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TRAVEL AND CASH… Due Diligence

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Physical Location:

The physical location is not identified and is unnecessary, according to Travel and Cash management. A vague identification of customary business operations puts the IT and web development in India and Australia, with United States based travel suppliers, and multiple country locations for customer support, legal advice, and translation. Its management team is in India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Croatia. MLM travel has moved into a new generation. Keep reading on to find out just how different things can be.


  • Chief Visionary Officer Michael Faust: (previously, if not still tied to “Holidays and Cash”; “Lekker International”; “Wenyard”)
  • President Kingsley Ennis (previously, if not still tied to “Yoli” of health and nutrition)


  • When you search for it, you could say the product would be the use of My Travel World portal access to travel services from a third party. (whatever that might mean to you)

Travel and Cash Compensation Plan:

They explain it themselves right here

Travel and Cash Rewards

Here’s a real indication from the Travel and Cash FAQ’s

“Do I make money from the sale of travel?

No. Income is derived from the sale of our different memberships. Travel and Cash’s travel providers are offering the lowest prices with no commissions to ensure members get the best price possible.”

You make money from enlisting others into Travel and Cash memberships.

But, it’s more like “pay it forwardish.”  You don’t receive most of the commission from your direct enlistee membership purchase. You receive more when your direct enlistee passes up to you what their direct (your indirect) enlistee membership costs.

That means the commission you receive is more dependent on what your direct enlistee does with their direct enlistee.


Information indicates that commissions are highly affected by the entry level of membership. Yet, not all levels of entry are provided examples

  • Club – no information provided
  • Premium – no information provided
  • Elite – you keep $50 and pass up $200 on first sale; thereafter you keep $250 on an Elite enlistee


A Matching Bonus is paid to the 5th level of those you directly enlisted to membership. It follows this line:

  • Club membership and 2 enlisted members = 20% bonus to first level of enlistment
  • Premium membership, 2 enlisted members and a total downline of 10 members = 20% bonus to second level of enlistment
  • Premium membership, 2 enlisted members and a total downline of 20 members = 20% bonus to third level of enlistment
  • Elite membership, 2 enlisted members and a total downline of 50 members = 20% bonus to fourth level of enlistment
  • Elite membership, 2 enlisted members and a total downline of 100 members = 20% bonus to fifth level of enlistment


Travel and Cash TOKENS are the primary measurement to calculate commissions.

The amount spent on Travel and Cash memberships determines the number of tokens acquired.

  • 1 token for Club
  • 2 tokens for Premium
  • 7 tokens for Elite

TOKENS are accumulated in a series of 7 QUEUES.

  • As the queues are accumulated, the commission is awarded to the top position.
  • A Travel and Cash member can affect their standing in the queue based on direct and indirect enlistment. A member can “lift” their position in the queue by as many as 15 positions, depending upon the type of membership their enlistees purchase.

Queues and number of positions determine the commission as follows:

  • Queue 1 (must add six new positions) $100 travel voucher
  • Queue 2 (must add three new positions) $25
  • Queue 3 (must add three new positions) $50
  • Queue 4 (must add three new positions) $100
  • Queue 5 (must add three new positions) $500
  • Queue 6 (must add three new positions) $1000
  • Queue 7 (must add three new positions) $2000

Each TOKEN that progresses through the entire 7 Queues awards $3775.

Matching Bonus

Travel and Cash members receive Matching Bonuses on their directly enlisted members.

The amount of Matching Bonus award depends on the cost of membership the directly enlisted member spent:

  • 25% Matching Bonus to Club members enlisting 2 new members
  • 50% Matching Bonus to Premium members enlisting 2 new members
  • 100% Matching Bonus to Elite members enlisting 2 new members


Travel and Cash collects a monthly pool of 2% of global sales. The top 20 Travel and Cash recruiters are awarded an equal share of this monthly pool.


Prospective members need to be enlisted by a current member. However, if you independently desire to join, then there is a link provided on the site that allows your “Introducer” to be the “Power Team.”

Prospective members sign up for any one of three membership levels:

  • $200 for Club Membership
  • $500 for Premium Membership, there will be an annual renewal fee of $400
  • $1500 for Elite Membership, there will be an annual renewal fee of $550

Travel and Cash income potential is the distinguishing factor between each membership choice.


  1. No retail product.
  2. No disclosure of third party travel supplier.
  3. No disclosure of commission for the two lower levels, but instead, a clear demonstration of commission for an Elite membership ($1500).
  4. The higher the membership purchase the higher positions granted for the queues.
  5. Encouraged to purchase Elite membership ($1500) for a potential award of $3775 per invested TOKEN.
  6. 2% Pool Shared with Top 20 Recruiters (who’s to count; what is counted)

There’s no retail marketing. New memberships produce funds to be turned back to earlier enlisted members, and all are being encouraged with unsound “return on investment” clues without source of income beyond what is won in the memberships and renewal fees.

This business model boarders on a pyramid scheme and in some ways Ponzi is another way to say it.

A pyramid scheme includes the absence of a viable product or service that can be prove a benefit to the public. Instead, it is a promise of income mainly from the enlistment of others to also pay into the scheme.

A ponzi scheme is more or less the promise of amazing results from a comparatively small initial cost. It always creates its own vague terms and when investigated closer provides definitions to the terms that are unclear and can be taken the direction most favored by the investor. The “open secret” to these schemes seems to always be a desire to protect the imagined initial investment by investing even more with little additional evidence to believe it continues to be a good investment.

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