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Welcome to the BLOG!

Glad you are here! Welcome! I’m Scooby (get the full story of my name here). I’m really a focused kind of guy. I can’t wait to share with you a home business model that can easily out do any MLM travel deals.

Now, I have a great amount of respect for MLM travel deals, and I’ve been the recipient of such benefits. But, I have an even greater respect for deals that work for a lot more than just 3% of the people that try it for income purposes. (Catch the hint, there?)

It will take me several posts to walk you through the comparison, but, hey, I’ve got the time, I’ve got the interest, and I’ve got the truth that drives me to share all of it with you.

Odds are you are the type of person that checks things out, does the research, and then makes a wise decision.

If you haven’t been introduced to the most popular MLM travel deals out there, then you’ll be fully informed in just one place (that’s going to save you lots of time and leave you with a confidence you’ve had a comprehensive view to the field. If you already have a preference in a MLM travel system, then you can at least have a handy comparison between the most popular (even if yours is not listed among them).

More importantly, you’ll be shown something much more likely to increase your income. That would give you the opportunity to take advantage of any travel club you may care to use.

Here’s the customary business model these travel MLM deals consistently apply.

Step 1: A great way to save on vacation packages
Step 2: Why not enjoy the savings?
Step 3: Enjoy helping others save.
Step 4: Do it right and you can make money helping others.
Step 5: Do it with a view to helping others do it right and you can make     some real income.

Want to hear exactly what Step 5r’s want to hear?

“Scooby, we appreciate the business model behind XYZ (MLM Travel System). It is a great way to save on our outrageous vacation packages…we hear what others have paid and just try not to be too disclosing about our savings (why ruin their vacation?). In just 3 months it’s become a great way for us to earn income once we were certified as CTA* and that’s in addition to the travel savings we’ve made (even greater savings as agents). I absolutely love it! If anybody would want to know more, just contact me at www.pleaseuseme.travel”

*Certified Travel Agent  (there are hints everywhere!)

Sounds great, right? (If you didn’t catch it, there was no mention of higher costs in money, time, and contacts in order to get the higher benefits, like free travel portals and such).

Oh, are you going to enjoy my posts…cause good ain’t so great when you get introduced to excellence!

We’ll take our time, treat others with respect, and do an honest review with proven results, and I’ll leave the conclusion to your own good sense.

Here’s a hint… there’s always one major flaw that can end up costing you a lot more than you save.