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Paycation versus Global Resorts Network

Paycation Travel


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The travel mlm industry is not going away anytime soon. You are wise to be considering involvement with Paycation versus Global Resorts Network. I have reviewed more than 30 such opportunities trying to discover the best that might be among them.

What I’ve discovered is what I am sharing with you and I share it simply as a fellow traveler in the quest for a legitimate means of producing an alternative income stream for my family.

I have found others along this path who are genuinely focused on the potential options of travel and their curiosity has brought them here. This review will help them.

Still others are not so much interested in the variety of vacation or excursions, but rather on the savings that might be possible in returning to enjoyable travel spots they’ve made over and over again. This review will equally help them.

Regardless of your interest, you obviously want to know more about these two mlm travel businesses and how they might compare when placed side by side.

If you’ve already committed to one or the other, you are probably looking for confirmation that your choice was well made. If you are tittering on the decision to get involved then I think this post helps. If it does then I’ve accomplished what I intended to do.

You won’t find a biased review of either of the mlm companies here. My hope is that you consider an alternative to mlm travel altogether. That’s my bias. I’m the type person to always test my decisions, trying to make sure I don’t miss out on something new and available. So far, what I have found is better for me than any mlm I have reviewed.

Get to hear for free what I paid to hear from my coach Brad, a seven figure earner for a few years now. I urge you to hear it now and then read on. (I do want you to come back and read this stuff…it was hard work to pull it all together in one place for you).

Okay… Let’s get to it.

Where Can I Find Them?

Here are the places I came across the two mlm companies we’re looking at together:

• Paycation began in the first quarter of 2014 and set themselves up here http://www.paycation.com

• Global Resorts Network had a strong beginning in 2006 and has elected to be discovered by you and me more through the various affiliate sites built on GRN (Global Resort Network) rather than commanding a corporate internet location. So do a quick search and you’ll see multiple and consistent presentation of GRN.


It’s always important to consider who might be leading these mlm experiences. I find it not unusual (at least in these years) that leaders move from one mlm opportunity to others, or decide to start a new one.

• Paycation – Mr. David Manning is the Chief Executive Officer of Paycation and can be equally associated with Xstream Travel and had previously involved himself with the travel mlm group called Traverus.

• Global Resorts Network – Al Morales is the founder of GRN and gained a joint partner in 2010 when Mark Hoverson came on board.

General Approach

The travel industry continues to thrive at the level of 8 trillion dollars annually. When Thomas Friedman wrote the 2005 book The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the 21st Century the title flew off of the shelves to the tune of a best seller internationally. His treatise was the phenomenon of globalization and specifically the economic fundamentals for free trade and entrepreneurialism.

Friedman continued to write updates for two more years, simply giving more and more evidence that we all share the same planet and our economies matter whether we are in the Far East, the Near East, or just around the corner at the deli.

Travel continues to demonstrate we are all “flatists” (making daily contact) and we’re becoming closer and closer to being one every day.

The mlm part of the travel mlm experience has exploded with social media platforms.

We gossip about people and about where people have been and where they are going.

When that gossip is put in writing we call it social networking and it goes on and on and on. It’s as easy to enlist a person next door as it is to enlist someone we may never meet face to face. It’s being done every hour of every day right now. That’s the mlm part of the mlm travel opportunity.

Paycation and Global Resorts Network are multi-level marketing travel clubs cashing in on a globalization phenomenon that rivals the Tower of Babel (when everyone spoke one language and thought they were invincible). We’re in that lucrative opportunity today.

These two mlm travel companies offer their individual platforms that encourage you to set your own travel arrangements to exotic or domestic locations, save money while doing so, and recruit your family and friends to do the same while earning some income in the process.

Now, let’s try to place them side by side as we go.

Shared Concept

These mlm travel opportunities present the same concept.

People enjoy to travel. Going to places other than where we live is part of the wanderlust in all of us. It’s not going away.

Those who desire to travel but can’t afford it are looking for two things:

  1. cheaper costs to go to the same places they’ve always desired to go, but willing to stay in lesser preferred accommodations or take more layovers in their travel;
  2. second, they don’t have the money to travel.

These companies offer both:

  1. discounted travel arrangements and
  2. a potential to generate income so a person can find the money to travel.

Those who have disposable income and are ready to travel still want to know they are not paying more than others pay when others enjoy the same travel to the same places at the same level of accommodations. There’s just something about paying more for the same things that others pay less for. You feel as though you’ve been taken advantage of and someone has reached into your pocket and stolen your money.

These companies offer discounted prices that are competitive to the prices the general public is able to find and these are expected to be lower prices for the very same things that others are purchasing.


The expectations by each mlm travel group are equally similar.

Jump into the opportunity as a paying member, enjoy making your discounted travel arrangements, tell others about your extremely enjoyable experience, recruit those people into the opportunity, rinse and repeat your way to more travel and a second flow of income from the sales and commissions of building out your own team of members doing the same and growing more and more.

Paycation provides each new member with Xstream Travel training. Xstream Travel is a licensed and bonded travel agency that began in 2002. Dan Manning is the CEO of both Xstream Travel and Paycation. The expectation is that all members will become recognized travel consultants as a result of the professional travel services training provided.

Paycation and GRN provide their sales force with individual websites attributed systematically to their proper bookings and sales. A member uses their personal website to stay connected to the quickly changing travel offers and the registration of commissions. Each site provides access to all features offered by each mlm company respectively.

GRN expects its members to make use of the exclusively connected offerings of Gold Crown Resorts, the third party provider for everything GRN offers.

Gold Crown Resorts pioneered a unique opportunity for the general public to have access to five to seven day weeklong stays at some of the most prestigious five star resorts throughout the world. They have amassed more than 5000 such accommodations and have managed to hold the costs as low as $398 to a very frugal $799. We’re talking a weeklong with groups of 6-8 people in many of these places.

The pioneering aspect was to lock into time shares. Time shares re arranged calendared visits to specific resort accommodations usually limited to one week every fifty-two weeks. The entry fee is upwards of $8000 or more for more exclusive resorts. In addition to the upfront cost there are fees for custodial maintenance, upkeep on the property, and resort association membership fees.

Needless to say, the general public is scaled out of these things because of the expense. That is, until Gold Crown Resorts stepped in.

Gold Crown Resorts purchased their way into these luxurious resorts the world over and then offered the week they acquired to their customers without the heavy down payment and fees. To this day they continue to offer the same.

GRN had a seven year exclusive relationship with Gold Crown Resorts, becoming their only online marketer and selling these global resort opportunities to the general public. Now that the seven year exclusive contract has ended. GRN is just one of the online marketers with Gold Crown Resorts.

Membership Costs

How much does it cost for the privilege of reduced travel and the potential for additional income? Good question. Here is the answer from both companies:

Paycation invites members to choose from three membership levels:

• $29.95 monthly is what an Independent Affiliate will pay.
• $99.95 upfront and $59.95 monthly is what a Referral Travel Consultant pays.
• $199.95 upfront and $59.95 monthly is what a Certified Travel Consultant pays.

Global Resorts Network sets its three membership levels at:

• $2,995 onetime fee for a Silver Member with 2 Premium weeks annually
• $7,995 onetime fee for a Platinum Member with 10 Premium weeks annually
• $11,995 onetime fee for a Diamond Member with 20 Premium weeks annually

Compensation Plans

Show me the money, please. Gladly, but please understand the following is for illustrative input only and you really must visit directly with which ever company you would expect to draw income from. The one who issues the compensation should be the one that explains the compensation.

Getting commissions for both direct and indirect sales is really what anyone would want to accomplish.

That means not only will you be paid for your personal efforts, but you will also be paid for the efforts of those whom you introduce and brought into the opportunity. As long as residual commissions are involved you are not creating competitors to your market, but rather percentage partners. (If you don’t get the residual commissions from the efforts of those you bring into the business, then sure enough, you’ve just created a competitor and you don’t need too many of them!)

Direct sales commissions are paid in both of these mlms.

Also, and this is very important, in both of these mlms there are two things that always determine the amount of commissions you received:

1. The level of membership you sell
2. The level of membership you hold at the time you make any sale.

Paycation Travel Direct Commissions

A Paycation consultant provides assistance to the booking of travel arrangements for a customer. Based on the Paycation consultant membership level the following direct sales commissions are paid:

o 65% of bookings are awarded as commission to a Referral Travel Consultant
o 75% of bookings are awarded as commission to a Certified Travel Consultant

These are the same commission levels applied when one member purchases travel. These would thereby be considered a discount to the consultant.

The exception to these commissions is that no commissions are paid or airfares.

Global Resorts Network direct commissions

GRN pays out commissions for direct sales also. And, again that payout is determined by the level of membership held when the sale was accomplished:

o $500 is awarded as commission to a Gold level member
o $1000 is awarded as commission to a Platinum level member
(The only sales in GRN are made for memberships. It is by way of membership the new member accesses their travel opportunities)

Indirect Commissions are paid by each company:

This is when you pay close attention to the mlm part of the experience.

Both companies use a unilevel relationship with regard to indirect commissions. Unilevel seems odd when the whole experience is called multilevel, but let me explain it this way.

Unilevel means that universally throughout the organization those whom you personally bring into the organization remain attached directly to you no matter when or where they may be placed in the sales force.

If member Yellow personally recruits member Banana, then member Yellow four weeks later personally recruits member Lemon, both Banana and Lemon are attached to member Yellow and whatever sales each of them make, a percentage commissions comes back o member Yellow. It looks like this:

• Yellow: unilevel (includes all members personally recruited by Yellow) Banana; Lemon

Global Resorts Network will apply the commissions (Gold level receives a $500 sales commission and the Platinum member will receive a $1000 commission) as a matching commission for every sale a member makes, matching the commission by giving the same commission to the member who enlisted the member who made the sale.

• Basically, member Yellow personally enlists Banana; Celery; Donut; and Crocodile.

Any sale made by any of these members (no matter where they may be placed in the mlm structure) will pay a matching commission to member Yellow.

Multilevel means several levels occur as a downline chain of enlistment develops. Let’s say that member Yellow enlists member Banana who then enlists member Tomato who then turns and enlists member Apple. That creates xx levels for member Yellow: level one is Banana; level two is Tomato; level three is Apple. Notice also that member Banana has two levels of her own: level one is Tomato and level two is Apple. Tomato has only level one with Apple. It looks like this:

• Yellow: Level 1 Banana; Level 2 Tomato; Level 3 Apple
• Banana: Level 1 Tomato; Level 2 Apple
• Tomato: Level 1 Apple

Paycation has an approach to compensation which most people refer to as a forced matrix. To be precise they use a 3 x 7 forced matrix. There are never more than three members directly related and the commissions go downline to the seventh level. (at least that’s the easiest way I’ve found to explain it to people).

That means that member Yellow will enlist three members at Level 1. Let’s say that’s new member Banana; new member Celery; and new member Donut.

When member Yellow enlists a fourth member (new member Crocodile), this new member must be placed under one of the Level 1 members personally enlisted by member Yellow. It could look like this:

• Yellow; Level 1 Banana; Celery; Donut
• Yellow: Level 1 Donut; Level 2 Crocodile
• Donut: Level 1 Crocodile
• Yellow: unilevel Banana; Celery; Donut; Crocodile

Forced 3: Notice that Yellow could not include Crocodile as a Yellow Level 1 (that’s the forced 3). No one can have more than 3 in their Level 1, but Yellow can still personally enlist Crocodile and help Donut have someone on Donut’s Level 1. (Note also, all of these have been personally enlisted by Yellow and all of them are unilevel to Yellow for commission purposes).

Forced 7: The entire experience goes downline for seven levels. By this time, member Yellow will have 7 levels of members with a total membership of 29,523!

That’s a Forced 3×7 Matrix

Added to this is a Paycation set of five compensation rankings based on the number of recruits in your downline.

Brace yourself, this is not complicated, but it does take a moment to walk through:

  • Executive ranking – this is when any member (Referral Travel Consultant or a Certified Travel Consultant) has brought in a minimum of three new members (creating your Level 1 group) and three more new members making a total of 6 members in which there is a minimum of three Referral or Certified members.

• Regional Executive – this is when an Executive ranking member brings in six more new members and there must be a minimum of three Referral members among them)

• National Executive – a Regional Executive can reach this rank with ten new members and there must be six who are a Referral member or higher)

• International Executive – a National Executive elevates to this rank with fifteen new members and with at least three National Executives in their downline. Each of these National Executives must be on different chains of enlistment. Often called “legs” each National Executive must be in a different leg.

That means National Executive member A brings in member B and member B brings in member C; so National Executive Member A is in leg ABC. The other two National Executive Members each must be in their own leg without any chain of enlistment that include the other two National Executive Members (you can have National Executive Members in the same leg, you just can’t qualify without three different ones, each in their own respective leg).

• Presidential Executive – an International Executive rises to this lofty rank with twenty new members and at minimum you must have three International Executive members each in their own individual leg.

Once you understand these rankings and the 3×7 forced matrix and the unilevel relationship, then you can quickly appreciate the extended discussion of commissions found at the Paycation website.

Paycation pays recruitment commissions
Recruitment pays commission based on the type of membership the new recruit purchases:

• $10 commission is paid for enlisting a customer at $39.95 and paying monthly $29.95
• $10 commission is paid for enlisting an Independent Affiliate
• $25 commission is paid for enlisting a Certified consultant

In a uni-level model the initial member personally recruits other new members. Each new member personally recruited is regarded as a uni-level recruit.

Paycation pays a residual commission of a fixed 8% to each member whose own personally recruited members reach out and recruit new members. This 8% is calculated on the commission per type of membership purchased (as noted previously). For as long as any member you personally enlist continues to recruit and you continue to remain active you will receive a Matching Unilevel Bonus at 100% match.

Here’s the Take Away

If you’ve read this far than you obviously appreciate detail. There are some significant details about mlm travel that are not included in what I get to do.

  • No learning a new set of rules
  • No need to recruit anyone else
  • No need to figure out compensation, commission, matching commission, or bonus.

I get paid more, faster, and easier. I work less, quicker, and results are more immediate.

When I talk to people I have the proof of concept already undeniably set in front of them.

In short, if you’ve read this far, you’re a researcher. You really need to research this FREE few minutes from a seven figure earner that taught me how to get there, too. Listen for FREE to Brad. You’ll be glad you did.