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ZynTravel vs Paycation

Make money with ZynTravel VERSUSmake money with Paycation

We’re going to take a quick look at how these two travel mlm business opportunities measure up side by side.

ZynTravel comes to us from Zyndio and was offered in September, 2015, as the initial participation in what is to become a lifestyle involvement in travel, heath, and money. The trifecta of life, or so it seems to some new mlm entrepreneurs.

Paycation began in early 2014 and has plenty of history to glean from the web. There focus is vacation travel and earning some income on the side.

Both have the advantage of seasoned leaders

Zyndio made up quick ground by quite a few members transferring almost in mass over from Vemma (now defunct thanks to FTC). The prelaunch was focused on gaining two thousand members as quickly as possible.

Paycation had a similar advantage when Manning left Traversus, but not as pronounced.

What Do MLM Travel Businesses Do

Both ZynTravel and Paycation offer travel discounts to thousands of sought after vacation spots and entertainment venues all over the world. The costs vary according to the distance traveled, the means of travel, the level of experience sought and the time away you plan to have.

Even with all those factors included, ZynTravel says they have cut out the middle man and can offer deeper discounts that other travel mlm opportunities.

Paycation and ZynTravel use a third party partner to provide the travel opportunities and travel services. These third party travel aggregates provide combinations of travel, location, and lodging in such a way as to make most of their offers exclusive to each travel mlm business.

Many people feel they can achieve equal discounts and accommodations by searching out Travelocity, Expedia, Trivago and others. Some of these only accommodate travel, others only locations and lodging. Either way, its a good way to keep travel mlm companies honest about the savings they intend to provide their members.

An even more effective way for you to hear the real side of making money better than mlm is to listen to my mentor and friend, Brad. In just a few minutes you’ll hear more specific steps to take than you’ve ever heard explained regarding how to make money and where to get it.

Access to travel portal website is the primary way both of these mlm travel companies keep track of the bookings, the mlm organizational structure, and the compensation/bonuses due each affiliate.

The general approach is to join the mlm, take advantage of a travel experience, keep good records of how much you saved, share the excitement of the trip and the savings with friends, be ready to tell them when they ask how they can get such a good deal as you. That’s the standard approach to traveling the world for free and making a living while you do it.

What Do You Pay To Join ZynTravel

ZynTravel invites members to join at any of three different membership levels:

  1. Pay $49.99 and get a Silver membership along with a $75 travel credit
  2. Pay $199.99 and get a Gold membership along with a $300 travel credit
  3. Pay $449.99 and get a Platinum membership along with a $750 travel credit

The travel credit dollars are traded in for ZynTravel trips and provide an even deeper discount to the “up to 85% discounts” they already provide.

In addition to the initial membership charge there will be a $19.99 one-time activation fee and a $12.99 every month charge for your personal website.

What Do You Pay To Join Paycation

Paycation has three levels at which anyone can join their mlm travel business:

  • Pay $29.95 monthly and get an Independent Affiliate spot.
  • Pay a one-time $99.95 fee and keep paying $59.95 monthly to get a Referral Travel Consultant position.
  • Pay a one-time $199.95 fee keep paying $59.95 monthly to get a Certified Travel Consultant position.

Paycation recognizes their salespersons as “travel consultants” and uses Xstream Travel as the means of educating and training the member to a higher knowledge of the travel industry.

What Does ZynTravel Pay You – ZynTravel Comp Plan

  • Sales Commission

You can earn a sales commission by booking travel for ZynTravel. The catch is, it’s not that easy to calculate. No one gets paid if there is no profit. ZynTravel uses third party partner to sell and service travel arrangements. When travel is booked, the difference between what the actual cost of the third party partner and what the booking charges provides a percentage of the profit to ZynTravel for the business. Zyntravel then shares a smaller portion with you as a sales commission. That sales commission will always be:

  • Silver affiliate earns at 25%
  • Gold affiliate earns at 50%
  • Platinum affiliate earns at 100%

It becomes apparent really quickly, the type of membership you hold makes a difference in how much you are paid.

  • Affiliate Referral Bonus

As with all mlm companies the number of new recruits you enlist will establish your standing in the company and provide you with additional income. In mlm there are levels declared based on your position and on those whom you have enlisted. Level 1 are those who you have personally enlisted. Level 2 are those who are enlisted not by you, but by your recruits on Level 1.

A Referral Bonus is paid in ZynTravel on both Level 1 and Level 2:

  • Level 1 recruit bonus is set at 20%, so $10 will go to a Silver; $40 to a Gold; and $90 to Platinum
  • Level 2 recruit bonus is set at 5%, so $2.50 will go to a Silver;$10 to a Gold; and $22.50 to Platinum
  • Affiliate Cycle Bonus

A ZynTravel cycle is achieved with three Level 1 members have each enlisted three recruits of their own. That means there are three at Level 1 and nine at Level 2 in a cycle. This cycle can be repeated oer and over again.

The Affiliate Cycle Bonus continues to be paid on each completed cycle and specific to each affiliate membership held:

  • A member holding a Silver affiliate receives $150 upon each completed cycle
  • A member holding a Gold affiliate receives $600 upon each completed cycle
  • A member holding a Platinum affiliate receives $1,350 upon each completed cycle
  • Affiliate Lifestyle Bonus

A Platinum affiliate can receive bonuses of products, trips, vehicles, cash, etc.

  • When a Platinum affiliate accumulates 5 cycles a mini ipad is awarded
  • When a Platinum affiliate accumulates 10 cycles a Go Pro Hero camera is awarded
  • When a Platinum affiliate accumulates 25 cycles a MacBook Air is awarded
  • When a Platinum affiliate accumulates 50 cycles a mastermind session with Anthony Powell
  • 1000 cycles by a Platinum earns a BMW or Mercedes and $10k in jewelry
  • the highest cycle award by a Platinum will be a cash payout of $1 million.
  • Affiliate Matching Bonus

ZynTravel awards an Affiliate Matching Bonus on Level 1 and Level 2. A sliding scale is used to calculate the total cycle bonus to be paid. When a member achieves fifty or more cycles they are at the optimum payout award. Level 1 awards a 25% bonus and Level 2 awards a 10% bonus:

  • A member holding a Platinum affiliate receives $337.50 at Level 1 and at Level 2 receives $135.
  • A member holding a Gold affiliate receives $150.00 at Level 1 and at Level 2 receives $60.
  • A member holding a Silver affiliate receives $37.50 at Level 1 and at Level 2 receives $15.
  • Affiliate Travel Bonus

ZynTravel dollars are a way to get the travel costs even lower than the customary reduced ZynTravel prices. The Affiliate Travel Bonus is awarded to any member that keeps three personal recruits active. Each member gets a 5% bonus in ZynTravel dollars each time a cycle is awarded.

If a Platinum affiliate manages to recruit three more Platinum enrollees into ZynTravel in the first fifteen days, that Platinum affiliate earns a 10% Affiliate Travel Bonus for life. That can add up to free travel often. For example, a Platinum affiliate gets $1,350 on each completed cycle and if the Platinum affiliate has earned the 10% lifetime travel bonus, that Platinum affiliates stores away $135 ZynTravel dollars for each cycle. Along with the ZynTravel discounts, that’s a free ride to an exotic location.

  • Affiliate Global Bonus

ZynTravel has plenty of advantages for quick starters, but it give 12 months for an affiliate to qualify for the Global Bonus. All the unclaimed compensation among affiliates who don’t stick around long enough to earn anything is rolled upon into a Global Bonus.

To qualify for a pro-rata share of the Global Bonus an affiliate must achieve 50 cycles are more in the previous 12 months. ZynTravel is making it clear, it pays to stick around and to get those cycles completed.

What Does Paycation Pay You – Paycation Comp Plan

A Paycation distinctive is not to pay any airfare commissions.  It goes way back to when they started and it’s not been lifted yet.

  • Sales commissions are paid according to your membership status in Paycation:
    • a Referral Travel Consultant receives a sixty-five percent commission.
    • a Certified Travel Consultant receives a seventy-five percent commission.
  • Paycation awards commissions for recruitment of new people
    • $10 commission is paid out for the sale of an Independent Affiliate membership
    • $10 commission is paid out for the sale of a Referral Consultant membership
    • $25 commission earned with the sale of a Certified Consultant membership

It is not unusual in mlm companies to establish a replicating structure required to qualify for payouts. With Paycation an upline sponsor relates to three personally enlisted members and the work those members produce down the line for a total of seven levels. (A level is created at each point enlistement advances: I enlist you, you are at my Level 1; when you enlist someone they become my Level 2 and your Level 1).

Paycation uses a 3 x 7 forced matrix, meaning if I enlist a fourth enrollee, I place that fourth enrollee under someone that already relates to me through previous enlistment. This is referred to as “spill over” and it works well to create a sense of team, particularly when you are in a flurry of enlisting several new enrollees in a short amount of time.

We’ve already spoken of the two membership types in Paycation: Referral and Certified. Now we need to recognize the five commission ranks Paycation uses for payouts. (Hint: they use the Levels spoken of above).

Ranks include:

  • six members in the entire group with at least three at Level 1 and at least three are Referral or Certified. This rank is Executive.
  • an Executive rises to Regional Executive by selling a minimum of six additional memberships and in those six there must be a minimum of three Referral members.
  • a Regional Executive gets to National Executive by selling a minimum of ten additional memberships and within those there must be a minimum of six Referral members or higher.
  • a National Executive arrives at an International Executive – by selling a minimum of fifteen additional memberships and within those there must be a minimum of three National Executives, each of the National Executives must come from a separate direct chain of enlistment.

A mlm “leg” comes about when there is a continual connection of enlistment. For instance, member Red enlists member Strawberry who enlists member Tomato who enlists member Plum. Everyone is in the same leg and each of them are at a different Level (Red to Strawberry at Level 1; Level 2 is Strawberry to Tomato; Level 3 is from Tomato to Plum).

  • An International Executive finally achieves a spot at Presidential Executive when twenty new membership are sold with at minimum of three International Executives and none of them are found in the same leg.

Residual Commissions

Paycation recognizes all Level 1 recruits and pays an eight percent commission to you for what they sell. In addition, every personally recruited enrollee (even if you placed them under someone else in your downline) that you brought into the business will continue to earn for you an eight percent commission from each of their sales.

The eight percent is figured on the type of membership sold and it makes no difference when the sale is accomplished.

Yet, A Better Way

Why make the choice between two travel mlm opportunities if there is something better? And, there is.

No recruiting, no pushing others to do more, no trapping friends and family into discussions they would rather not have, no possibility of disappointing those you care about with false hopes and pipe dreams.

I listened to my friend Brad and all of that changed for me. I’m not regretting one thing. I make residual income each month, don’t trouble other people, and don’t have to keep record of how many people are no longer involved. Here, listen right here for a few important minutes and then make your decision. You’ll be really glad you did. I am.