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SURGE365…Due Diligence!

Surge365 logoMost likely someone has hit you up with the hot prospect of Surge365 and you’re trying to see if it is legit or not.

Good for you! (Or, you’ve jumped in and you’re having second thoughts) I can help!

Here’s how it’s working on you so far….

  1. You got a personal invite by word of mouth.
  2. You got an EZ Button and plugged that baby in.
  3. You didn’t get the button, but you got in through the website.

Catch your breath and let’s peel this thing apart for a few minutes.

(Btw, my friend Brad has found away to avoid the common pitfalls of MLM Travel…give him a listen in the video)

Website: They can be found at www.surge365.com (No, don’t go there, let me tell you some things first)

Launch: Though the website displays an initial date of October, 2014, the launch of Surge365 was achieved on May 2, 2015 in a convention in Reno, Nevada.

President: James Tackett, worked with Avon, Herbalife, Oriflame, and Primerica to name just a few. He owns Success Partners (hosts the marketing and training videos related to Surge365)

Relationship: Surge365 is identified as “365Surge Back Office Pro Travel Network.” PTN COO Jessica Henderson has recognized a lot of potential and suggests a re-invention in travel service networking.

Essential Category: Surge365 is a MLM Travel network with deeply discounted travel bookings as the background appeal.

Reason To Buy: You can save money on travel costs and so can your friends you kindly tell

Reason To Tell Others: Your friends see the value and want to do the same. This produces an income for you and for them.

Perpetuating For Prosperity: Keep saving on your own travel, keep getting paid to recruit new members, get paid for your own efforts and the efforts of those you sponsor.

Opportunity: In a thorough presentation, you will be offered three opportunities based upon your initial intention. Of course, in the midst of the presentation you may shift to a new perspective:

  • Part time: You may just want to enjoy the travel discounts that come to a member and share the opportunity of the same with your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Continue reading to see how this “time” may be the only “time” you want to have with Surge365.
  • Full time: You may have reached that point in your career or work life that you’ve decided you could work for yourself a lot better than “working for the man.” So, the “time” you have with Surge365 is the time to become your own boss and build your own team of people around you ready to care for others, dare to share, and willing to do so over and over again against all odds.
  • Dream time: You may have come to that day dream vision that only a few can equal. That dream of never having to worry about money again. All the cars, all the homes, all the success you could ever… well, you could ever dream of having…dream time.

What’s Surge365 “Time” Going To Cost?

You would think that is a straight forward question with an easy answer. There was a prelaunch price of $349 upfront; reduced from an anticipated launch price of $389; that is now most commonly referred to as under $400.

Then, of course, there are the residual monthly fees. At this posting that should run $59.95 (but with recruiting 3 others into membership, it’s a 3&free way to waive the monthly cost for that month).

Once you join, there’s an offer to provide to you ten EZ Buttons each with a travel credit of $250 each, for you to share with prospective members….but each “share” will cost you $19.95 for shipping.

Just keep your calculator close by and listen all the way through on anything you hear.

What Does Surge365 Membership Provide?

  • Extensive Backoffice Portal
  • Member only pricing
  • Exclusive weekly specials
  • Personal concierge
  • 110% price guarantee
  • Online chats with agents
  • Mobile app
  • 10 EZ Travel Buttons ($250US travel credit each)
  • Opportunity to enroll in an accredited online college at $50 monthly (associates, bachelor, master, doctorate degrees offered)
  • Opportunity for medical, dental, vision (24,7 Teladoc); Credit repair, Legal services

How Do I Make Money With Surge365?

Surge365 assures deeply discounted travel costs if you join as a member. Here are some of the unbelievable pricing they suggest on their intro-videos:

  • Six 5 Star nights in Hawaii at a savings of $1000 when you book through Surge365 (the regular internet price for the same dates, same room, same resort are said to be $1,000 higher)
  • A 5 Star week in Orlando called an Orland Family week, when compared with the member price for the same accommodations available to an internet consumer boasts a $5,400 savings!

The Surge365 videos have a common mantra, “I can’t share the low prices with the public because they are so low.”

As to how it is possible to assure such outstanding savings, the Surge365 explanation is interesting. These member prices are supposedly this low because most of the other popular travel service sites participate as parity companies who suffer under two unfortunate restrictions:

  • They must adhere to equality or essential equivalence
  • They are bound to a balance between buying power, prices, wages, and rate of currency exchange

In the Surge365 scripted videos, regardless of which Team Builder (more about that later) may be speaking, Surge365 says its advantage is due to its company being private and not parity, so it is free from the bounds of so many other similar internet travel services.

In addition to savings, Surge365 provides REWARD CREDITS. You earn credits for everything you buy through the Surge365 portal. An example is shared about a member who purchased a 7 Day Alaskan cruise for 2; earned 49,000 REWARD CREDITS; and, without additional costs to him, could book a week in Spain including 9 attractions for 48,000 REWARD CREDITS, and still bank 1,000 REWARD CREDITS for future use with travel, concerts, rentals, golf tee times, theme parks, dining, and more.

These REWARD CREDITS can be used as cash on the site or can accumulate upto 10 years before they expire.

Purchases come with a 110% money guarantee. Basically, you secure the exact (read that as “exact in every way”) travel and stay arrangements with another provider for less than the Surge365 discounted member price and Surge365 will pay you 110% of what it cost you. (So, you buy from a competitor a full package for $600 and it beats the Surge365 member price for the exact package, Surge 365 will pay you $660 dollars).

How Do I Get Successful With Surge365?

Social media connections can quickly be shared with the Surge365 platform and via facebook, twitter and other connections. Surge365 can have those contacts pulsing through their system and to your people right away (that should at least give you some pause).

The 10 EZ Travel Buttons are given to new members primarily to assist with introducing and recruiting fellow travelers into the membership of Surge365. Each cost $19.95US for shipping and delivery. These buttons are about 2” inches round white plastic with a 3 color logo and about a 10” inches white cord with a USB plug applicable with Mac or Windows systems. They can be used for:

  • Special “guest membership”
  • Use like Cash on the site
  • 10 best prospects….those that will become members…
  • Comes off the lowest internet price

You distribute these to your likely recruits. When they plug the lead into the USB port, the system triggers recognition to your Team and voila’, you are now a Team Leader!

The heavy lifting is being done for you. It takes the person to a website; they log in without any payment method required, just name and email and other profile information. Then, as they plan the trip (whether immediately or months or years down the road) the information is uniquely tied to you. They build out their trip from beginning to end on the site. It then displays three prices for the same trip: the lowest internet price for the entire package; that price reduced by $250 credit; and the amazingly low member’s price. They then decide to save money or make money, but spending some of their money on the upfront fee for membership.

If only 3 of the 10 join, you earn your commission and your monthly charge is waived for that month. If all 10 join, you earn the commissions and a $1k bonus, and you waive the monthly charge for that month.

The Surge365 platform is designed with the intention to do all the “heavy lifting” for you. You basically rinse and repeat the process described above.

The Surge365 Compensation Plan

Your first money is made with the first person you recruit. Each one yield $20 in your pocket, with the first 7 you bring into the program yielding $1k. And you keep making money with 7s and one-off commissions for travel services into infinity, or so they say.

The Surge365 Compensation Plan is based on pay your affiliate fee and getting others to join and they pay their affiliate fee.

TEAM BUILDER: This gets escalated by qualifying as a Team Builder. Get and maintain 3 paid recruits within each 30 day period or maintain 7 paid recruits over time.

When you become a Team Builder, residual payments come to you by paying your monthly fee and by your recruits continuing to pay theirs. At heart, it is a unilateral compensation plan. You stay at the top and all the others are registered under you at level 1.

As your level 1 recruits reach out and get others to join, then that group is level 2 to you and level 1 to your personal recruits. As level 2 recruits reach out and get others to join, then that group is level 3 to you, and so on.

  • You are paid $20 per new recruit no matter at what level the recruit comes to be for you.
  • Any time there are an additional 7 new recruits in your Team, you are paid $1k bonus.

REGIONAL TEAM BUILDER: When you have a total of 30 recruits, paying and remaining, you are elevated to Regional Team Builder. That earns you $70US for each personal recruit you bring in and the residual payouts for everyone remaining and paying builds up to $40 per new signup.

NATIONAL TEAM BUILDER: Once a Surge365 member and his/her downline have a total of 100 active and paying recruits, they become a National Team Builder. That earns $80 per personal new recruit and $50US per new signup as a residual payout.

That’s when a $10k bonus is paid in addition to the other compensation allotments.

And, you get a Matching Bonus on any of your level 1 recruits who earn and who receive a $1k and $10k bonus.

  • Regional Team Builder – $1000 payout match of $100 and $10,000 payout match of $200
  • National Team Builder or higher – $1000 payout match of $2000 and $10,000 payout match of $4000


A level 1 leg is considered maxed out at 167 personal recruits. A generation is identified when your level 1 recruit advances to a Team Builder in his/her own right.

You are paid to the 6th Generation in each of your level 1 legs. How much you get paid at this advanced grid is determined by rank:

  • Team Builder – $2 per affiliate
  • Regional Team Builder – $4 per affiliate
  • National Team Builder or higher – $6 per affiliate

NATIONAL MARKETING DIRECTOR: When your downline accumulates a total of 500 active and paying recruits, you are then a National Marketing Director.

You receive a new Dodge automobile and a $2k monthly bonus as long as you maintain that 500 number.

Levels 2 through 5 of National Marketing Directors receiving the following bonuses:

  • Level 2 – a Jaguar XF, BMW 428i or Mercedes CLA45 AMG car, and a $4000 a month bonus commission.
  • National Marketing Director Level 3 receive $8000 a month
  • National Marketing Director Level 4 receive $12,000 a month
  • National Marketing Director Level 5 paid a one-time bonus of $1,000,000



Though the compensation and bonuses are staggering, there remains one big, persistent, driving challenge to stay on top of it. It begins day one and continues for every second, of every hour, of every day, of every week, of every month and beyond!

As with all recruitment-driven organization, when you run out of recruitment you run out of pay. It’s that simple, the travel savings do not perpetuate the prosperity. You recruit or you die.

It happens from the bottom up. When things become so in-grown that the new recruits can’t find the prospects, then they give up and quit. Those immediately above lose heart and they stop paying their $59.95 monthly and it just keeps collapsing.

In truth, in this Surge365 plan, even the person at the top is going to feel the disappointment faster than in other plans.

It’s been seen before, the entire structure disintegrates. Those who haven’t gotten their cost out, they walk away with empty pockets.

THERE IS A BETTER WAY…Listen to my friend Brad

I understand this works for a while. But, at what cost?

  • You enlist family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors
  • They fail
  • They think of that failure every time you see them.
  • You think of that failure every time they see you.

For everybody’s sake, listen to my friend Brad.