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Zyndio ZynTravel vs ProTravelPLUS

ZynTravel travel agents


ProTravelPLUS travel agent

In the next few minutes you can do your own comparison of two travel mlm businesses Zyndio ZynTravel and ProTravelPLUS. The convenience is having them side by side. There is no coercion to favor one over the other. No personal advancement for me if you go with one, both, or neither.

  • One of these (read on to find out) states publicly, in writing, “Most Independent Representatives earn less money each month in the compensation program than they are paying for their membership.”
  • The other (read on) states in writing, “The testimonials and examples **** uses are very often exceptional results that do not apply to the average Independent Affiliate and are not intended to imply or guarantee that one will achieve the same or similar results.”

Does that instill confidence in one over the other? Does one get higher points for leaving the results to the affiliate or the other get higher points for truth telling?

It’s not my decision that counts, but yours.

Let’s look at each one and let you decide. Only four months separate these 2015 mlm launches into the eight trillion dollar travel industry. With more money spent on travel than the national income of most nations, there is room in the pool for these two.

I’ll tell you from the top that such statements found in Disclaimers and in Policy Documents send me away from travel mlm every time.

In fact, if you’ll take a minute to listen to my friend Brad, you’ll learn what I learned and start earning what I earn. But, that’s up to you. You wouldn’t have found this post if you weren’t careful about your decisions. This one is a no brainer. I encourage you to listen to Brad and then read the information below.

Anthony Powell is giving leadership to the newest of the two, Zyndio with its mlm travel offer ZynTravel. Powell cut his mlm teeth on Herbalife in his twenties. He felt hemmed in when the company came down on selling leads to his downline and he quickly stepped into Vemma. Only Vemma didn’t fare to well with the FTC in August, 2015, so Powell brought an entourage of the faithful into the Zyndio camp and got ZynTravel off, just in front of an anticipated health product and wealth product to follow soon. Zyndio is to become a lifestyle mlm, not merely a travel mlm opportunity.

Zynio Health Sciences LLC is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA with a help line at 800-605-3738 and support@zyntravel.com. The farsighted Anthony Powell (Integrity Management Group) purchased the domain in October, 2011.

The actual travel portal is found at http://zyntravelsuite.com.

Seth Fraser is the CEO of ProTravelPLUS  and has previous mlm experience with Kannaway, equally with Uneeglee, That Free Thing and Freebie Force, jumping in with ProTravelPLUS in April, 2015.

ZynTravel lays claim to a unique proprietary booking system that acts in real time and provides their members with direct wholesale pricing of travel services and experiences. In fact, they claim to save as much as 85% off public travel prices and assure their members of member-only exclusive handpicked weeklong travel experiences.

The boast includes 15,000 resort accommodations; 200,000+ accommodations at hotels and the opportunity to make money while traveling the world.

Oddly enough, ProTravelPLUS and at least ten other travel mlm companies make a similar boast. The number of hotels, condos, resorts, swimming pools, exotic locations, airfares, train rides, cruises, and dining opportunities run so close to one another, the trouble to sort them out finally causes you to conclude they’re all going to the same, if not similar places, for roughly the same prices on the same dates using the same travel carriers and exotic locales.

You can search for discounts among them, but it’s more like determining if a red M&M takes any different than a green M&M. Honestly, does it matter as long as you enjoy M&Ms?

ProTravelPLUS likes its members to regard themselves as “professional travelers” and not rise so much out of the midst of fellow travelers, but rather as a lead traveler guiding others in a lifestyle of ProTravelPLUS. Basically travel the world and get paid doing it.

The travel mlm Bible must have chapter and verse about this, but there always seems to be the same way to go about such a mlm travel lifestyle.

You begin by joining (mostly at the urging of a friend). Then you sample the product by taking a trip (not a bad thing, in fact, a rather enjoyable thing.) While on the trip you tell everyone that appears like a frequent traveler how much money you save over what they paid. They ask you how you did it and you sell them into the company.

While you’re on that sample trip you also take tons of enjoyable photos you stream out in tweets, texts, emails, instagrams; telling all your friends what a steal of a deal you got. When they ask you if you could get the same deal for them, you sell them into the company. When you get home from your trip you report to everyone who asks (and many who don’t ask) what a fun time you had and the absolutely ridiculous discounts you got. When they ask, “Can you get me that price, too?” You sell them into the company.

Then you wash, rinse, and repeat with letting them tell your story until they have one of their own. That’s the chapter and verse on every mlm travel business opportunity I know.

Cost of Being A ZynTravel Affiliate

ZynTravel affiliates have the choice of three types of membership. No matter which one you choose, you’re going to be paying a $19.99 fee for activation and a monthly $12.99 website connection fee.

To make it official with ZynTravel you can purchase:

  • A Silver affiliate position for $49.99 and get $75 ZynTravel credit
  • A Gold affiliate position for $199.99 and get $300 ZynTravel credit
  • A Platinum affiliate position for $449.99 and get $750 ZynTravel credit

These ZynTravel dollars are the easiest way to get an even greater reduction of travel expenses. You can’t spend them anywhere else, so they’ve got to be used anyway.

Cost of Being a ProTravelPLUS Affiliate

ProTravelPlus affiliates also choose among three memberships and they are calculated according to the number of stars you desire. Similar to the ZynTravel dollars, ProTravelPLUS has a Rewards Network whereby the members can secure household brand products and entertainment choices within exclusive ProTravelPLUS offers.

As the new affiliate joins a $500 Rewards credit is issued. The amount of the Reward applied to travel is noted on each travel selection so that the booking of travel will show a public price, a rewards applied, and a savings.

Counted by stars, the membership costs are:

  • 1 STAR membership costs $69.95 with an initial fee of $35 and monthly dues of $34.95.
  • 2 STAR membership costs $269.90 which provides an initial fee of $69.95 and prepay of six months at $199.95
  • 3 STAR membership costs $469.90 which provides an initial fee of $69.95 and prepay of 12 months at $399.95

Building a Downline Has It’s Bonuses

As with any mlm company, the entire concept of multi-level marketing is the formation of a salesforce that self-perpetuating as the offer of service or product is shared. You’ll need to be reminded of the following terms to understand the bonuses and compensation plans for ZynTravel and ProTravelPLUS.

2x3 matrixLevels in a multi-level marketing organization are established at each point an affiliate perpetuates the enlistment. For example, Level One for affiliate Thomas occurs when Thomas enlists Susan, Casandra, and Timmy. Level Two for Thomas occurs when Susan, Casandra or Timmy enlist any new affiliate. This leveling continues as long as there is a direct, unbroken relationship in enlistment perpetuation.

A Leg is the common reference term when the enlistment relationship is unbroken through several levels.

A unilevel relationship exists between affiliates when one affiliate personally enlists another affiliate.

A matrix is often established as a repetitive organizational tool used for the purposes of completing a sustainable order of income and expense. A matrix will always indicate the number of levels and the number of affiliates enlisted by another affiliate.

For instance, a 2 x 3 matrix is formed when affiliate Thomas enlists Susan, Casandra, and Timmy. Then each one of these Level One affiliates personally enlists three other affiliates so that there are nine affiliates at Level Two for Thomas. The total in the 2×3 matrix is Thomas and twelve others.

How Much Will ZynTravel Pay You

  • Sales of ZynTravel Earn A Sales Commission

ZynTravel brags about the “up to 85% discount on some travel arrangements and the exclusive wholesale prices their affiliates use, so you really can’t expect too much commission with such a little margin of profit.

A profit margin is the amount of money left over after the cost to provide a product or service is subtracted from the cost collected for that product or service.

ZynTravel makes a little profit on travel bookings and then shares a portion of that profit with you. It’s a percentage of a percentage kind of calculation. So, when a sale of travel is made:

  • A Silver affiliate gets to keep 25% of the shared profit
  • A Gold affiliate gets to keep 50% of the shared profit
  • A Platinum affiliate gets to keep 100% of the shared profit.
  • ZynTravel Bonus for Affiliate Referral

ZynTravel pays compensation based on the membership status of each affiliate. A bonus is awarded on two levels for recruiting new affiliates.

If the newly recruited affiliate is on Level One, the bonus is set at 20% and a Silver gets $10; a Gold gets $40; and a Platinum gets $90

If the newly recruited affiliate is on Level Two, the bonus is set at 5% and a Silver gets $2.50; a Gold gets $10; and a Platinum gets $22.50

  • ZynTravel Cycle Bonus

ZynTravel uses a 2 x 3 matrix (explained above with affiliate Thomas example). The term ZynTravel uses for a completed 2×3 matrix is “cycle tree.” A cycle is established with twelve new affiliates grouped with three on Level One and nine no Level Two.

By the way, it’s always alright for Thomas (in our example) to enlist more than three (Susan, Casandra, and Timmy). Thomas can enlist as many as he cares to personally enlist. The only catch is that Thomas must place those he enlists under someone related to his enlistment structure. (This is called “spill over” in mlm language).

Every time twelve new affiliates are grouped into a cycle tree, affiliates are paid according to their status:

  • Silver affiliate is paid $150 with each completed cycle tree
  • Gold affiliate is paid $600 with each completed cycle tree
  • Platinum affiliate paid $1,350 with each completed cycle tree
  • ZynTravel Lifestyle Bonus

Platinum affiliates can receive bonuses per an accumulative number of cycle trees in the form of jewelry, cash, electronics, cars, etc.

  • Accumulating five cycles will get you a mini ipad
  • Accumulating ten cycles will get you a Go Pro Hero camera
  • Accumulating twenty-five cycles will get you a MacBook Air
  • Accumulating fifty cycles will get you an Anthony Powell mastermind session

Paris, Rome and parts unknown will also be vacation spot bonuses

  • Accumulating one thousand cycles will get you a Mercedes Benz or a BMW

It’s even possible to accumulate the highest number of cycles (not yet disclosed) and earn a cash reward of $1 million.

  • ZynTravel Matching Bonus

Levels will cycle and a total cycle bonus will be awarded to each affiliate on two levels. Because there is a sliding scale, when an affiliate achieves fifty or more completed cycle trees, the maximum matching bonus can be received. These total level cycle bonuses payout on Level One at 25% and on Level Two at 10%. The matching bonus is distributed according to your affiliate status:

  • Level One pays $37.50 and Level Two pays $15 to a Silver affiliate.
  • Level One pays $150.00 and Level Two pays $60 to a Gold affiliate.
  • Level One pays $337.50 and Level Two pays $135 to a Platinum affiliate.
  • ZynTravel Travel Bonus

ZynTravel wants their affiliates to travel and they want that to be encouraged with the ZynTravel Travel Bonus. The ZynTravel dollars are used to further reduce the travel costs to ZynTravel affiliates for any travel they book.

Every affiliate qualifies for the travel bonus as long as they have three personally enrolled recruits. Get that accomplished and 5% of the total cycle pay is given an affiliate at any status as an additional bonus in ZynTravel dollars.

In addition, if a newly recruited Platinum affiliate enrolls three more Platinum affiliates within 15 days of joining, that Platinum affiliate will double the ZynTravel travel bonus and for the lifetime of membership receive 10% of the total cycle pay in ZynTravel dollars.

  • ZynTravel Global Bonus

In mlm companies there are always those affiliates that don’t remain active long enough to receive their just rewards for those efforts achieved by their own recruits. Something happens and they fade away from service although those whom they recruited continue to earn. All of those earnings are kept in a global ZynTravel pool.

Affiliates who complete 50 or more cycle trees within a twelve month period are eligible to receive a prorated share of the global bonus. Now, that’s something to stick around for!

How Much Will ProTravelPLUS Pay You

  • ProTravelPlus recruitment commissions are earned according to the affiliate status:
    • 1 STAR affiliate gets a $15 commission by recruiting a new member
    • 2 STAR affiliate gets a $25 commission by recruiting a new member
    • 3 STAR affiliate gets a $30 commission by recruiting a new member
  • PTP Powerline Bonus

This one takes careful reading. Rather than going downline, this bonus travels upline to a total of five levels. (Same example as affiliate Thomas, only it goes above Thomas for five levels rather than below).

Each affiliate sale of membership pays out at 3% in a straight line distribution. Basically it pays a maximum of $5.25 distributed at $1.05 at each level for five levels.

In the early days this was widely misunderstood and miscalculated by excited affiliates, leading to a lot of disappointed members.

  • PTP Residual Commissions

A monthly payout is issued to affiliates according to a 2×14 matrix structure. That means your affiliate status (1 Star, 2 Star, or 3 Star) along with your Level position (Level 1-14) determines your commission according to the percentages set by PTP.

1 Star affiliates get 2% at 1-4 Levels; 2.5% at 5-8 Levels; 3% at 9-10 Levels

2 Star affiliates get 2% at 1-4 Levels; 2.5% at 5-8 Levels; 3% at 9-12 Levels

3 Star affiliates get 2% at 1-4 Levels; 2.5% at 5-8 Levels; 3% at 9-12 Levels; 2% at 13-14 Levels

  • PTP Matching Bonus (that matches the matrix percentage payouts above)

By keeping the same active downline that produces the level above, an affiliate can be paid a matching bonus for all personally enlisted affiliates according to the following arrangement:

  • 1 Star affiliate gets 15% match for each directly enlisted member on Level One
  • 2 Star affiliate gets 25% matching at Level 1; 10% matching at Level 2; 5% match at Level 3
  • 3 Star affiliate gets 30% matching at Level 1; 15% matching at Level 2; 5% match at Level 3; 3% match at Level 4; 2% match at Level 5.
  • If a 3 Star affiliate has no less than 500 active affiliates, then the matching bonus is: 50% at Level 1; 15% at Level 2; 5% at Level 3; 3% at Level 4; 2% at Levels 5 and 6.


You didn’t think I would forget to tell you which of these two offered the opening comments of this post, did you?

It was ProTravelPLUS in their own Income Disclosure that stated:

“Most Independent Representatives earn less money each month in the compensation program than they are paying for their membership. Although it is possible, ProTravelPLUS Independent Representatives should NOT expect to make a profit simply by becoming an Independent Representative as it is very possible that will not occur.”

ZynTravel stated in its Disclaimer:

“It is important that all Independent Affiliates and potential Independent Affiliates understand that each person’s results will vary – there are simply no guarantees as to the level of success or income you may experience. The testimonials and examples ZynTravel uses are very often exceptional results that do not apply to the average Independent Affiliate and are not intended to imply or guarantee that one will achieve the same or similar results.”

I’ve found something better. Something that works. Something I don’t have to recruit family, friends, and coworkers to join and then hound them to work and then deal with them when despite all their efforts it doesn’t pay off and then then explain, well, the majority don’t actually get paid.

Listen to what I heard it from,  the one who has accomplished it and helps me to accomplish it everyday.