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Diamond Holiday Travel Review

dht groupThe beauty of the internet is how anyone can see everyone at any time. That’s why a MLM Travel company like Diamond Holiday Travel can keep having life after so many think it is gone.

Our friends around the globe get what we’ve had, and we get what they have had, and each of us thinks what we have is brand new. If we see something we’ve seen before, we think we were first. I had a friend once tell me, “Some people are so far behind the others, without having the others in sight, they think they are the first ones when they are really the last one and far behind.”

You’re looking at Diamond Holiday Travel to either jump in, bail out, or confirm you’ve made the right decision to do either of those…or, you’re wisely looking at Diamond Holiday Travel before you do anything.

Diamond Holiday Travel (DHT) clones itself to whatever country, nationality, or region in which it attempts to be applied. Thus, you get Diamond Holiday Travel Africa (the most prominent at this writing); and you get Diamond Holiday Travel Ojuola; and Diamond Holiday Travel Indonesia; and Diamond Holiday Travel Philippines; and on, and on.

That’s not unusual for any global company to have a common but different name applied in different global settings. It’s quite common. There’s nothing to be concerned about regarding the name.

Essential Identification:

Name: Diamond Holiday Travel

Launch: January 2010

Leadership: CEO, Andy Hsu

Locations: (according to DHT Africa in 2015) Suite 1200, 1000 N West Street, Wilmington, Delaware, 19801, United States. With additional locations in Africa (70 Richards Drive, Midrand, 1685, South Africa) and Hong Kong (Unit 3-5, 21 / floor, No. 09 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong)

Affiliations: Diamond Holiday Travel Inc. is an affiliated firm of American Asian Science Foundation (AASF). AASF is a private corporation which was established in 1969 in Washington DC. USA.

Company Description: (compiled from public sources who identify with DHT) DHT is an Internet marketing company which will provide the members discounted packages on hotels, airlines and all expenses paid on local and international tours and will allow its members to earn incentives and easily finance their own holiday by offering this opportunity to their friends, relatives and community members.

Due Diligence:

DHT Group Africa seems to be one of the most publicly attainable expressions of Diamond Holiday Travel at this time. It continues to cite the essential identification as noted previously.

There are fresh and recurring expressions of Diamond Holiday Travel in a great variety of countries. A search of the internet will provide you with the most attainable in your area. The presentations are in large part the same. It is for that reason the following information is educational in nature and there is no attempt to enlist or to encourage involvement with DHT in any of its current expressions anywhere on the globe.

Instead, I’ve stopped considering for myself the MLM Travel opportunities because I have discovered a better way to a better day. My friend Brad has led me there. You would be wise to listen to his video to learn what he has learned, and how there is a better way for you right now.

Diamond Holiday Travel launched in January, 2010, and their promotional and informational videos remain available in YouTube and in a great variety of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels.

In addition to enthusiastic and passionate encouragement to join DHT, you will easily find an equal number of passionate warnings not to be part of DHT. Some of those warnings are attempts at retracting previous statements of assurance that DHT possesses the power to deliver on its promises of luxury travel to those who cannot afford them and to earn income not previously thought to be possible.

The affiliation with the American Asian Science Foundation (A.A.S.F.) is a customary means for any startup to borrow credibility from an existing organization. Not much can be discovered about AASF, though it is reported by DTH sources to have been established in 1969 at Washington DC. USA with a mission to encourage science and technology exchange between the US and Asian companies.

A quick search of current foundations does not yield any information regarding the American Asian Science Foundation. There are foundations of similar names, but these should not be confused with AASF. In 2010 AASF did have a website, and the public information identified the then owner as A Foundry Technology Company, Ltd., a Taiwan company marketing computer parts.

The continued use by DHT of a Delaware address may be more intended to legitimize the company in the eyes of prospective international recruits, gaining a presumed status as having been acceptable to the well-known scrutiny of United States economic oversight. This would certainly be an implied rather than a registered status.

Many who have studied MLM travel would see the similarity of DHT with TVI Express. Some have pointed out that DHT mimicked TVI Express right down to the same screen shots. The similarity between the two in the DHT original launch can be compared by web design, screen display, management strategy, commission plans, and presentation tools.

Forensically, the “original” DHT program may possibly be reconstructed from recoverable comments and presentations on blogs, forums, videos, and websites that to date have not yet expired. (That’s the danger of the internet, it seems to keep displaying the statements of by gone years as if they are current today… that’s why this review is necessary)

It is assumed that the current expressions of DHT essentially possess these basic original components. At the very least, this should provide you adequate means to evaluate the current DHT version you may be considering. Please listen closely to anyone who is making a presentation attributed to DHT. There may be significant variations from the “original” DHT program.

DHT international CEO Andy Hsu authorized www.dhtafrica.com under Mr. Henschel Amadi, President /CEO of DHT Africa starting from 25th of March, 2013, to “become the sole, exclusive and official website for all our existing and potential members in Africa and to their down lines around the Globe.” Source: Facebook page  

DIAMOND HOLIDAY TRAVEL Inc at one time was said to have leadership from Roger Friedan, visionary entrepreneur (Master level degree in business administration from Crummer School of Business, Rollins College). In addition, a management team with combine travel and internet experience of 45 years.

DHT program claims: (for educational purposes)

  1. Designed to allow people with limited resources to participate in a business for themselves, but not by themselves.
  2. Corporate staff support means someone is always there to help members.
  3. A one-time membership cost gives members access to vacations at prices not found anywhere else.
  4. Members typically save the price of their membership within the first year.
  5. Members determine the type of vacation and level of service with luxury hotels and super-deluxe traveling style.
  6. The holiday or ticket is supplied to members at a remarkable, leveraged discount. This provides for a 4 days/ 3 nights holiday in one of the 3-5 starHotels/ Resorts around the world.
  7. Each member is offered an up-to-date DIAMOND HOLIDAY online replicating website.
  8. Business prospects can visit the personalized member sites and members can manage their success with down-line tracking, commissions, and bonuses.
  9. Diamond Holiday uses a revolving matrix system. New members enter on the bottom level to right and then push them from the bottom to the top of the board, the faster the board is filled, the sooner they receive their commissions.

How DHT Works: according to DHT Ojuola


  • New members are enrolled by current member of DHT.
  • Membership costs a one-time fee $300 or $350 (it varies per presentation) with an additional $25 registration fee
  • DHT does not provide refunds once the member registers
  • The holiday or ticket is supplied to members at a remarkable, leveraged discount. This provides for a 4 days/ 3 nights holiday in one of the 3-5 starHotels/ Resorts around the world.
  • New members are provided access to travel discounts via a travel portal to third party travel services

Compensation Plan:

Consisting of The Holiday Board and The Diamond Board, the system enters the new member at the bottom of the Holiday Board.


Holiday Board

  • Beginning from left to right starting at the bottom, the member moves from the bottom to the top of the Holiday Board as additional members also register. This requires a team effort of everyone referring at least 2 people to qualify. As 14 new members register in the Holiday Board the initial member rises to the top. This is the same experience for those the member enrolls into membership.
  • Having accomplished this, the member qualifies for a $1000 commission and is automatically cycled from the Holiday Board into the Diamond Board.

Diamond Board

  • The member progresses through the Diamond Board in similar fashion to how progress was made in the Holiday Board. By “team” and personal effort the member rises to the top of the Diamond Board, again requiring 14 additional new members. This is the same experience for those the member enrolls into membership.
  • Having accomplished this the member qualifies for a $10,000 commission and is automatically re-entered into the same Diamond Board without any additional payment or registration
  • As the member rises again to the top of the Diamond Board a second time, the member is qualified for and additional commission of $10,000.

Revolving Matrix

  • This revolving matrix system is said to continue for life, allowing members to receive $10,000 each time they reach the top of the Diamond Board again and again.

Additional Incentives

  • A member who assists 25 members to cycle up to the top of the Diamond Board will have their choice of $50,000 or a luxury car such as Honda, BMW, Mercedes or Audi Car to be awarded at a DHT International Convention.
  • A member who assists 50 members to cycle up to the top of the Diamond Board will have their choice of $100,000 or a villa in one of the exotic locations of the world.​​

Cautions and Concerns:

  1. The progress in the two boards are identical. This is known as a 2×3 Forced Matrix. Each new member is required to secure 2 new members. This is carried to the 3rd level, hence the name 2×3 Forced Matrix.
  • This is most easily demonstrated in the form of a pyramid. When products are not sold, but rather the incentive is set on gaining new members, this becomes a pyramid scheme.
  • Pyramid schemes are not legal, the qualifier being there are no retail products that stand on their value that are being sold. It is a focus on membership registration and a dependence upon new member fees to produce any promised profit.
  • Apply this knowledge to the question, “Is DHT a pyramid scheme?”
  1. The mathematic calculations are in not defendable.
  • $350 one time membership fee (for these purposes, let’s take the higher fees mentioned)
  • 15 qualifying members would pay a total of $5,250 ($350 x 15) held by the company
  • The member rises to top of the Holiday Board and gets $1,000 so that become $4,250 held by the company
  • Another 15 members are brought into the Holiday Board and they pay the total $5,250
  • This takes the member to the top of the Diamond Board to receive $10,000
  • How does a total of $9,600 ($4,250 and $5,350) payoff a $10,000 commission?
  • When the revolving matrix idea and the huge incentives are added, it doesn’t add up.

There Is A Better Way

I am so grateful that even when I discover that I am so far behind I mistakenly think I may have found something new, I don’t have to hope that it is true.

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You take your own path. You make it yours. And if you include Brad’s advice as part of it, then I’ve at least helped you that much.