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Zyndio ZynTravel versus Disrupt Worldwide Disrupt Travel

how to make money with ZynTravel VERSUS Disrupt home business opportunity

Zyndio and Disrupt Worldwide are each a new kind of mlm business opportunity. They present themselves as a lifestyle company, dealing with health, wealth, and travel.

Zyndio gained its start in September, 2015, with leadership coming primarily from Anthony Powell. Mr. Powell cut his mlm teeth on Herbalife in his early twenties. He then moved to Vemma in January, 2013, (a mlm shut down by FTC) and in late August, 2015, made the step forward with Zyndio, bringing a number of committed core leaders with him.

Disrupt Worldwide started in April, 2015, with a CEO in Jason Elrod who came from the key leadership of WakeUp Now (a mlm that is now defunct according the BBB) and brought a number of former WakeUp Now leaders along with him.

We’re going to look specifically at the travel mlm opportunity, realizing that travel is only a portion of all that each of these offer.

ZynTravel  and Disrupt Travel are our focus.

This comparison is greatly aided by two Zyndio prelaunch videos that remain unlisted on YouTube (I respect their desire to inform in a low key manner). The Disrupt Worldwide information is readily available through blogs, forums, and affiliate websites.

The travel mlm mantra is left unchanged by these two new comers. Buy the product, use the product, brag to fellow travelers about how little you spent, brag to your family and friends about what a great savings you had to get you to the places they haven’t yet been, when they ask you if you can get the same deal for them, give them the spiel, and seal the deal to recruit them, too.

Both ZynTravel and Disrupt Travel have third party travel service providers they access via a web-based affiliate portal. Thousands of resorts, hundreds of thousands of hotels, and deeply discounted airfares, vehicle rentals, excursions, and dining services are said to be anywhere from 40% to as high as 85% less than public prices.

There is no push in favor of one of these travel mlm opportunities over the other. In truth, I have found something much easier, with more pay and no recruiting. This seven figure earner taught me, and he can teach you, too. At least hear him for a moment and see for yourself.

How To Join ZynTravel

ZynTravel requires all affiliates to pay a onetime activation fee of $19.99 and a monthly website subscription of $12.99.

With each affiliate level comes a ZynTravel dollar credit award that is used for ZynTravel bookings, a further reduction of travel costs for productive affiliates.

  • Silver affiliates pay $49.99 and receive a $75 ZynTravel credit
  • Gold affiliates pay $199.99 and receive a $300 ZynTravel credit
  • Platinum affiliates pay $449.99 and receive a $750 ZynTravel credit

How To Join Disrupt Travel

According to the Disrupt Travel website you only need click on Travel and select entry as a Customer or as a Distributor. There is no cost become a Distributor.

There is a cost to purchase Disrupt Travel with an activation fee and a monthly subscription.

The Disrupt Travel purchases take you straight into monthly subscriptions (kind of like a membership?):

  • $54.95 monthly for Disrupt Travel subscription (with activation fee) gets access to third party travel providers.
  • $79.95 monthly for Disrupt Essentials combining travel access and personal wellness and wealth management products.
  • $79.95 monthly for International Essentials combining travel access and learning a language online.
  • $149.95 monthly for Eastern Health and Wealth combining travel, language learning, and dermal stem cell restoration.
  • $129.95 monthly for Western Health and Wealth combining travel, language learning, and skincare.

ZynTravel Compensation Plan

ZynTravel sales commissions are paid out as a percentage of the commission Zyndio receives from the third party travel providers. It is a percentage of a percentage, if you follow.

The affiliate level held at the time of the sale qualifies the percentage of sales commission received:

  • 25% for a Silver affiliate
  • 50% for a Gold affiliate
  • 100% for a Platinum affiliate

ZynTravel Enrollment Commissions are paid out with a few qualifiers. A 3×2 matrix is the consistent basis throughout the enrollment commission structure. That means the affiliate must enroll three recruits personally, forming Level One. Level Two is formed when each of the three Level One affiliates also turn and enroll three new affiliates. Level One yields three affiliates and Level Two yields nine additional affiliates for a total of twelve affiliates.

When the 3×2 matrix is completed, all twelve affiliates constitute achievement of a cycle tree, and of course all cycle trees include Level One and Level Two.

Anytime there is a forced matrix such as a cycle tree, there is “spill over.” Spill over happens when the same affiliate recruits more than three enrollees and the fourth and following enrollees are placed to the benefit of other downline members.

There are six ways by which to make money with cycle trees:

  1. Affiliate Referral Bonus pays out at both levels according to the affiliate membership you have:
  • Level 1 recruit bonus is 20%: Silver gets $10; Gold gets $40; Platinum gets $90
  • Level 2 recruit bonus is 5%: Silver gets $2.50; Gold get $10; Platinum gets $22.50
  1. Affiliate Cycle Bonus pays out when a cycle tree is filled and completed. The cycle can happen really quickly and often or slowly and infrequently. Every time it happens:
  • Silver affiliate gets $150
  • Gold affiliate gets $600
  • Platinum affiliate gets $1,350
  1. Affiliate Lifestyle Bonus is paid out to Platinum affiliates with bonuses of jewelry, cash, cars, trips.
  • 5 cycles delivers a mini iPad
  • 10 cycles delivers a Go Pro Hero camera
  • 25 cycles delivers a MacBook Air
  • 50 cycles delivers an onsight Anthony Powell mastermind session

Though not completely exposed at this writing…

  • 1000 cycles delivers your choice of a Mercedes or a BMW and jewelry worth $10,000

An eventual, top of the line number (undisclosed now) number of cycles will deliver $1 million in cash.

  1. Affiliate Matching Bonus is paid out at Level One and Level Two on a sliding scale yet to be stated. Fifty cycles are more will assure a maximizing of the bonus every time a cycle bonus is paid out. Level One is awarded 25% and Level Two is awarded 10%:
  • Silver affiliate gets Level One bonus of $37.50 and Level Two bonus of $15.
  • Gold affiliate gets Level One bonus of $150.00 and Level Two bonus of $60.
  • Platinum affiliate gets Level One bonus of $337.50 and Level Two bonus of $135.
  1. Affiliate Travel Bonus is made in ZynTravel dollars to make the travel costs even lower for affiliates.

Every affiliate qualifies by having filled their Level One with the three personally recruited enrollees.

This 5% bonus is paid out in ZynTravel dollars to each affiliate regardless of affiliate membership.

A Platinum affiliate can earn double (10%) this bonus for life when a Platinum affiliate in the first 15 days of membership enrolls three additional Platinum affiliates.

  1. Affiliate Global Bonus comes from a distribution of unclaimed compensation. As in all mlm organizations there are times when an affiliate does not achieve qualifications or leaves prior to having received earned commissions. In ZynTravel you have a full 12 months to qualify. When commissions go unclaimed that money is pooled together. All affiliates who do qualify and who have 50 or more cycles completed will receive from this global bonus. (It remains unclear if that is on a prorated portion.)

Just for full measure, there remains one additional means by which ZynTravel will reward active affiliates, but that is not disclosed at this time.

Disrupt Travel Compensation Plan

There are two types of commissions by which Disrupt compensates their affiliates (Disrupt Travel and all Disrupt offers are treated the same):

  • Global Override Commission
  • Generational Commission.

Disrupt establishes ranks by which Distributors qualify for compensation.

These qualifications include:

  • Personal Volume Sales (PV) per month
  • Group Volume Sales (GV) per month (the PV of the affiliate and the PV of each affiliate associated by enrollment)
  • Level 1 are all personally enrolled affiliates. These are also referred to as unilevel affiliates to the one who enrolled them.
  • Level 2 are all affiliates enrolled by those who were personally enrolled by the affiliate
  • Level 3 and more continue for each point of separation from the original affiliate. (Tim enrolls Henry, Henry enrolls Sam, Sam enrolls Jordan, Jordan enrolls Sally. Level 1 is Henry, Level 2 is Sam, Level 3 is Jordan, Level 4 is Sally; all are 1 unilevel leg of 4 Levels)
  • Several unilevel legs can be formed by one affiliate: Tim enrolls Henry; Tim enrolls Zena; Tim enrolls Clem; Henry or Zena or Clem can be the start of a unilevel leg.

Disrupt Distributor Ranks and Monthly Minimum Qualifications

  • Base Camp achieves a 45PV and a 200GV with only 40% in 1 uni-level leg
  • Cairn achieves a 45PV and a 350GV 350 with only 40% in 1 uni-level leg
  • Anchor achieves a 45PV and a 750GV with only 40% in 1 uni-level leg
  • Belay achieves a 45PV and a 1250GV with only 40% in 1 uni-level leg
  • Ascent achieves a 45PV and a 2500GV with only 35% in 1 uni-level leg
  • Tetons achieves a 75PV and a 5000GV with only 35% in 1 uni-level leg
  • Andes achieves a 75PV and a 15000GV with only 35% in 1 uni-level leg
  • Rockies achieves a 75PV and a 35000GV with only 35% in 1 uni-level leg
  • Himalayas achieves a 75PV and a 65000GV with only 35% in 1 uni-level leg
  • Olympus achieves a 120PV and a 100000GV with only 35% in 1 uni-level leg
  • Mauna Kea achieves a 120PV and a 250000GV with only 35% in 1 uni-level leg
  • Matterhorn achieves a 120PV and a 450000GV with only 35% in 1 uni-level leg
  • Kilimanjaro – PV: 120 and a 700000GV with only 35% in 1 uni-level leg

Minimum Monthly Pay is assured to each qualified and ranked Distributor:

  • $20        Base Camp
  • $50        Cairn
  • $75        Anchor
  • $150      Belay
  • $250      Ascent
  • $1,500  Tetons through Himalayas
  • $10,000 Olympus and above

Uni-level Commissions (any personally recruited distributors) will be paid to the recruiting distributor at 30% of the PV of each recruit each month.

Generational Commissions are figured within each unilevel leg, measuring a generation for those affiliates between affiliates that rank at Ascent or higher. That can mean several affiliates before or between Ascent (or higher) affiliates, or none, within each unilevel leg. There can be several generations on each unilevel leg.

Generation Commissions are counted to the seventh level as determined by the rank of the affiliate at the head of the unilevel leg, based on 10% of the GV collected by the affiliates within the prescribed generation:

  • one generation calculated for Ascent
  • two generations calculated for Tetons
  • three generations calculated for Andes
  • four generations calculated for Rockies
  • five generations calculated for Himalayas
  • six generations calculated for Olympus
  • seven generations calculated for Mauna Kea or higher

A Share Pool contains 65% of the total global volume produced for each month within Disrupt Worldwide. The pool is composed of tier 1 at 40%; tier 2 at 17.5%; and tier3 at 7.5%.

With 1 GV point equivalent to 1 Share, the pool shares are distributed pro-rata by rank as:

  • Tier 1: Basecamp through Ascent
  • Tier 2: Tetons through Himalayas
  • Tier 3: Olympus and above

Even Better Than ZynTravel and Even Better Than Disrupt Travel

That’s right. You’ve taken the time to study these home based money making mlm business opportunities and I’m telling you there is something even better.

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