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World Discovery Club Evaluation

 World Discovery Club logo

World Discovery Club continues to show life after having launched in November, 2011 as a world travel mlm agency. There is a comprehensive website found at WorldDiscoveryClub.com.

There are discoverable efforts still maintained by some members of World Discovery Club in videos, blogs, forums, and personal encounters. Perhaps they have found their way to you through social media contacts or internet searches and you’re wondering about them as a possible mlm business.

The question you’re asking could be”Is this a viable pursuit for me?” Can this be the multi-level marketing travel agency for you? Let’s take a look together and see if we can answer such a question.


• Matt Willis – Chief Executive Officer & Chief Operations Officer, Owner, Chairman of the Board
Seems to be the dynamo behind the whole experience. He is credited with extensive experience in the MLM Travel niche and has a skill set inclusive of SEO (search engine optimization); automated profit generator software; and website design. Previous experience has included association with Coastal Vacations (travel club), MorVacations (member only resort vacations) and DreamStyle Vacations (vacation club).

• Dean Marino – Senior Advisor
With a 22 year financial background, combined with extensive travel (1 million+ US Airways miles), Mr. Marino combines this with travel club membership marketing experience.

• D. Jack Smith – Senior Attorney

• Anthony Bowen, MPA, MPM, CIPM, PME, CTC – Advisor
Mr. Bowen has travel experience in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, South America, the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

The World Discovery Club description:

A Travel Club, selling membership to exclusive travel offers and the opportunity for those who purchase membership to also gain income as they in turn sell memberships to others.


Membership at 6 levels and the opportunity to market these memberships to others, with remuneration for doing so.

  • Membership:
    • Membership is offered at 6 levels, each with an increased cost and expanded privileges. All membership have an annual renewal fee with the exception of the first level being renewed annually at the same one time price.
    • The six levels of membership and their stated cost for purchase and renewal are:
      • 1. $497 Silver Life and can be purchased every year
        2. $1,497 Gold Life and can be renewed for $5 annually for 10 years
        3. $2,497 Platinum Life and can be renewed for $5 annually for 50 years
        4. $6,497 Platinum Executive and can be renewed for $5 annually for 99 years
        5. $12,997 Platinum Chairman and can be renewed for $5 annually for 99 years
        6. $19,997 Platinum President and can be renewed for $5 annually for 99 years
      • (Caution: there are two different price lists, one spoken on the video and this one that comes from the website itself. Please verify if you are contemplating membership)
      • Each one of these memberships are willable and transferable.
    • What’s the advantage of a higher level?
      • In brief, those who purchase a higher membership level will gain access to more third-party travel services. Each membership includes (at varying amounts):
        • A huge worldwide inventory of rental condos, exclusive resorts, vacation homes, villas and hotels at prices not available to the general public.
        • Discounted luxury cruises, airfares, vehicle rentals, vacation packages, plays and concerts, dining, and other travel services.
        • The level of membership provides a faster path to related commissions. More about this in a minute.
  • Marketing

Each member may encourage others to join in membership. Without doing so, there are not means of income generation. The intent is for members to save money on their travel and make money by enrolling additional members. If a member is so inclined, World Discovery Club makes available:

• Replicated Websites (your own public facing web presence)
• Email Autoresponder (send an automatic prescriptive email on your behalf)
• Broadcast Emails (entire email lists are contacted simultaneously)
• Customizable Landing Pages (internet offers)
• Lead Management
• Notes Tag (email based prompter)
• Super Fast Email Support (within 12 hours)
• Done-For-You Marketing (cooperative services)
• Training Modules
• Live Webinars for recruitment demonstrations

How Much Money Can You Make:

  • The World Discovery Club Compensation Plan
Member RED can enroll everyone

Member RED can enroll everyone

The compensation structure follows what is commonly known as a unilevel model. A unilevel model means that every member can enlist as many new members as they care to enlist without limit. Each new member enlisted by Member RED will relate to Member RED as Member RED’s Level 1. Each member enlisted by Member RED’s Level 1 members will relate to Member RED as Member RED’s Level 2. This continues to infinity.

  • Level 1 Members can enlist as many as they care to enlist. As each Member RED Level 1 Member enlists, this forms what is commonly called a “leg.” The illustration has Member RED with 4 legs. There is no limit to the number of legs Member RED may have. In this illustration, any of these members can regard themselves as Member RED and can form the same structure as they enlist and encourage others to enlist more members.
  • The World Discovery Club compensation plan requires members to achieve two membership sales at the level to which they desire to be compensated. A member is encouraged to purchase a membership at the level they desire to be compensated because the membership level purchased by the member qualifies as 1 of the 2 membership sales required to draw a commission.
  • Upon qualifying (a member joins at 1 of the 6 membership levels and enrolls someone else into membership at that same membership level) commissions are awarded each time new members join The World Discovery Travel Club. If Member RED directly enrolls the member it is referred to as a Direct Sales Commissions. When anyone other than Member RED enrolls a new member it is a Downline Commission to Member RED.
  • Direct Sales Commissions

Remember, Member RED must first qualify by achieving two sales on the same membership level. The quickest path is for Member RED to purchase a membership level and then get someone else to purchase on that same level. A slower path, but qualifying just the same, would be for Member RED to enroll two members on the same level (to qualify on that level) and the third member enrolled on the same level as the previous 2 will yield 50% of the commission with each subsequent member enlisted at that same level by Member RED yielding 100% of the commission to Member RED.

  • The Direct Sales Commission (those Member RED personally enrolls) per membership level sold is:
    1. Silver Life – $150
    2. Gold Life – $450
    3. Platinum Life – $1,050
    4. Platinum Executive – $3,000
    5. Platinum Chairman – $4,050
    6. Platinum President – $6,000
  • As an example: Member RED chooses to purchase the Platinum Executive Membership for $3,000. That is counted as 1 of 2 sales at that level. Member RED enlists someone else into the same level of membership, the Platinum Executive. That qualifies Member RED to earn 50% of the commission ($3,000 in half) when Member RED directly acquires the next Platinum Executive member. All Platinum Executive members thereafter acquired by Member RED will result in a full commission of $3,000 each.
  • Downline Commissions

Commissions also come from the efforts of any member in any portion of each of the “legs” that Member RED has formed. (see above). This is referred to as a Downline Commission.

  • Member RED’s legs are said to have “levels.” These levels are measured from the direct enlistees of Member RED. A downline level 2 would be those enlisted by Member RED’s Level 1 direct recruits. For instance, staying with the illustration that Member RED is a Platinum Executive Member, and Member RED enlists a Platinum Executive Member (Level 1), then anyone enlisted directly by Level 1 members to Member RED would relate to Member RED as indirect sales and be identified as Member RED’s Level 2.
  • Using the Direct Commission compensation listed previously, each new Platinum Executive member who signs up at Level 2 will reward Member RED with $3,000 as an indirect commission.
  • The first sale brought in by Member RED’s Level 3 (any direct sale made by Level 2 is an indirect sale to Member RED) will pay to Member RED only half of the regular commission ($1,500 would be 50%). Every sale by thereafter on Level 3 will pay Member RED the entire commission ($3,000).
  • World Discovery Club continues to pay out on that structure to an undesignated depth.
  • Most MLM Travel companies declare a limit. The limit is customarily set at 7, but there are some MLM Travel companies that go as deep as 14 levels. WDC does not declare a maximum depth per Member RED or per number of legs under Member RED.
  • That invites the imagination to consider $3000 rolling in to Member RED from multiple sources without measure.

BUT…it does test the mathematical viability of the offer.

  • Staying with our illustration of Member RED buying at a Platinum Executive Membership (initial cost of $6,497; and $5 annual renewal) and considering Indirect sales (Downline commissions) with no restriction as to what level (or depth) the sale is made, there are some mathematical limitations as to sustainability.
  • Imagine with me that Member RED enjoys just one “leg” held together by a very effective member to the depth of level 10. The math would say:
  • $6,497 paid by Member RED’s downline Level 10 new member; minus the -$25,500 total commissions ($3,000 x 8 plus that $1,500 (the first sale only provides 50% commission)); means that the company loses $19, 003.
  • Evidently the requirement to have 2 similar sales at the same membership level and to receive only 50% of the first commission for the next level each time is supposed to supply the difference down the leg. (To be fair, the company may be able to defray some of the overall expense of business through agreements with 3rd party travel services when booked via their World Discovery Club network, but that’s counting on a whole lot of bookings)
  • If your imagination can remain free just a moment longer, what would happen if someone actually purchased the $19,997 Platinum President from the very start? It has the privilege of opening up commission at all levels simultaneously. Failing math at this level could end up costing the company quite a lot!

Cautions and Concerns:

1. Access to third party travel services (some of which are said to be composed uniquely for World Discovery Club) needs to be compared against what can be secured from any publicly accessed services like Expedia or Travelocity.
2. In order to succeed with the offer of WDC providing an income stream to its members, the emphasis obviously falls to selling memberships, not in marketing discounted travel experiences.
3. For income to become a reality, recruitment of other members is a necessity both for the new member and any subsequent members enticed by the potential of earning money as well.
4. There is a discrepancy between the video price list for memberships and the website printed price list for memberships. Confirmation should be sought.
5. The range of membership costs is higher than most MLM Travel offers, as is the projected compensation per level commissions.
6. It seems undeniable that the motivation for participation in membership is much more detailed through potential commissions for the sale of memberships than the actual discounted travel services.

The World Discovery Club has a very impressive and stable series of video presentations throughout its website. Introductory videos to welcome and set the stage; presentation videos to assure consistent and easily accessed tools for marketing; demonstration videos that teach the most effective means to use the tools; and testimonial videos that offer sincere and enthusiastic appeal for others to succeed as these have done.

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