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Coastal Vacations Is Better Than Pro Travel Plus?

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Most people either wish they were on a vacation or wish they were planning a vacation right now. If you can believe the hype, that’s exactly what all travel mlms would have you believe. We’re looking closely at two of them in these lines of text, Pro Travel Plus and Coastal Vacations.

Before we get too deep into these two, it may just be that in your situation you’re not quite sure if mlm travel is the right way for you to go.

• You may be focused on the actual experience of travel and you’re wondering if places like Orbitz, Price Line.com, Hotwire.com might not be a better way to go for the real vacation savings.
• Or, you might be focused on the prospect of making money through mlm vacation clubs.

If your focus is on making a little income, and you’re not quite sure what will really deliver income for you, then the better use of the next four minutes could be given to listening to my friend Brad for FREE, a seven figure earner who introduced me to a better way. Really, it does works and since it’s FREE, and you’re here, give it an ear. You won’t be wasting your time.

I’m going to spend the rest of our time giving you a summary comparison of these two opportunities without any bias toward either one of them. My comparison comes from collecting information from the specific company sites and from various blogs and forums about each of them. This is not meant to be an expert’s opinion, just my efforts to pull together information so you won’t have to go looking for it like I did.

I’ve read where some members of the various mlm communities fault those (such as myself) who have not joined their mlm and yet offer opinions to people such as you. Obviously, those mlm members are probably already committed and they don’t particularly want you to look before you leap.

Some may feel that only a person who has joined should have the right to review an mlm opportunity. The unfortunately case being, if you’ve committed you are least likely to provide an unbiased review.

My premise is, an outsider is what all prospective members are and a non-member continues to hold that outsider view when all members tend to forfeit such a view just by joining the mlm being evaluated.

In short, I’m where you want all prospects to be, interested and looking. (Members on the other hand have taken the plunge and most have drunk the koolaid to the point they are no longer rational, just wanting others to desperately join them).

Before you make the decision in favor of either of these two mlm choices, I’d suggest you check out their specific websites and go as far as you can as a mere visitor: (it’s amazing what you can find out)

• Coastal Vacations could easily claim seniority with having launched in 2008 and you can readily find them at: coastal vacations
• Pro Travel Plus is much the junior as to age, launching in April, 2015 you can find them at: www.protravelplus.com


Even if you can’t know the future of the company, anytime you care to search you can at least find the history of its current leadership. MLM travel tends to have either experienced leaders over the longevity of the company or recycled leaders who have dabbled (usually with some personal success) in mlm travel or some other mlm industry.

  • Pro Travel Plus – Chief Executive Officer Seth Fraser has been with Uneeglee, That Free Thing, and Freebie Force, even more recently with Kannaway, all mlm style experiences.
  • Coastal Vacations – Al Romaine is the owner and under his direction, the company sees itself led by a Board of Directors, many of which have mlm experience (directors are invited onto the Board, but the process is a bit unclear to the public as to how an invitation to the Board is won).

General Concept of Travel MLM

At the current time of this writing the markets in China have dropped drastically with historic plunges and as the United States markets open they are set to drop just as dramatically. Our global economy is like a wobbly table top, if one corner titters, the entire system seems to shake. Like it or not, we’re all on this global orb. The upside is, we can travel like never before!

Secure a passport and in most cases (but not all) gain a tourist visa to your destination and mlm travel will connect you to where you want to go!

In addition, mlm travel will hook you up so you can help your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbor to do the same (and, you can make a little money while doing so). In fact, you can easily provide to those very same people who share your life a means by which they could make some income as well. All while sharing this immense planet up close and personally.

Hey, if four couples I personally know could meet on social networks, fall in love, and get married, then surely you can be intimate enough with people hundreds of miles away to tell them about your travel mlm opportunity, enlist them, and make money together. (My friends are certainly making a real life together). Social network marketing with mlm travel is an explosive way to build a team and an income.

Specific MLM Travel Offers

Both Pro Travel Plus (PTP) and Coastal Vacations (CV) offer third-party supplied travel opportunities through online portals (just like Expedia or Orbitz or Travelocity type sites). In each case, the primary offer to the public is two-fold:

  1. Become a member and make your travel plans to thousands of popular vacation spots and entertainment choices, just do so with member-only deeply discounted prices.
  2. As a satisfied customer, become a salesperson for both the travel experiences and the potential of income as a recruiter/team builder in the mlm side of things.

With Pro Travel Plus a member gets the savings on travel expenses by perusing the travel opportunities in the member online portal and:

• selecting their means of travel (air, ground, sea)
• their desired accommodations (ship, hotel, condo, resort)
• the scheduled stay

A price available to the public is displayed with each choice, along with a members’ reward amount, and the member discounted price. A member reward of $500 (more like discount points) is provided to each member, but the amount to be applied to a specific travel opportunity is preset. In other words, it is not left to the member to decide to apply all $500 of rewards to just one trip.

With Coastal Vacations a member has the convenience of a replicated website (the company by way of the third party travel offers makes access to a universally updated and maintained access for each member). In fact, CV uses FocalPoint (another third party service) to keep everything synchronized and functioning for each of the individual members).

CV makes a distinctive not commonly seen among travel mlms. CV says their members do not sell travel. All the membership packages contain preset travel choices (with a few customizations available to help make the vacation or excursion just yours alone). That means they sell membership travel packages at a discount to public prices.

Membership Choices

Though this is not universally practiced in all mlm travel choices, it makes a big difference in these two opportunities as to the level of membership you hold. (I’m talking compensation differences, so you’ll want to pay close attention). Of course, if you’ve been introduced to either of these two choices by an ardent member, you’ve probably been told this already.

Pro Travel Plus refers to their members as “professional tourists.” The fair expectation is that members will share the opportunity of membership and those with whom they share will enlist to do the same.

There are three levels of membership available in Pro Travel Plus:

  • $69.95 ($35 upfront and $34.95 monthly fee) brings you in as a 1 STAR member
  • $269.90 ($69.95 upfront and $199.95 prepays for 6 months) brings you in as a 2 STAR member
  • $469.90 (69.95 upfront and $399.95 prepays for 12 months) brings you in as a 3 STAR member

Coastal Vacations provides three membership choices:

  • $1,295 buys a Resort Vacation Package worth a retail value of $15,000.
    This membership package has a total of twenty-five membership cards. A membership card is the means of connecting the member to traveler supplied discounts for specific travel choices. In addition to these, a member gets a minimum of twenty-four packages for airfares, cruises, excursions, and dining choices.
  • $3,500 buys an International Vacation Package retail valued at $20,000.
    This membership package has the Resort Vacation package inclusive of international engagements and unlimited cruises, along with a discount to a CV training seminar.
  • $7,500 brings a member in at a Universal Vacation Package level retailed around $40,000.

This membership builds on the previous two and offers even more choices of five or seven day cruises or vacations stays at thousands of United States and worldwide locations.

CV also arranges these three choices into two additional combination packages just to mess you’re your frugal minds a little more:

  • Keep eight hundred dollars in your pocket by purchasing The Premier Package
    $3995 gets you both the Resort and International packages (a savings of $800 if purchased separately)
  • Get the Resort Package for $0 by purchasing The Platinum Package
    $11,000 gets you all three packages (Resort, International, and Universal) with a savings equal to the cost of the Resort Package alone — $1,295)

You may wonder why you would choose one package over the other beyond simply having a progressively larger set of travel choices.

Remember, the level of membership the seller holds when the membership is sold to a new member, makes a difference as to how much the commission will be to the seller.

So, How Much Could I Make?

It is very important that you take the time to speak directly to those from whom you expect to be compensated. What I’m about to share is what has been gathered to date, but it is easily observable that mlm opportunities do change their compensation plans from time to time.

It only makes sense that if you grow interested in one of these mlm travel choices, you’d accept as fact only what you get directly from the compensation plans registered with the particular one you join. Don’t let this information confuse you, but rather encourage your further study.

Pro Travel Plus pays out a commission based on the membership held by the member who sells the membership:

  • $15 commission earned by a 1 STAR member
  • $25 commission earned by a 2 STAR member
  • $30 commission earned by a 3 STAR member

The payouts for PTP commissions are applied based upon the membership held:

  • A 1 STAR member gets a $15 commission per new membership sold
  • A 2 STAR member gets paid $25 commission per new membership sold
    • In addition, if there are ten active PTP members on the team
    • $5 commission per each membership sold by everyone on Level 2
  • A 3 STAR member gets paid $30 commission per new membership sold
    • In addition, if there are ten active PTP members on the team
    • $5 commission per each membership sold by everyone on Level 2
    • $3 commission per each new membership sold by Level 3 team members.
  • PTP Powerline Bonus
    • 3% commission is paid upline to the fifth level when a membership is sold any downline member enlisted in a direct line of enlistment. (When member Red enlists member Blue who enlists member Yellow who enlists member Pink who enlists member Green and finally White is enlisted: then the direct line of enlistment is: Red whose Level 1 is Blue; Level 2 is Yellow; Level 3 is Pink; Level 4 is Green; Level 5 is White) When member White makes a sale of membership, then each of those above to level 5 receive 3%…which is most commonly around $5.25 per upline for the same sale.

Coastal Vacation pays out a commission using what is called a “pass two up” compensation model. You don’t earn a commission until your third sale. After that, you earn a commission on every sale.

All commissions recognize these three levels:

  • $1000 is the commission for a Resort Vacation membership level
  • $3200 is the commission for a Premier level (International and Resort)
  • $9700 is the commission for a Platinum level (Universal, International and Resort)

If you are a Resort Vacation member level and make a Resort Vacation sale, you receive $1000

If you are a Resort Vacation member level and make a Premier Vacation sale, you receive $1000

The commission balance of $2200 is awarded to your upline sponsor (the one who enlisted you), regardless of their membership level.

If you are a Premier Vacation member level you receive the entire commissions recognized above.

There Is A Better Way

Given all the choices out there, what do you think about travel mlm?

There are consistent actions required of any travel mlm:

  1. Membership payment
  2. Recruitment of others
  3. Development of a team
  4. Continual nurturing, training, encouraging of a team
  5. Dependency upon others

If you want to make money and avoid having to do those things, I really encourage you to find what has worked for me.

After all, you’ve read all the way through this, you obviously have stamina and interest. Take a few minutes more to hear it from a seven figure earner for FREE. I did and it works. Really.