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About Me

scooby photo icon asher mustacheI’m Scooby (plus about 30 yrs)…well, OK, my real name is Scofield Benjamin III, (heck, yes, I’m the 3rd in line with the family name, families have to do this to their first newborns for generations to get this kind of a ridiculous moniker). I know, now you’re wondering why it’s Scooby instead of “Scoffy” for Scofield. That’s because of my little sister. She would hear adults call me Scofield Benjamin; then they would shorten it to “Scofield B” to keep me straight from meaning me and not my father or my grandfather (yes, that’s where the 3rd comes from). She couldn’t get “Scofield B” out without it coming out as “Scoo-b.”

I have to give the credit to my older sister for just picking it up and applying the famous cartoon character’s name to me, giving it the final push to becoming Scooby for the ages. I just couldn’t win for losing. Then it stuck in school (thanks to the cartoon dog) and all the way until now.

Why Scooby Photos? Because I’m too lazy to change the domain name, OK? There were photos, but now it’s just my Scooby thoughts…most of the photos will be in your head.

Let me use this space to welcome you to my site. Take all the time you wish to get a full feel of the place. I’ll be sharing my passions and suggestions all along the way. You can get your answers to your questions directly from me anytime. Complete the contact information here and tell me all you wish me to know. I’ll be pleased to respond.

But, fair warning, what you read is what you get, just more of the same. I’m not one of those kind of guys that writes a blog and then when contacted they recapitulate on any real edges, rounding them into no distinctive sound or expression, all to try to agree when in truth we really do disagree.

But, let’s talk when you’re ready. It will be worth it.