Vacations logo


resort360 logo

I’m really glad you’re here. You’re curious about seeing the similarities and differences of Coastal Vacations and Resort360 Vacation Club.

If you are like most of us, you’ve search the internet for a mlm travel specific review and realized that most are in truth a sales pitch to be heavily biased in favor of the mlm opportunity to be reviewed. Even if they say, “Don’t Buy This” or “This mlm travel is a scam” in truth they are really hyping the general public to come and join their club.

Well, this is not biased in favor of either of these two travel mlm companies. Quite the opposite. I’m experienced enough to be involved in something entirely different, much easier, without recruiting, without a sponsor or being a sponsor, and making a lot more money than my mlm friends. If you want to stop and hear it now, get some free advice from a seven figure earner I listen to all the time.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s compare these two opportunities just to satisfy your curiosity. Again, I’ve reviewed each of these in depth, but I do not favor either one of them. Read on and find out why.

Essential Introductions


Both mlm travel companies are direct sales referral programs offering discounted travel packages through third party travel aggregates. That means neither one of them sustain their own travel offers. Very similar to what you or anyone else interested in securing a competitive travel service price can do through Travelocity, Expedia, Hotels.com and a number of other sites, these two travel mlm companies have made arrangements with third party travel services, gained an exclusive portal into these services and are selling that access to the public. We’ll take the time to look at each unique portal for the sake of distinguishing one from the other.

Both Coastal Vacations and Resort360 Vacation Club offer the potential for their members to also create a personal income through two means. You can join either of these offers, encourage friends and neighbors and the general public to use the travel portal and make commissions from the travel they book through your own affiliate designated contact.

In addition to direct sales through your affiliate access, you can encourage your customers to each become your associate as a fellow affiliate to either of these mlm companies. In brief, you can earn commissions from the efforts of those you recruit when they make direct sales or even when those they may recruit make direct sales. (Begin to see the mlm aspects?)

Both companies have had significant restarts. Resort360 had a transfer of leadership in April, 2015, as Jeff Mills stepped to the owner and CEO position. Coastal Vacations has battled a great variety of negative media; both of them are still standing and moving forward.


Both companies have experienced leadership at the helm.

Coastal Vacations prefers to be seen as an association of Directors and wants everyone to know all organizational matters are decided by their Board of Directors. That being said, Al Romaine is listed at the owner of Coastal Vacations. Stephanie Johnson is among the Directors on the Board and is recognized as the Worldwide Product Director for the company.

Jeff Mills, as mentioned earlier, is the new CEO and owner of Resorts 360 Vacation Club (taking over from Roger Rutter, the original owner and CEO). Mr. Mills also has at his side a CTO (Chief Technonlogy Officer) Andrew Porto and his customer support manager Ms. Judith Drummond.


Resort360 makes it very clear they are a seller of travel. Commissions are paid when a travel product and/or a related travel product are sold. They go even further to explain that no commissions are paid out for the recruiting of others to participate in the Resort360 Vacation Club.

There is no secrecy regarding Resort360 connection with Saveon Resorts as their third-party travel services access provider. What’s interesting is that Saveon Resorts is a recognized center for fulfilling travel requests every day of every month all year long for any travel or vacation club. Any group can white label (make the service appear as their own exclusive company) through Saveon Resorts and Saveon Resorts can equally present itself to the open public at will. You may not know which club is actually using Saveon Resorts or how any people at large have access to the very same discounted services you have chosen to access through paying for a Resort360 member-only fee.

Just to the opposite persuasion, Coastal Vacations wants the public to know they do not sell travel. Rather, they sell travel discount packages that provide access to many travel services and related companies.

Coastal Vacations keeps its association of members interconnected through website tools and teleconference calls. There is an officialcoastaltraining.com and a replicable site similar to coastaltravelpackage.com that consistently keeps member, associates, and directors on the same pages. A Monday Director Call is the means of keeping directors inspired, informed and energized for more sales and recruiting.

Coastal Vacations, much like Resort360, makes use of an interweb tool powered by FocalPoint. You can notice in the footer of most Coastal Vacations replicated sites (used as an identifier of each affiliate member) the statement, “Powered by FocalPoint.” FocalPoint is an automated marketing tool that provides a replicated site throughout the entire organization on behalf of each affiliate member.

Member Benefits

Coastal Vacation members are told they have a lifetime membership to access these deeply discounted, member-only travel opportunities. Now, if the members want to maintain a Coastal Vacations membership card (these are necessary to secure most travel arrangements) there is an annual cost of $89.95. You find out really quickly to listen carefully to what is said, and double carefully to how terms are actually defined. The relationship of a member is lifetime, but the use of the services requires payment again and again.

Prearranged travel packages are the products Coastal Vacation is careful to distinguish from actual travel services. It loses its distinction when members are able to customize some travel arrangements within some packages. It sure feels the same as setting your own travel services at will.

Resort360 Vacation Club equally has member benefits. The discounted travel opportunities are also identified as member-only prices. There are reward credits issued for purchases. These reward credits allow for even deeper discounts within the Resort360 system and it’s not just travel that’s included. You can even purchase these credits if you need just a smidgen more to reach the amount of credits required.

eGift cards can be purchased for brand name retail products of all sorts and they even include restaurants and a subscription to a wine club, if you’re interested.

Resort360 (harkening to its founding roots) provides for its members to trade in their own Timeshare access and in exchange through the VOICE (Vacation Ownership Interval Compensation Exchange) program get credits toward every travel service except air fare. This is a great convenience for those Timeshare people who have just one inescapable week they must use their Timeshare. All of a sudden through trading in this one set week on the calendar, they can choose any of the other 51 weeks that better fits their schedule. [click to continue…]

When it comes to MLM Kool-aid, I Sipped But Didn’t Swallow

You may be feeling the same way about Worldventures or Disrupt or Resorts360. Which would be the best possibility of making you money?

The MLM sip I took was with Primerica when it was still A.L. Williams. The basic idea of changing my whole life insurance into term life insurance and using the difference to invest in mutual funds was a no-brainer for me.

I admired the coach that came up with the idea and the way in which it made so much sense. He scratched it out on the back of team brochure at a basketball tournament.

In a view strokes of the pen he showed me how you could take money you are already spending, spend it in a different way and get better coverage for your family immediately, and if you learned it well enough to help others, you could make some extra cash, too.

Since then I’ve seen it happen with electricity bills (changing energy providers and dropping the rate, getting the same electricity for less money).

I used the knowledge, got informed, applied what I learned and saved some money. I helped family members to do the same thing and encouraged them to speak further with the guy who told me.

I think the coach made some money from those I sent to him. I know if they listened to him, they saved money and they were the wiser for it.

You may be feeling the same way about Worldventures or Disrupt or Resorts360. Which would be the best possibility of making you money?

My experience tells me that when it comes to making a choice with a MLM travel club or MLM vacation club, it’s all about recruiting.

Member RED can enroll everyone

Member RED can enroll everyone

I don’t recruit well. That’s the death nail for a MLM success. If you can’t recruit or you don’t recruit then MLM isn’t for you.

I didn’t say I can’t recruit, I just said I don’t do it well. But, I have learned you can evaluate how you recruit and if you match the way you recruit with the way a MLM is intended to work, it is possible to get better results with a MLM company.


If you like going solo and just helping the people you want to help even if they don’t buy anything, then you only want to consider a MLM that uses a compensation plan built on uni-level marketing. That might sound like it’s not multi-level marketing, but believe it or not, it is MLM.

That just means you’ll only pay attention to those you personally bring into the MLM, and you can do well. You don’t have to make friends with, nor even speak to anyone your personal recruit may decide to enlist. It’s always just between you and those whom you enlisted personally. You don’t have to motivate anyone else, nor coordinate anyone else. You set your quality and the type of people you work with, and everything is fine. [click to continue…]

The Worldventures Compensation Plan is in large part built on a binary plan. In general, a binary plan allows a member to participate in one or more “business centers” and requires two legs to be formed as the member enlists new members.

Compensation is calculated on group volume within each “center.” The sales volume is balanced between the two legs by using the lesser leg as the extent of volume to be counted in both legs. (If you have x in the weaker leg, then only up to x is counted in the stronger leg although there are x+ sold). The actual payout of compensation can be triggered by “cycles” or at preset volume numbers.

In most binary plans the member may participate in multiple roles and may be allowed to enter again into other two leg “centers” previously occupied. Most often the limitation is set to the maximum payout allowed for that “center.” That’s why participation in multiple centers is encouraged. These payout cycles are often set to a weekly schedule.

(If you’d rather spend your time on something better, take a quick detour here)

Those who criticize binary plans fault the appearance of “buying” a profit center, the idea of just jumping into a money maker like a “money game” rather than a legitimate retail enterprise. Additionally, the concern that some individual effort might not be rewarded due to the forced balancing of the legs and the necessary placement of the third and following recruits into downline legs seem to support the criticism of treating individuals less fairly than groups.

If you like weekly payouts; if you like something easily explained, if you like compensation based more on group participation, and you like the ability to participate in multiple groupings, then the basic compensation plan in Worldventures is for you.

All active particbinary planipants in Worldventures are involved in a downline leg and each has two split downline legs beneath them. It looks like this diagram with one enlisting two all the way through. Each 1 enlisting 2 continues to retain two legs no matter where the enlistment occurs on the diagram. The one to two with two legs remains the basic building block to the entire organization.

Unlike other structures, each leg acts separately from the other, but are mutually compared when sales volume is calculated.

Four Worldventures Income Sources

Worldventures compensates participants in four different ways:

• Direct Commissions
• Weekly Team Bonuses
• Monthly Residual Commissions
• One off bonuses
• Rank bonuses

Direct Commissions on Sales

Individual effort is rewarded in Worldventures through direct commissions. These two commissions are awarded to any and all ranks of participants:

  • $20 paid out for the sale of a LTC product or the initial sale of a DreamTrips membership.
  • $150 is paid for the initial sale of a Luxury DreamTrips membership.

Weekly Team Bonuses

Teamwork is rewarded by Worldventures as a residual commission calculated from the total sales volume in which the member participated. This includes those who may have been inserted into a participant’s downline by the efforts of upline participants (those not personally enlisted by the participant).

A cycle with Worldventures is measured in three credited sales attributed to both legs. Once a total of six sales (three on one side; three on another side) is accomplished, a cycle is achieved and a payout is issued weekly. If a completed sale is not counted in a specific cycle, that sale is held over to be included in another cycle, provided it occurs within one month of the sale.

For instance, if there are 59 sales with 31 sales in one leg and 28 sales in the other leg, then 9 cycles are achieved. The 28 sales on the lesser leg is matched with 28 (of 31) sales on the greater leg. The matched 28 sales on both legs is divided by 3 completed sales (28/3) and 9 cycles are completed. The lesser leg has 1 sale (28-27) remaining and the greater leg has 4 sales (31-27) remaining. [click to continue…]

At the heart of any evaluation of an MLM travel opportunity is the compensation plan. At the heart of any compensation plan is the foundational structure chosen.

It Makes A Difference In Your Bank Account

Did you know it is possible to sell or enlist members at the same rate and you are paid significantly different at the end of the day based on which foundational structure in which you are operating?

You can work just as hard at sales and enlistment, and some one else can be paid more than you, having accomplished the very same goals you have accomplished.

There are at least four major compensation plan structures you need to know.

Unilevel Structure

Basically, each recruit recruits his/her own recruits. Said a different way, the person who recruits you is the only person you relate to upline. The person you recruit only relates to you. It keeps happening like that for every one. Recruiters are given a variety of titles (sponsor, enlister, recruiter, affiliate, advisor, upline, etc.). Recruits never move above or beyond the one who has brought them into the organization.

Advantage: Easily explained to recruits; easy to administer

Disadvantage: The number of recruits remains thin for the recruiter; Every person recruited becomes a competitor, not a teammate.

Outcome: Most uni-level organizations in time will convert to a stairstep breakaway structure to try to retain producers.

Stairstep or Stairstep Breakaway Structure

The breakaway occurs when a recruiter moves away from a set of recruits that he/she has personally recruited, keeping a percentage override of the entire sales of those recruits that have moved away. This allows the recruiter to start afresh with building new personally recruited members.

Advantage: Keeps high producers incentivized to stay with organization; easy to modify; drives a growing increase of sales; among the most consistent for longevity of the organization.

Disadvantage: Can become complex and difficult to describe to potential recruits; can lead to inflated purchases/low scrutiny of recruits due to high minimum monthly quotas.

Outcome: Most stairstep breakaway organizations will stand the test of time.

The Matrix Structure

Basically, each recruiter is limited to a prearranged number of recruits before resetting at a new stage. The prearranged number of recruits is most commonly announced by a ratio. For instance, a level occurs when a recruit recruits a recruit. (Recruiter Red enlists a new member Blue. Blue is on Recruiter Red’s level one. When Blue enlists a new member Yellow, then Yellow is on Blue’s level one and on Red’s level two.)

A 3 x 5 matrix announces the ratio will remain three recruits per recruiter to the fifth level. Recruiter Red will recruit Blue, White, Beige at Level 1 for three new members. Then each of them will recruit three apiece and that makes Red’s Level 2 with nine people. Here’s the process:

Level 1 has 3 people and no more
Level 2 has nine people enlisted by Level 1 three people or by Recruiter Red.
Level 3 has twenty-seven people enlisted by Levels 1and 2 or Red.
Level 4 has eighty-one people enlisted by Level 1 through 3 or Red.
Level 5 has two hundred and forty-three people enlisted by Level 1 to 4 or Red.
When Recruiter Red recruits a fourth new member, Red must insert the fourth new member into one of the downline levels. Red cannot retain a fourth position in Level 1, only a maximum of three. The same for everyone else, as well.

[click to continue…]

What’s Legit About

2x14 dots

MLM Travel?

If you really want to answer your own question, then let me offer some questions you can ask of any of those MLM Travel groups.

Go ahead.

They can’t kill you. (and if they do, they certainly can’t eat you; or is that what Dahmer scratched on his cell wall?)

Now, certainly not everything that has sales from friends or family is a scam; and not all MLM travel groups are scams…they just might not deliver on their promises to more than 3% of their recruits (that being true, if you’re led to believe almost everyone succeeds, then that’s bordering on prevarication, if not deception)

You and I both know wonderful people who get into a MLM Travel group for the potential of vacation savings. They don’t seek to enlist anyone unless a friend or family simply want to save on their own vacation as well. Discounts are discounts and they are not counting on you selling them anything else.

The hope of a travel agency is to find or custom the travel package you are searching for; get a lower price than you can get on your own; sell for a margin of profit for them, gained for them because they have exerted the effort (labor) to discover it and provide a savings to you and an income for them. If the travel agency can connect the dots of travel tighter than you can (make sure the fees and taxes are included in the pricing; make sure the transportation is provided and not just an add-on at the last minute; consider travel visas and other necessary documents and the lead time for approvals prior to travel, help you with any notices of quarantine or lead time for immunizations prior to travel, etc.) then the travel agent has proven a value to the customer as well. These are the reasonable, fair, and marketable services of a travel agency.

MLM travel would best be understood as travel services being the product and MLM being the marketing. It’s only reasonable that if a satisfied customer shares his experience with friends, and those friends are interested because they already travel or they want to begin traveling, that the customer could be rewarded for, in effect, marketing the travel service. The reward in a MLM travel experience could easily be the commodity that brought everyone together in the first place: travel. A legitimate MLM travel exchange could provide deeper travel discounts to the satisfied customer who then sends business to the MLM travel business.

If you find yourself making purchases beyond your own needs in order to “position” yourself for something more; and, if you realize you just have to enlist 3 others to do what you originally wanted to do, and then you get your reward; well, run away!

The next step in the adventure of turning this love of travel into a lucrative income stream invariably includes recruiting others. The catch is, the recruiting becomes focused not on the travel, but on the commissions that come from the fee, dues, and/or initial memberships purchase. It’s no longer about travel, it’s about people paying money to get money.

You discover the company’s fast track to benefit you requires you to turn over fast money to the company and get others to pitch in as well, just to get you to the level of higher benefit.

Where did the travel go? It becomes a secondary thought at best, or an initial bait and switch at worse. It’s the original excuse to visit with friends, family, coworkers and neighbors, but it soon gets to be about, “don’t you need a little extra cash, and don’t you know people who would like to travel at discounted prices? If so, you need to do what I did. It’s only an initial cost of $xxx and monthly or annual dues of $xx.” When you hear yourself talking to others with those phrases, that’s your time to take a breath and think for a minute.

Scam alerts can be detected with these questions:

1. If I don’t recruit anyone else, do I still get my discounts and the potential payoff you are promoting?

If you are expected to do any more than share the good experience you’ve had in your lower price, high benefit vacation packages, then the emphasis is on you recruiting others, not merely encouraging someone else to be a customer, too. If gaining recruits is more often measured than gaining customers, likely as not, you’re headed to a terrible experience and you are being encouraged to load your friends and family on your own wagon to doom. [click to continue…]


Who Needs WorldVentures or Paycation or Resorts360, I Can Save More On Travel Without A MLM Travel Membership!

Admittedly, there is the tendency to want to do anything for yourself that anyone else can do, provided you have access to the same quality product at a reduced price.

With travel, that might well be possible.

Have you ever had that nagging question, “OK, I paid a membership fee to get exclusive travel arrangements? What if I could have gotten them without a membership fee?

What if you have a recurring membership fee and you’re not traveling as much as you thought you would be traveling? Can you get out of the payment cycle? Can you get a refund?

#1. You have to know that you could get the same products at an equal or less cost.

#2. You have to figure how much time and energy it requires to stay in the vacation or travel club.

Let’s figure the second question first. (Hey, we’re adults. We can start with the last question first.)

  1. How much initial fee was it to get into the membership?
  2. How much recurring fee is it to remain in the membership?
  3. How much was the total cost of the trip or travel experience (including all taxes, fees, surcharges, tips, etc)?
  4. How many additional discounts did I get and apply that may have further reduced the announced cost of the entire travel and entertainment event?

Now, get that figure in mind. (Let’s be fair and make sure we compare kiwi fruit to kiwi fruit and not kiwi fruit to oranges…or is that apples to oranges?)

Let’s tackle #1 question now….Could I have secured the same products at an equal or lower price?

Travel booking aggregates such as Chipmunk, Expedia, Hotels, Hotwire, Kayak, Orbitz, Priceline, Travelocity, TravelZoo, are numerous and easily accessible.

Let’s enumerate their similarities:

  1. Available to the public.
  2. Access to massive travel services and products from the comfort of your home or office or car.
  3. Comparison of 2 or more can practically assure hours saved from individual and independent inquiries.
  4. Professional assistance may be available as needed.
  5. Can each be compared to the other for the most investigative among us.
  6. Take online payments.
  7. Promotional codes and rewards programs may be applicable.
  8. Capable of group discounts and concierge guidance in most cases.

Let’s talk about their differences:

  1. Some offer all-inclusive packages; some packages are exclusive to their predesign and may not be 100% comparable to others.
  2. Not all provide coupons that reduce secondary pursuits such as attractions, excursions, onboard benefits, etc.
  3. Though the ones mentioned are all technological marvels, not all marvels are equal. Some planning tools are not available among all.

LET’S COMPARE: (in alphabetical order)


HipmunkHipmunk has an ingenious way to keep your browsing history even without an account or login (thank the Lord for cookies!). You can display multiple scenarios of air flight itineraries coupled with hotel stays, vehicle rentals and even rail time tables. In addition, you can slide the whole trip 1, 2, or 3 days earlier or later and see what happens without the entire trip falling apart. [click to continue…]

 Sunrise Travel Club logo

Sun Rise Travel Club launched in 2010.

Available introductory materials identify Sunrise Travel Club Ltd. as a licensed shareholder company, located in the Qwomar Trading Building, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Executive Panel Members are identified by their industry experience:

  • CEO – Chris Michaels
  • Leisure Industry – Freij
  • Sales Industry – Sabba
  • Colossal Estate Industry – Eddie Hashemi
  • Lawyer – G. Milon
  • Accountant – G. Theo at KPMG

The ownership of Sunrise Travel Club is not openly shared.

The original presentation can be viewed here.
Unfortunately, neither of these contact links still function:

  • www.sunrisetravelclub.com
  • www.sunrisetravelclub.com/blog

If They Are Not To Be Found, Why Look?

No one feels joy in the failure of someone else…it diminished the one who does feel joy and it locked the person who may have failed into a snapshot of time, as if never to be identified differently.

Having said that, a careful study can teach us where such attempts do fail, and perhaps why they fail. It also insulates us when we hear such sincere expressions of involvement based upon unsubstantiated claims of stability, wisdom, and strength. The mistaken trust, or the intended misrepresentations begin to standout. It helps us to look past the apparent structure and dig down to find a more accurate assessment of the foundation of such businesses.

Here’s a case in point. Just read the opening paragraph of the presentation cited above…don’t you want to believe, too?:

“Are you looking to join a travel club and perhaps travel the world and earn money while doing this? Are you looking for something legitimate,that is affordable and truly makes sense to you? Have you had bad experiences with home travel business clubs in the past, and are really just looking to find something that works? If not, you have came to the right place when searching for the Sunrise Travel Club review. Sunrise Travel Club is quite new, and only launched about one year, prior to the writing of this article. This business launched in response to some of the previous home travel business clubs in the past that were not well funded and did not do right by people.”

How’s your checkoff list as to credibility?

[click to continue…]

 resort360 logo
Resorts360 Vacation Club began in December 2008 with its founder Mr. Rodger Rutter. Mr. Rutter new the travel industry from the cockpit of a commercial airline for 22 years. His desire was to provide exclusive membership travel service values (discounted from the customary public prices) and reward multi-level marketing travel referral commissions to those who promoted the membership opportunities to others.

Transfer of leadership happened in April, 2015, as Jeff Mills came in as Owner and CEO of Resorts360 Vacation Club. Jeff has dabbled in many online pursuits from selling t-shirts to selling travel. He has a winsome spirit and a sincere communication, no doubt honed through the crucible of serving others as a minister.

Additional Members of the Leadership Team are:

  • Andrew Porto – Chief Technology Officer has developed his own creative agency since the early 90’s and knows the struggles and successes of small to medium size companions as well as the global scale of the travel industry.
  • Judith Drummond – Customer Support Manager has experience in accounting, finance, and Human Resources. She is poised to respond to members and customers with the skills developed over years of frontline interactions.

(Special note: At this writing, slight differences are noticeable in the materials made available. Data such as length of membership terms, etc., are in question, but can easily be secured if your interest carries you to inquire of the company itself. When items were in conflict, the most recently dated material was used).


The R360 Vacation Club builds itself on a direct sales referral program, equipping travel enthusiasts with the means of turning their passion for travel into profits of leisure. Home based referrals are multiplied through online access to the Resort360 travel services portal and its offers for assistance to those promoting their membership-only access.

The website location is www.resorts360vacationclub.net

Earlier versions still available www.resorts360vacationclub.com

Resort360 Vacation Club makes public in their introductory video that they rely upon Saveon Resorts as their travel services portal.

Saveon Resorts member portal entry
Here’s the travel booking log-in portal for Resort360 Vacation Club: (or the public can just click “Reservations” on the main website)

resort360 member login

SaveOn Resorts, LLC is accredited by the BBB and has been for  the past 3 consecutive years. It is a supply fulfillment center for Travel Clubs, complete with private label online travel savings and travel concierge assistance 24/7/365. Their corporate offices are located at 5962 La Place Court, Suite 100, Carlsbad, CA 92008, Phone: (858) 625-0630

SaveOnResorts.com provides their own partnership with travel industry suppliers and vendors to vacation clubs. This platform is then extended to their members as an exclusive members-only access to attractive travel options for chosen hotels, resorts, cruises, vehicles, excursions, and other travel related options. [click to continue…]

Global Travel logoGlobal Travel International, Inc. was founded in 1994 and offers travel services primarily through home-based independent, self-employed travel agents. The corporate office address is 1060 Maitland Center Commons, Suite 305, Maitland, FL 32751, USA.

The website is located at www.globaltravel.com

The management team includes:

  • Mr. Randy Warren, Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Michael Gross, Co-Chief Executive Officer and President
  • Ms. Diane Steenman, Chief Operating Officer


GTI (Global Travel International) was the brainchild of two college roommates (Warren and Gross). It shook the Travel Industry. Associations of travel agents (at least one to do so was the American Society of Travel Agents, known as ASTA) were protesting and the Federal Trade Commissions was petitioned and non-traditional travel agents were breaking over into a new day. The desire to keep overhead low and provide travel services unrestricted by location has been the basic system from day one.

Aside from the promised discounts for travel services booked through their membership site, GTI offers the opportunity for work from home part-time or full-time travel assistants (GTI Agents) to earn commissions from the travel bookings and from the enlistment of others to equally serve as a booking agent. [click to continue…]

 World Discovery Club logo

World Discovery Club continues to show life after having launched in November, 2011 as a world travel mlm agency. There is a comprehensive website found at WorldDiscoveryClub.com.

There are discoverable efforts still maintained by some members of World Discovery Club in videos, blogs, forums, and personal encounters. Perhaps they have found their way to you through social media contacts or internet searches and you’re wondering about them as a possible mlm business.

The question you’re asking could be”Is this a viable pursuit for me?” Can this be the multi-level marketing travel agency for you? Let’s take a look together and see if we can answer such a question.


• Matt Willis – Chief Executive Officer & Chief Operations Officer, Owner, Chairman of the Board
Seems to be the dynamo behind the whole experience. He is credited with extensive experience in the MLM Travel niche and has a skill set inclusive of SEO (search engine optimization); automated profit generator software; and website design. Previous experience has included association with Coastal Vacations (travel club), MorVacations (member only resort vacations) and DreamStyle Vacations (vacation club).

• Dean Marino – Senior Advisor
With a 22 year financial background, combined with extensive travel (1 million+ US Airways miles), Mr. Marino combines this with travel club membership marketing experience.

• D. Jack Smith – Senior Attorney

• Anthony Bowen, MPA, MPM, CIPM, PME, CTC – Advisor
Mr. Bowen has travel experience in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, South America, the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

The World Discovery Club description:

A Travel Club, selling membership to exclusive travel offers and the opportunity for those who purchase membership to also gain income as they in turn sell memberships to others.


Membership at 6 levels and the opportunity to market these memberships to others, with remuneration for doing so.

  • Membership:
    • Membership is offered at 6 levels, each with an increased cost and expanded privileges. All membership have an annual renewal fee with the exception of the first level being renewed annually at the same one time price.
    • The six levels of membership and their stated cost for purchase and renewal are:
      • 1. $497 Silver Life and can be purchased every year
        2. $1,497 Gold Life and can be renewed for $5 annually for 10 years
        3. $2,497 Platinum Life and can be renewed for $5 annually for 50 years
        4. $6,497 Platinum Executive and can be renewed for $5 annually for 99 years
        5. $12,997 Platinum Chairman and can be renewed for $5 annually for 99 years
        6. $19,997 Platinum President and can be renewed for $5 annually for 99 years
      • (Caution: there are two different price lists, one spoken on the video and this one that comes from the website itself. Please verify if you are contemplating membership)
      • Each one of these memberships are willable and transferable.
    • What’s the advantage of a higher level?
      • In brief, those who purchase a higher membership level will gain access to more third-party travel services. Each membership includes (at varying amounts):
        • A huge worldwide inventory of rental condos, exclusive resorts, vacation homes, villas and hotels at prices not available to the general public.
        • Discounted luxury cruises, airfares, vehicle rentals, vacation packages, plays and concerts, dining, and other travel services.
        • The level of membership provides a faster path to related commissions. More about this in a minute.
  • Marketing

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Global Resorts NetworkGlobal Resorts Network BBB

The customary internet litter of dated posts from forums, blogs, and Facebook pages; along with YouTube video presentations (introductory, promotional, updates, enlistment, and training) continue to reveal the fractured internet corpse of a bygone enterprise called Global Resorts Network. That’s what motivated me to write this article for you.

When people see for the first time what others have already discarded (old posts, blogs, and videos) about a MLM Travel opportunity, they are much like the ancient Greeks were about their god Caerus.

Caerus was the ancient Greek god of opportunity, luck, or chance. He was always depicted as a young, beautiful runner; up on his toes, leaning forward, bald except for one lock of hair extending from his forehead. Just like luck…it’s fleeting, about to disappear and if you don’t grab it as it approaches, there’s precious little to grab when it’s moved on passed you.

Whether you grabbed the lock of Global Resorts Network or you let it go by, you’re here now second guessing.

If you are thinking about using Global Resorts Network travel club for discount vacations and luxury travel, or you are thinking about using GRN as an income stream source, you have come to the right place.

Global Resorts Network has gone through some evolutionary change of late. Let’s take a look at the original and then move to recent changes. You’ll understand a lot more by the time you’re through reading.

GRN launched in 2006 and was located at 22601 N. 17th Ave. Suite 230, Phoenix, Arizona. (In 2013 they went virtual and a physical address seemed no longer necessary).

Founding leadership: Al Morales, the founder and CEO of Global Resorts Network was later (2010) joined in part ownership with Mark Hoverson.

Website: www.globalresortsnetwork.com is up for sale, no longer functional at this writing (It’s OK, read on)

Original Description:
Global Resorts Network is a luxury travel club by which members can book some of the world’s finest 4 and 5 Star hotels, resorts, and condominiums at deeply discounted [click to continue…]

Virtual Travel Group logo Is It Virtually Gone?

Just when I thought there couldn’t be a new twist on a travel MLM, there comes along Virtual Travel Group. You’ll find this group to be as interesting as I did, no doubt.

Most likely, the reason you are reading this is your desire to check out MLM travel groups as to their legitimacy and true value. That’s exactly what I want to share with you about Virtual Travel Group.

It could quite possibly be that by the time you are reading this you cannot easily find access to VTG, so you may ask, “Why the effort to put this in print, if VTG is nowhere to be found?”

It’s a matter of learning to recognize the great variety of ways people approach the MLM travel opportunity. I figure if I can learn the different approaches, I can more readily categorize them and quickly confirm my assumptions rather than wasting a lot of my time (and more importantly, your time.)

There will be others who take the path of VTG and having become acquainted with the path, I can spot them a long ways off.  The difference between a scenic overlook and a donkey ride down into the canyon.

I ran across the Virtual Travel Group references while doing an internet search for MLM travel. When I couldn’t easily find a website, I became intrigued. (I know that sounds crazy…why not just drop the subject? If you can’t quickly find a potential business, why even been interested in doing business?…leave it alone.)

I pursued VTG because I’ve learned that these types of difficult discoveries don’t mean people aren’t active. A difficult but random discovery usually means someone is communicating with word of mouth and supporting that conversation on line. It’s that conversation I want to know. I have at least four questions when I find things this way:

  1. Is this MLM Travel opportunity the newest thing and I’m going to miss it?
  2. Is the MLM Travel group exclusive enough that it has potential for just the lucky few?
  3. Is the MLM Travel group having a poor launch on the internet, but stable otherwise?
  4. Is this MLM Travel a scam and it’s flying under the radar until it gains momentum?

So, VTG intrigued me enough to require further investigation.

Website: www.virtualtravelgroup.com is a domain available for purchase, at least that was the advertisement I found. Take a look:

vtg domain gone

So what do you do when you see evidence of a company still being put out on Facebook and Instagram, but there doesn’t seem to be a home site?

You follow the links until you discover more links. (it seems like there are always affiliate links to any MLM travel group that had as much as a week long life).

You find one of the affiliates that supplies something like this:

Now you have a path to follow and an opportunity to truly investigate.

Something Better

I’ve got to say, just or the sake of your time, there’s a better way than all of this MLM Travel game. If you want to spend your time more productively, listen to my friend Brad in the video. It makes evaluating MLM Travel a relaxation for me, because I don’t have to depend on all the recruiting or the possibility of not being able to find my company on line some day. [click to continue…]

Pyxism…Where Are You?

  • MIA?(missing in action)
  • AWOL?(absent without leave)
  • DOA?(dead on arrival)
  • Incognito?

When I went searching, I found so many videos and so many reviews and so little presence of Pyxism itself. In fact, if you go here: http://pyxismtravelpartners.com you get this image

this website is unavailable
(the same image if you go here pyxismindia.net or here pyxismindia.biz)

Pyxism Travel facebook page, you can almost hear the wind blowing.

Where did you go, Pyxism? More importantly, why did so many people find you and then leave you?

I’m so glad I didn’t take the trip. In fact, I’ve been able to avoid every similar trip. I listened to the video by Brad that’s right here. Why not avoid the pit falls that can take down a complete international business and do things better and easier. Listen to Brad and you’ll be glad, like me, that you did.

[click to continue…]


Disrupt Worldwide LLC was established in 2015. Jason Elrod and Rea Nichols are the founders of Disrupt. Disrupt Travel is just part of what they do. The mantra of the company is:

Disrupt is a lifestyle company that improves the way people handle money, travel, and wellness. 

The website is located at www.lifedisrupted.com

There’s a lot of carry over potential from a now defunct WakeUp Now (BBB status report) mlm company (Elrod was the president) that closed down in 2015, with Disrupt launching its program in April, 2015.

In fact, one could conclude that Disrupt is what happened when WakeUp Now woke up. Here are at least a few of the recognizable WUN remnants:

  • Jason Elrod, Former WakeUp Now President
  • Andy Benis, Former VP of Sales at WakeUp Now
  • Daryl Kingston Djuan
  • Chaycen Green
  • Justin Hoffman
  • Rea Nichols
  • Gustavo Zapz

From its mission statement, it is obvious that Disrupt is much more than travel. Let me provide a quick summary of what Disrupt offers and then move to Disrupt Travel as our focus.

As I can gather it together, Disrupt offers one direct product (Thunder energy drink and energy bars) and three basic third-party supported products sold individually or in a variety of combinations.

The three third-party supported offers are:

  • Disrupt Money Bundle $19.95 a month – provides these tools:
    • Finance 101: 9 mini courses teaching personal accounts (Bank, Savings), credit cards, mortgage, financial investing, etc.
    • Taxbot for assisting the management of personal and small business related taxes
    • Personal financial management
    • Wealth management
  • Digital Health ($34.95 a month) you can set up your own fitness plan with “My eWellness” and reach a “doctor on call” by phone
  • Disrupt Travel subscription (activation fee and $54.95 monthly) Disrupt Travel provides access to third party travel providers.

You can acquire bundles rather than just one product:

  • Health and Wealth Bundle $129.95 a month — This combines all three offers (Money Bundle, Disrupt Travel and Digital Health subscriptions) and also includes a case of the private label Thunder energy drink.
  • Disrupt Essentials Plus Bundle $109.95 a month — This combines the Digital Health (see above) subscription with Disrupt Essentials (see below). You just don’t get the energy drink.

Disrupt Travel is my focus, so here are the additional combinations that include Disrupt Travel:

  • Disrupt Essentials $79.95 per month – combines a Disrupt Travel subscription with Disrupt Money Bundle.
  • International Essentials $79.95 a month – bundles a Disrupt Travel subscription and access to an “online language learning system.”

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Pro Travel Plus burst on the scene with a prelaunch April, 2015, with reportedly 10,000 members in the first 24 days following the official launch. It is a MLM Travel group that highly promotes that income is possible without a need to recruit. There are suggested savings through the travel portal for hotels, vehicle rentals, airfares, cruises, and condos. The Rewards Network extends into local offers, gift cards, merchandise, and featured brand products.

The public-facing website indicates it is necessary to have a member introduce you to the experience. The tab to “opt-out” is a prominently displayed as that for log-in, contact, and privacy policy. (That’s enough to cause pause, wouldn’t you say?)

The source for this review was multiple personal sites of members promoting the opportunity, and numerous publicly shared YouTube videos of both PTP prelaunch, launch, back office and Pro Travel Plus training purposes.

Website: www.protravelplus.com  with support@protravelplus.com

Leadership: (reportedly) Seth Fraser, CEO; Charles Vest, Vice President.

Offer: Pro Travel Plus identifies its members as “professional tourists.” PTP members gain access to a selection/booking portal for third-party travel services (hotels, condos, resorts, cruises, vehicle rentals, airfares) as well as a Rewards Network for purchases in entertainment, merchandise, brand products, gift cards.

The opportunity to enlist others to participate is rewarded with a variety of promised payouts. [click to continue…]

XStream Travel Review

xstream travel logoXStream Travel is extremely hard to find!

Have you heard of XStream Travel? Bet you’ve had a hard time finding a review about them!

There’s a reason why, but let me get to that later. (Look for the Hint)

I ran across XStream Travel as an afterthought. I was searching to understand more about another MLM Travel opportunity a friend asked me about. I’m that kind of friend that you go to when you don’t want to do the hard investigation stuff. You know, the nerd that comes in handy for research but isn’t quite the one you go to for dating or marital advice.

I will tell you that I don’t mind providing reviews on MLM Travel companies because I have found a far better way to make money. I learned it from my friend Brad. He’s in the video right here and can tell you the important stuff. If you thought you could make money through MLM Travel, he’s got a better way and there’s not one complaint in this review that even comes up when you do things the way Brad does things. Listen to him.

Due Diligence:

Here’s the essential due diligence about XStream Travel to begin with:

Website: http://www.XStreamtravel.com/

Location: Allen, Texas 75002 suburb of Dallas 214.383.0122


  • David E. Manning serves as the CEO of Paycation and the President/CEO of XStream Travel. Mr. Manning has extensive background in the MLM Travel niche through YTB (Vacation Network), TraVerus, (TraVerus Travel, TravelWorks) spanning across several years (17 and counting).

HINT: That’s why it’s hard to get a review on XStream Travel. It’s because XStream Travel is “nested” in with it bigger brother Paycation and Paycation gets all the attention. It was when I was researching Paycation that I first heard of XStream Travel.

  • Lori Speers Director of Travel joined David Manning in launching XStream Travel in 2005 and represents XStream Travel to several vendors such as Funjet Vacations, Classic Vacations, Royal Caribbean, and Travel Savers.
  • Other leadership with whom Manning is associated in Paycation include Donald Bradley, Lori Spears, Shawn Manning & Mark Campese.

XStream Travel Description:

XStream Travel is a hosting company for thousands of home based travel consultants through a member-only travel portal that accesses third party travel services, a source for certified travel training of travel consultants, and a provider of private labeled access to third party travel services.

XStream Travel BBB Report:

XStream Travel is currently (July, 2015) not accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Businesses are not required to secure accreditation from the BBB and as the BBB site states, “some businesses are not accredited because they have not sought BBB accreditation.” Source: BBB

Nonetheless, the current BBB rank is B-

Now as you can imagine, the simple complaints any travel related company is going to get from travel customers would include concerns about billing or ticketing, or a terrible travel experience. Frankly, those are reasonable concerns and certainly areas in which travel problems can arise.

Having studied MLM Travel companies for a while now, most complaints I witness are about recruiting commission errors or the absence of promised payouts. That doesn’t sound like travel concerns, but it certainly is the concern of every MLM company on the planet.

So, witnessing a complaint about actual travel concerns is a real positive discovery to me about XStream Travel. (Weird, being encouraged by someone else complaining, huh.)

The XStream Travel Offer:

  • A travel portal to third party travel services is provided through Paycation (see the Paycation Review)
  • Certified travel training that can lead to travel agent certification
  • Travel commissions
  • Residual income options

What Does That Mean?

  • The travel portal provides a means to achieve Travel commissions paid up to 90% plus profit sharing pools and overrides by using your own professional travel agent website allowing you to book travel online through searches of third party services.
  • The Certified Travel Consultant Training is an on-line travel career education center for individuals interested in pursuing a career as a travel consultant or establishing a home-based travel agency. Training is provided by XStream Travel.
  • A private label (promoting your travel service name) of an XStream Travel professional website allows a company-based employee travel need or a client-based home business to book everyday travel or vacation packages for business or personal enjoyment.
  • Travel commissions are earned through the use of these services.
  • Residual income options are the result of affiliate recruitment of other travel consultants.

How Does XStream Travel Work?

  • XStream Travel is a 14 year old licensed and bonded travel agency. XT primarily provides Paycation members professional training to become a Referral Travel Consultant or a Certified Travel Consultant. Paycation, and by default, the travel portal for XStream is powered by the same travel engine as Priceline.  That’s what opens up an expansive access to thousands of travel and lodging opportunities in addition to vehicle rentals and cruises the world over.
  • In brief, you first become a Referral Travel Consultant and begin saving money on your own travel plans. In doing so, you share with your friends or fellow travelers how you saved so much for the same or similar travel costs that were higher for them. The general XStream Travel thought expressed here is, “Everyone you know is traveling or wants to travel, why not direct them to your travel site for instant profit.” Source: XStreme Travel.com
  • That works out well for you and your friends so they tell others, too. As they begin to tell others you encourage them to become Referral Travel Consultants as well. That leads to a grand army of fellow consultants pleased with their personal travel discounts. That pleases you and them because there are commissions for each new consultant enlisted.
  • These commissions turn into residual income because your consultants hire more consultants and you benefit. On top of that, everyone is still eligible for the discounts that come from travel or the additional travel made possible because of all the good you’re doing to help everyone else enjoy more travel.
  • Again, the detail is covered in the Paycation Review. In fact, it’s cover so precisely, you don’t want to see it again here.
  • But, not so fast. The Private Label offer allows you to do aXStreme Private Labelll of this with a public-facing travel club of your own. You can promote it within and for the corporation you work for, provided it doesn’t get you dismissed, so please seek permission first. (This is one of those for which you don’t want to have to seek forgiveness later. It could come at too high a price.) Though not stated, I truly believe Virtual Group Travel is an example of this very thing, only applied at-large over the internet. I’ve got to admit the example here really turned my eye when I saw it.

XStream Travel Cautions and Concerns:

The prospect of savings on travel is always a great consideration. But, can you go to Priceline and get similar savings without the monthly costs of fees in Paycation and XStream Travel?

If you actually buy into the full plan, drink the Kool aide, learn the handshake, get your friends to do the same, is it real or just hype, that you will make money above the initial and monthly costs? How many like-minded people do you really know who also know more like-minded people?

There’s A Better Way:

I just don’t have to go through that “learn to be a certified travel consultant” thing, nor that recruiting thing, nor the complaints about genuine travel problems nor the complaints about downline and upline commissions and bonus matrices, and none of that.

I’m really glad I listened to my friend Brad… It changed my life for real. It will do so for you, too.

PS: NO, I mean no; none; zip; nada; never recruit anybody…and make a good income!

A Liesure Life logoA Leisure Life has a mission to offer affordable vacations at multi-million dollar facilities around the world and high-end brand name retail merchandise at wholesale pricing.

A Leisure Life launched in 2014 with corporate offices of A Leisure Life, Inc., at 10985 South State Street, Sandy, Utah, 84070.

The website location is www.ALeisureLife.com

Affiliate & Customer Support: 1-800-486-2889

Email: CustomerService@ALeisureLife.com

Management Team:

CEO – Mr. Kim Rimmasch, served in the vacation travel industry for more than 33 years. In his own local Utah area, he developed East Canyon, Kimble, Power Ridge Village, and Bear Lake, all resort style communities. With experience in several companies, Rimmasch was the Executive Vice President of Marketing with TrendWest Resorts.

President & COO David Harnicher served as an outside consultant for the Defense Industry; Managing Director of Special Projects, Children’s Miracle Network; COO of an unnamed medical risk management administration company; and CFO of a national sales organization, Epic Fuel Tab “Natural Fuel Conditioner LLP” (offices at the same location as A Leisure Life).

CMO, Brian Hafen (nephew to Rimmasch) has sales and marketing experience in leisure, telecommunications, electronics, and timeshare.

The A Leisure Life Retail Customer Product

The following product is sold to customers at a retail price of $49 and an ongoing subscription price monthly of $27.99. (A retail customer may encourage another 4 retail customers to also subscribe and in appreciate A Leisure Life will reduce the encouraging retail customer’s monthly subscription from $27.99 to $7.99 monthly, but the period of the reduced monthly price is unclear).

  • The A Leisure Life product provides access to over 5,000 condominiums and resorts worldwide for week long stays at as much as 90% savings in some cases. Additionally, there are over 140,000 hotels in every part of the world at prices lower than the primary travel providers available to the general public.
  • Deeply discounted cruise line, excursions and guided tours are among the most enjoyed services made available to the A Leisure Life members, as well as air flights and vehicle rentals.
  • A member can search through and gain savings of merchandise found at many of the retail outlets enjoyed every day, purchasing at wholesale prices brand names such as Callaway, Cole, Dooney & Burke, Dyson, Haan, Johnston & Murphy, Maui Jim, Michael Kors, Nike, Oakley, Perry Ellis, Tommy Bahama, Tumi, Sephora, Swarovski Crystal, and much more.

Price guarantee

[click to continue…]

Travel and Cash Logo

Physical Location:

The physical location is not identified and is unnecessary, according to Travel and Cash management. A vague identification of customary business operations puts the IT and web development in India and Australia, with United States based travel suppliers, and multiple country locations for customer support, legal advice, and translation. Its management team is in India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Croatia. MLM travel has moved into a new generation. Keep reading on to find out just how different things can be.


  • Chief Visionary Officer Michael Faust: (previously, if not still tied to “Holidays and Cash”; “Lekker International”; “Wenyard”)
  • President Kingsley Ennis (previously, if not still tied to “Yoli” of health and nutrition)


  • When you search for it, you could say the product would be the use of My Travel World portal access to travel services from a third party. (whatever that might mean to you)

Travel and Cash Compensation Plan:

They explain it themselves right here

Travel and Cash Rewards

Here’s a real indication from the Travel and Cash FAQ’s

“Do I make money from the sale of travel?

No. Income is derived from the sale of our different memberships. Travel and Cash’s travel providers are offering the lowest prices with no commissions to ensure members get the best price possible.”

You make money from enlisting others into Travel and Cash memberships.

But, it’s more like “pay it forwardish.”  You don’t receive most of the commission from your direct enlistee membership purchase. You receive more when your direct enlistee passes up to you what their direct (your indirect) enlistee membership costs.

That means the commission you receive is more dependent on what your direct enlistee does with their direct enlistee. [click to continue…]

Panvoya logo

PANVOYA presents itself as a smarter way to travel. It says it is a one-of-a-kind travel service providing travel discounts not available to the general public.

What does PANVOYA Offer?

Travel offerings begin with four categories:

  • Up to 40% off the best online prices for travel
  • 6,500+ resorts with exclusive access cheaper than online pricing
  • 22,500+ cruises up to 10% off the best available online pricing
  • Dedicated professional travel concierge

Experienced in two ways:

  • PANVOYA Leisure Lifestyle Package: Initial fee $297, Monthly: $59  Customers can access through the PANVOYA Travel Search up to 5% savings on travel services. It grants Leisure Weeks possibilities beginning at $399 from a database of 2,000+ timeshare and resort properties from among 100 countries.
  • PANVOYA Luxury Lifestyle Package: Initial fee $997, Monthly: $59 Customers can access through the PANVOYA Travel Search up to 10% savings on travel services. Through Panvoya Resort Access each customer is assigned a “home property” in Mexico, without the maintenance costs and time share fees customary to this privilege. This comes with access to a luxury timeshare resort booking program. The Leisure Weeks begin at $199 and include 4,500+ resorts. A “Three Steps to Luxury” 90 day program provides even more consideration for these customers.

Business Opportunity includes:

  • PANVOYA version online “business office” replicated from its own PANVOYA.com site
  • Personal access to the dashboard (Travel Promoter) and PANVOYA back office reports
  • PANVOYA training materials and marketing tools (videos, etc.)
  • Support for Travel Promoters with knowledgebase search, email notification, business hours chat.
  • Compensation Plan

Just An Aside

Right about now, you need to know, I am not a Travel Promoter with PANVOYA. I offer this information as education. I do not make money from Panvoya. I have found a better way (the guy in the video can tell you about it and you won’t have to spend your time reading this)

You should seek direct information from PANVOYA to assure you have the most recent company information.


  • CEO, Paul Koury experienced in executive level retail and service markets
  • COO, Max Westerfield experienced in travel, financial services, and telecommunications
  • Field Operations Director, Debbie Bridges-Gregg (sales, customer service)
  • Creative Director, Daniel Sanchez (marketing, branding, design)

[click to continue…]

MOR Vacations logo

When seeking the fundamental information regarding MOR Vacations there are distinctions that should come into focus quickly.

Currently (July, 2015) the active representation of MORVacations is found at www.MORvacations.net.

The current location of MORVacations is 4023 Kennett Pike Suite #678, Greenville, Delaware, USA 19807. This is somewhat detached from the history of MORVacations.

MORVacations.com MOR (Members Only Resorts) Vacations was opened for business in August, 2008, at MOR Vacations, 9 South Brown Street, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, USA 54501

Despite the disconnect between MORVacations.com and MORVacations.net, at least one MLM ranking site identifies MORVacations.com at a ranking of 759 out of a total ranking of 849 home businesses actively tracked by their popular indices.

Searches for MORVacations.com have drastically fallen from a peak popularity in August, 2013 to about 10% today. Yet, searches continue every month.

No doubt there are those who attribute the structure of the .com to the .net when it comes to MLM Travel business consideration.

MORVacations.net maintains an exclusive membership website. The inventory can be accessed online and includes 5,000+ resorts and condos, International Tours with fluent English speaking tour guides, 200,000+ hotels & motels, and cruise or customized cruise package specials. [click to continue…]