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PYXISM Travel…Due Diligence

Pyxism…Where Are You?

  • MIA?(missing in action)
  • AWOL?(absent without leave)
  • DOA?(dead on arrival)
  • Incognito?

When I went searching, I found so many videos and so many reviews and so little presence of Pyxism itself. In fact, if you go here: http://pyxismtravelpartners.com you get this image

this website is unavailable
(the same image if you go here pyxismindia.net or here pyxismindia.biz)

Pyxism Travel facebook page, you can almost hear the wind blowing.

Where did you go, Pyxism? More importantly, why did so many people find you and then leave you?

I’m so glad I didn’t take the trip. In fact, I’ve been able to avoid every similar trip. I listened to the video by Brad that’s right here. Why not avoid the pit falls that can take down a complete international business and do things better and easier. Listen to Brad and you’ll be glad, like me, that you did.

Why ask?

  • Because we can learn a lot from a corpse and with much less sympathy to distract our probing eyes. We could call it forensics.
  • Because this stuff is still out there. You can still see the vision faintly.

How Common The Startup

Most MLM Travel networks begin as Pyxism began:

  • Name: Pyxism, Inc. a.k.a. P149 an P149 Matrix
  • Founded: 2009
  • Team: Lloyd Wilson, CEO of Pyxism Travel and Dwayne Golden, President of Operations at Pyxism Travel.
  • Website: www.pyxismpartners.com
  • Industry: Leisure, Travel & Tourism
  • Headquarters: 92672 (zip only) United States

PYXISM Concept:

Maintain an online presence that allows access 24/7/365 to travel service resources. Combine a hybrid matrix network of workers with international travel resources. Become a partner by buying specific Pyxism Products. Offer progressive positions, training opportunities, a means of sharing the system with new recruits, a compensation plan that rewards recruitment and commitment, a means to fulltime income and the sustainability to continue for years to come.


Established the connections with discount travel industry leaders; compose the matrix and compensation structure; open a travel services portal that allows members the means of earning high commissions paid out on hotel, auto, and tour bookings; get the publicity into the hands of the new recruits.

How Different is PYXISM?:

(you’ve got to be different than all the others doing the same thing)

1. New and unique “ultimate Leverage” compensation plan, with immense bonuses for leadership seekers.
2. The founding Team insures ultimate success.

PYXISM Program:

Become a partner by buying specific Pyxism Products…

  • Compass: at least 1 extensive vacation package savings will more than pay for the price of membership.
  • Horizon
  • Navigator

These were explained in 3 separate company videos that were hosted on the now unavailable company site.

Unique To PYXISM Membership:

  • Direct access to worldwide wholesale vacation stations (inventories of resorts, condominiums, hotels, vehicle rentals, airfares, etc.)
  • Each partner can also have their own travel store front and booking tool that operates like the industry leader sites (Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, etc.)
  • Earn 50% commission on bookings
  • Earn scaled commissions on sales of exclusive Pyxism products


  • Partner pay $ 50 Annual Fee
  • Compass Level $ 299 Purchase Products (To make money or make a purchase or make a retail product only).
  • Optional subscription $ 39.99 retail store front. (This subscription offers multiple sources of income).

A total of $ 349 or $ 388.99

Original Compensation Plan:

  • This compensation plan uses a ladder structure.
  • There are three steps to complete a straight and the associate earns $ 750, $ 2,250 or $ 9,000.
  • Complete staircase is formed and the partner is automatically re-entered

The ladder system allows them to supposedly  and constantly earn commissions of $ 12,000

Bonuses are paid to three levels down into the “genealogy” of sponsorship.

  1. First level would be funded directly.
  2. Second level sponsors related to same class partners
  3. Third level are those who are directly sponsored by second level.

Each time a partner secures all three levels there are payouts with prizes and bonuses both for the staircase created and for the matrix horizon attributed to the partner. ($75 and $150 respectively).

Subsequent Changes:

1. Entry level: (no longer Compass) EXPLORER

  • $149 and $50 annual associate fee
  • receive 7 night free vacation at a an activation cost of $35

This was added to the product line of Compass, Horizon, and Navigator.

2. A second income stream was to be established called the Store Front.

  • $40 monthly fee This allows you to earn money the same way as Orbitz or Expedia.
  • This was to bring more Free Vacations (7 night vacation once each quarter) More valuable than the yearly cost to maintain the Store Front.
  • The $35 activation fees were even waived for the free vacations.

The PYXISM Demise:

1. Constant changes to the compensation plan. Here are examples still available out there.

2. Poor customer support

Not To Kick A Dead PYXISM, But Consider This:

Vacation Certificates were consider a product. Anyone who has investigated travel among travel clubs is familiar with a Vcert.

Pyxism members were suppose to receive vacation certificate in order to secure a discounted vacation. What you expect in such cases is that the value of the Vcert is equal to or more perferably less than the cost of the vacation package.

So, if you bought a $100 Vcert as a Pyxism product, you would want to book a wholesale discounted package for $600. The regular (not discounted) package price would be $1,000. So, in effect you would have spent $100 for a $400 difference and netted a profit of $300. That works as long as the $600 wholesale discounted price isn’t available to the discriminating traveler.

If I buy a $10 sandwich voucher from a sandwich shop that entitles the bearer of the voucher to a $20 discount if he also purchases 10 sandwiches at the regular price, and I get you to pay me $10 for the voucher, I haven’t sold you anything. The sandwich shop supplied the product at their own profit (price of sandwich minus cost of ingredients and service) minus the $10 ($20 credit for $10 cash in their pocket), they came out ahead. I didn’t earn anything and neither did you.

Pyxism was lost to its own structure. It was selling travel (sandwiches) making the travel industry money in their own game of discount, getting money from the new partners, and costing the partners what they could have secured from the travel industry all on their own. Its a short trip to the graveyard of businesses.

DOA…Dead on Arrival.

Now, don’t you want to hear what Brad told me?

It will give life to your hopes without all the pitfalls of failure that a MLM travel network would give. Listen to Brad, now, for your own good.