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Disrupt Travel and Resorts360 Comparison

It always pays to compare. Both of these travel mlm opportunities are vital and strong at the moment. Either Disrupt Worldwide or Resorts360 can deliver on their travel offers. Yet, there are many areas by which they can be compared.

We can talk about how they were started and who started them. We can look at the basic offers each makes to their members. We can discuss the type of membership you can purchase with each one. We’ll even browse through their compensation plans.

You’ll get a feel for their validity and gain a sense of their reliability.

There is no attempt to get you to choose one over the other. That’s left entirely up to you.

My balanced perspective toward these two mlm travel offers comes from the fact that I don’t do mlm of any kind. I used to, but I’ve found something that truly delivers more money, more easily, and more fun. If you have a minute, you’ll see what I mean right here.

I have reviewed more than 30 travel mlm opportunities.

Why do I keep reviewing? Because I owe it to myself and to you to be accurate when I say I’ve found something better. Read on. Then find something better. It’s right here.

Disrupt Worldwide is far more than Disrupt Travel. In order to be fair to both, we will look specifically at the travel aspect of Disrupt Worldwide in comparison with Resorts360.

Disclaimer: This summary comparison comes from blog posts, comments, website visits, and forums. Obviously there is a time factor when searching on the internet, so please understand the most up to date information will best be retrieved directly from the sources mentioned. Please update your information prior to any decision in favor of either of these travel mlm opportunities.

Where Are They

Disrupt is not a scamDisrupt Travel can be reached by going to the website www.lifedisrupted.com clicking on products and selecting TRAVEL.

Resorts360 can be found at http://www.Resorts360vacationclub.net resort360 is not a scam

Who and When

Both travel opportunities had a fresh start in 2015. Both make use of a third party travel aggregator to gain discounted, not-to-public prices for travel, accommodations, and destination entertainment choices.

Disrupt Worldwide LLC has Jason Elrod as the Chief Executive Officer and his second in command is Rea Nichols. Both of these leaders emerged from the now defunct WakeUp Now (BBB status report).

Disrupt presents itself as a lifestyle company addressing health, wealth, and travel.

Resorts360 Vacation Club (Resorts360) actually began in December 2008 with the original found, Rodger Rutter. Mr. Rutter now serves as advisor to the new owner and CEO, Jeff Mills, who took the helm in April, 2015.

R360 has always positioned itself as a travel club, encouraging members to share their experiences and vacation time with friends and family.

What Do They Offer

Disrupt Travel is one third of what Disrupt Worldwide offers. We’re looking at a head to head comparison specifically with regard to travel. For this reason we need to draw down on just the Disrupt Travel related offers:

  • Disrupt Travel subscription $54.95 a month with an activation fee will get you deeply discounted rates for hotels, condos, resorts, cruises, etc.
  • Disrupt Essentials $79.95 per month puts both Disrupt Travel together with the Disrupt Money Bundle (personal finance and wealth management videos and tax software).
  • International Essentials $79.95 a month combines Disrupt Travel with learning a language (perhaps the national language you will encounter in your travels).
  • Eastern Health and Wealth $149.95 a month bundles with Disrupt Travel and provides travel, language learning and vibrant dermal stem cells.
  • Western Health and Wealth $129.95 a month provides Disrupt Travel with learning a language and skin care.

Disrupt Travel wants a distinctive understanding that they are not a travel agency. They offer “managed travel.” They define managed travel with an example like, “You call our concierge travel service, tell them you want to stay near Disneyworld for these dates with 5 family members.” Their concierge service then later contacts you with the travel arrangements and that’s managed travel.

When anyone visits Disrupt Travel you can choose to be a Customer or a Distributor. There is no charge to become a Distributor.

Resorts360 Vacation Club has three membership offerings:

  • $195 annually gets you a Service access without a member commitment.
  • $995 annually purchases an Executive Membership with up to 5 weeks of vacation stays.
  • $3,995 purchases a multiyear Elite Membership with an annual fee of $195 with unlimited vacation stays.

A grace period of 10 days allows anyone to cancel by way of phone call or email. Following 10 days your purchase is nonrefundable.

You can upgrade in the course of the year, but the upgrade does not reset your anniversary date. If you upgrade within thirty days you pay the difference between the two memberships, but after 30 days you will need to pay a $299 administration fee. Regardless of the date of upgrade, your annual dues will be payable on the original date you enrolled.

How Much Can I Make?

As in all such cases, you will want to visit the specific websites and get the most accurate and current information regarding compensation facts.

Disrupt Travel pays compensation no different from the other two areas of Disrupt Worldwide. There are two primary commissions paid out:

  • Global Override Commission
  • Generational Commission

Disrupt creates ranks for the Distributor based upon the volume of Disrupt sales accomplished each month both by Personal Volume (PV) and by Group Volume (GV).

As with any mlm organization, those others you bring into the organization are considered your downline. You enroll Tim and Tim enrolls Jane and Jane enrolls Suzie and Suzie enrolls Larry. Level 1 downline for you is Tim; Level 2 downline is Jane; Level 3 is Suzie; and, Level 4 is Larry. All of these are one unilevel leg with 4 levels. (Unilevel means you personally enrolled Tim and Tim did the rest).

Obviously, you can continue to personally enroll as many as you care to enroll. With each one you personally enroll you start another unilevel leg.

Disrupt makes it clear you can earn commission without building a downline, but the most elaborate treatment of compensation focuses on the rank that is formed from total sales volume that includes your downline.

Global Override Commissions include the following:

There is a unilevel commission of 30% paid to you from the PV sales of each person you have personally enrolled. That can add up!

So, your PV will include only the sales you have made for that month. GV will include all your PV and everybody enrolled by you and by those you have enrolled.

Disrupt Ranks are calculated every month using the following qualifiers:

  • PV: 45 and GV: 200 ranks as Base Camp with 40% from 1 uni-level leg
  • PV: 45 and GV: 350 ranks as Cairn with 40% from 1 uni-level leg
  • PV: 45 and GV: 750 ranks as Anchor with 40% from 1 uni-level leg
  • PV: 45 and GV: 1,250 ranks as Belay with 40% from 1 uni-level leg
  • PV: 45 and GV: 2,500 ranks as Ascent with 35% from 1 uni-level leg
  • PV: 75 and GV: 5,000 ranks as Tetons with 35% from 1 uni-level leg
  • PV: 75 and GV: 15,000 ranks as Andes with 35% from 1 uni-level leg
  • PV: 75 and GV: 35,000 ranks as Rockies with 35% from 1 uni-level leg
  • PV: 75 and GV: 65,000 ranks as Himalayas with 35% from 1 uni-level leg
  • PV: 120 and GV: 100,000 ranks as Olympus with 35% from 1 uni-level leg
  • PV: 120 and GV: 250,000 ranks as Mauna Kea with 35% from 1 uni-level leg
  • PV: 120 and GV: 450,000 ranks as Matterhorn with 35% from 1 uni-level leg
  • PV: 120 and GV: 700,000 ranks as Kilimanjarowith 35% from 1 uni-level leg

Achieving the GV noted above will also set you at a rank, with each rank earning a minimum monthly payout like these:

  • $20 to a Base Camp rank
  • $50 to a Cairn rank
  • $75 to a Anchor rank
  • $150 to a Belay rank
  • $250 to a Ascent rank
  • $1,500 to a Tetons through Himalayas ranks
  • $10,000 to a Olympus and above rank

Generational Commissions include the following:

In Disrupt a generation pertains to a position in each unilevel leg.

When a unilevel leg has a member that ranks as an Ascent or higher, the members prior to that Ascent ranking are considered one generation.

So, if a unilevel leg has two or more Ascent ranks, the generations will be seen as those members prior to the first Ascent rank being generation 1; and those members following the first Ascent rank and coming before the second Ascent rank as forming generation 2. This continues as long as there are Ascent ranks or higher in each of your downline unilevel legs.

The Generational Commissions are paid out to the seventh generation.

Each generation has a GV calculation according to the sum of all of each individual PV, and the generational commission is 10% of that GV. The question then is, how many generations can included? That question is answered in the following list by rank:

  • one generation is included for Ascent
  • two generations are included for Tetons
  • three generations are included for Andes
  • four generations are included for Rockies
  • five generations are included for Himalayas
  • six generations are included for Olympus
  • seven generations are included for Mauna Kea or higher

A Share Pool is formed each month with 65% of company wide sales volume for that month. This pool has three tiers: 40% is tucked into Tier 1; 17.5% into Tier 2; and Tier 3 had 7.5%.

Each rank is established by their PV and GV. A one-to-one equivalent is calculated to set 1 share for 1 GV. These are used to distribute shares out of specific tiers to specific ranks. The distribution includes: Tier 1: Basecamp through Ascent; Tier 2: Tetons through Himalayas; and Tier 3: Olympus and above.

Resorts360 requires you to forfeit your first sale commission (it actually goes to your upline sponsor, the person who enrolled you). The good news is the first sale credited to you can be your own membership. The better news is for everyone you enroll, their first sale commission goes to you.

A unilevel relationship is maintained throughout the compensation model. For every new member you personally enroll, regardless of how long ago, you earn a commission from their efforts.

It matters what membership you hold when the sale is conducted and it matters what membership is purchased.

It’s important to R360 that you understand you are selling memberships into a travel club. They do not see themselves as selling travel. Each of their memberships come with prescribed weeks of lodging, although there are several choices within the week that can be customized to your liking.

The type of membership purchases yields these commissions:

  • An Executive membership yields a $400 commission
  • An Elite membership yields a $2000 commission

In addition to the type of membership purchased, the type of member that makes the sale also qualifies the amount of commission received by the salesperson:

  • An Executive member receives:
    • a $400 commission in the sale of either of the memberships
    • can receive an additional $1,600 when a personally enrolled downline Executive member sells an Elite membership.
  • An Elite member receives:
    • a $400 commission in the sale of an Executive membership
    • a $2000 commission in the sale of an Elite membership
    • can receive an additional $1,600 when a personally enrolled downline Executive member sells an Elite membership.

An Elite member also earns a commission for each unilevel member personally enrolled:

  • $50 when an Executive membership is sold by any member you brought in
  • $400 when an Elite membership is sold by any member you brought in

Something Bigger And Better

Like I said earlier, I’ve found something better, easier, and more rewarding than either of these two opportunities.

You’ve stayed with it this far. You evidently value research. You’ve got to listen to this. It is worth your time and it’s no cost to you.