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XStream Travel Review

xstream travel logoXStream Travel is extremely hard to find!

Have you heard of XStream Travel? Bet you’ve had a hard time finding a review about them!

There’s a reason why, but let me get to that later. (Look for the Hint)

I ran across XStream Travel as an afterthought. I was searching to understand more about another MLM Travel opportunity a friend asked me about. I’m that kind of friend that you go to when you don’t want to do the hard investigation stuff. You know, the nerd that comes in handy for research but isn’t quite the one you go to for dating or marital advice.

I will tell you that I don’t mind providing reviews on MLM Travel companies because I have found a far better way to make money. I learned it from my friend Brad. He’s in the video right here and can tell you the important stuff. If you thought you could make money through MLM Travel, he’s got a better way and there’s not one complaint in this review that even comes up when you do things the way Brad does things. Listen to him.

Due Diligence:

Here’s the essential due diligence about XStream Travel to begin with:

Website: http://www.XStreamtravel.com/

Location: Allen, Texas 75002 suburb of Dallas 214.383.0122


  • David E. Manning serves as the CEO of Paycation and the President/CEO of XStream Travel. Mr. Manning has extensive background in the MLM Travel niche through YTB (Vacation Network), TraVerus, (TraVerus Travel, TravelWorks) spanning across several years (17 and counting).

HINT: That’s why it’s hard to get a review on XStream Travel. It’s because XStream Travel is “nested” in with it bigger brother Paycation and Paycation gets all the attention. It was when I was researching Paycation that I first heard of XStream Travel.

  • Lori Speers Director of Travel joined David Manning in launching XStream Travel in 2005 and represents XStream Travel to several vendors such as Funjet Vacations, Classic Vacations, Royal Caribbean, and Travel Savers.
  • Other leadership with whom Manning is associated in Paycation include Donald Bradley, Lori Spears, Shawn Manning & Mark Campese.

XStream Travel Description:

XStream Travel is a hosting company for thousands of home based travel consultants through a member-only travel portal that accesses third party travel services, a source for certified travel training of travel consultants, and a provider of private labeled access to third party travel services.

XStream Travel BBB Report:

XStream Travel is currently (July, 2015) not accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Businesses are not required to secure accreditation from the BBB and as the BBB site states, “some businesses are not accredited because they have not sought BBB accreditation.” Source: BBB

Nonetheless, the current BBB rank is B-

Now as you can imagine, the simple complaints any travel related company is going to get from travel customers would include concerns about billing or ticketing, or a terrible travel experience. Frankly, those are reasonable concerns and certainly areas in which travel problems can arise.

Having studied MLM Travel companies for a while now, most complaints I witness are about recruiting commission errors or the absence of promised payouts. That doesn’t sound like travel concerns, but it certainly is the concern of every MLM company on the planet.

So, witnessing a complaint about actual travel concerns is a real positive discovery to me about XStream Travel. (Weird, being encouraged by someone else complaining, huh.)

The XStream Travel Offer:

  • A travel portal to third party travel services is provided through Paycation (see the Paycation Review)
  • Certified travel training that can lead to travel agent certification
  • Travel commissions
  • Residual income options

What Does That Mean?

  • The travel portal provides a means to achieve Travel commissions paid up to 90% plus profit sharing pools and overrides by using your own professional travel agent website allowing you to book travel online through searches of third party services.
  • The Certified Travel Consultant Training is an on-line travel career education center for individuals interested in pursuing a career as a travel consultant or establishing a home-based travel agency. Training is provided by XStream Travel.
  • A private label (promoting your travel service name) of an XStream Travel professional website allows a company-based employee travel need or a client-based home business to book everyday travel or vacation packages for business or personal enjoyment.
  • Travel commissions are earned through the use of these services.
  • Residual income options are the result of affiliate recruitment of other travel consultants.

How Does XStream Travel Work?

  • XStream Travel is a 14 year old licensed and bonded travel agency. XT primarily provides Paycation members professional training to become a Referral Travel Consultant or a Certified Travel Consultant. Paycation, and by default, the travel portal for XStream is powered by the same travel engine as Priceline.  That’s what opens up an expansive access to thousands of travel and lodging opportunities in addition to vehicle rentals and cruises the world over.
  • In brief, you first become a Referral Travel Consultant and begin saving money on your own travel plans. In doing so, you share with your friends or fellow travelers how you saved so much for the same or similar travel costs that were higher for them. The general XStream Travel thought expressed here is, “Everyone you know is traveling or wants to travel, why not direct them to your travel site for instant profit.” Source: XStreme Travel.com
  • That works out well for you and your friends so they tell others, too. As they begin to tell others you encourage them to become Referral Travel Consultants as well. That leads to a grand army of fellow consultants pleased with their personal travel discounts. That pleases you and them because there are commissions for each new consultant enlisted.
  • These commissions turn into residual income because your consultants hire more consultants and you benefit. On top of that, everyone is still eligible for the discounts that come from travel or the additional travel made possible because of all the good you’re doing to help everyone else enjoy more travel.
  • Again, the detail is covered in the Paycation Review. In fact, it’s cover so precisely, you don’t want to see it again here.
  • But, not so fast. The Private Label offer allows you to do aXStreme Private Labelll of this with a public-facing travel club of your own. You can promote it within and for the corporation you work for, provided it doesn’t get you dismissed, so please seek permission first. (This is one of those for which you don’t want to have to seek forgiveness later. It could come at too high a price.) Though not stated, I truly believe Virtual Group Travel is an example of this very thing, only applied at-large over the internet. I’ve got to admit the example here really turned my eye when I saw it.

XStream Travel Cautions and Concerns:

The prospect of savings on travel is always a great consideration. But, can you go to Priceline and get similar savings without the monthly costs of fees in Paycation and XStream Travel?

If you actually buy into the full plan, drink the Kool aide, learn the handshake, get your friends to do the same, is it real or just hype, that you will make money above the initial and monthly costs? How many like-minded people do you really know who also know more like-minded people?

There’s A Better Way:

I just don’t have to go through that “learn to be a certified travel consultant” thing, nor that recruiting thing, nor the complaints about genuine travel problems nor the complaints about downline and upline commissions and bonus matrices, and none of that.

I’m really glad I listened to my friend Brad… It changed my life for real. It will do so for you, too.

PS: NO, I mean no; none; zip; nada; never recruit anybody…and make a good income!