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Global Resorts Network and Disrupt Worldwide Head To Head

Make money with Global Resorts Network Head To Head Make money with Disrupt Worldwide

Maybe you’ve been in travel mlm for some time, perhaps even in Global Resorts Network or Distrupt Worldwide specifically.

Maybe you’ve been in one and you’re considering the other.

Maybe you’re just bored completely out of your mind and you’re looking for something to read.

Either way, in the next few minutes of reading you’ll find in one convenient place what took me hours to compile from several sources (websites, blogs, forums, interviews….a lot of time).

If you’d rather listen than read, then here’s something much more informative, and much more rewarding than any mlm travel I’ve reviewed. (I’ve reviewed more than 30 of the top travel mlm and this beats everything).

Global Resorts Network going head to head with Disrupt Travel puts the advantage to Disrupt Travel immediately as far as the corporate website goes.

Only because GRN doesn’t maintain a public side to its corporate presence. Instead, GRN is all about its affiliates getting the attention. Just do a search for Global Resorts Network and see all the various replicated member sites. They are out there.

On the other hand, Disrupt Travel is tucked away into one of the three major components of the Disrupt Worldwide website:  www.lifedisrupted.com

Who and When

Global Resorts Network began in 2006 when founder Al Morales took a courageous step into online marketing. Mr. Morales remains the CEO and he was joined by Mark Hoverson in 2010.

Mr. Morales ingeniously hooked up with Gold Crown Resorts back in 2006 and became their exclusive online marketer. That was gutsy smart.

Back in the day when timeshares were selling for thousands down and monthly/annually maintenance fees and association dues, Gold Crown Resorts started brokering weeklong spots in 5 star resorts and booking weeklong stays for as low as $398 up to $799. That was a mere penance of what time share owners were paying for the same privilege in the same exclusive resorts. Genius!

Even more impressive was when Mr. Morales go exclusive position to move them to the internet. Brilliant.

When Genius and Brilliant came together, Global Resorts Network was born.

Gold Crown Resorts, since 2013, dropped the exclusivity with GRN and now allows for white label marketing of their services. (White label means that any organization can present the services as if they were their own…meaning, legally, you or I could appear to the world as though what Gold Crown Resorts offers, is our own offer).

Disrupt Worldwide LLC came along nine years later in 2015. The leaders of WakeUp Now (BBB status report) decided to take things wider and higher. Jason Elrod, the former president of WakeUp Now teamed up with Rea Nichols, also from WakeUp Now, and they weren’t shy about bringing even more WakeUp Now members with them (Daryl Kingston Djuan, Chaycen Green, Justin Hoffman, Gustavo Zapz).

They position themselves as a lifestyle company and they offer personal improvement in health, wealth and travel.

Disrupt Travel will be our focus, but you should remember there are two other interests maintained in the total Disrupt Worldwide offer.

What Do They Offer

Disrupt offers Thunder (energy drink and energy bar) and a few specific engagements:

If you want abbreviated video courses on personal accounting with your banking or savings or credit cards; if you want software assistance with personal and small business tax solutions; if you want overall finance and wealth management, then you want:

  • Disrupt Money Bundle $19.95 a month

If you want to arrange a personal physical workout plan; be able to access medical advice by phone 24/7; keep track of your wellness plan, then you want:

  • Digital Health $34.95 a month

If you want access to travel services at deeply discounted rates, then you want:

  • Disrupt Travel subscription $54.95 a month with an activation fee

There are ways you can combine these offers:

If you want all three combined you, then you want:

  • Disrupt Essentials Plus Bundle $109.95 a month

If you want all three combined and you want a case of Thunder (energy drink or energy bar), then you want:

  • Health and Wealth Bundle $129.95 a month

Disrupt Travel:

We’re looking at a head to head comparison specifically with regard to travel. For this reason we need to draw down on just the Disrupt Travel related offers from Disrupt Worldwide.

If you want Disrupt Travel in combination with the Disrupt Money Bundle, then you want:

  • Disrupt Essentials $79.95 per month

If you want Disrupt Travel in combination with learning a language (perhaps the national language you will encounter in your travels), then you want:

  • International Essentials $79.95 a month

If you want Disrupt Travel in combination with language learning and vibrant dermal stem cells, then you want:

  • Eastern Health and Wealth – $149.95 a month

If you want Disrupt Travel combined with learning a language and skin care, then you want:

  • Western Health and Wealth $129.95 a month

Global Resorts Network offers three membership opportunities:

If you want 20 weeklong stays at 4 and 5 star resorts or condominiums in well-known vacation spots, then you want:

  • $11,995 Diamond Membership

If you want 10 weeklong stays at premium weeks with concierge services, then you want:

  • $7,995 Platinum Membership

If you want 2 premium weeklong stays, then you want:

  • $2,995 Silver Membership

Cost of Membership

Please realize that any references to membership or compensation or any other points of information are subject to the changes made by these companies. Please make decisions only based upon information you receive directly from the company with which you care to associate.

Global Resorts Network pays commissions according to the membership you hold when you make a sale. So, you need to know about membership before you can figure how much you could be paid.

GRN has a non-member membership (I know it sounds ridiculous, but you wanted to know). A Free Affiliate position means you haven’t purchased a membership, but you want to sell the GRN memberships.

  • Free or $100: Affiliate position for sales is free unless you pay $100 for a website.

The GRN paid memberships are:

  • $1995 and $100 Silver membership and website
  • $4995 and $100 Platinum membership and website
  • $12,500 and $100 Platinum Plus membership and website

Some members prefer to get in and earn before stepping to a higher membership. That’s when they often ask about upgrades. Not too surprising, the opportunity for upgrades is readily available but at a price:

  • $4,000 Silver to Platinum
  • $12,000 Silver to Platinum Plus
  • $8,200 Platinum to Platinum Plus

Disrupt Travel lowers the barrier to entry by not charging a Distributor fee. You simply visit their site and click on Travel and then identify as a Customer or as a Distributor.

How Much Do I Get Paid?

Global Resorts Network pays a sales commission according to the membership you hold when you make the sale and in some cases the type of sale made.

Regardless of type of sale made:

  • $250 is awarded to a Free Affiliate when a sale of any membership is made
  • $1,000 is awarded when a Silver member makes a sale of any membership

The type of sale makes a difference to a Platinum member:

  • $1,000 is awarded when a Platinum member sales a Silver membership
  • $3,250 is awarded when a Platinum member makes a Platinum or Platinum Plus sale of membership

The Platinum Plus member makes the most:

  • $1,000 is awarded for a sale of a Silver membership
  • $3,250 is awarded for a sale of a Platinum membership
  • $7,700 is awarded for a sale of a Platinum Plus membership

When upgrades are sold by a Platinum member, they get:

  • $2,000 commission for $4000 Silver to Platinum upgrade
  • $2,250 commission for $12000 Silver to Platinum Plus upgrade

When upgrades are sold by a Platinum Plus member, they get:

  • $2,000 commission for $4000 Silver to Platinum upgrade
  • $6,700 commission for $12000 Silver to Platinum Plus upgrade
  • $3,700 commission for $8,200 Platinum to Platinum Plus upgrade

As with any mlm arrangement, those whom you bring into the organization are considered your downline. Upline includes those related to the member who enlisted you. When you hear the reference to levels with regard to upline or downline, that simply means those who are at one point of separation from you. A level 1 downline would include those whom you personally enlist. A level 2 downline would include those directly enlisted by those you personally enlisted. (You enlist Henry. Henry is level 1 downline to you. Henry enlists Judy. Judy is level 2 downline from you).The same leveling occurs upline, again, at each point of separation from you.

At one time GRN required a “pass one up” model whereby the first sale does not provide a commission to the salesperson, it is passed up to the one who recruiter the salesperson. The second sale and all those coming after earns a commission to the sales person. That may have changed by the time you read this.

Disrupt makes no distinction between Disrupt Travel and their other two primary avenues of resources. All compensation by Disrupt includes two commission considerations:

  • Global Override Commission
  • Generational Commission

Remember that Disrupt Worldwide provides a choice on its website to either be involved as a customer or as a distributor.

Ranks and generational positions held by the distributor are the primary qualifications of how much you earn with Disrupt.

It’s all about productivity. Productivity is all about sales. Sale are measured both by PV (Personal Volume sales) and by GV (Group Volume sales). Groups most often are speaking of the distributor downline (see above).

A downline can form “legs” specific to the direct line of recruitment. A unilevel leg is formed when you enlist Henry and Henry enlists Judy and Judy enlists Tim. So, you-Henry-Judy-Tim is a unilevel leg.

You can have more than one unilevel leg. That happens when you enlist Henry and you enlist Theodore. Henry-Judy-Tim is a unilevel leg; and, Theodore enlists Mary, Mary enlists Clem and that produces a second unilevel leg for you: Theodore-Mary-Clem.

All of these people and whomever they enlist are consider part of your Group Volume: Henry-Judy-Tim, and Theodore-Mary-Clem. However, you must pay attention to the various unilevel legs that form directly from you enlist one person who turns and enlists others.

Disrupt Ranks by monthly qualification

  • Base Camp – PV: 45 and GV: 200 only 40% from 1 uni-level leg
  • Cairn – PV: 45 and GV: 350 only 40% from 1 uni-level leg
  • Anchor – PV: 45 and GV: 750 only 40% from 1 uni-level leg
  • Belay – PV: 45 and GV: 1,250 only 40% from 1 uni-level leg
  • Ascent – PV: 45 and GV: 2,500 only 35% from 1 uni-level leg
  • Tetons – PV: 75 and GV: 5,000 only 35% from 1 uni-level leg
  • Andes – PV: 75 and GV: 15,000 only 35% from 1 uni-level leg
  • Rockies – PV: 75 and GV: 35,000 only 35% from 1 uni-level leg
  • Himalayas – PV: 75 and GV: 65,000 only 35% from 1 uni-level leg
  • Olympus – PV: 120 and GV: 100,000 only 35% from 1 uni-level leg
  • Mauna Kea – PV: 120 and GV: 250,000 only 35% from 1 uni-level leg
  • Matterhorn – PV: 120 and GV: 450,000 only 35% from 1 uni-level leg
  • Kilimanjaro – PV: 120 and GV: 700,000 only 35% from 1 uni-level leg

Ranks become important in many ways when compensation is being considered.

A uni-level commission (meaning every person you have personally enlisted) of 30% is paid to you based on the sales of those you have enlisted.

Provided you keep an active downline for monthly qualifications, you get paid a minimum monthly amount like:

  • Base Camp gets $20
  • Cairn gets $50
  • Anchor gets $75
  • Belay gets $150
  • Ascent gets $250
  • Tetons through Himalayas get $1,500
  • Olympus and above get $10,000

Generational Commissions come into play as those you recruited rise in their own ranking. A generation within a unilevel leg is measured by those who become Ascent rank or higher.

So, a generation includes all members on the same unilevel leg who are below an Ascent member. That could be one member, several members, or no members.

Generational commissions go to the seventh generation eventually. The GV is calculated from among all the members in a generation and the generational commission is 10% of the GV. The rank allows the number of generations to be included according to the following list:

  • Ascent – one generation of GV at 10% commission
  • Tetons – two generations of GV at 10% commission
  • Andes – three generations of GV at 10% commission
  • Rockies – four generations of GV at 10% commission
  • Himalayas – five generations of GV at 10% commission
  • Olympus – six generations of GV at 10% commission
  • Mauna Kea or higher – seven generations of GV at 10% commission

Disrupt Worldwide collects 65% of all its monthly sales and creates a monthly Share Pool.

This share pool has three tiers that total to the 65%: Tier 1 holds 40%; Tier 2 keeps 17.5%; and Tier 3 has 7.5%.

Disrupt figures a prorate share of the totals held in each Tier according to the GV of each rank. Then, shares are distributed to each member on a 1 to 1 equivalence with 1 GV equaling 1 Share. These shares are awarded from specific tiers to specific ranks:

  • Tier 1: Basecamp through Ascent
  • Tier 2: Tetons through Himalayas
  • Tier 3: Olympus and above

Got It All Beat

Thanks what head to head comparison feels like with GRN and Disrupt. I’ll say again, you want to review the sites directly in order to get the latest, up to date information before you make a decision.

BUT, there’s a better choice than either one of them.

I listened to Brad, a 7 figure earner for more than a few years now. You can see I am attentive to detail. I really encourage you to listen to the details Brad has to share and you will find money online faster, have greater satisfaction, and not have to recruit one person in the process. You’ll be glad you considered it. I sure am.