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Global Resorts Network – What Was and Can Be

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The customary internet litter of dated posts from forums, blogs, and Facebook pages; along with YouTube video presentations (introductory, promotional, updates, enlistment, and training) continue to reveal the fractured internet corpse of a bygone enterprise called Global Resorts Network. That’s what motivated me to write this article for you.

When people see for the first time what others have already discarded (old posts, blogs, and videos) about a MLM Travel opportunity, they are much like the ancient Greeks were about their god Caerus.

Caerus was the ancient Greek god of opportunity, luck, or chance. He was always depicted as a young, beautiful runner; up on his toes, leaning forward, bald except for one lock of hair extending from his forehead. Just like luck…it’s fleeting, about to disappear and if you don’t grab it as it approaches, there’s precious little to grab when it’s moved on passed you.

Whether you grabbed the lock of Global Resorts Network or you let it go by, you’re here now second guessing.

If you are thinking about using Global Resorts Network travel club for discount vacations and luxury travel, or you are thinking about using GRN as an income stream source, you have come to the right place.

Global Resorts Network has gone through some evolutionary change of late. Let’s take a look at the original and then move to recent changes. You’ll understand a lot more by the time you’re through reading.

GRN launched in 2006 and was located at 22601 N. 17th Ave. Suite 230, Phoenix, Arizona. (In 2013 they went virtual and a physical address seemed no longer necessary).

Founding leadership: Al Morales, the founder and CEO of Global Resorts Network was later (2010) joined in part ownership with Mark Hoverson.

Website: www.globalresortsnetwork.com is up for sale, no longer functional at this writing (It’s OK, read on)

Original Description:
Global Resorts Network is a luxury travel club by which members can book some of the world’s finest 4 and 5 Star hotels, resorts, and condominiums at deeply discounted prices between $298 to a maximum rate of $799 for a weeklong stay, no additional tax or maintenance fee (arrangements for shorter stays could be accommodated). Some of these properties include Shell Vacations Club, Wyndam, Worldmark, Sheraton, Perennial, WIVC, Club Intrawest, Diamond Resorts, just to mention a few.
In addition, members have 24/7 access through the travel provider to discounted cruise lines, airlines, hotel, tour and vehicle rental agencies. Members can build their complete luxury vacation packages precisely as they choose to do so.

Affiliates may gain commissions by enrolling new members into the travel club.

Global Resorts Network product is a membership that has been sold for 20+ years directly to the customers who attend a personal Gold Crown Resort sales presentation.

Years before, as an established timeshare host, Gold Crown Resorts, began selling memberships to access timeshare properties worldwide. Gold Crown Resorts purchased excess inventory from timeshares and resorts around the world known for dealing almost exclusively with 5 Star properties. Membership allows a member the access to book one week vacations on an availability basis. The week long vacations range in price from $398 to a maximum of $799.

The 20+ years of business in the industry helped GCR read the tea leaves of popular interests sifting from owning to renting timeshares; and the eventual weeklong vacation stay opportunities for the broader public.

Global Resorts Network gained the exclusive rights to offer this GCR membership through online marketing and purchasing privileges beginning in 2006, for a seven year period. GRN membership enables the members to book week long vacations, at timeshares and resorts around the world, at huge discount rates.

Compared to timeshares, GRN had a quick pool of potential clients. Most often a timeshare cost an initial purchase (usually higher than the GRN membership; many at $10k to $15k); annual maintenance fee; and a limit to one visit annually.

These resort condos were substantial lodging. Most included:
• Fully equipped kitchens
• 2 or 3 bedrooms
• 6-8 occupants
• King size beds
• Living rooms (queen size sleeper sofas)
• Luxurious bathrooms
• Entertainment Centers
• Fireplaces
• Balconies with views
• Pools, hot tubs
• Cookout grills
• Laundries
• Family friendly recreations

The Functions of Global Resorts Network:
Global Resorts Network promoted travel club memberships offering 7 night stays in timeshare properties and resorts in over 5,000 locations worldwide. The encouragement was: Join and get the benefits of a timeshare without purchasing a timeshare; you do not ever set through a timeshare presentation (that was drudgery); you just click on a property, and it’s yours for your chosen location and week.

The step by step process was:
1) Purchase one of three choices of membership (see further).
2) Receive login information via email with your username and password.
3) Browse 5,000+ locations worldwide and select your desired accommodations
4) Advance through the concierge assistance
5) Notification comes that your travel documents are ready to download and print

Membership Choices:
All Global Resorts Network memberships included:
• Guaranteed price range of $398 minimum and $799 maximum.
• No recurring costs: no maintenance fees, no usage fees
• No charge except when you use the week booked
• No blackout dates (available 52 weeks a year)
• Unlimited Guests Week Section bookings
• Unlimited access (24/7/365) to travel, hotels, cruises, flight, vehicle rental
• Non Premium weeks unlimited
• Transferable charge of $75 for full transfer to someone else

Membership cost:
• $11,995 Diamond Member has 20 Premium weeks annually with concierge services
• $7,995 Platinum Member has 10 Premium weeks annually with concierge services
• $2,995 Silver Member has 2 Premium weeks annually with concierge services

Affiliate Relationships:
Global Resorts Network affiliates had the opportunity to conduct their home based businesses in a variety of ways:
• Retail product: sales of club memberships (eventually 3 different memberships were available)
• Enlist new affiliates to set up home based businesses related to GRN
• Enlist new affiliates who simply want to build MLM business among GRN affiliates
• Sell memberships in business to business enterprise (e.g. corporations as employee perk)
• And many other entrepreneurial designs

Special note: The travel provider (not GRN) sets their own restrictions and those affiliates outside the US were limited to online marketing only (obviously not a difficult integration to business these days)

Each affiliate made use of their own online presence with websites, sales videos, and marketing strategies (many used social media platforms, YouTube, etc. The internet “litter” mentioned previously).

As the exclusive Global Resorts Network online marketer relationship ended in 2013, several changes came to the GRN family of affiliates. A name change was floated, and a great disappointment was voiced from the host of affiliates who had brand name recognition at the center of their own businesses. Long and disappointing story made short, there was a flight away from GRN by affiliates.

As of 2014, the property provider, (Gold Crown Resort) no longer bound to the exclusive GRN contract, continues to offer a lifetime travel club membership through any affiliate. Gold Crown Resort continues to this day offering travel club memberships through additional affiliates throughout the world, with offices in Collingwood, Ontario Canada; Cancun, Mexico; Orlando, Florida; with offices planned for Mauritius, Spain, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, Hong Kong and Philippines.

Global Resorts Network Marketing Systems:
There were three different GRN marketing systems each with the tools to conduct business (public facing website, informative content, opt-in page, email auto-responders). The cost of the marketing system would vary according to the type and extent of operation chosen at monthly fee of $29.95 to as high as $300 monthly.

Compensation Plan:
Global Resorts Network operated a one-up compensation plan, sometimes called a “pass up one” plan. Simply put, to become active as an affiliate the very first Platinum sale any affiliate makes in the GRN arrangement is passed to your sponsor, you don’t receive any portion thereof. Once the first sale is passed up, then all sales thereafter provides a $1,000 commission to the member who makes the sale and $1,000 to the sponsor of the member who made the sale. Every sale, after passing up the first one, produces a $1,000 commission to the seller and the same to the seller’s sponsor.

Having read this far, you obviously want to inform yourself about the possibility of a MLM Travel company.

Rather than all the hassles that are problematic with MLM travel, I have taken up a much preferred better solution. I don’t concern myself with selling vacations, always inquiring of friends and family what their plans for traveling may be, find myself encouraging them to take more vacations than perhaps they should.

I listened to my friend Brad, the fellow up at the top of the article in the video. I took his advice and I encourage you to do the same.

Hey, it will take you less time to listen to Brad than it took you to read this material, and, instead of a dead end, Brad can take you to a new beginning.

Find this better way for a better day in your life. I’m sure glad I listened to Brad.