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Disrupt Travel or Pro Travel Plus?

Somebody has you interested in a travel mlm. You’re wondering if travel mlm agencies are the way to go? Or, if being a travel mlm agent is a possibility for you? Or, if your friends who are in Disrupt Worldwide or offering you something that can’t be matched by Pro Travel Plus?

Disrupt  OR  ProTravelPlus logo

Lots of questions. I intend to provide you information to come to your own conclusions.

Truth be told, I’m not trying to get you to choose one of these two mlm travel opportunities over the other. Making money with Disrupt or making money with Pro Travel Plus is not in my cards.

I have found something far better and certainly more to my way of working to help others and help myself. No hard push here…if you want to make yourself aware of something better, listen for FREE to a seven figure earner who told it to me. Brad has become a friend and a mentor. He’s worth listening to for your own satisfaction.

I gathered the following information from blogs, forums, company websites, and interviews. It’s the same process of discovery you would take if you had the time (maybe you’ve already taken the time and this article is part of it).

Take a look at the two directly from their own sources:

  • Pro Travel Plus got out of the gate in April, 2015 located here: protravelplus.com
  • Disrupt Worldwide stepped into travel mlm communities in April, 2015 and they are here: lifedisrupted.com

Leadership is the key and often the personality of mlm opportunities. A look at the management tells you right away, these guys have experience!

Disrupt Worldwide (Disrupt) has cofounders Jason Elrod and Rea Nichols at the lead. Jason (and several others like Andy Benis) brought experience from WakeUp Now, a mlm of bygone months. (Some have even said Disrupt is what happened when WakeUp Now went to sleep)

Pro Travel Plus (PTP) is guided by Seth Fraser who comes with experience in Kannaway mlm and with Uneeqlee, That Free Thing, and Freebie Force. Again, mlm styled experiences left in the wake of better things to come.

Concepts and Products:

Pro Travel Plus introduces members who promote the opportunity as “professional tourists” rather than salespersons. The concept is to travel for pay, enjoying the savings available to members and membership simply sharing with fellow travelers, and those who only wish they were traveling, the opportunity to become a member, make an income and keep doing the same all the way around the world.

Pro Travel Plus includes a Rewards Network that provides members with access to brand name products and gift cards in addition to a travel booking service with member-only discounted prices.

A PTP member purchases one of three membership choices:

  • $69.95 buys a 1 STAR membership ($35 upfront and $34.95 monthly fee)
  • $269.90 buys a 2 STAR membership ($69.95 upfront and $199.95 prepays for 6 months)
  • $469.90 busy a 3 STAR membership (69.95 upfront and $399.95 prepays for 12 months)

Along with the membership the new member is supplied five hundred reward dollars (not publicly traded) to be used in booking travel arrangements. The catch here is that the amount of reward dollars applicable to a specific travel choice is determined by the PTP powers that be, it is not set by the member. The member will see the public price, the limit of reward dollars that can be applied and a displayed reduced travel cost to the member.

Disrupt Worldwide is broader than travel, but Disrupt Travel is an integral part. Let’s take a moment to understand in order to be equally focused, this review will only seek to compare the Disrupt Travel experience with the Pro Travel Plus experience.

The Disrupt Worldwide broader view sees itself as a lifestyle company helping people to better handle and enjoy money, travel, and wellness.

In order to gain a grasp of the Disrupt Worldwide concept, let’s take a look at three third-party services offered, each with a monthly cost and subsequent bundles:

  • $19.95 monthly buys the Disrupt Money:
    • Mini courses to instruct Finance 101, tutorials style videos for personal accounting with bank accounts, credit cards, savings, mortgages, etc. (nine courses)
    • Taxbot for small business and personal records
    • Wealth and Finance management tools
  • $34.95 monthly buys the Digital Health:
    • “My eWellness” fitness plan
    • “doctor on call” for real time consultations
  • $54.95 monthly with activation fee buys the Disrupt Travel Subscription (this is our focus, more on this later)
  • $129.95 monthly buys the Health and Wealth Bundle (all three mentioned above). Obviously, if you do the math this is a slightly higher monthly price, but this bundle also includes a case of the private label Thunder energy drink (they have energy bars, as well).
  • $109.95 monthly buys the Disrupt Essentials Plus Bundle (includes all three mentioned above, without the Thunder energy drink/bar).

Disrupt Travel has specific offers (this is where we focus for comparison):

  • $79.95 monthly buys Disrupt Essentials– joins a Disrupt Travel subscription with Disrupt Money Bundle.
  • $79.95 monthly buys International Essentials– joins a Disrupt Travel subscription and access to an “online language learning system.”
  • $149.95 monthly buys Eastern Health and Wealth – joined with a Disrupt Travel subscription, a language learning system online encourages you to travel with knowledge of the local language and have vibrant “dermal stem cells” while doing so.
  • $129.95 monthly buys Western Health and Wealth– joined with a Disrupt Travel subscription, a language learning system online encourages you to travel, speak with the local nationals and apply Perfect Skin Rx Oil for vitalized skin.

Focus on Travel

Pro Travel Plus (PTP) invites pre-enrollees, members, and the curious to log-in at their website portal: https://www.protravelplus.com

As you step through the portal and eventually become convinced this is the choice for you, you’ll become a “professional tourist” by selecting STAR membership level you desire.

Disrupt wants people to understand they are not a travel agency, but rather they offer “managed travel” and claim to provide up to 80% off the public price of travel costs.

If you go directly to this Disrupt offer, http://www.lifedisrupted.com/products/travel/

you’ll choose between being a Customer or a Distributor. There’s no charge to be a Distributor (but keep your eyes open).

Compensation Plans

There are some similarity as to terms that you want to understand between these two travel mlm agencies.

  • Downline – seems clear enough, it includes those new members related to your personal enlistment and any other members related to those you have personally enlisted. (Just like relatives from Great grandparent, to Grandparent, to Parent, to Child…but no aunts, uncles or cousins).
  • Leg – a direct line of enlistment (you enlist Red, who enlists Sam; you enlist White who enlists Orange produces two different legs: leg 1 is You-Red-Sam and leg 2 is You-White-Orange)
  • Level – usually measured from the Downline point of view, a Level is created at each logical step: Great grandparent to Grandparent is Level 1 to the Great grandparent; Grandparent to Parent is Level 2 to the Great grandparent; Parent to Child is Level 3 to the Great grandparent.
  • Matrix – nothing to do with the mathematical matrix tables, but everything to do with mlm formulas. It’s a ratio of number of people on the same level and the total number of levels to be included. (A 2×3 forced matrix is only 2 members can be on the same level and include all people downline to the 3rd level)
  • Spill Over – obvious once applied, if you can only have 2 enlistees on the same level, what are you going to do if you enlist number 3? You “spill over” by appointing your third enlistee (and all subsequent personal enlistments) to another Level, providing assistance to a downline team member to get their two enlistees on a Level that helps them).
  • Unilevel – this is when you maintain a universal relationship with those you personally enlist, even if you “spill over” one of your enlistees to help a downline team member. This is any one you personally recruit or enlist into membership.
  • Upline – just as clear as downline, only it’s from the Child to Great grandparent view. (Child looks up to Parent; Parent up to Grandparent; Grandparent up to Great grandparent)

These two plans vary significantly at points, so be clear as to which one is being discussed or you’ll certainly become confused.

Pro Travel Plus commissions pay attention to two factors: what is your membership status when you enlist or sell and what is the level of membership you sell.

PTP commissions appear simple to understand:

  • 1 STAR members get a commission of $15 for each new member sold
  • 2 STAR members get a commission of $25 for each new member sold and, by keeping a minimum of ten PTP team members in the downline, you get a $5 commission when any Level 2 team member sells a new member.
  • 3 STAR members get a commission of $30 for each new member sold and, by keeping a minimum of ten PTP team members in the downline, you get a $5 commission when any Level 2 team member sells a new member, and you get a $3 commission when any Level 3 team member sells a new member.

PTP Powerline Bonus is paid out according to the upline view of Child to Great-Great grandparent. In other words, every “relative” in the straight line of relationship gets 3% of a new enlistee sale, and although that seems very lucrative, in practice it means for 5 levels, each person in the upline gets $5.25.

PTP pays out residual commissions through a 2×14 matrix (no more than 2 on a level downline for 14 levels). Here are the percentages per member status and level applied:

  • 1 STAR gets 2% at Levels 1-4 and 2.5% at Levels 5-8 and 3% at Levels 9-10.
  • 2 STAR gets 2% at Levels 1-4 and 2.5% at Levels 5-8 and 3% at Levels 9-12.
  • 3 STAR gets 2% at Levels 1-4 and 2.5% at Levels 5-8 and 3% at Levels 9-12, and 2% at Levels 13-14.

Matching Bonus (that matches the matrix percentage payouts above)

PTP pays out to Level 6 for all unilevel relationships (defined above) as long as you keep your active downline team members:

  • 1 STAR Level 1 gets a 15% match bonus
  • 2 STAR Level 1 gets a 25%, Level 2 gets a 10%, Level 3 gets a 5%
  • 3 STAR Level 1 gets a 30%, Level 2 gets a 15%, Level 3 gets a 5%, Level 4 gets a 3%, Level 5 gets a 2%

3 STAR ELITE (minimum of 500 current members) Level 1 gets a 50%, Level 2 gets a 15%, Level 3 gets a 5%, Level 4 gets a 3%, and Levels 5 and 6 get a 2%.

 Disrupt blends together the concepts of traditional mlm compensation models and comes up with their own hybrid structure.

In addition, Disrupt sets commissions according to your Distributor rank. It matters what you sell and what rank you hold when you make the sale. Both Distributor rank and generational position are calculated (see more in a moment).

Further, Disrupt keeps an accounting of your PV (personal sales volume) and the GV (group sales volume to which you are a member).

Disrupt uses two types of commissions (applied to all Disrupt offers including Disrupt Travel):

  • Global Override Commission
  • Generational Commission

 Let’s look at Distributor Ranks qualified by Personal Volume (all sales you make) and by Group Volume (all sales made by all members you have brought in and including all those they have brought in):

  • Base Camp – PV: 45 with GV: 200 and only 40% from 1 uni-level leg
  • Cairn – PV: 45 with GV: 350 and only 40% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Anchor – PV: 45 with GV: 750 and only 40% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Belay – PV: 45 with GV: 1,250 and only 40% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Ascent – PV: 45 with GV: 2,500 and only 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Tetons – PV: 75 with GV: 5,000 and only 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Andes – PV: 75 with GV: 15,000 and only 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Rockies – PV: 75 with GV: 35,000 and only 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Himalayas – PV: 75 with GV: 65,000 and only 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Olympus – PV: 120 with GV: 100,000 and only 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Mauna Kea – PV: 120 with GV: 250,000 and only 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Matterhorn – PV: 120 with GV: 450,000 and only 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg
  • Kilimanjaro – PV: 120 with GV: 700,000 and only 35% coming from 1 uni-level leg

 Ranks Earn A Minimum Monthly Pay

These ranks keep being important because each one is given at least some pay every month. If you stay qualified by the listing above, you will never earn less than the listing below:

  • Base Camp minimum pay is $20
  • Cairn minimum pay is $50
  • Anchor minimum pay is $75
  • Belay minimum pay is $150
  • Ascent minimum pay is $250
  • Tetons through Himalayas minimum pay is $1,500
  • Olympus and above minimum pay is $10,000

Uni-level Commissions (any personally recruited distributors)

All product sales volume (PV) of each personally recruited distributor will award a 30% commission to the one who enlisted the distributor.

Generational Commissions

Each uni-level leg can be divided into generations. A Disrupt generation is mark at the rank of Ascent or higher. All members in a uni-level leg below the rank of Ascent is counted as one Disrupt generation.

When that same uni-level leg produces another Ascent member, then the second generation is formed. It continues like that in marking the number of generations per uni-level leg.

Generation Commissions are paid out to generation seven and limited by the rank held:

  • Ascent – 1 generation
  • Tetons – 2 generations
  • Andes – 3 generations
  • Rockies – 4 generations
  • Himalayas – 5 generations
  • Olympus – 6 generations
  • Mauna Kea or higher – 7 generations


The entire Disrupt company measures a total global volume each month. A “Shares Pool” that amounts to 65% of the total global volume is the source for a distribution of “shares.” The pools divided into 3 tiers, each tier holding a portion of the 65%:

Tier 1 has 40%; Tier 2 has 17.5%; and Tier 3 has 7.5%

You are awarded your earned share pro-rata within your rank and tier as measured by your distributor rank:

  • Tier 1: Basecamp through Ascent
  • Tier 2: Tetons through Himalayas
  • Tier 3: Olympus and above

Distributors receive a pro-rata award according to the number of shares figured per GV and within the specific rank of each distributor.


You will never see me trying to recruit friends and family for the sake of me making some money. I like working with people, but not at their expense. If I know that only 3 percent of the people I talk to are going to do well, then I owe to the other 97% to just stay quiet. Not one of the 100% hears it from me.

I really don’t recruit and I don’t look upon everyone I see as a potential for income. I work hard at what I do and I enjoy the rewards. If you want to work at something you don’t need to talk your friends into doing, then seriously, listen to Brad.

I did and it has changed my income dramatically. It can earn you money, too.