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Zyndio ZynTravel vs Resorts360 Vacation Club

ZynTravel comp plan VERSUS resorts360 comp plan

Zyndio http://www.zyndio.com and Resorts360 Vacation Club http://www.Resorts360vacationclub.net  are travel mlm homebased business opportunities for the masses.

The Travel industry touts an eight trillion dollar annual windfall so the market is sizeable for anyone to become involved. When an mlm concept of marketing creates a ground swell of chatter, just about any “travel the world and make money” opportunity has enough merit to discuss.

In this brief comparison review you’ll get a summary look at each business to save you time searching through tons of search results and then do additional due diligence to see if either of these two are right for you.

The concept that drives travel mlm is consistent and simple:

1) get a membership;

2) try out the travel;

3) take lots of pix while on this discounted travel event;

4) tweet, text, Facebook, and Instagram to all your friends while you’re gone;

5) upon your return brag about how little it cost and that you have your second planned;

6) respond to all the questions about “how can you do this for so little cost? Can you get me a price like that?”;

7) sign them up and have their share experience with their contacts until they can make an adventure on their own. (By the way, the travel has tax benefits if they are signed up to do this as a business).

When you put that concept of marketing with a trizzillion dollar industry, somebody has to make money and it might as well be you!

What I’m about to share about ZynTravel and Resorts360 is not a biased report.

I don’t get money if you choose either of them. I’m not involved with either of them. In fact, I’ve found something a lot easier, cleaner, quicker, and make more money just by listening to my friend Brad. He’s a 7 figure earner and I’m soon to follow. If you’re interested in money and not just travel, you can learn the way I did, right here.

Zyndio, the parent company to ZynTravel, began in September, 2015, with strong leadership under Anthony Powell. You may have met Mr. Powell through his early success with Herbalife (he was in his twenties). Vemma was his next adventure (shut down by FTC)  and that brings him to Zyndio and ZynTravel.

Resorts360 Vacation Club has a seven year head start on Zyndio with a 2008 start and a refreshing April, 2015, restart over the respectable retirement of Rodger Rutter and the new owner and CEO, Jeff Mills. Jeff Mills has dabbled in mlm travel and selling tee-shirts through Teespring.com and other online pursuits. Humble beginnings for a CEO of mlm travel.

Both travel mlm opportunities make use of two important arrangements: third party travel and website portals.

Website Portals:

As a convenience to their members and salesperson, and as an assurance of responsible oversight and consistent offer/delivery of services, the two mlm travel businesses supply their members with a replicated company website. This is constantly updated for travel offers and keeps track of each independent affiliate (member/salesperson) as to their activity and potential payouts.

Third Party Travel Services

It is very common for most (not all) such businesses to outsource the travel and concierge service to someone else while the business leaders concentrate on the development of the sales structure.

Typical of the travel mlm industry, the third party provides deeply discounted travel experiences like resorts, hotels, condos, luxury cruises, vehicle rentals, excursions, entertainment destinations, air travel and the like. The locations are numbered in the thousands and the arrangement combinations number in the tens of thousands. The experience is similar to do it yourself travel arrangements through Expedia, Travelocity, Trivago and the others.

ZynTravel does not disclose its third party partner, but Resorts360 has honorably identified their travel aggregator as SaveOn.

SaveOnResorts.com  is located in Carlsbad, California and keeps the travel service churning 365/7/24 so there is not a moment lost in making your travel needs known and supplied.

There are at least two other white label travel houses like SaveOn that offer their services to be presented to the public as belonging to the particular travel mlm office selling the opportunity. SaveOn holds a high position with Better Business Bureau and enjoys a collective strong support from its business partners. (After all, if it’s the travel you are concerned about, no worries here.)

This arrangement means that SaveOn will combine offers in such a way as to be exclusive to the Resorts360 member so that exclusive member-only access can be legitimately presented by the travel mlm to members and potential members.

As for Resorts360 and SaveOn, Resorts360 makes it clear they do not pay commission on memberships (an important distinction between legitimate mlm and illegal pyramid schemes), but instead pay its members sales commissions on packages of travel arranged through their travel partner.

How Much Does It Cost To Join ZynTravel

No matter what membership level you care to use when joining ZynTravel each member pays an upfront fee of $19.99 (activation) and a continual subscription of $12.99 monthly for website connection.

When you choose a ZynTravel membership level you also receive a corresponding ZynTravel credit. The credit is a dollar value within ZynTravel only. You can upon it as a further discount, something to be appreciated but nothing to yearn for to the neglect of other more important matters.

  • Join as a Silver member and it costs $49.99 with a $75 ZynTravel credit to be used
  • Join as a Gold member and it costs $199.99 with a $300 ZynTravel credit to be used
  • Join as a Platinum member and it costs $449.99 with a $750 ZynTravel credit to be used

How Much Does It Cost To Join Resorts360

Resorts360 Vacation Club has an interesting proposition for those who don’t choose to join and two clear choices of membership:

  • Pay a fee for service of $195 for every year you want the service.
  • Join as an Executive Member and it costs you $995 annually.
  • Join as an Elite Member and it costs you $3995 with a $195 annual service fee (but the total number of years this includes is not clear).

If you mess up and you’ve gotten in over your head, you have a 10 day grace period in which notify by voice call or email to cancel and get your money back, but if you got past that 10 days, forget about it.

If you have a great experience and you want to make it greater by upgrading your membership (you’ll see why in a minute) then you can upgrade within the first 30 days, but after that you’ll need to pay the difference between the two membership (you’d have to pay that anyway) and in addition you will be charged a $299 admin fee. Upgrading does not reset your anniversary date, so don’t think you can game the system by doing something funky. You’re enrollment date stays the same no matter what.

ZynTravel Comp Plan

Being a brother to my brothers and sisters of another mother (cool, huh?) I need to remind you that a sales commission is always figured as a portion of the difference between what you sale something for and what the actual cost is for that product or service.

When ZynTravel awards you a sales commission it is being calculated as a second portion of a first portion.  A first portion is figured when ZynTravel as a company makes a sale of travel through their third party travel partner. (This is a portion paid to ZynTravel of the profit the travel provided achieves in the booking of travel.) The second portion is when ZynTravel shares your sales commission with you out of that first portion. Don’t go trying to figure your sales commission directly off of the travel sales you book, it will drive you bananas.

Everything in ZynTravel comes back to your membership level.

A sales commission from a travel booking is issued to:

  • a Silver affiliate at 25%
  • a Gold affiliate at 50%
  • a Platinum affiliate at 100% (I know, you’re thinking how can I get 100% and ZynTravel stay in business?, but remember, it’s a 100% of a portion of the total sale…see how that works?)

ZynTravel is a home based multi-level marketing business so you know they are going to pay for recruiting other members of the sales force.

You always need to know what structure is being used by the mlm you join. The structure has everything to do with how you qualify for advancement and advancement means more money.

ZynTravel uses a 3×2 matrix. In brief, that means member Zee enrolls members Sam, Jane, and Roy (that’s Level 1 for Zee). If Zee enrolls a fourth person, Zee cannot start a new process, Zee must place the fourth person under Sam or Jane or Roy. (to avoid favoritism you would no doubt need to get another one for each of the two you left out, right?) The inside mlm speak for this is “spill over.” You spill over to another downline person when you recruit beyond your matrix level.

The first ZynTravel payout comes to you according to your membership and according to the membership you sell:

When an affiliate signs up a Level 1, there is a 20% bonus: Silver receives $10; Gold receives $40; Platinum receives $90

When an affiliate signs up at a Level 2, a recruit bonus is paid out at 5%: Silver receives $2.50; Gold receives $10; Platinum receives $22.50

The 3×2 matrix also means you pay attention to your Level 2. Member Zee will see to it that Sam, Jane, and Roy each get their three new recruits and the team grows from four to thirteen total in a 3×2 matrix.

A completed 3×2 matrix in ZynTravel is called a cycle tree. ZynTravel pays out according to a cycle tree.

ZynTravel affiliate Cycle Bonus is awarded every time a cycle tree is completed:

  • Silver receives $150
  • Gold receives $600
  • Platinum receives $1,350

An affiliate Lifestyle Bonus is awarded to Platinum members according to completed cycle trees

  • 5 cycles gets a mini iPad
  • 10 cycles gets a Go Pro Hero camera
  • 25 cycles gets a MacBook Air
  • 50 cycles gets an onsite mastermind with Anthony Powell

The list is too long, but the highest registered award is for one thousand cycles and that gets a Platinum member a choice of a Mercedes or BMW. (that is 1,000 times 12, or 12,000 members, keep in mind)

There is promise of a $1 million in cash award for a yet to be disclosed number of completed cycle trees.

An eventual, top of the line number (undisclosed now) number of cycles will deliver $1 million in cash.

Affiliate Matching Bonus is also awarded according to a sliding scale at both the Level 1 (25%) and Level 2 (10%) positions. The maxim bonus is assured at fifty cycles:

  • Silver is awarded a Level One bonus at $37.50 and Level Two bonus is set at $15.
  • Gold is awarded a Level One bonus at $150.00 and Level Two bonus is set at $60.
  • Platinum is awarded a Level One bonus at $337.50 and Level Two bonus is set at $135.

Affiliate Travel Bonus is paid out in ZynTravel dollars and is intended to reduce the discounted costs of travel to an even lower savings. You earn the ZynTravel dollars when you recruit your very first three affiliates. It’s a 5% bonus paid in ZynTravel dollars regardless of your membership level.

There’s a way to juice this bonus up to a lifetime of 10% when a Platinum member enrolls three Platinum members in the first 15 days of membership. That’s a real way to reward the fast starters.

The ZynTravel Affiliate Global Bonus is the ZynTravel way to address that common complaint about all the unclaimed compensation that generally happens in mlm. You might be surprised but it’s not uncommon for people to enroll, do some recruiting and then drop out even though their recruits carry on, or to drop out right before they are to be rewarded for their efforts.

It’s a matter of people losing heart, or not understanding the benefit they are about to receive. In most mlm companies the unclaimed compensation rolls up either to the next qualifying upline person or straight up to the company administration stratosphere never to be accounted for again.

In ZynTravel you have a full year to qualify, but failing that the commissions are pooled together and made available in the Global Bonus. Any affiliate that remains active and has completed fifty cycles is eligible to receive a prorated portion of the Global Bonus.

Resorts360 Comp Plan

Resorts360 also has a structure for remuneration. The industry calls it a unilevel model using a “pass up one” step. Essentially, you don’t get any commission for the first sale that you make. (Take a breath, it’s ok, you can count your purchase as your first sale…only seems right…when we buy something we don’t expect to also get a commission off it).

The unilevel structure means you’ll never lose reference or reward from those you personally enlist.

The sales commission in Resorts360 pays out:

  • $400 commission when you sell an Executive Membership
  • $2000 commission when you sell an Elite Membership

Resorts360 wants every member to join at the highest level so it rewards according to the membership level you hold when you sell the membership.

Although the commission of an Elite Membership sale is $2000, unless you are also an Elite member, you won’t see the complete $2000 commission.

If you are an Executive member and you sell an Executive membership you will receive the full $400. However, if you are an Executive member and you sell the Elite membership you will receive only $400 and the remaining $1600 goes to the person who recruited you (whether or not they are Executive or Elite in membership).

But, following that reasoning, if you are an Executive member, recruit an Executive member and that Executive member recruits an Elite member, you get $1,600!

Every person you bring in “passes up one” to you in this unilevel compensation plan.

In addition, any member you personally enroll will always produce a residual commission to you because you enrolled them.

An Elite member will always receive $50 if someone they bring in sells an Executive membership and will also receive $400 if someone they bring in sells an Elite membership

An Executive member will always receive $50 if someone they bring in sells any membership.

A Word To The Wise

Don’t ever take the word of anyone about what you’ll get paid if they are not the one paying you. You must deal directly with either of these two mlm travel opportunities to discover their most recent and accurate compensation plan. These plans can and do change in the course of months and years.

I will tell you, there is a better way to earn money and it doesn’t involve recruiting, nurturing a team, motivating others to sell, or keeping track of where anyone else is in the organization.

You can make a difference in real people’s lives, help those who need something find those who want to meet their need and get paid in the process. And the process is so simple.

Listen to my friend Brad. You can see I’m attentive to details. When I heard this million dollar earner, I knew I could do it, too. You can, too. Because you are a care study, you owe to yourself to Listen to Brad, right now.