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Resorts360 Vacation Club versus Global Resort Network

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You may be feeling like me. I grow really tried when reviews are just hyped promotions of a product rather than simply a summary presentation of the product.

This compare and contrast summary does not promote travel mlm. I just want you to have another source to consider mlm travel choices when you are comparing Resorts360 and Global Resort Network.

These two travel mlm groups are often confused and perhaps this review will help you untangle the threads.

I will tell you before we get started that I am not affiliated with either of these two opportunities, nor am I involved with any other travel mlm. I’ve found something entirely different that provides income online that’s a lot easier and a lot more profitable, and that’s a lot more like who I really am. (If you want to stop to hear it, you can hear it for free and in brief the way I did from the 7 figure earner who first told me right here).

Pulling these two apart is a lot like getting gum out of your hair, you don’t so much care about the gum anymore, but it’s still very important that you respect it and get all of it out.

If you want to do your own up close review (and you should, my remarks are not intended to substitute for the original sources) you can find these opportunities very easily:

  • Resorts360 Vacation Club had its beginning back in the final quarter of 2008 and an even more recent resurrection in April, 2015. Visit them here when you’re ready: http://www.Resorts360vacationclub.net
  • Global Resort Network launched in 2006 and forfeited its original internet address, but you can catch meaningful and numerous representations by affiliates just by using your internet search browser. There seems to be no easily found corporate presence on the internet these days.


  • Resorts360 Vacation Club (Resorts360) changed its owner and CEO as of April, 2015, Jeff Mills ( Rodger Rutter, the original founder chose to retire after seven years).
  • Global Resort Network (GRN) founder and CEO is Al Morales, and Mark Hoverson came into joint partnership in 2010.

These two travel mlm enterprises are multi-level marketing travel networks. The expectation of each of these companies is to bring travel and the enjoyment of multiple means of travel and opportunities of global travel to the masses. By means of either of these two businesses a traveler can gain discounted fares and accommodations; and, may even legitimately consider making money on the side. (heck, it doesn’t have to stay on the side, you can make money right down the middle if you work at it hard enough).

Okay, the preliminaries are out of the way. Let’s try to do justice by respecting each of these as we compare and contrast them with one another.


They share a common desire, but they try to do so in uncommon ways. They want to make it possible for you and everyone like you to do more traveling, spend more time with family and friends, do so with less expense, and consider sharing the opportunity so often that you can get paid to travel, maybe even to the point that others join you in this exciting, traveling lifestyle. Both assure us this can only happen if you use their exclusive member-only experience.

It doesn’t take too many visits on the internet to discover there are many (I’ve researched more than 30) mlm travel opportunities. They all speak of cashing in on the 8 trillion dollar industry of travel annually.

In truth, the traditional travel agent serving as your personal assistant having insider advantages to packaged discounts specific to each competing airline, hotel, and theme park, is just no longer viable. The general public can sit down at their digital screens and access and compare travel opportunities without much more than just a common sense approach to planning a family trip. That may be the most plausible explanation for why there are so many accumulated trillion dollars spent on travel annually. The pity is, there is little need for a travel agent.

BUT, if a mlm travel enterprise can make the connection for friends and coworkers a little more simple and the packaging (or slight customization) of some travel packages can be made handy for the masses, there could be a lot of money to be made. That’s the concept behind both of these companies.

Let’s just say you like to travel. Because you like to travel you want a great variety of places to visit and you want those visits to not cost you more than what it costs your fellow travelers (and it would be bragging rights if you could get the very same trip at a price lower than all the other fellow travelers you come to know along the way).

In fact, if you could be given assurances that you could get cheaper travel costs consistently, no matter where or when or how many traveled with you, if that were so, you’d gladly share the information with your family and friends so they could do the same. (That’s what these two mlm businesses are trying to bank on).

Even more, you’d be really ready to use their services if it further reduced your travel costs or it brought a little profit into your pockets. And, even more so, if it really worked to make you money, you’d be willing to share that opportunity with others, particularly if their success meant you would also continue to make more money.

That’s the concept that both of these travel mlm companies employ and it works like a charm with lots and lots of people.

So How Do They Offer What They Offer?

Both Resorts360 and GRN provide to its customers a completely functional web based portal to access all the prospects of travel with discounts built directly into the experience.

Anybody from anywhere can make plans to be everywhere they want to be, as long as they go through the assigned website. That way, the affiliate (member of the respective mlm travel group) gets credit for all the bookings set by their customers or by the affiliate on behalf of your customers.

Both rely upon third party providers. The difference comes with regard to the third party used by each and the particular arrangements each of these travel mlm has made with their respective third parties.

Resorts360 uses Saveon Resorts as its travel aggregate portal. Saveon Resorts is a fulfillment center for travel clubs and Saveon is located at 5962 La Place Court, Suite 100, Carlsbad, CA 92008, Phone: (858) 625-0630.

This third party provides to clubs, agencies, and corporations a white label concierge and booking portal available twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. In its own right it holds a strong ranking with the Better Business Bureau and receives supportive reviews from numerous business clients.

White label services means that a group like Resorts360 can present the contracted services of Saveon Resort as if those services are being attributed (credited as) services of Resorts360. To their credit, Resorts360 is very public about the arrangement and, of course, this is a legitimate business to business service customarily conducted in many, if not most travel enterprise businesses.

SaveOnResorts.com makes arrangements with Resorts360 (and other unrelated travel sales group) to bundle exclusive member-only access to specific locales, travel choices, and accommodations for stays and extended stay that include hotels, resorts, cruises, vehicles, excursions, and other travel related options. 

That’s why Resorts360 can distinctively say they do not pay commissions on members joining their mlm travel experience, but rather Resorts360 pays its members commissions on the direct sales of travel packages through Saveon Resorts. (more about this later)

Global Resort Network equally relies upon an entirely different third party. Gold Crown Resorts is the third party provider for accommodations and travel arrangements.

Gold Crown Resorts got its start by offering Five Star properties worldwide as purchasable time shares. A time share is a viable concept whereby you share a preset time (usually one week out of fifty-two) calendared and purchased on an annual basis. Once you have your time share purchased, you can allow others to use your calendared time and location while you trade for another week in another location among time share members you know and trust.

Gold Crown Resorts learned to acquire these opportunities and developed an inventory of more than 5,000 opportunities. They would sell the opportunities and make a profit, all the while being confident the accommodations were luxurious and in locations sought after by the general public. This allows the general public entry to the time share group without purchasing the time share and without the obligations that come with it (large down payment, maintenance fees, organization fees, etc.).

In 2006 Global Resorts Network acquired the exclusive marketing rights to broaden and accelerate Gold Crown Resorts offers by way of online marketing and that’s what gave genesis to GRN’s quick rise to mlm travel. (A very wise step for both GRN and Gold Crown Resorts).

In 2013 Gold Crown Resorts no longer provided an exclusive relationship with GRN and things have not been the same since. Other travel mlm businesses have begun to use the same model pioneered by GRN and the competition is showing. Gold Crown Resorts can provide weeklong luxurious locations around the world for as low as $398 (and that’s for anyone who uses Gold Crown Resorts).

It remains interesting to contemplate this notion. If the traditional travel agent’s gatekeeper status (being the only knowledgeable means by which the general public could negotiate personal travel with travel providers like air, hotel, resort, entertainment) has faded into the backwaters of the travel industry, how long will it take before the general public realizes it can bypass these two middle men (go direct to Saveon Resorts or go direct to Gold Crown Resorts) and their roles follow the path of the used-to-be-necessary travel agent?

Cost of Membership:

Resorts360 Vacation Club provides three choices for membership (the first one is a surprise):

  • A non-member purchases a service fee of $195 annually (I know, it’s weird, but practical)
  • An Executive Member purchases at an annual fee of $995.
  • An Elite Member purchases at $3995 (this is a multi-year purchase and it’s going to require a deeper study to know your exact commitment per number of years desired) and you keep paying an annual fee of $195.

For the cautious among us, a 10 day grace period is provided so you can request a refund if you get cold feet by phone or by email. But after that 10 days, you don’t get anything back.

Global Resort Network also provides for three choices of membership:

  • $11,995 Diamond Member has 20 Premium weeks annually with concierge services
  • $7,995 Platinum Member has 10 Premium weeks annually with concierge services
  • $2,995 Silver Member has 2 Premium weeks annually with concierge services

How Can I Make Money?

Regarding this matter you will want to make direct contact to each company in order to be certain of their most current compensation plans. I have found three varying representations of the compensation plans from various sources on the internet. It is a sign that things do change and this is one of those important things. No doubt, things may change again from when you are actually reading this.

What I’m about to share is intended as a general introduction and should not be considered a replacement for any assurances you will want to achieve with the business opportunity that interests you. Please conduct due diligence to get your information and your answers directly from whomever you expect to be paid.

It is the hope and expectation by both these travel mlm businesses for each of their members to assemble massive teams of satisfied customers to become evangelists preaching and testifying to all their friends, family and acquaintances and converting them into equally enthusiastic travelers who sell even more people the dream and experience. In doing so everyone will travel more and make a little money while doing it. Perhaps you’re in there somewhere?

In order to represent Resorts360 respectfully it is necessary to say, as they say, they do not pay commissions for members bringing in other members, but rather they pay commissions for the sale of travel packages. This does pose a bit of a problem because the type of package you purchase is the distinguishing type of member you are.

Resorts360 awards compensation by using a unilevel model with a “pass one up” requirement. That means you don’t get a commission on the very first sale you make (but that first sale can be when you are buying in for the first time). Unilevel means the system continues to reward you for the efforts put forth by any one you personally sell into the program. The take away here is that your personal recruits remain yours regardless of any other organizational structure applied in the multi-level marketing arrangement.

As we keep applying Resorts360’s sensitivity to selling travel packages rather than recruiting members, we will say that Resorts360 pays a sales commission for each member who purchases a travel member product.

  • $400 commission for the sale of an Executive Member product
  • $2000 commission for the sale of an Elite Member product

The product a member purchases determines the level of commission the member may claim if the member sales a product to someone else. A member must have purchased an Elite Member product to receive the full sales commission from the sale of an Elite member product.

An Executive member only receives a $400 commission if the Executive member sales an Elite member product. The remaining $1600 of the commission passes up to the person who personally sold the Executive member an Executive member product. It really makes a difference as to how much a member is paid based upon what level of product the member originally purchased before selling member products to anyone.

Don’t forget, Resorts360 uses what is called a “pass one up” uni-level compensation model.

The “pass one up” works for you after you start selling the member product. Those whom you bring in make their first sale and it is passed up to you. Remember, their buying in with a member product purchase counts as their first sale.

In truth, when you purchase something you certainly don’t anticipate you will gain a commission off your own personal purchase (but, hey, isn’t that what we call a discount…what happened to that concept?)

In a uni-level compensation model each member who sales a member product to a new member retains a relationship with that member for the life of service with the mlm organization. Every member you sell into Resorts360 remains your related member and you are awarded commissions on their efforts.

The way that work is if you are an Elite Member and any member you bring in sell a new Executive member product, then you receive $50. If you are an Elite member and any member you bring in sell an Elite member product then you receive $400. If that member you brought in is only an Executive member and the Executive member sales an Elite member product, you actually get $1600 because the Executive member can not collect more than $400 for an Elite member product sale.

Global Resorts Network awards sales commissions. In the same way as Resorts360, the level of commission is affected by the level of membership held at the time of the sale. In the same way as Resorts360, GRn participates in a “pass one up” model of compensation. The first sale commission never belongs to the one who sold it.

The GRN Gold level member will receive a $500 sales commission and the Platinum member will be awarded $1000 commission per sale. Those whom a member recruits into the business continue to serve as their downline. The commissions remain the same for each sale based on the status of the member. It really is that simple.

The commissions from sales made by those the member brings in will continue to pay the member the same amount as if the member himself brought the person in ($500 and $1000 respectively).

That’s About It

Admittedly, its an introduction and not meant to be exhaustive or declarative. It’s my attempt to make it brief and helpful.

I really must say again, to be brief and helpful, you really ought to find what I found by listening to my friend and 7 figure earner Brad. I don’t use the mlm model because I don’t have to and that means I don’t have to recruit, be dependent upon the efforts of others, or have to learn a system that may change over night.

Listen to Brad and learn a little for FREE.