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Paycation Review… Pay-cation or Pay-Caution?

Let’s start with the summary:

Paycation is one of the top three travel education and travel planning providers worldwide. It’s not a fly by night. The primary services include: discounted vacation packages, travel arrangements, airfares, vehicle rentals, cruises, and hotel/resort reservations.

  1. Paycation is a remake with the intent of staying around longer than other mlm travel clubs.
  2. Paycation teams up with Xstream Travel to provide a paid service of professional training for two levels: Travel Consultant and Certified Travel Consultant.
  3. Paycation search engines are among the broadest, most inclusive in the industry.
  4. Payout and bonuses are not the highest in the industry, but this remake from Traverus was done in order to provide an improved compensation plan. Those acquainted with the former system say that Paycation is greatly improved in its compensation plans.

Now, let’s break it down to Cation or Caution:

Paycation wants to be your Lifecation. This remake is still a travel club with MLM structure and the promise of living the “life-cation” we all want…getting paid and traveling to all the vacation spots everyone else talks about.

Disclosure: I’m NOT a CTC with Paycation or with any other MLM travel club. (But more about that later).

The syndrome common to MLM travel clubs is grow fast and fade faster. That’s the syndrome CEO David Manning expects to avoid in Paycation. He added the vastly experienced President, Mr. Mark Campese and Vice President of Marketing Mr. Donald Bradley of (YTB and Pro Travel Network fame), just to make sure the unusual happens this time. They’re here for the long run.

If you’ve got a minute, hear the Paycation opportunity directly from the CEO, David Manning.

What’s the basic sell of Paycation?

Travel agent type services supported with a powerful web based agent tool portal and a network business model for marketing purposes.

Here’s the track the most successful run in Paycation:

  1. First, join the PTC (Paycation Travel Club) as a PIA (Paycation Independent Associate) and refer the PTC to coworkers, family, and friends. That gets you travel savings and introduces you to the income possibilities.
  2. Second, you can advance to a RTC (Referral Travel Consultant) and you’ll have access to reduced costs for travel, car rental, cruises and hotels, and we’re talking worldwide. At this level you can set up your own travel site or just refer to Paycation’s site.
  3. Third, becoming a CTC (Certified Travel Consultant) through Xstream Travel training, will travel discounts and perks, as well as tax advantages.

Using protected portals at the Paycation website, as a CTR you will be able to search the lowest prices and the highest discounts available. No matter how peculiar the trip plans may be, or how unique the requests become, these search engines are ginning out competitive plans as fast as you can type them in.

Odds are, there will even be previous guest reviews about this “unique” vacation you’ve shaped from your own imagination.

When it’s time to pay out, you should expect the customary variety of travel fees and taxes already included. What you will definitely see is the Paycation additional profit fee (their profit, not yours). It’s stated very closely to this phraseology: “The charge for Taxes and Fees varies based on a number of factors including, without limitation, the amount we pay the hotel and the location of the hotel where you will be staying, and may include profit that we retain.”

Just like Don Fanucci (Gastone Moschin) to young Vito Carleone (Robert De Nero) (Godfather, Part 2 1974,) said, “You should let me wet my beak a little. I hear you and your friends cleared $600 each. Give me $200 each, for your own protection. And I’ll forget the insult.” Hey, let them wet their beak!

Caution #1: If Paycation always includes such additional costs, could the same travel arrangements be found at the same discounted prices, but without the Paycation fee?

Business Opportunity

OK, so it may still be lucrative to go through Paycation. Maybe you can get some of that Paycation fee for yourself if you are part of Paycation. But, at what cost to you?

Caution #2: It seems anytime you are offered a chance to make money, it always begins with costing you money.

To step deep into the money stream, you have to get your wings (just like It’s A Wonderful Life 1946 Zuzu Bailey said, “Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.”) That means becoming a Certified Travel Consultant through Xstream Travel (professional training company for travel agent-type services).

Just be sure the “ring, ring” is in your cash machine, not just Paycation:

  1. $40US up front and $29.95US monthly get you in as an IA (Independent Associate) and travel club member. That gets you a personal website and back office access. You can build out from here, or just stay at this level for discounts in travel and lodging. If one sell a package to a customer you can earn a commission and if you bring in a RTC (next level) you stand to make some cash, too.
  1. $99.95US up front and $69.95US monthly takes you to the RTC level (Referral Travel Consultant) and that brings eligibility for tax benefits. You get everything in the IA level and the travel booking portal. You could qualify for bonuses coded and leadership determined. There’s an annual renewal fee of $40US.
  1. $149.95US up front and $69.95US monthly get you to CTC (Certified Travel Consultant), but in addition you’ll have to be trained by Xstream Travel at your own expense. There’s an annual renewal fee (consultant charge) of $40US.
  1. Not to mention the ranking levels of Executive: Regional, National, International, Presidential and more.
  1. Keep in mind Paycation claims these are the best costs against any other travel MLM in the network marketing industry. That is disputed by other travel MLM networks!

Here’s a thrilling part of the compensation plan: It is a 3×7 repeating dynamo…from people ahead of you and people behind you. Need to hear the vision? As a fully qualified CTA with a 3×7 matrix completely filled out (each one and every one paying their $59.95 monthly), you’ll be pocketing a sweet $25,000 every month. That’s right, $300,000 a year!

Caution #3: What are the odds that this happens even 1 month out of 12?

Of course, the Diamond Guaranteed Bonuses would not limit you to $300,000 annually. Based on your standing in the 3×7 matrix, these bonuses can be anywhere between $2k and $250k.

Identified as the 3D compensation plan (a system Paycation says it is proud to match against any other network industry), weekly pay and residual pay are built for both spare or full time income. The genius of the plan includes:

  • Personal sales
  • Both Coded and Matching bonuses
  • 3×7 Power Matrix (mentioned above)
  • Business builder bonuses
  • Lifestyle, Diamond Team and Million Dollar bonuses

Caution #4: Recruiting is the secret, it’s never MLM company

Taking the vacation aside, the business side of the MLM travel agency is always the same…independent associates, referral travel consultants, certified travel consultants, or any other title you give to it…how strong is your skill set for recruiting, training, motivating, and keeping the community together.

There’s a Better way to travel and to make money…and there’s no recruiting at all, not one recruit!

Better yet, if you’re already in Paycation, this better way can make your Paycation success even sweeter!