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Disrupt Travel and Paycation: Head to Head

Disrupt  VERSUS Paycation Travel

Someone has approached you about Disrupt Worldwide or Paycation. You’re interested in the travel part, but you’re not sold yet. You’re taking another look. Good for you.

Let’s put them side by side and make a comparison.

In April of 2015 Disrupt Worldwide LLC was cofounded by Jason Elrod (previous president of Wakeup Now) and Rea Nichols (previous vice-president of sales at Wakeup Now). They view themselves as lifestyle changers regarding personal money management, travel, and personal wellness. They maintain a website at: www.lifedisrupted.com

I’m not biased to the favor of one over the other because I’m not a fan of either contender. I have found a much better way than what either of these provide. I learned it from a 7 figure earner and I’m on my way to the same income goal. You can hear for FREE what I heard.

Let’s move on to the comparison.

Just a year earlier CEO, David Manning began Paycation (found at: www.paycation.com) in the opening quarter of 2014. Mr. Manning was previously involved with Traverus, another travel mlm, and he still maintains the head position at Xstream Travel (began in 2002) a registered travel agency.

We recognize very quickly that Disrupt Worldwide LLC is much more inclusive than just the travel side of things. Let’s get a quick overview of what Disrupt includes and then move to specifics with Disrupt Travel.

There’s a Disrupt Money Bundle offer:

  • $19.95 a month
    • Several quick videos (9) on Bank and Savings accounts, credit cards, financial investing, home ownership
    • Small business and personal tax software assistance

A Digital Health offer:

  • $34.95 a month
    • Personal fitness program
    • Doctor contacts over the phone

A Disrupt Travel subscription

  • $54.95 a month and an activation
    • Disrupt Travel will be discussed at length in a moment.

Disrupt packages these three in bundles as well:

  • $129.95 monthly for Health and Wealth Bundle
    • Case of Thunder energy drink (Disrupt’s own product)
    • Get all three: Disrupt Travel, Digital Health, Money Bundle monthly.
  • $109.95 monthly for Disrupt Essentials Plus Bundle
    • Get all three without the energy drink.

Let’s breakout Disrupt Travel as a sole consideration for the purposes of this comparison. (Disrupt Travel is one of the total of three pursuits by Disrupt Worldwide).

Disrupt travel offers are:

  • $79.95 per month Disrupt Essentials– combines a Disrupt Travel subscription with Disrupt Money Bundle.
  • $79.95 a month International Essentials– get language taught to you and a Disrupt Travel subscription
  • $149.95 a month Eastern Health and Wealth – add the $79,95 International Essentials to a stimulating skin restoration.
  • $129.95 a month Western Health and Wealth– add the $79.95 International Essentials to a botanical oil application.

Paycation instills the image of “travel consultant” in the minds of their members. Constant encouragement to up the game of each member through additional Xstream Travel training. The focus is on memberships:

  • $40.00 down and $29.95 each month for Independent Affiliates
  • $99.95 down and $59.95 each month for Referral Travel Consultant (there’s an annual $40 consultant fee).
  • $199.95 down and $59.95 each month for a Certified Travel Consultant (there’s an annual $40 consultant fee).

Join Disrupt Travel?

When you arrive at their website you choose to enter as a Customer or as a Distributor.

Choosing customer requires you to identify the Disrupt associate who sent you there (got to get the commissions to the right Disrupt member).

Choosing distributor puts you into your own unique alignment with Disrupt. You won’t have to pay to become a distributor, but stay alert to the commitments you are stepping into.

Join Paycation?

You’ll have to identify a Paycation associate or the Paycation support to join. Keep in mind that all those impressive travel discounts are not initially including the air travel to get you there.

Air travel arrangements do not pay commissions to Paycation consultants. However, the other bookings (rentals, hotels, etc.) once you are a consultant pay out like this:

  • 65% commission to a Referral Travel Consultant who makes a sale.
  • 75% commission to a Certified Travel Consultant making the same sale.

Making Money with Disrupt Travel

Any mlm can get a little complicated with their compensation plans. They use similar terms and yet apply their own meanings. It can get confusing.

Remember, Disrupt is larger than Travel (it also has health and wealth products). The same mlm compensation plan is applied to all three.

Get a few terms in mind as you step through this summary overview and also realize you need to get this information directly from the source before you decide to jump in. These things change at the will of the company so check all of it out with them.

Upline and downline have to do with those team members associated with you. The person who enlists you is the first level of your upline; the people you personally are most often the first level of your downline.

The two Disrupt commissions are calculated differently. In name the two are:

  • Global Override Commission
  • Generational Commission

Disrupt establishes ranks for its members as an additional qualifier for commission payouts. The ranks are established according to PV (Personal Volume of sales) and by GV (Group Volume of sales, which include the PV of the distributor and all the downline of the distributor).

In addition to PV and GV it is important to understand that a uni-level leg includes all those who are in an unbroken direct line of enlistment. As an example, Jim enlists Mary. Mary enlists Kim. Kim enlists Rocky. Jim-Mary-Kim-Rocky is an unbroken direct line of enlistment.

Jim can have more than one uni-level leg. Jim enlists Mary (Jim-Mary-Kim-Rocky is one uni-level leg) and Jim enlists Sam (Sam-Julie-Marc-Steve can also be one uni-level leg).

Ranks are identified by name, by PV and GV, and according to a uni-level leg (this clarifies the specific “group” for GV sake).

We need to get the ranks clear in our minds before going further:

  • Base Camp – PV: 45 and GV: 200 (40% coming from only 1 uni-level leg)
  • Cairn – PV: 45 and GV: 350 (40% coming from only 1 uni-level leg)
  • Anchor – PV: 45 and GV: 750 (40% coming from only 1 uni-level leg)
  • Belay – PV: 45 and GV: 1,250 (40% coming from only 1 uni-level leg)
  • Ascent – PV: 45 and GV: 2,500 (35% coming from only 1 uni-level leg)
  • Tetons – PV: 75 and GV: 5,000 (35% coming from only 1 uni-level leg)
  • Andes – PV: 75 and GV: 15,000 (35% coming from only 1 uni-level leg)
  • Rockies – PV: 75 and GV: 35,000 (35% coming from only 1 uni-level leg)
  • Himalayas – PV: 75 and GV: 65,000 (35% coming from only 1 uni-level leg)
  • Olympus – PV: 120 and GV: 100,000 (35% coming from only 1 uni-level leg)
  • Mauna Kea – PV: 120 and GV: 250,000 (35% coming from only 1 uni-level leg)
  • Matterhorn – PV: 120 and GV: 450,000 (35% coming from only 1 uni-level leg)
  • Kilimanjaro – PV: 120 and GV: 700,000 (35% coming from only 1 uni-level leg)

Minimum Monthly Payout Per Rank

Ranks are reevaluated on a monthly basis. Provided the distributor stays in the game and keeps the appropriate number of members active in the downline, there is a minimum monthly payout per rank:

  • Base Camp payout $20
  • Cairn payout $50
  • Anchor payout $75
  • Belay payout $150
  • Ascent payout $250
  • Tetons through Himalayas payout $1,500
  • Olympus and above payout $10,000

Uni-level Commissions are paid at 30% to each distributor according to the product sales volume (PV) achieved by each member having been personally recruited by the distributor.

Generational Commissions

Disrupt also pays out a generational commission. You have to understand a Disrupt generation takes each uni-level leg and divides it by generations. A generation includes any portion of the downline unbroken direct line of enlistment that hasn’t yet arrived at the rank of Ascent or higher.

In any uni-level leg, those members that are not Ascent or higher are included in the generation.

That is to say, any rank below Ascent on a uni-level leg is contained in the same generation. A second generation occurs from one Ascent (or higher) member to the next Ascent (or higher) member. If there is no Ascent member (or higher) then the leg is a first generation leg.

Generation Commissions are awarded to the 7th generation.

A ten percent of Group Volume commission is paid per generation, per rank:

  • Ascent – 1 generation
  • Tetons – 2 generations
  • Andes – 3 generations
  • Rockies – 4 generations
  • Himalayas – 5 generations
  • Olympus – 6 generations
  • Mauna Kea or higher – 7 generations

Disrupt keeps track of a “Share Pool” every month. It holds 65% of the global volume of the entire company. Distributors get a payout pro-rata per rank figured against their GV.

Within this Share Pool there are three tiers: Tier 1 has 40% and is distributed to Basecamp Rank through Ascent; Tier 2 has 17.5%  and is distributed to Tetons Rank through Himalayas; and Tier 3 has 7.5% and is distributed to Olympus Rank and higher.

Making Money with Paycation

The same thing is true with Paycation. You need to check directly with these folks because these compensation plans change at the will of Paycation.

There are payouts for direct sales commissions:

  • Enlist a customer and earn a $10 commission
  • Enlist an Independent Affiliate and earn a $10 commission
  • Enlist a Certified consultant and earn a $25 commission

Paycation wants everyone to move to the highest membership position. Its commissions are paid out according to the level of membership the member holds when the sale is achieved.

In addition there is a 3 x 7 forced matrix applied. That means a member can enlist as many new members as they wish, BUT, no more than three can be on the same downline level, and the downline levels will go as deep as seven levels.

So, when the fourth member is personally enlisted, the member who enlisted the fourth member will place this fourth member under someone else downline. That’s what is commonly referred to as “spill over.”

Spill over is very encouraging to downline members trying to recruit others into their own downline. However, experience has taught that it can be a disincentive to those who come to rely upon it for growth. It works if everyone is recruiting, it begins to dissolve if most members just leave it to few members to do all the recruiting.

Paycation, similar to Disrupt, introduces commission ranks qualified by the organization achieved by the member.

Remember, there are two types of membership: Referral and Certified.

The 5 commission qualifying ranks are:

  • Executive – you need 6 members minimum in the entire group, but you must have 3 new members at Level 1 and in the entire group you must have 3 Referral or Certified members.
  • Regional Executive – you need to be an Executive with an additional 6 members; 3 of them must be Referral memberships.
  • National Executive – you need to be a Regional Executive with 10 additional members; 6 of them must be Referral level members.
  • International Executive – you need to be a National Executive with 15 additional members; 3 have to be National Executives, and none of them can be in the same leg (for “leg” see above)
  • Presidential Executive – an International Executive sells twenty new memberships and has at least three International Executives, none of which can be in the same leg.

Paycation pays a member 8% commission on all members personally recruited by that member. That means even though the member can’t have more than 3 on any one downline level, the member still gets rewarded for all the work done by anyone the member originally personally recruited. This commission is paid on the type of membership purchased.


As I said from the beginning, I hope this summary comparison gives you a perspective that can be useful in looking closer at Disrupt Travel or Paycation.

However, there is a better way to get paid. It doesn’t rely upon recruiting and you don’t have to keep encouraging people to say involved.

Listen to Brad, and he can tell you better than anyone. He’s lived it. He’s earned. And, he’s taught me and others how to do it. It’s FREE.