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Pro Travel Plus… Due Diligence

Pro Travel Plus burst on the scene with a prelaunch April, 2015, with reportedly 10,000 members in the first 24 days following the official launch. It is a MLM Travel group that highly promotes that income is possible without a need to recruit. There are suggested savings through the travel portal for hotels, vehicle rentals, airfares, cruises, and condos. The Rewards Network extends into local offers, gift cards, merchandise, and featured brand products.

The public-facing website indicates it is necessary to have a member introduce you to the experience. The tab to “opt-out” is a prominently displayed as that for log-in, contact, and privacy policy. (That’s enough to cause pause, wouldn’t you say?)

The source for this review was multiple personal sites of members promoting the opportunity, and numerous publicly shared YouTube videos of both PTP prelaunch, launch, back office and Pro Travel Plus training purposes.

Website: www.protravelplus.com  with support@protravelplus.com

Leadership: (reportedly) Seth Fraser, CEO; Charles Vest, Vice President.

Offer: Pro Travel Plus identifies its members as “professional tourists.” PTP members gain access to a selection/booking portal for third-party travel services (hotels, condos, resorts, cruises, vehicle rentals, airfares) as well as a Rewards Network for purchases in entertainment, merchandise, brand products, gift cards.

The opportunity to enlist others to participate is rewarded with a variety of promised payouts.

The often shared concept of making money even before (or even without) having to enlist another person seems an odd posture, especially when the discussion of making money through Pro Travel Plus always centers on enlistment of others. (that’s another cause for pause, wouldn’t you say?)

How Pro Travel Plus Works:

A potential Pro Travel Plus member will choose between three different membership options when contemplating membership:

  • 1 STAR costs $69.95 ($35 upfront and $34.95 monthly fee)
  • 2 STAR costs $269.90 ($69.95 upfront and $199.95 prepays for 6 months)
  • 3 STAR costs $469.90 (69.95 upfront and $399.95 prepays for 12 months)

The discriminating factor between the choices would be the anticipation you care to have on potential income through the PTP compensation structure.

How Pro Travel Plus Pays:

  • A Pro Travel Plus member is said to save money on personal travel. Membership gives you access to the travel portal with previously arranged discounted travel services and products. New members are provided with $500 Reward amount. When a member composes their travel plans, at each service (booking a place to stay or vehicle rental or flight or cruise) the cost is displayed in the published price, the amount of reward applicable (this is automatically posted by the system…the choice of the member), and the savings the member receives from the published price.
  • Members cannot sell these member-composed travel services. These are for the members’ personal use.
  • Members receive enlistment commissions as they enlist others into Pro Travel Plus membership. This compensation is somewhat confusing, but according to the publicly available sources (PTP members and some PTP back office and training videos) each compensation continues to be factored on the membership level acquired:

Enlistment Commission

It would appear the Pro Travel Plus enlistment commission payouts on new enlistees at a 2×3 Forced Matrix at the 3 STAR member level:

  • 1 STAR member is awarded $15 for each new enlistee
  • 2 STAR member is awarded $25 for each new enlistee and $5 for each new enlistee secured by their direct enlistee (level 2)
  • 3 STAR member is awarded $30 for each new enlistee and $5 for each new enlistee secured by their direct enlistee (level 2) and $3 for each new enlistee at level 3.

To receive this PTP commission it is required that each:

  • 2 STAR Member maintain a minimum of 10 active PTP members in their downline
  • 3 STAR Members must maintain a minimum of 100 active PTP members in their downline

Pro Travel Plus Powerline Bonus

  • As new enlistees are brought into membership, the bonus pays out to the fifth level. It seems this is awarded at 3% of the newly enlisted member upfront cost paid to all up line from the fifth level. At a “straight line” calculation that would provide a monthly yield at $5.25 ($1.05 multiplied by 5 levels) to all members regardless of who enlisted the new member. (that’s another cause for pause)
  • There are only 33 possible distributions at 3% of anything. It remains indisputable, 99% of any upfront member level is spent within 33 up line positions when distributed at 3%.
  • In a 3×5 Matrix the total number of positions is 363. In a Binary 5 level distribution it would include a total of 62 positions, and in a straight line distribution to the 5th level includes on 5 positions (1+1+1+1+1). I fear this means a payout of only $5.25 monthly, but I am uncertain. The information is too vague to determine. (Cause for pause)

Residual Recruitment Commissions

  • Pro Travel Plus residual commissions are said to be paid out monthly without regard to a monthly, semi-annual, or annual enlistee upfront cost of membership. (Cause for pause)

The Pro Travel Plus residual commission distribution is said to be administered according to a 2×14 Matrix.

Pyramid scheme on the grey background. Eps 10 vector file.

and so on to Level 14

In brief, a 2×14 Matrix identifies:

Member #1 at the top of a matrix (red) enlists

Level 1: blue- two direct enlistees #2 and #3 who enlist

Level 2: orange- new enlistees #4, #5, #6, #7 who enlist

Level 3: green- new enlistees #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15

And thus, until Level 14

Using this matrix structure, commissions are paid out based on how much a Pro Travel Plus affiliate spent on their own affiliate membership, or the size of their downline:

  • 1 STAR Levels 1-4 pays 2%, Levels 5-8 pays 2.5%, Levels 9-10 pays 3%
  • 2 STAR Levels 1-4 pays 2%, Levels 5-8 pays 2.5%, Levels 9-12 pays 3%
  • 3 STAR Levels 1-4 pays 2%, Levels 5-8 pays 2.5%, Levels 9-12 pays 3%, Levels 13-14 pays 2%

Matching Bonus (Matrix)

Six levels are the maximum depth at which Matching Bonuses are awarded to those who remain current and keep downline members current as well.

The amount of Matching Bonus is determined by the specific membership level occupied by the member and the number of members they have kept active downline:

  • 1 STAR Level 1 pays 15% match for each directly enlisted member
  • 2 STAR Level 1 pays 25%, Level 2 pays 10%, Level 3 pays 5%
  • 3 STAR Level 1 pays 30%, Level 2 pays 15%, Level 3 pays 5%, Level 4 pays 3%, Level 5 pays 2%
  • 3 STAR ELITE (minimum of 500 current members) Level 1 pays 50%, Level 2 pays 15%, Level 3 pays 5%, Level 4 pays 3%, and Levels 5 and 6 pay 2%.


Do the third-party travel suppliers really provide a discount that cannot otherwise be attained at the same price by non-PTP members? There are many ways to secure at least a 10% savings off of the published price, and much higher savings many times. Do you need to spend the money upfront and monthly fees to get your savings?

Can the $500 Travel Rewards granted upon enlistment be applied to travel savings at will, or is only a portion applied according to Pro Travel Plus and their third parties have agreed? Can you lay down the entire $500 Travel Rewards on a discounted package all at once?

Why is there so much explanation about enlisting other new members if it is true you don’t need to enlist others to make money?

2x14 matrix

At least one early Pro Travel Plus enlistment presentation included this diagram for educational purposes. The intent of the presenter was to point out that if a new Pro Travel Plus member only achieved the encouraged enlistment of other at a 10% success level the new Pro Travel Plus member would be earning $2,570 monthly. Does that seem possible to you? Fail 90% and win?

Such emphasis on enlistment causes questions about the true purpose of Pro Travel Plus, if it is not enlistment driven for the sake of gain.

There is a Better Way

My friend Brad has demonstrated countless times there is a better way. A means of genuinely making a monthly income helping others and not having to try to talk them into joining your new adventure.

A better way without burning through all your lists of friends, or becoming obnoxious with your social media connections.

Listen to Brad. You will be glad you did. I know I have never looked back from following Brad’s advice.

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