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Resort360 Vacation Club versus Paycation Travel

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Paycation Travel

Resort360 Vacation Club versus Paycation Travel

The compare and contrast assignments are always the most challenging. But I’m up for it and I’m certain since all you have to do is read, you’re probably good to start as well. So, let’s get on with it.

I’m not a member of either of these two travel mlm opportunities. Unlike most of the reviews you read or the comparisons you are offered, I have thoroughly considered each of these, but I’ve found something completely different, completely easier, and completely better suited to who I am. If you want to hear it just like I did, from a seven figure earner, then give it a listen right here for free. (It will save you the time of reading all this, but, hey, I wrote it, can’t you at least do both?)

You may want to find these two mlm opportunities, so here they can be found:
• Resort360 Vacation Club started late 2008 but had a significant restart in April, 2015, and you can find them here: http://www.Resort360vacationclub.net
• Paycation Travel got started in early 2014 and they are located at http://www.paycation.com


• Paycation has David Manning as its CEO. Mr. Manning has multiple mlm organizational experience in his background and can be associated with memorable involvement with Xstream Travel and Traverus.
• Resort360 Vacation Club has Jeff Mills as its new CEO and owner, having taken over from the founder Mr. Rodger Rutter, retiring in April, 2015.

Both Resort360 and Paycation are multi-level marketing travel clubs. Both provide a means to organize and secure your own travel plans to many wonderful places (the two use similar vacation spots and with similar accommodations). Both offer the potential for income through direct sales and the shared commissions from those whom you recruit.

Now, let’s try to place them side by side as we go.


The concept of each company is similar. The focused public offer is to gain exclusive access to a member-only portal into deeply discounted travel, accommodations, and entertainment experiences.

In general, everyone wants to vacation. At least 7 out of 10 bucket lists have some aspect of travel or vacation (“before I kick the bucket I want to…” see new places; go to world known vacation spots; see what I’ve heard about all my life, etc.).

All mlm travel opportunities speak of the 8 trillion dollar industry of travel (consumers spend that much annually on travel or travel related experiences). These two mlm travel businesses are no different. They each approach the travel niche the same way.

The encouragement to the public is for you to discover those who want to travel and just don’t travel because of finances; or discover those who already travel and just want to travel more. Having made those discoveries then introduce these travelers or would-be travelers to the amazing discounted travel experiences available to them right now through this member-only service. Traveling people save money and the would-be travelers find a way to afford to travel.

Driving the whole concept is the natural tendency for those who travel to share their experiences of travel with their friends. Since you’re going to tell your friends and family about how wonderful the discounted arrangements are, you might as well become a salesperson, selling access to this member-only opportunity…after all, doesn’t every traveler have someone jealous of their freedom to travel and envious for the places these travelers have been?

Once you disclose how inexpensive it is to travel, then you can invite them to the same discounts. Even more, you can go farther and recruit them not just as customers, but as team members and build your own mlm travel team, of course continuing to travel and earning money all the while from your efforts and those efforts of your team. Your mlm travel team members can earn a living just traveling and telling and recruiting all around the world. At least, that’s the concept.


Resort360 Vacation Club encourages their travel services customers to set up home based offices with replicated Resort360 websites to entice others into the travel niche as club promoters.

Paycation does the same by enlisting members to become travel consultants. If you’re not one, just become a member and you’ll be one. On its website Paycation explains that it provides its members with professional training through Xstream Travel (a licensed travel agency with a 13 year history of service…and the CEO of Xstream is the CEO of Paycation…nice how that works out, huh?). Paycation equally provides a replicated website for affiliate transactions.

Both travel mlm opportunities intend for you to build a network marketing team of enthusiastic travelers sharing their travelogues and explaining this adventure was completely free of cost due to special bonuses with their company or offset by the earnings leisurely afforded them from the efforts of the downline team of promoters recruiting even more travelers into this exciting lifestyle.

Resort360 returns compensation based on a unilevel model with a 1 pass-up step. (Read on, it will be explained later). Resort360 goes to great lengths to point out that no commissions are awarded for bringing others into the organization, but rather only for the earnings from the direct sales of the travel packages. This proposed distinction loses its edge when commissions are then classed by the type of membership you purchased (executive or elite) and the type of membership purchased by those you recruit, and an inclusion of your downline and up line considerations. By the time you include all the qualifiers, recruiting others is certainly a factor in Resort360 Vacation Club.

The Paycation compensation plan has a fixed 3×7 matrix, filling in from high to low and from left to right, and not merely with your own efforts, but with those above you and below you in the organization of travel consultants, “spilling over” to fill out your team as well. Paycation makes it clear that their travel consultants get commissions from direct sales and indirect sales…the more consultants you bring into the mlm opportunity, the higher you rank and the greater a commission you receive on what their sales may come to be.

(I know, it requires a lot of explanation. At this point, just understand these two travel mlm groups are really different in their compensation models).


Paycation provides three different choices of membership:

• An Independent Affiliate pays $29.95 a month.
• A Referral Travel Consultant costs an initial membership fee of $99.95 with a recurring monthly fee of $59.95.
• A Certified Travel Consultant costs an initial membership fee of $199.95 and a recurring monthly fee of $59.95.

Resort360 Vacation Club has three different choices as well:

• A non-member pays a service fee of $195 annually (I know, it’s weird, but practical)
• An Executive Member pays an annual fee of $995.
• An Elite Member pays $3995 (multi-year, higher or lower per number of years included) and an annual fee of $195 (a grace period of 10 days is granted for a refund requested by phone or email; no refunds after 10 days).

It is true in both these travel mlm opportunities, the initial choice of membership determines eligibility for commission and bonus payouts, so it pays to pay attention if you make any choice of membership. (You’ll see why in just a minute)

Compensation Plans

This is what you need to thoroughly understand directly from either of the two businesses you may care to join. The following, as with all of the information included here, is my best representation of information, but any action you take should be based upon the direct exchange between you and your chosen mlm travel opportunity.

Paycation has two membership levels and no less than five membership rankings for the purpose of compensation. A quick identification and corresponding qualifications includes:

• Executive – a Referral Travel Consultant Membership or a Certified Travel Consultant Membership is eligible for this rank. In addition you must have recruited at least three members (either Referral or Certified) and along with these you must have recruited six members (at minimum three must be either Referral or Certified)
• Regional Executive – having qualified for Executive ranking you must now recruit six new members (at minimum three of which must be at the least a Referral Travel Consultant)
• National Executive – having qualified for Regional Executive ranking you must now recruit ten new members (at minimum six of which must be at the least a Referral Travel Consultant)
• International Executive – having qualified for National Executive ranking you must now recruit fifteen new members (at minimum three of which must be at the least a National Executive in each of three separate unilevel legs). A leg is any specific downline that derives in a direct chain of recruitment, as in A recruits B recruits C and so on. ABC is the specific leg.
• Presidential Executive – having qualified for International Executive ranking yo must now recruit twenty new members (at minimum three of which must be International Executives in each of three separate unilevel legs). Again, a leg is any specific downline that derives in a direct chain of recruitment, as in A recruits B recruits C and so on. ABC is the specific leg.

Resort360 Vacation Club has no such ranking apart from the membership status occupied by the member who recruits other members and the level of membership each occupies (both the one recruiting and the choice of membership by the one recruited). If you are an Executive Member and you recruit an Executive Member you are paid a different commission than if you are an Executive Member and recruit an Elite Member. (Read on, it will eventually make sense)

Commissions and Bonuses

Direct sales of travel services do produce sales commissions:
• Paycation Travel Commissions

When a Customer who never chooses to be recruited purchases travel arrangements through a Paycation consultant, the consultant will receive a commission according to the consultants membership level:

o A Referral Travel Consultant will be awarded a commission of 65%
o A Certified Travel Consultants will be awarded a commission of 75%.

These are the same commission levels applied when one member purchases travel from another member. (Obviously the member who makes the sale gets the commission).

Commissions are paid out on all bookings with the exception of airfares. No airfare commissions.

• Resort360 Vacation Club commission distinctive

In contrast, Resort360 tries to make this distinction. The travel product and related services they sale to support the travel product is the direct sale and the basis of commissions earned. It may be difficult to determine that the travel product is the membership access to member-only travel opportunities. What makes that difficult to determine is this defining statement made by Resort360 “No commissions are paid for the recruiting of members to participate in a business opportunity. Commissions are paid as a direct result of the selling of a travel product and related services to support the travel product.” Source

My interpretation (subject to the qualification you will secure directly with Resort360 should you choose to join) is that the membership is the travel product. So, I just don’t get that they don’t pay commissions for recruiting new members. As you read on perhaps it makes more sense to you.

It may have already occurred to you, but these two travel mlm businesses use different models from one another for organization and compensation.

• Paycation uses both a unilevel model and a forced 3×7 matrix model.
• Resort360 Vacation Club uses a “1 pass up” uni-level model.

Let me explain further.

Paycation Recruitment Commissions and Bonuses

Recruitment pays commission based on the type of membership the new recruit purchases:

• Acquiring a customer paying $39.95 initally and the recurring $29.95 monthly earns a $10 commission
• Recruiting an Independent Affiliate earns a $10 commission
• Recruiting a Referral or a Certified consultant earns a $25 commision

In a uni-level model the initial member personally recruits other new members. Each new member personally recruited is regarded as a uni-level recruit.

Paycation pays a residual commission of a fixed 8% to each member whose own personally recruited members reach out and recruit new members. This 8% is calculated on the commission per type of membership purchased (as noted above). There is no maximum limited payout amount. This indirect commission continues to be applied for the life of activity of the original recruiter based on the continued activity of those personally recruited. Not only that, but a Matching Unilevel Bonus
is paid at 100% match to qualifying Referral and Certified Travel Consultants personally recruited.

In a 3×7 matrix the initial member (let’s call her Member Red) enlists three new members (Member A, Member B, and Member C). These personally enlisted members are Level 1 to Member Red.

Member A enlists three new members (Member Apple, Member Banana, Member Cantaloupe). These are Level 1 to Member A and Level 2 to Member Red. In addition, Member B and Member C do the same as they build out Level 2 for Member Red. Seven levels into this progression and Member Red has 29,523 positions in her 3×7 forced matrix.

No one member has more than three members directly adjacent to themselves. As Member Red continues to enlist, she will place a newly enlisted member under one of her downline members. This is called “spill over” and it greatly accelerates the build out of a matrix, not to mention the encouragement it gives to new and existing members.

Rather than extend this particular post, there are many more Paycation commissions and bonuses fully discussed by Paycation found at the Paycation site linked at the start above)

Resort360 Vacation Club Recruitment Commissions

Recruitment commissions in Resort360 are paid accordingly:

• $400 commission to recruit an Executive Member
• $2000 commission to recruit an Elite Member

To be awarded the full amount of the commission you must hold an equal or higher membership status at the time you have recruited the new member.

For instance,

• A nonmember can earn a recruitment commission of $400 after three people have identified the same nonmember as the one who encouraged them to sign up. When the fourth person a nonmember encourages to become a member actually joins up, the nonmember is paid the commission. (Crazy, huh?)
• An Executive member earns $400 when the Executive member recruits a new Executive member.
• An Elite member earns $400 when the Elite member recruits a new Executive member and earns $2000 when the Elite member recruits a new Elite member.
• However, if an Executive Member recruits a new Elite Member, the Executive member receives only $400 of the total commission and that Executive member’s upline sponsor (the member who recruited the Executive member) receives the $1600 balance of the commission (no matter if the sponsor is Executive or Elite in membership at the time of the recruitment).
• Just so you know, the same exercise is used when a nonmember is recruiting. If you are the member who encouraged the nonmember to recruit, you get the full commission for the first three and on the fourth, you get the $1600 balance going forward).

In contrast to Paycation, Resort360 uses what is called a “1 pass up” uni-level compensation model.

The “1 pass up” means that each and every very first sale does not earn the seller a commission. The redeeming aspect of that is that you’re initial membership purchase can be your first sale. (Not so bad. Most of us don’t expect to earn anything when we buy something, but we do expect a discount…in this case you don’t get a commission or a discount).
The uni-level model is the same as explained above. In a uni-level model the initial member personally recruits other new members. Each new member personally recruited is regarded as a uni-level recruit. With Resort360, you also earn commission from the recruitment efforts done by those you brought in.
• A member you personally recruited brings in a new Executive Member, you receive $50
• A member you personally recruited brings in a new Elite Member you receive $400.

Bottom Line

You’ve seen the compare and contrast review of Paycation Travel and Resort360 Vacation Club. I’ve tried to give it to you as best I could, but again, you want to get certain information directly from the two sources themselves.

I take the time to review these opportunities because I am a student of the game. I want to know if there is something better out there than what I already have. Maybe you’re like me.

Short and sweet, here’s what neither of these two travel mlm businesses can beat. I’ve found something better, and if you’ll listen to these free, short, informative videos from a seven figure earner, you’ll know what I know. Really? You’re going to read all of this and not at least give a listen? Come get what I got and you won’t be disappointed.