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Surge365 logoMost likely someone has hit you up with the hot prospect of Surge365 and you’re trying to see if it is legit or not.

Good for you! (Or, you’ve jumped in and you’re having second thoughts) I can help!

Here’s how it’s working on you so far….

  1. You got a personal invite by word of mouth.
  2. You got an EZ Button and plugged that baby in.
  3. You didn’t get the button, but you got in through the website.

Catch your breath and let’s peel this thing apart for a few minutes.

(Btw, my friend Brad has found away to avoid the common pitfalls of MLM Travel…give him a listen in the video)

Website: They can be found at www.surge365.com (No, don’t go there, let me tell you some things first)

Launch: Though the website displays an initial date of October, 2014, the launch of Surge365 was achieved on May 2, 2015 in a convention in Reno, Nevada.

President: James Tackett, worked with Avon, Herbalife, Oriflame, and Primerica to name just a few. He owns Success Partners (hosts the marketing and training videos related to Surge365)

Relationship: Surge365 is identified as “365Surge Back Office Pro Travel Network.” PTN COO Jessica Henderson has recognized a lot of potential and suggests a re-invention in travel service networking.

Essential Category: Surge365 is a MLM Travel network with deeply discounted travel bookings as the background appeal.

Reason To Buy: You can save money on travel costs and so can your friends you kindly tell

Reason To Tell Others: Your friends see the value and want to do the same. This produces an income for you and for them. [click to continue…]

TVI ExpressI have studied Travel Ventures International Express because so many questions still circulate around this global enterprise. I became curious due to the many complaints I discovered. I found myself confused about the strong feelings expressed both in favor and against TVI Express.

I finally had to compose my gathered thoughts in this one post. I hope it helps you to organize your thoughts. I certainly am no expert on this. Simply a fellow consumer trying to find my way. I’m so very glad I listened to my friend Brad (watch the video). If you want to avoid these crazy antics of MLM travel, like I have avoided, then you want to at least hear him out…probably before you read on.

TVI Express has been around in some form since 2009, having begun in India. TVI Express has undergone multiple transitions during these years. At one time it identified its main office in London, England, and more recently simply identifies as an international, global company with a primary international office in Cypress and multiple corporate offices in 5 separate countries.

In its current rendition of FAQs posted at TVI Express, you find an interesting explanation about certain countries. Frequently Asked Question number 15 identifies restricted markets where there is already a local presence or one is intended soon. Two reasons are offered for the restriction of these markets:

  • market exploration and intended penetration
  • optimum tax system integration

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iTravelParty logo

iTravelParty and TheTravelParty are interrelated. There are several locations attributed to the two in social media platforms, YouTube nested videos, and iterations of .net; .info; etc.

There is no entry through their portals without the identification of the name of the person who introduced you to the site.

There are clear interchanges of information between the two in promotional presentations and training videos.

Description: “The Travel Party is more than just discount travel and lifestyle products and services. It is a vehicle for members to create time and financial freedom to explore, dream and discover the world around us.” Source: TheTravelParty


  • Daniel Butts – Chief Executive Officer, has been the top producer in several companies (co-founder of RocketCashCycler; launched EZ Wealth Formula) with teams exceeding twenty thousand members in several countries.
  • Tracey Jamieson- Chief Operating Officer, brings over 30 years of hands-on experience in successfully growing sales and revenues and improving customer service.

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Website: Coastaltravelpackage.com

Launch: June 16, 2002

Website Admin: COA Network, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA

Coastal Vacations sells travel and travel discount packages that provide discounted access to third party travel services. It is not a seller of travel. In addition, CV assists its members in creating income through commissions paid for the recruiting of new members to CV (who in turn, if they too want more than discounted access to third party travel services will recruit other members).

I Thought They Were No More

Given the nature of the internet, where stories can seem as current as morning coffee, you really have to search to find the calendar date of the contents you read. There are active Coastal Vacations associates and directors promoting the Coastal Vacations system right now (July, 2015). Some have the mistaken idea that Coastal Vacations is no longer with us.

Despite the scathing statements of public news sources, former Coastal Vacations members, and self-appointed investigators of potential scammers, it is true that Coastal Vacations continues. I mean look, you’re reading this for some reason, right?

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dht groupThe beauty of the internet is how anyone can see everyone at any time. That’s why a MLM Travel company like Diamond Holiday Travel can keep having life after so many think it is gone.

Our friends around the globe get what we’ve had, and we get what they have had, and each of us thinks what we have is brand new. If we see something we’ve seen before, we think we were first. I had a friend once tell me, “Some people are so far behind the others, without having the others in sight, they think they are the first ones when they are really the last one and far behind.”

You’re looking at Diamond Holiday Travel to either jump in, bail out, or confirm you’ve made the right decision to do either of those…or, you’re wisely looking at Diamond Holiday Travel before you do anything.

Diamond Holiday Travel (DHT) clones itself to whatever country, nationality, or region in which it attempts to be applied. Thus, you get Diamond Holiday Travel Africa (the most prominent at this writing); and you get Diamond Holiday Travel Ojuola; and Diamond Holiday Travel Indonesia; and Diamond Holiday Travel Philippines; and on, and on.

That’s not unusual for any global company to have a common but different name applied in different global settings. It’s quite common. There’s nothing to be concerned about regarding the name.

Essential Identification:

Name: Diamond Holiday Travel

Launch: January 2010

Leadership: CEO, Andy Hsu

Locations: (according to DHT Africa in 2015) Suite 1200, 1000 N West Street, Wilmington, Delaware, 19801, United States. With additional locations in Africa (70 Richards Drive, Midrand, 1685, South Africa) and Hong Kong (Unit 3-5, 21 / floor, No. 09 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong)

Affiliations: Diamond Holiday Travel Inc. is an affiliated firm of American Asian Science Foundation (AASF). AASF is a private corporation which was established in 1969 in Washington DC. USA.

Company Description: (compiled from public sources who identify with DHT) DHT is an Internet marketing company which will provide the members discounted packages on hotels, airlines and all expenses paid on local and international tours and will allow its members to earn incentives and easily finance their own holiday by offering this opportunity to their friends, relatives and community members.

Due Diligence:

DHT Group Africa seems to be one of the most publicly attainable expressions of Diamond Holiday Travel at this time. It continues to cite the essential identification as noted previously.

There are fresh and recurring expressions of Diamond Holiday Travel in a great variety of countries. A search of the internet will provide you with the most attainable in your area. The presentations are in large part the same. It is for that reason the following information is educational in nature and there is no attempt to enlist or to encourage involvement with DHT in any of its current expressions anywhere on the globe.

Instead, I’ve stopped considering for myself the MLM Travel opportunities because I have discovered a better way to a better day. My friend Brad has led me there. You would be wise to listen to his video to learn what he has learned, and how there is a better way for you right now.

Diamond Holiday Travel launched in January, 2010, and their promotional and informational videos remain available in YouTube and in a great variety of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels. [click to continue…]

It just doesn’t go away. If you want to study MLM travel, you must consider YTB, if only historically.

(just so you know, if you’re limited for time, I’d pass all of this and just listen to the guy in the cap, on the video…he’s never off, always on, and he can help you now!)

Names: As is typical of MLM Travel networks, the YTB organization has used a variety of names. Originally known as Your Travel Biz or YTB, it has been called YTB International and most recently YTB Global Travel.

Base: Wood River, Illinois, with subsidiaries in the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S.

Historical Development: per wikipedia

2001: company launched in Alton, Illinois by J. Lloyd “Coach” Tomer, his son Scott Tomer, and Kim Sorensen launched YTB in 2001 in Alton, Illinois.

2004: REZconnect Tech partnered for rapid growth into 23 employees and total travel sales of $20 million.

2007: Royal Caribbean broke off relationship, citing uncustomary use of perks intended for travel agents shared with public.

2008: Attorney General Jerry Brown of California settled out of court regarding inappropriate business practices, resulting in a substantial doubt of the company’s future. Loss of membership accelerated the concern. [click to continue…]

Here’s what all of us know:

  1. We all want a vacation from time to time, and all the time we want high quality at a bargain price.
  2. Some of us would even travel more and work less provided we could be assured a fair price is being paid.
  3. Some would like for travel to be our actual work.

Aren’t you glad to discover this blog post…if you are in any of the three descriptions above, then Pro Travel Network definitely had you in mind when they started back in 2003. They want you to know they are still meeting your need to this day.

How Do You Find Pro Travel Network?

  • Pro Travel Network, 7735 N. Blackstone Ave #101, Fresno, California, 93720, phone (559) 224-6008 admin@protravelnetwork.com
  • Pro Travel Network, 4981 Highway 7 Unit #9 Markham, ON L3R 1N1 Phone: (289) 562-0090 admin@protravelnetwork.com
  • Their website is: protravelnetwork.com

What Is Generally Known about Pro Travel Network?

Pro Travel Network is registered as a California Seller of Travel. Their site identifies vendor agreements with many travel companies, not the least of which are Air Canada, Apple Vacations, Avis, Carnival Cruises Lines, FunJet Vacations, Hertz, Hilton, Hyatt, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, United Airlines Vacations, and Westjet. They hold accreditation with IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network) and CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association).

These folks have stood the test of time with more than 12 years of service in an industry that sees companies come and go like trains through Central Station, New York. In these 12 years they have become one of the largest professional home based travel agent service networks anywhere. They have offices in the United States and Canada and are venturing into additional locations worldwide.

PTVL is the stock symbol under which Pro Travel Network trades.

What Does The BBB Have To Say About Pro Travel Network?

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Let’s start with the summary:

Paycation is one of the top three travel education and travel planning providers worldwide. It’s not a fly by night. The primary services include: discounted vacation packages, travel arrangements, airfares, vehicle rentals, cruises, and hotel/resort reservations.

  1. Paycation is a remake with the intent of staying around longer than other mlm travel clubs.
  2. Paycation teams up with Xstream Travel to provide a paid service of professional training for two levels: Travel Consultant and Certified Travel Consultant.
  3. Paycation search engines are among the broadest, most inclusive in the industry.
  4. Payout and bonuses are not the highest in the industry, but this remake from Traverus was done in order to provide an improved compensation plan. Those acquainted with the former system say that Paycation is greatly improved in its compensation plans.

Now, let’s break it down to Cation or Caution:

Paycation wants to be your Lifecation. This remake is still a travel club with MLM structure and the promise of living the “life-cation” we all want…getting paid and traveling to all the vacation spots everyone else talks about.

Disclosure: I’m NOT a CTC with Paycation or with any other MLM travel club. (But more about that later).

The syndrome common to MLM travel clubs is grow fast and fade faster. That’s the syndrome CEO David Manning expects to avoid in Paycation. He added the vastly experienced President, Mr. Mark Campese and Vice President of Marketing Mr. Donald Bradley of (YTB and Pro Travel Network fame), just to make sure the unusual happens this time. They’re here for the long run.

If you’ve got a minute, hear the Paycation opportunity directly from the CEO, David Manning.

What’s the basic sell of Paycation?

Travel agent type services supported with a powerful web based agent tool portal and a network business model for marketing purposes.

Here’s the track the most successful run in Paycation:

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“MyFunLIFE” can be found at www.myfunlife.com and it got its start March 2013, based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

I first came across MyFunLIFE when researching similar MLM Travel clubs for a friend of mine. Yep, I’m the friend that some call “Skept-ie” instead of Scooby because of my natural skepticism for MLM products and services. Sooooo, here’s my take on how to evaluate MyFunLIFE.

I had already run into Brad and he set me straight. It’s changed my view to mlm altogether. You ought to hear it straight from him right here for FREE.

1. Who is behind the whole thing? Who’s the dynamo and his/her minions that make enough of a internet splash to get a ripple of interest?

  • Dan Edwards, Chairman, CEO and Founder (may have heard of him from Equinox International, YTB Travel, Monavie, and Usana)
  • Matthew Edwards, Chief Visionary Officer and Founder
  • Rod Goodman, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ron Pope, Chief Operations Officer
  • Dan’s wife, and all 6 of their children (it’s a family affair)

2. How do they describe themselves?

The mission of MyFunLIFE is ‘’to provide a global network of positive people, life changing products, and an unparalleled opportunity for our Members, our communities and the world we live in!’’

Hint: It’s going to be more than just fantastic travel discounts, but let’s talk travel MLM for a perspective. [click to continue…]

Hey, I’m Scooby.  If you’re searching Google for World Ventures reviews, you’re definitely the right place.

I’m a VRA (no, it’s not some 12 step program)…virtual research assistant. It’s not a real title, but it must be tattooed to my forehead.

Among my friends I’m known as the skeptic. So, they use my skepticism to their own advantage. It’s one of those communal habits, they enable my disease by asking me to look into things for them. Sick!


Just the facts, ma’am; just the facts

It’s a service I provide to my friends. I don’t get paid for it. I don’t have to please anyone and I’m not responsible for what people conclude. I am responsible for presenting the facts. Just like a Jack Webb (Sgt. Joe Friday) portrayal of a Los Angeles cop in the 60’s TV series Dragnet, (so, I’m into movies, all kinds of movies) “just the facts, ma’am; just the facts.”

So, it’s not long before I had a friend ask me to do a review on World Ventures.  (See their corporate website here.)

When I’m summons to such an opportune task, I ask that the friend not tell anymore than, “What is your bottom line question?” His basic question was, “Is this a legit group, or just a scam looking for another victim?”

Legit for what…it sounds like travel…legitimate rates, destinations, blackout dates?

Well, my friend seemed irritated. His response, “Sure, but also, do they pay real money if I become an agent that promotes their company?”

Oh, it’s an income stream he was seeking, not merely a vacation spot! Now, I’m really interested to answer his question. (be sure to read to the end).

[click to continue…]

Welcome to the BLOG!

Glad you are here! Welcome! I’m Scooby (get the full story of my name here). I’m really a focused kind of guy. I can’t wait to share with you a home business model that can easily out do any MLM travel deals.

Now, I have a great amount of respect for MLM travel deals, and I’ve been the recipient of such benefits. But, I have an even greater respect for deals that work for a lot more than just 3% of the people that try it for income purposes. (Catch the hint, there?)

It will take me several posts to walk you through the comparison, but, hey, I’ve got the time, I’ve got the interest, and I’ve got the truth that drives me to share all of it with you.

Odds are you are the type of person that checks things out, does the research, and then makes a wise decision.

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To warm this icy blog up, I thought it’d be fun to start with some of my absolute favorite holiday destinations of all time.  (This is Brad by the way.  I’m making a rare appearance at the ol’ keyboard.  My buddy Scooby will be doing most of the blogging here — I’m just the video guy ’cause he hates being on camera!  Anyways…)

Here they are:

  • Los Cabos, Mexico (aka “Cabo“)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (aka “Sin City“)
  • Dunkerton, Iowa (aka “D Town“)

I’m sure the first two didn’t surprise you.  Cabo is gorgeous; Vegas is “anything goes.”  Both are fun and inspiring in different ways.

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