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Network Marketing Opportunities and Travel

When it comes to network marketing business opportunities and travel there are somethings that everybody says; and somethings that everybody agrees to; but not anything that everybody says and agrees to.

Everybody says that travel network marketing business is an industry on the grow. They point out that eight trillion dollars is spent annually on travel arrangements and travel destinations.

Vacation mlm opportunities all say that these items are in the top three choices of everyone’s bucket list:

  1. Travel more
  2. Take vacations in places (specifically named) I haven’t been before
  3. Visit/take time with family and friends in/to distant places.

The encouragement to participate in network marketing travel companies is repeated over and over again, no matter which mlm travel business opportunity you discover, almost with the exact same parlance.

The Mantra of Travel MLM businesses

(Goes like this)

Purchase the product, and experience the product. (They’re talking about the travel experience). As you are enjoying the travel, share with your fellow travelers what a great price you got for this particular experience. They’ll ask you, “How can I get such a low price like that?” and you sell them a membership.

While you’re on your travel experience be sure and send pix and texts to your friends and family and slip in the joy you have at doing these things at such a low price. They’ll ask you “How can I get a deal like that?” and you sell them a membership.

When you return from your traveling, share your pix and your stories with your coworkers and neighbors and just happen to mention that you did all of this at such a low cost that you’re already planning your next one. And when they ask you, “How can I get such a deal?” you sell them a membership.

With every membership you sell, you’re growing a team of salespersons, getting rewards, further travel discounts, and commissions. You can do this well enough to help your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and mere strangers to make money while enjoying travel, too.

“You Should Be Here” Worldventures signs are posted everywhere the imagination can take them. The thrill of travel and the excite of exotic places jump off the pix and straight into the envy of the viewer.

Multi level marketing travel is as popular, maybe more so, than any other mlm business opportunity out there.

In my own experience, I have found something far more rewarding, much more fun, requires no recruiting and makes money like an ATM.

I encourage you to listen to Brad before you go further. This 7 figure earner taught me how to make it happen in my life.

 I have reviewed more than 30 mlm travel companies.

Eight consistent similarities about mlm travel business opportunities

  • A third party travel aggregate
  • A website access to travel booking
  • A membership or subscription that allows entry to the website
  • The promise of discounted travel from 40% to 85% savings over the public access price
  • A much greater compensation plan for enlisting members than selling travel
  • A mlm organizational structure that always benefits the early adopters and aggressive recruiters
  • A number of complaints about hyped, scammed, disillusioned former members
  • A cult-like defense of the mlm travel business by those currently benefiting

Network marketing travel companies vary from one another just enough to gain their own distinctive offer.

Seven distinctive travel mlm differences

(by which many mlm travel opportunities separate themselves)

  1. The specific choices of vacation or destination spots
    1. Resorts from thousands of timeshare specific locales
    2. Condos or hotels from frequently over-sold, under occupied accommodations
    3. The specific third party aggregate access to worldwide offers
  2. The inclusion or exclusion of certain portions of the complete travel experience
    1. Some only book destinations and weeklong or weekend stays without travel
    2. Some book only cruises and destinations and weeklong/weekend stays without travel
    3. Some book stays or cruises and onsite travel for excursions or entertainment outings
    4. Some book stays, excursions and vehicle rentals only
    5. Some book it all, stays, excursions, vehicle rental, and airfares.
  3. The offer to customers and members
    1. Customers are encouraged to book travel through the website
    2. Customers are allowed to become members, but without membership they cannot book
    3. Only members can book customers who stay customers
    4. Only members can enlist members, no customers for just travel allowed.
  4. The cost of membership
    1. Members pay no fee to join, but there are monthly subscription costs for the products sold and memberships offered.
    2. Members pay a onetime membership fee (can be as low as $20 to as high as $20,000) and are given access to travel and the process of recruiting others.
    3. Members pay a onetime fee (usually activation of website) and a monthly subscription fee for products or opportunity to sell memberships.
  5. The distinction between products sold and memberships purchased

In order not to be mistaken as a pyramid scheme, marketable products must be offered in addition to memberships purchased.

  1. Travel mlm business opportunities are careful to identify travel bookings as the product.
  2. Network marketing travel business opportunities are careful to identify packaged travel offers as the product.
  3. MLM Vacation Club opportunities are careful to identify member packages that have specific ranges of travel as their products.
  1. The specific compensation plan
    1. A simple direct sales compensation provides a percentage commission of the product sale (sometimes the product is travel, sometimes the product is membership sale)
    2. A simple matching bonus provides a sponsor to recruit relationship compensation (a member enlists another member who makes a sale) can yield both a commission to the recruit and a bonus to the sponsor who recruited.
    3. A residual commission provides to the sponsor (recruiter) a percentage commission of the sales a recruit makes according to the direct line of enlistment between the sponsor and the recruit.
    4. A residual commission provides to the sponsor a percentage commission according to the prescribed rank (position within the mlm organization) held by the sponsor in relation to the recruit.
    5. A comprehensive override bonus, compensation, commission, or share can be provided to the member based on the position of the member in the overall company organization
  2. The set organizational structure
    1. A uni-level organization simply regards the sponsor and the number of recruits personally enlisted by the sponsor.
    2. A multi-level organization sets a prescribed form to the recognized relationship between sponsor and recruits.
    3. A level is established by the point of separation between the sponsor and recruit. Sponsor Sam recruits member Zila. Zila becomes a sponsor when she recruits member Yvonne. Yvonne becomes a sponsor and recruits member Xenia. In such a case, sponsor Sam has Level 1 with Zila; Level 2 with Yvonne; and Level 3 with Xenia. Sponsor Zila has her Level 1 with Yvonne and Level 2 with Xenia. Sponsor Yvonne has her Level 1 with Xenia. The points of separation from the sponsor declares the level.
    4. A leg is created when all levels relate to the same direct line of enlistment. In the example above, Sam-Zila-Yvonne-Xenia are all of the same leg.
    5. A matrix is an abiding format maintained throughout the development of the organization for the sake of relationship between sponsor and recruits and it involves levels. As an example, the ratio of a 3 x 2 Matrix provides three recruits at Level 1 and the same format at Level 2. At Level 1 the sponsor will have 3 recruits. At Level 2 the recruits from Level 1 will each of three recruits at Level 2. Sometimes the completion of a matrix is referred to as a cycle.
    6. Spill over occurs when a sponsor has the maximum allowed recruits at Level 1 (maximum is declared by the particular matrix used) and continues to personally enlist recruits by placing the additional personally enlisted recruits under another member to benefit that member in recruitment of their members.
    7. A uni-level leg is formed directly between a sponsor and a leg formed directly from any member the sponsor personally enlists.
    8. A rank can be assigned to a sponsor based on productivity or the continual completion of the prescribed status recognized by the mlm company.
    9. A generation can be identified within each uni-level leg according to a specified rank of each member.

Let’s Look At Specific Examples of Multi Level Marketing Travel Opportunities

Worldventures has you pay an upfront fee and monthly subscription. There’s a ranking system with multiple commissions, bonuses, and residual commissions.

ProTravel Plus makes you pay an upfront fee and monthly subscription, with a ranking system and a 2 x3 matrix and a 2 x 14 forced matrix, with commissions, bonuses, and residual commissions.

Paycation has an upfront fee and monthly subscription, with membership levels and a 3×7 matrix that provides commissions, residual commissions, and bonuses.

ZynTravel has a membership purchase, a forced matrix of 3×2, commissions, and bonuses.

You can find many more examples and deeper explanations for each of these at this website.

Why I Don’t Need MLM Travel To Make Money

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