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Disrupt Travel Review


Disrupt Worldwide LLC was established in 2015. Jason Elrod and Rea Nichols are the founders of Disrupt. Disrupt Travel is just part of what they do. The mantra of the company is:

Disrupt is a lifestyle company that improves the way people handle money, travel, and wellness. 

The website is located at www.lifedisrupted.com

There’s a lot of carry over potential from a now defunct WakeUp Now (BBB status report) mlm company (Elrod was the president) that closed down in 2015, with Disrupt launching its program in April, 2015.

In fact, one could conclude that Disrupt is what happened when WakeUp Now woke up. Here are at least a few of the recognizable WUN remnants:

  • Jason Elrod, Former WakeUp Now President
  • Andy Benis, Former VP of Sales at WakeUp Now
  • Daryl Kingston Djuan
  • Chaycen Green
  • Justin Hoffman
  • Rea Nichols
  • Gustavo Zapz

From its mission statement, it is obvious that Disrupt is much more than travel. Let me provide a quick summary of what Disrupt offers and then move to Disrupt Travel as our focus.

As I can gather it together, Disrupt offers one direct product (Thunder energy drink and energy bars) and three basic third-party supported products sold individually or in a variety of combinations.

The three third-party supported offers are:

  • Disrupt Money Bundle $19.95 a month – provides these tools:
    • Finance 101: 9 mini courses teaching personal accounts (Bank, Savings), credit cards, mortgage, financial investing, etc.
    • Taxbot for assisting the management of personal and small business related taxes
    • Personal financial management
    • Wealth management
  • Digital Health ($34.95 a month) you can set up your own fitness plan with “My eWellness” and reach a “doctor on call” by phone
  • Disrupt Travel subscription (activation fee and $54.95 monthly) Disrupt Travel provides access to third party travel providers.

You can acquire bundles rather than just one product:

  • Health and Wealth Bundle $129.95 a month — This combines all three offers (Money Bundle, Disrupt Travel and Digital Health subscriptions) and also includes a case of the private label Thunder energy drink.
  • Disrupt Essentials Plus Bundle $109.95 a month — This combines the Digital Health (see above) subscription with Disrupt Essentials (see below). You just don’t get the energy drink.

Disrupt Travel is my focus, so here are the additional combinations that include Disrupt Travel:

  • Disrupt Essentials $79.95 per month – combines a Disrupt Travel subscription with Disrupt Money Bundle.
  • International Essentials $79.95 a month – bundles a Disrupt Travel subscription and access to an “online language learning system.”

  • Eastern Health and Wealth – $149.95 a month – coupled with a Disrupt Travel subscription, you get a language learning system online and Pure Innovation Restore to keep your “dermal stem cells” vibrant and functioning. Why this isn’t named with reference to Travel, I’m not sure. But, there you go, you can travel, chat with the locals and be healthy while doing it.
  • Western Health and Wealth $129.95 a month – coupled with a Disrupt Travel subscription, you get a language learning system online and Perfect Skin Rx Oil to keep your skin vitalized with botanical applications. Granted, this seems poorly named, but it is, what it is.

Focus on Disrupt Travel

Disrupt makes it clear it is not a travel agency. Disrupt calls their offer “managed travel.” Disrupt has identified and partnered with others to provide Disrupt customers with discounted prices on travel and entertainment.

Disrupt Travel guarantees they will AT LEAST offer the lowest online price available (in case you do your own travel service research for comparison sake). Disrupt reminds us that hotels and cruise lines have “agent-only inventory” and the general public can’t access discounts on that level without a registered agent (Disrupt gives you access to those third-party agents).

Disrupt Travel offers resort condos, cruises, and hotels stays for 7 nights, many at 80% off the going price.  In short, Disrupt Travel offers to be your travel concierge with rental vehicles, air flights, hotel and resort stays and keeping the dots connected for you.

  • Resorts:
    • The third-party travel providers (RCI, Interval, and others) offer access to an inventory of 2.5 million+ resort weeks in over 200 countries in villas, suites, cottages, condos and even private homes.
    • Disrupt Travel compares it’s lodging deals from as low as $150 to as high as you’d care to go.
  • Cruises:
    • Over 13,000 cruise itineraries are at the hands of Disrupt Travel and there is no service fee charged to Disrupt Travel customers to book a cruise online.
    • A variety of cruise deals occur monthly (like 2 for 1 deals on cabins). Hundreds of member-only opportunities are frequently experienced (cabin upgrades, travel gifts, and onboard credits).
  • Hotels:
    • Member only call-in access to 180,000 properties is in addition to online access to 245,000 hotels.
    • Members can see the lowest online price and also get a look at more than one agent-only price, and then have Disrupt Travel book it on their behalf.
    • The Disrupt Travel hotel service can integrate directly on behalf of members who are participating hotel card holders so their hotel rewards are granted when appropriate.

How Do You Get Disrupt Travel?

Visiting their website, you will click on Travel and then be asked to identify as a Customer or as a Distributor.

Let’s assume you like it so much you want to earn money while bragging about your travel experiences to friends. If you choose Distributor, you’re going to want to know about compensation. By the way, there is no Disrupt fee to become a Distributor (but watch the fine print, please).

Disrupt Compensation Plan

Disrupt doesn’t choose between traditional compensation models, they make them hybrid. There is a semblance of uni-level plans and binary plans and step plans when you try to compare to other MLM style operations.

Disrupt has two types of commissions whether you promote Disrupt Travel or any of the other Disrupt offers:

  • Global Override Commission
  • Generational Commission.

Distributor ranks and the distributor generational position play into all compensation considerations.

Let’s look at Distributor Ranks

A distributor rank is established by its respective qualifications. The qualifications include both the Personal Volume of sales (PV) and the Group Volume of sales (GV).

  • PV includes all the offers personally purchased or sold by Distributor A (you).
  • GV includes all the offers sold or purchased by those other distributors brought in by Distributor A including the PV of Distributor A. This “group” is most commonly referred to as the downline of Distributor A (you).
    • Those whom Distributor A brings in as a distributor are considered Level 1.
    • This Level 1 is also referred to as the uni-level (only those enlisted personally by Distributor A)
    • As Level 1 distributors personally enlist additional distributors, the downline begins to form legs.
    • Each level enlists the next level, so that
      • Distributor A has a Level 1 (all personally enlisted distributors)
      • Distributor A has a Level 2 (as Level 1 distributors personally enlist distributors)
      • Distributor A has additional levels added from level to level enlistments.

A uni-level leg is established through direct and unbroken lineage:

  • Distributor A personally enlists Distributor Blue.
  • Distributor Blue personally enlists Distributor Green.
  • Distributor Green personally enlists Distributor Red.
  • This is one uni-level leg from A to Blue to Green to Red
  • When Distributor A personally enlists Distributor Purple, that initiates an additional uni-level leg.

Disrupt Distributor Ranks and Monthly Minimum Qualifications

  • Base Camp – PV: 45 and GV: 200 with no more than 40% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Cairn – PV: 45 and GV: 350 with no more than 40% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Anchor – PV: 45 and GV: 750 with no more than 40% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Belay – PV: 45 and GV: 1,250 with no more than 40% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Ascent – PV: 45 and GV: 2,500 with no more than 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Tetons – PV: 75 and GV: 5,000 with no more than 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Andes – PV: 75 and GV: 15,000 with no more than 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Rockies – PV: 75 and GV: 35,000 with no more than 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Himalayas – PV: 75 and GV: 65,000 with no more than 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Olympus – PV: 120 and GV: 100,000 with no more than 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Mauna Kea – PV: 120 and GV: 250,000 with no more than 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Matterhorn – PV: 120 and GV: 450,000 with no more than 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Kilimanjaro – PV: 120 and GV: 700,000 with no more than 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg

Ranks Are Provided A Minimum Monthly Pay

Each rank assures a minimum monthly pay. As long as the distributor remains qualified for that rank from month to month the distributor will never earn less. As a distributor qualifies for a higher rank, the monthly award will increase.

Minimum monthly pay for qualifying distributors is:

  • $20        Base Camp
  • $50        Cairn
  • $75        Anchor
  • $150      Belay
  • $250      Ascent
  • $1,500  Tetons through Himalayas
  • $10,000 Olympus and above

Uni-level Commissions (any personally recruited distributors)

All product sales volume (PV) of each personally enlisted distributor will result in a commission to the recruiter (the one who enlisted the distributor) at 30%.

Generational Commissions

A Disrupt generation is measured within each uni-level leg. When a downline distributor rises to the rank of Ascent or higher, that uni-level leg has achieved one generation. That is to say, any rank below Ascent on a uni-level leg is contained in the same generation.

A second generation is then produced when that same uni-level leg produces another Ascent or higher.

This continues along that same uni-level leg, producing additional generations as distributors in that leg rise to the rank of Ascent.

Without an Ascent rank established, the leg is said to be in its first generation.

Generation Commissions are awarded to the 7th generation in any one given uni-level leg, each generation providing a commission of 10% (GV) according to the rank of the distributor and the maximum number of generations per that rank:

  • Ascent – one generation
  • Tetons – two generations
  • Andes – three generations
  • Rockies – four generations
  • Himalayas – five generations
  • Olympus – six generations
  • Mauna Kea or higher – seven generations


Shares are in a 1 to 1 equivalent value, with 1 GV point the same as 1 share.

Monthly, the value of a share is assessed based on the company’s total global volume.

Disrupt maintains a “Share Pool” composed of 65% of the total global volume produced by the entire company. Of this Share Pool, three tiers exist:

  1. 40% is held in Tier 1
  2. 17.5% is held in Tier 2
  3. 7.5% is held in Tier 3

Distributors are advantaged by each Tier of the Share Pool according to their distributor rank:

  • Tier 1: Basecamp through Ascent
  • Tier 2: Tetons through Himalayas
  • Tier 3: Olympus and above

Distributors receive a pro-rata award according to the number of shares figured per GV and within the specific rank of each distributor.

Concerns and Cautions:

Disrupt offers an interesting interplay of third-party products, admittedly, still recognizing their Thunder energy drink and bar as their very own.

Disrupt attempts to provide a sustained focus on customers purchasing travel services through Disrupt to third-party providers. There seems a clear attempt to see the travel concierge as a contained experience. Most Travel MLM systems integrate the teams of direct sellers into the travel arrangements as well.

Disrupt Distributors don’t seem to have a commission ascribed to the recruitment of other distributors, but there is a clear 30% global override commission on the GV and PV, instead. That can prove very beneficial to Disrupt, but equally very disruptive to the distributors who seem to fall away from these things after recruiting only 2 or 3. (Might be the very reason Disrupt set it up like this, to encourage longer stays)

Though sales are focused on products, the real money is in the recruitment, as with any MLM travel company. The commissions aligned to rank, PV and GV, and the generational measurements all require the skill set customary to MLM… recruit, recruit, and recruit some more.


I don’t like to recruit. I don’t mind telling friends about great finds that they can find as well, but when you put “and please signup under my name; I’ll be glad to help you get others to signup under your name so you can make some money, too.” Everything just goes south.

My friend Brad knows a better way. I’m sharing him with the video up top. Listen to the guy. I did and it’s made a big difference for me.