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Virtual Travel Group logo Is It Virtually Gone?

Just when I thought there couldn’t be a new twist on a travel MLM, there comes along Virtual Travel Group. You’ll find this group to be as interesting as I did, no doubt.

Most likely, the reason you are reading this is your desire to check out MLM travel groups as to their legitimacy and true value. That’s exactly what I want to share with you about Virtual Travel Group.

It could quite possibly be that by the time you are reading this you cannot easily find access to VTG, so you may ask, “Why the effort to put this in print, if VTG is nowhere to be found?”

It’s a matter of learning to recognize the great variety of ways people approach the MLM travel opportunity. I figure if I can learn the different approaches, I can more readily categorize them and quickly confirm my assumptions rather than wasting a lot of my time (and more importantly, your time.)

There will be others who take the path of VTG and having become acquainted with the path, I can spot them a long ways off.  The difference between a scenic overlook and a donkey ride down into the canyon.

I ran across the Virtual Travel Group references while doing an internet search for MLM travel. When I couldn’t easily find a website, I became intrigued. (I know that sounds crazy…why not just drop the subject? If you can’t quickly find a potential business, why even been interested in doing business?…leave it alone.)

I pursued VTG because I’ve learned that these types of difficult discoveries don’t mean people aren’t active. A difficult but random discovery usually means someone is communicating with word of mouth and supporting that conversation on line. It’s that conversation I want to know. I have at least four questions when I find things this way:

  1. Is this MLM Travel opportunity the newest thing and I’m going to miss it?
  2. Is the MLM Travel group exclusive enough that it has potential for just the lucky few?
  3. Is the MLM Travel group having a poor launch on the internet, but stable otherwise?
  4. Is this MLM Travel a scam and it’s flying under the radar until it gains momentum?

So, VTG intrigued me enough to require further investigation.

Website: www.virtualtravelgroup.com is a domain available for purchase, at least that was the advertisement I found. Take a look:

vtg domain gone

So what do you do when you see evidence of a company still being put out on Facebook and Instagram, but there doesn’t seem to be a home site?

You follow the links until you discover more links. (it seems like there are always affiliate links to any MLM travel group that had as much as a week long life).

You find one of the affiliates that supplies something like this:

Now you have a path to follow and an opportunity to truly investigate.

Something Better

I’ve got to say, just or the sake of your time, there’s a better way than all of this MLM Travel game. If you want to spend your time more productively, listen to my friend Brad in the video. It makes evaluating MLM Travel a relaxation for me, because I don’t have to depend on all the recruiting or the possibility of not being able to find my company on line some day.

I’m For You:

Hopefully you can find someone like me who has taken the time to listen through the 32 minute spiel provided by an unidentified male voice at the Dailymotion url. (That way, you don’t have to spend the time and you may prefer a written summary read in a few minutes over a longer video)

The Virtual Travel Group Offer:

  • Virtual Travel Group is/was looking for a few, mutually acceptable members due to a limited number of positions available for work at home members.
  • You need to view the presentation in its entirety and there are means by which “they” can detect if you do not launch or you fast forward through, so “they” mean business. (At least, that’s the warning given…that ought to cause a pause)
  • If the lightbulb doesn’t go off when you hear the following statement, then you’re probably not VTG material. Ready…. Set…. Don’t Blink… Would you like to spend $35 to get $70?
  • Explanation:
    • A travel agency is offering $70 for every new travel agent who signs up
    • A lead generating company is offering for $35 to find travel agents who sign up on your behalf
    • You simply broker the deal and double your money.
  • If you are now standing in the light (let me cut to the chase), you will also need to: respond to this video by sending an email (it’s not right for me to share the address), and include these three statements:
    • I viewed the entire video presentation
    • I understand the initial fee and monthly fee
    • I am interested in moving forward, willing and able, to move forward
  • You are encouraged to send the email speedily because it will be an indication of your ability to function in a fast paced industry of MLM Travel.
  • In turn, you will receive a rapid response of rejection or acceptance.
  • If accepted, you will be instructed in the next steps forward, which, due to the need for speed, you should follow speedily.

The VTG Explanation:

In the final portion of the video it is clearly stated that Virtual Travel Group is not a franchise with Paycation and Xstream Travel, that VTG is independent from those companies, and that VTG has a combined MLM travel industry experience (presumably among their leaders) of 30 years.

The travel agency willing to pay $70 for each person who registers with them is identified as Xstream Travel. (see their review here), in partnership with PayCation (see their review here).

The Lead Generating Company remains unidentified to those who don’t become “brokers” with Virtal Travel Group. The voice says that VTG has worked with them for over ten years in connection with multiple companies. This Lead Generating company is willing to secure agents at a cost of $35 each.

VTG does not simply connect the leads at $35 to the Xstream Travel/Paycation $70 commission because the influx of thousands of agents would override all three: VTG, Lead Generator, XT/P). That’s why VTG needs to selective add you into the transaction.

 How It Works:

  • You send in your email acknowledgment with the three statements. This provided at the end of the video. It would not fair for me to share without you listening through the entire 32 minute spiel.
  • VTG responds with acceptance or rejection. The video would lead you to believe this is almost instantaneous, if not very speedily.
  • VTG then assists you to get signed up with Xstream Travel and Paycation. This does have additional costs (interesting that the video did not alert the listener to that). There will be an initial cost and monthly recurring costs.
    • Paycation upfront fee would be $149 and continued monthly fees at $59.95
  • You go through the Paycation training and become a certified IATA agent with Paycation. There are additional fees, and the video did not mention these either.
    • Provided you sign up with Paycation, you will undergo 2.5 hours of online training to gain your certification and be awarded your IATA status.
  • You use VTG connection with the Lead Generating company. This is where the $35 cost comes in. (it’s interesting the video advised, “a lot of these leads are for $35”) That’s a cause for pause.
    • There’s a 7 day turnaround from when you pay $35 and get your agent
    • You can’t have more than 3 prospective agents in process at the same time
    • You are told there is a 10 agent a month maximum (may increase/decrease at the discretion of the lead generating company
  • You do the front end assisting of new agents signing up with Xstream Travel and Paycation. The video suggests that “most of these are professional” and alludes to the prospect of it not requiring much of your time.
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Add your own personal contacts for travel or to become travel agents and earn $70 without the $35 burn. (Of course, there would be the ongoing monthly fees to Xstream Travel/Paycation)

Virtual Travel Group Cautions and Concerns:

The difficulty in locating a sound website rather than a number of piecemeal references in facebook, twitter, word press blogs, and Instagram would speak caution to anyone.

The availability of these other references and some in a language other than English (Portuguese, for one), possibly multiple languages could mean the Virtual Travel Group has spread itself to other language groups and countries. It is not unusual for international activity to sustain a stateside presence with very little United States participation.

Given the triad relationship with Virtual Travel Group, Xstream Travel, and Paycation, it would be necessary to verify the growth of these, each of them I might add, in order to substantiate the explanation that support is the reason why VTG extends this offer to the select few and lucky people. Could it just be possible that VTG is the affiliate portal through which this is all initiated? If so, it would be VTG who gains the uppermost credit with Xstream Travel and Paycation.

The listener to the VTG video, being the potential member, is told there is no need to work with the newly registered travel agent in conducting their work, it’s just the front end getting acquainted time, so to speak, the break-in period. This raises the question again, does VTG take over with that part of the new travel agent’s experience with Xstream Travel and Paycation?

If this is not the VTG portal into Xstream Travel and Paycation, then who is paying the assuring you that you receive the $70?

If the leads of certain-to-sign agents requires a 7 day period, and you can only have 3 in process at a time, and you are held to a 10 agent maximum monthly, and the listener is told Xstream Travel and Paycation commission of $70 follows at one week behind the enlistment, then what does that cash flow calendar look like to your bank account? The period between cash out and cash in needs to be figured.

The final information on the video explains that in order to become a “broker” you will first need to become a Paycation agent and gain your IATA certification and continue to pay your monthly fees. An earlier description in the video regarding a “matrix pool” that pays out to you at 7 levels a monthly average of $7 per new agent signup, sounds very similar to Paycation offers rather than a VTG offer. You may care to read the Paycation review again).

There Is A Better Way

There is no need to constantly wonder if the efforts you put into an online will disintegrate. Working with some online offers can literally fall into fragments of social media, random videos, and Instagram posts.

In this case, the VIRTUAL can only be found in pieces and the reality may not be so evident either.

My friend Brad led me to something that is real. You really ought to listen. It really works. (there’s no virtual to it.)