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MyFunLIFE Review… Do You Really Want To Be A LIFER?

“MyFunLIFE” can be found at www.myfunlife.com and it got its start March 2013, based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

I first came across MyFunLIFE when researching similar MLM Travel clubs for a friend of mine. Yep, I’m the friend that some call “Skept-ie” instead of Scooby because of my natural skepticism for MLM products and services. Sooooo, here’s my take on how to evaluate MyFunLIFE.

I had already run into Brad and he set me straight. It’s changed my view to mlm altogether. You ought to hear it straight from him right here for FREE.

1. Who is behind the whole thing? Who’s the dynamo and his/her minions that make enough of a internet splash to get a ripple of interest?

  • Dan Edwards, Chairman, CEO and Founder (may have heard of him from Equinox International, YTB Travel, Monavie, and Usana)
  • Matthew Edwards, Chief Visionary Officer and Founder
  • Rod Goodman, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ron Pope, Chief Operations Officer
  • Dan’s wife, and all 6 of their children (it’s a family affair)

2. How do they describe themselves?

The mission of MyFunLIFE is ‘’to provide a global network of positive people, life changing products, and an unparalleled opportunity for our Members, our communities and the world we live in!’’

Hint: It’s going to be more than just fantastic travel discounts, but let’s talk travel MLM for a perspective.

Let’s get the glossary of terms before going on:

  • MyFunLIFE…started in March 2013, based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and growing strong. If you’re a member you can get cash-back on your travel plans and commissions when your contacts book their travel plans on CHA-CHING.
  • CHA-CHING booking engine searches out the best deals on airfares, vehicle rentals, cruises, hotels and a fun bunch of much more.
  • FunTRIPS are exclusive travel packages deeply discounted through the power of bulk purchasing by MyFunLIFE network.
  • FunCONDOS are member only accessed luxury condos in impressive resort destinations at discounted rates
  • SIZZLE WEEKS are posted weekly only to paying members and tend to be condo deals.

3. It’s MyLIFE, so how do I LIVE it?

CHA-CHING can be used for free by MyFunLIFE customers.

For a low $21.00US you can become a MyFunLIFE member and get full advantage of discounts on all booked FunTRIPS and FunCondos. In addition you get essential business tools (contact management, team matrix tracking, video promotion and training, and much more) that make business building so much easier.

Compensation Plan

  • Members not only get cash back from booking their own travel through their CHA-CHING account, but they can earn overrides from referrals who book through the member’s account (including any referred free customers’ bookings).
  • Members can far exceed one-off commissions (1 trip = 1 commission) by earning commissions up to 7 levels without sponsoring even one other person! (That’s really unusual in the MLM Travel industry).
  • Using a 3×10 forced matrix, members can earn the 7 levels and all the way to 10 levels from any referral who purchases membership. In addition, the member can qualify for up to 50% Check Matching and weekly Coded bonuses. Take a look:


Let’s Get Practical:

  • It’s an app (the $21 monthly expense keeps you functioning). (Industry average for mobile apps runs about $O.99US). But there are some back office tools.
  • MyFunLIFE bulk purchasing accesses Travelocity…some say MyFunLIFE is a middle-man (and you know what you always do with middle-men, you bypass them).
  • The free affiliate offer gives you access to the Travelocity compensation plan that Travelocity provides directly anyway.
  • The 3×10 Matrix becomes the network that benefits the MY group noted above and those who build their own matrix within the matrix, and keep the fees coming and the purchases that keep the bulk rates operative.

When it gets all boiled down, there are many who enjoy the community of MyFunLIFE. They appreciate the convenience of guided access to bulk rate travel expenses and they readily help friends with this expansive travel agent-styled app. They are die hard, passionate MyFunLIFEr’s.

4. How does it work?  I mean, really work?

a. This 8 trillion US dollar business isn’t going away anytime soon. Lots of vacation opportunities are not occupied at any time in any location through any services to get and keep you there.

b. There are plenty of potential vacationers at any time wanting to travel at a discounted price.

c. MyFunLIFE skillfully connects the dots:

  • Travelocity with potential discounted travel costs
  • FunCONDOS.com (owned and operated by Jennifer and Ron Livengood of Scottsboro, AL) with access to hundreds of thousands of condo resellers and shares
  • FunTRIPS Travel (started by Carl and Denise Daleo) with comprehensively planned trips and customization per the customer’s choices
  • Cha-Ching Booking engine (third party) to secure these discounted services for airfare, vehicle rentals, hotels, resorts, etc.
  • Compose an internet application (we have an app for that) that stays alert 24/7/365 to keep the dots connected.

Do You Want To Be A LIFER?

You’ve found this review because you are questioning your potential involvement or your current involvement with MLM travel clubs. No doubt, what is really on your mind is how can I create an income stream and enjoy life?


There’s a better way. Listen to my friend Brad tell you what can actually work for you. Here’s a brief thought:

  1. What if all your efforts go to your credit?
  2. What if all the results of your work goes into your bank account?
  3. What if you can start at a low entry cost (listen to Brad, you won’t believe it)?
  4. What if you never lose what you start with, no matter how boldly you start?
  5. What if the payout comes to you because of working smart, not working hard?
  6. What if you don’t ever, no not ever, have to recruit anyone, and your business still grows?