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Global Travel International – A Review

Global Travel logoGlobal Travel International, Inc. was founded in 1994 and offers travel services primarily through home-based independent, self-employed travel agents. The corporate office address is 1060 Maitland Center Commons, Suite 305, Maitland, FL 32751, USA.

The website is located at www.globaltravel.com

The management team includes:

  • Mr. Randy Warren, Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Michael Gross, Co-Chief Executive Officer and President
  • Ms. Diane Steenman, Chief Operating Officer


GTI (Global Travel International) was the brainchild of two college roommates (Warren and Gross). It shook the Travel Industry. Associations of travel agents (at least one to do so was the American Society of Travel Agents, known as ASTA) were protesting and the Federal Trade Commissions was petitioned and non-traditional travel agents were breaking over into a new day. The desire to keep overhead low and provide travel services unrestricted by location has been the basic system from day one.

Aside from the promised discounts for travel services booked through their membership site, GTI offers the opportunity for work from home part-time or full-time travel assistants (GTI Agents) to earn commissions from the travel bookings and from the enlistment of others to equally serve as a booking agent.

A traveler seeking discounts can visit the website and move seamlessly into and out of Funjet Vacations, Apple Vacations, and Travel Impressions as you browse the great variety of travel destination choices and various travel packages offered. The offerings and potential discount savings can best be compared by your own research prior to purchase.

Membership Benefits:

The benefit of membership includes entry to a large selection of travel services and a large, ever expandable travel service network of service promoters and service providers.

Members get discounts on air, hotel, and vehicle rentals.

A GTI membership provides travel agent status and can add additional agent-only discounts to future travel. As a GTI agent, you can earn a bonus referral fee as well as sale commissions and other cost saving certificates.

Vacation packages, cruises, and group sales are where the highest commissions come in. When the payout commission reached $50 or higher, a commission check is to be sent out 30 to 60 days after the accomplished date of travel.

To add to the income potential, GTI agents could enlist additional agents and receive a onetime referral bonus (quick cash bonus) of $35 for each one. Residual income through portioned commissions can be paid up line to those who recruit the new affiliates as well. Income can then include an agent’s commissions from travel services booked and accomplished; from referral bonuses by enlisting new agents; and from portioned commissions off of the efforts of those whom the agent enlists.

Signing up a new affiliate earns a quick cash bonus of $35 dollars. The enlisted member must pay the full membership rate at the time of enlistment and remain active for at least thirty days. In order to receive the bonus for enlisting a new affiliate, both the enlisting member and the member enlisted must be recognized in good standing at both the time of the enlistment and when the bonus payout is transmitted.

As an agent needs or desires additional training, training is offered (some training is fee based) with some memberships provided discounted costs.

Membership Choices:

A member chooses among three membership levels. Through the years even the names of the choices have changed, but the structure has continued to be very consistent.

The three membership subscriptions include Silver, Gold, and Platinum. All memberships provide the online travel booking portal; GTI travel agent credentials and photo card; discounted travel; GTI University access; referral bonuses; and the RESMAX personalized travel booking site.

Silver Membership has an annual payment of $199 or 12 monthly payments of $29.95.

Gold Membership has an annual payment of $299 or 12 monthly payments of $39.95

Platinum Membership has an annual payment of $399 or 12 monthly payments of $49.95

In addition:

The Silver Membership provides a $1,000 bonus commission certificate

The Gold Membership provides a $1,500 bonus commission certificate

The Platinum Membership provides a $2,000 bonus commission certificate

Bonus commission certificates do not have cash value. These certificates are issued on a quarterly basis and each are travel service specific (meaning specific cruiselines, etc.). Each must be redeemed specific to their description (meaning 7+day full pay, etc.). Each must be booked within a specified calendar date and the travel must be concluded within a specified calendar date. Each must be requested and most are not combinable with other offers. Each is issued at varying values, most from $20 to $50 values. Examples can be found here. Bonus commission certificate

The Gold and Platinum Memberships includes the weekly GTI e-news and 3 Day/2 Night Mini Vacation certificate and priority call center support.

The Platinum Membership is the only membership that provides teleconference training archives and ongoing training discounts. A Certificate for 4 Day/3 Night Cruise is also provided.

The ResMax travel services website is maintained by GTI and is personalized to you as a GTI agent. You can direct anyone to your specific website. Anyone who uses the site or when you assist someone by booking through the site yourself, the services purchased through the site are uniquely attributed to your agent PIN (personal identification number). This initiates the commission process on your behalf.

Cautions and Concerns:

  • Be careful to read the fine print regarding trial periods, refunds, and activation fees. A onetime activation fee of $49.95 is charged before agreeing to membership and the 14 trial period is not excluded from the non-refundable activation fee. To call the trial period free would be a misnomer. Failure to return the information package within the 14 day trial period results in a 12 month membership charge of either $29.95 or $39.95 or $49.95 monthly, respective of the membership level selected.
  • The percentage of commission is calculated by the base fare of travel minus the applied taxes and fees and then by a range of 5 to 10% of the base travel fare. You would want to further understand the practical application of the following statement: “Payouts start at 50% of base and increase to 90% of base as travel sales increase.”
  • Cancellation of membership is only achieved by voice call to GTI. A cancellation number is issued. Return of your independent Travel Agent Identification Card is necessary and a signed cancellation agreement may be required. When you accept the Membership Terms and Conditions you agree that a faxed, emailed, or postal mailed request for cancellation is dicato an invalid request. The call must be made and a cancellation number received. If not, your membership remains active and your billing continues as originally registered in your membership purchase.
  • Longevity… 1994 and counting is very impressive in an industry where MLM travel companies can grow, fade, and go away as often as a visit from your in-laws.

Given the longevity of GTI, the Better Business Bureau has received a variety of data. Their current BBB status has been effected by a lack of response to some disgruntled customers. The BBB rating score is:

Global Travel International bbb 7-13-15

Additional Cautions have been shared by:

As with any MLM concept, enlisting affiliates to do the same tasks you are doing can become prematurely competitive and mutually defeating if your “warm markets” are overlapping. (A warm market is your circle of family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc.)

There IS a BETTER Way

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That’s why I listened to my friend Brad. He’s the guy in the video at the top. He showed me a better way for personal income that does not include compensation charts or certificates that have no cash value, or seeing all my closest relationships as money signs rather than as the value of relationship alone.

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