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TVI Express…Due Diligence

TVI ExpressI have studied Travel Ventures International Express because so many questions still circulate around this global enterprise. I became curious due to the many complaints I discovered. I found myself confused about the strong feelings expressed both in favor and against TVI Express.

I finally had to compose my gathered thoughts in this one post. I hope it helps you to organize your thoughts. I certainly am no expert on this. Simply a fellow consumer trying to find my way. I’m so very glad I listened to my friend Brad (watch the video). If you want to avoid these crazy antics of MLM travel, like I have avoided, then you want to at least hear him out…probably before you read on.

TVI Express has been around in some form since 2009, having begun in India. TVI Express has undergone multiple transitions during these years. At one time it identified its main office in London, England, and more recently simply identifies as an international, global company with a primary international office in Cypress and multiple corporate offices in 5 separate countries.

In its current rendition of FAQs posted at TVI Express, you find an interesting explanation about certain countries. Frequently Asked Question number 15 identifies restricted markets where there is already a local presence or one is intended soon. Two reasons are offered for the restriction of these markets:

  • market exploration and intended penetration
  • optimum tax system integration

The countries listed include: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, and United States.

The TVI Express Limited office identifies a Cypress address. The corporate offices are listed in these countries: United Kingdom, India, Philippines, South Africa, and South Korea

TVI Express refers to their members as distributors. They identify their products as travel and hospitality products & services.

It is not possible to join TVI Express without a current member sponsoring your membership.

The payment of commission is Multi-Level Marketing and is clearly stated in their FAQ’s #9 How Do I Make Money Through TVI Express?

Although the website appears active and vital, some rumors describe TVI Express as mainly active in the Philippines and much less so in any other global markets since 2012.

Though the stories vary, Parun Trika or “Tarun Trikha” is generally understood to be the founder of TVI Express, having launched the enterprise in 2009.

Process of Joining TVI Express:

You must have an existing member serve as your sponsor. Assistance through the support staff can be provided if you do not know a sponsor.

You will pay $250US and a few membership fees to become a “distributor.”

As a distributor you were/are:

  • Issued an e-certificate for a trip for two with companion flight.
  • Access to “back office” access by which you can order travel services (trips, hotels, vehicle rentals)
  • Placed into a “2×3 matrix”
    • As others join, your position is moved up in the matrix.
    • When 15 spots fill your “traveler’s board” you receive both a $250US value in your eWallet and a $250US eVoucher that allows you to buy an additional spot in the matrix. This moves you onto the “express board.”
    • As more join you advance from the “express board” and receive $10,000US value in the eWallet and $5,000US eVoucher for TVI Express training events.

TVI Express Challenges

TVI Express had difficulty in its development and many complaints were expressed from the distributor experiences:

  • Some presentations by distributors were misinformation
  • Trip redemptions were not easily arranged in the first 12 months of operations
  • Additional fees were charged ($150US was needed in order to activate the eVoucher)
  • Not all hotels and airlines were available
  • The payout was expected to be cash and it was instead a virtual value.

Both China and the United States issued challenges to the TVI community. China outlawed and closed down many local distributors and a “cease and desist” order came from Georgia, USA.

The explanation from TVI included unfortunate mistakes by distributors and hostile environments toward commercial enterprise.

Media and law enforcement plagued TVI expansion attempts into Europe. From Majora, Spain; through Eastern Europe and Hungary, the TVI matrix was identified as an illegal pyramid scheme. The same challenges were not as strong in the former Soviet Union, but there were problems with Ponzi scheme allegations.

Australia produced a team of one man and two ladies that came to be known as “TVI Team Oz.” The ACCC (Australian consumer protection agency) encountered the team several times (cease and desist, frozen bank accounts, hefty fines), with the final result of closing down TVI Express advancement.

South Africa (Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana) had similar experiences as Australia. More of the same was experienced in Asia.

The UK company registration expired in early 2012 and was not renewed.

Deeper Inquiry Into Travel Ventures International Express

Here are some questions you may care to use if you are or have already been recruited to TVI Express:

  • Products:
    1. You identify your products as travel and hospitality products & services.
    2. What exactly do you mean?
    3. Is there a product page available for consumers?
  •  Opportunity:
    1. Is this a travel club?
      1. If so, then why is a sponsor needed?
      2. If no, then why is there mention of travel products and services?
    2. Is this a business proposal?
      1. If yes, then why is there mention of travel products and services?
      2. If no, then why is a sponsor needed?
    3. Is this both a travel club business?
      1. Then why not the travel products and services be sold, without recruitment?
      2. Then why would the fees be focused only on recruitment rather than profit from sell of travel products and services at a higher price than acquired?
  • Travelocity or Orbitz is free to use and is the “back office” source for travel products. The price discovery is passed on to the consumer through TVI without markup. How is this a sell of travel products and services?
  • Legitimacy by association
    1. Is TVI an affiliate with recognized travel leaders such as Travelocity or Orbitz? (com)
      1. If so, where is the evidence of affiliate exchange? (Travelocity or Orbitz offer this free of charge to anyone)
      2. If so, why is there no difference between a TVI distributor and a non-related TVI distributor (consumer) with these recognized travel leaders?
    2. Why are there references to Warren Buffet and other noted financial leaders?
      1. Where are the specific statements of endorsement?
      2. Who are the “strategic alliances with some of the biggest names in the Travel world”?
  • Where is the distinctively identified TVI back office, if TVI had a distinct affiliate relationship with these travel leaders accessed by the public for free? (The public is not an affiliate, so why would TVI see itself as an affiliate?)
  • Isn’t the 2×3 matrix really just an 8 ball scheme as defined by Wikipedia?

There’s A Better Way

Why trouble yourself with all these matters when you don’t have to? I was in a MLM and I know the hassles of hitting up your family and friends, always looking for a potential affiliate and facing the rejection. Sometimes it puts a cool, damp blanket on an otherwise enjoyable friendship with coworkers or friends or even family. I got out of it by doing what my friend Brad tells you about in the video.

You ought to give it a listen… you’re already hear and you obviously are the type that is curious.

It changed me life.