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Pro Travel Network Review… What Can You Tell Me?

Here’s what all of us know:

  1. We all want a vacation from time to time, and all the time we want high quality at a bargain price.
  2. Some of us would even travel more and work less provided we could be assured a fair price is being paid.
  3. Some would like for travel to be our actual work.

Aren’t you glad to discover this blog post…if you are in any of the three descriptions above, then Pro Travel Network definitely had you in mind when they started back in 2003. They want you to know they are still meeting your need to this day.

How Do You Find Pro Travel Network?

  • Pro Travel Network, 7735 N. Blackstone Ave #101, Fresno, California, 93720, phone (559) 224-6008 admin@protravelnetwork.com
  • Pro Travel Network, 4981 Highway 7 Unit #9 Markham, ON L3R 1N1 Phone: (289) 562-0090 admin@protravelnetwork.com
  • Their website is: protravelnetwork.com

What Is Generally Known about Pro Travel Network?

Pro Travel Network is registered as a California Seller of Travel. Their site identifies vendor agreements with many travel companies, not the least of which are Air Canada, Apple Vacations, Avis, Carnival Cruises Lines, FunJet Vacations, Hertz, Hilton, Hyatt, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, United Airlines Vacations, and Westjet. They hold accreditation with IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network) and CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association).

These folks have stood the test of time with more than 12 years of service in an industry that sees companies come and go like trains through Central Station, New York. In these 12 years they have become one of the largest professional home based travel agent service networks anywhere. They have offices in the United States and Canada and are venturing into additional locations worldwide.

PTVL is the stock symbol under which Pro Travel Network trades.

What Does The BBB Have To Say About Pro Travel Network?

If you’re the type that like Better Business Bureau reviews about companies, you might find their posting interesting. Just click here.

Essentially, what does Pro Travel Network Offer?

Pro Travel Network provides to the general public the opportunity to visit directly with a travel agent that speaks the common language of the consumer. They do this primarily because most of their home based agents came to them as consumers. Those home based travel services who advance through the professional training offered through a Pro Travel Network partner can provide a vacation shopper with both the feel and the assurance of any high quality travel booking.

Here’s a quick 3 minute intro to the matter:

Perspective…Yours and Mine:

Let me say from the start, I am not a Pro Travel Network agent, nor do I play one on TV.

I am in no way connected with PTN, though I have studied it intently so you could come to this one post and get an inside view to the PTN experience. Frankly, I’ve found a better way (if you want to bailout to the better way, just watch my friend Brad’s video…it’s made all the difference for me) If you still want to ride this lame horse, read on, even a lame horse can get you home.

Here’s what I’ve come to realize in writing posts about Travel MLM clubs and seeing the more common responses received:

  • Some of you are doing your research just one last pass before jumping into Pro Travel Network.
  • Others have already jumped in and have those newbie jump back blues.
  • Others have already concluded either way and they want their particular conclusion confirmed (get in or stay out; jump out or stay in).

Reading anything about Pro Travel Network on the cyberspace screens can cause you to feel strongly either way.

I’m expressly writing this for those who want education over confirmation; having a willingness for their preferences or previous actions to be set in the full light of day and evaluated for what they are, not what they were intended to be.

Let’s get to those questions you have!

Does Anybody Regulate Who Can Start or Stay In The Travel Business?

I’m not a lawyer (you guessed it, and I don’t play one of those on TV, either). I do know that the internet allows authority to be implied, simply by the anonymity and speed at which you can create a professional appearance.

But, there is a practicality to the question. I do know in order to provide customers with legitimate and recognized travel purchases, a person must be able to supply an assigned agency number with either IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network), or CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) or ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation).

Despite all the licensure and certification necessary for a travel agent to be legitimately in business, I more certainly trust the practical connections that drive the industry to keep out or quickly eliminate the riff raft.

What’s the difference between a Travel Agency and a Travel Service?

A travel agency have travel agents who help you design and schedule your travel plans from bon voyage to come again.

A travel service helps you with pieces of your travel plans, but not the full integration of all your travel needs.

Is Pro Travel Network a travel agency?

  • Yes, more or less.
  • The more side is the effort put in by their well-trained travel agents to stay in dialogue with the client until the client gets what the client wants…not just some generic facsimile, but the vacation of their dreams. (You can’t get that with a piecemeal approach of independently visiting a destination site, then a travel site, then a rental site). The experienced travel agent has learned those small things that become big things when you’re thousands of miles from home and paradise turns into hell. A fact proven by the industry wide 80% who book group travel, vacation packages, cruises, and honeymoons only through travel agents.
  • The less side are those who act as travel assistants rather than as professionally trained travel agents.

Is Pro Travel Network A Multi-level Marketing Company?

  • Yes, and that can be more.
  • The more side is consistent with all MLM travel, if commissions are actually pocketed, it is for the skill of recruiting and keeping an entourage of equally committed people around you. This MLM skill set is much more required if you buy into a promise that this work can produce of a livable income.
  • The “gotcha” is, despite all the structure, this thing only works if you keep recruiting others and the concept is, you’ll talk about travel to friends who will want to buy in. If they don’t buy in, then “Bob’s your uncle” and you’re the poor nephew in the corner. (I found a better way…jump to the bottom line if you’re curious)

Who Is Driving Pro Travel Network?

Paul Henderson  Has 20+ years in sales management and training and was regional vice president with ACN, Inc. Serves as President, CEO and Director of PTN.

Ray Lopez  More than 16 years in sales management and financial operations from service with Countrywide Specialty Lending Group and the largest selling Dodge dealership in Central California. Serves s COO and vice president.

Board of Directors include Harold Cardwell, Doug Singer, and Jim Estes

What’s The Basic Operational Side of Pro Travel Network?

Pro Travel Network maintains an ITAP (Independent Travel Agent Program) including:

  • A business to consumer website (consumers have the ability to book travel online)
  • A booking platform used exclusively by their agents
  • A training manual for travel used to improve service to and for the consumer

Pro Travel Network agents work as independent travel agents and are said to receive 75% of the travel commission for bookings.

A scale of commissions based on fees also offers escalating levels of payouts to the independent travel agents working with Pro Travel Network.

Pro Travel Network considerations include:

  • No prior experience required
  • Complete training
  • Access to all the business tools needed
  • Connection with one of the largest travel service systems in the world

What Qualifies Me To Be A Pro Travel Network Independent Travel Agent?

Most PTN ITAs come with little to no travel agent experience. In fact, PTN says it’s not necessary to have any background in the industry at all.

A full training in sales, marketing, product information and even the business side of accounting is offered. PTN has an extensive video tutorial program easily accessed online and taken at your pace and schedule. They follow this up with an exclusive mentor program.

PTN pledges to be a constant help in shaping your skills as an ITA. There is a first time 90 day long mentoring to give you greater skill in all the basic tasks. What they are really expecting from a new ITA is a minimum earning of $5k in commissions within your initial 90 days break in period. This is what will lend credibility to all who are concerned. You will prove with your earnings that you know and can do what other travel services can do.

(Admittedly, you will be splitting commissions at a level that will benefit others more and you less)

In order to register bookings as an Independent Travel agent, you must first complete 9 training videos and a choice of online supplier training.

PTN says, “These courses are free, simple, quick, “open book” and have no time limits.” You’ll of course want to set yourself on a fast track to get them completed and out of the way.

Canadian residents must take the TICO and pass prior to any marketing (including solicitations and bookings).

If you choose to encourage consumers to book travel prior to your own completion of training, you can direct the clients to the PTN support and still stand to receive 25% commission.

In Addition To Training, What Does PTN Offer?

  • Upon completion of your training and $500 earnings, you get your PTN agent Identification Card
  • You have your own business to consumer website
  • You have access to business to business suppliers and travel deals
  • Participation in destination club membership and the PTN points program
  • Potential of CLIA & IATAN card

What Does It Cost To Become a PTN Independent Agent?

These costs can change, but the changes are clearly announced and are not frequently experienced.

  • As of this posting the upfront cost is $350US for setup; down from a previous $439US.
  • The monthly cost is $50US. Previously there was an annual renewal cost of $99US.
  • Costs to start your own office are kept low and monthly hosting fees can be waived based on productivity

How Can I Make Money With Pro Travel Network?

As is consistent with all MLM travel programs, commission scales change from time to time. As of this posting:

  • Possible 25% commission even before you complete your training if you identify and direct clients to the PTN support staff.
  • 25-40% Commission Split: once you’ve completed your training you can send your client to the internal sales staff and receive a split commission. Really helpful when you’re just too busy or when you want to side step the busy stuff. Upside, the client remains yours for future connection.
  • Then the ITA Commissions will be:
    • 50% split after training completion
    • 70% split after generating $500 earning commissions
    • 80% split after IATAN achievement

Will Pro Travel Network Continue To Expand?

Having been in service for more than 12 years, it seems Pro Travel Network continues to generate additional partners to an ever expanding system of travel and more.

The most recent connection is Surge 365. Find it here:

Identified as “365Surge back office Pro Travel Network” the general public is left to connect the dots on our own, but here are some interesting things to consider.

  • Surge 365 was officially begun at a convention held on April 29 to May 3, 2015 in Reno, Nevada.
  • Members of Surge 365 can achieve at escalating numbers of membership sales. (Example: 1×3=3, 3×3=9, 9×3=27, 27×3=81, and so on)
  • Surge 365 boasts a possible $14k paycheck in your first 30 days and they say multiple $10k bonuses are doable.
  • An uncustomary offer to Surge 365 is an earned college degree from Alethia University.

You’ll have to decide if this means longevity for Pro Travel Network or if this is just the sign of the lily pad administration most MLM travel systems take. (Jump, jump, jump)

Bottom Line…There’s Something Better!

  • I don’t have to jump, jump, jump any more.
  • I don’t have to recruit family, friends and ever random stranger I meet.
  • I can earn a good living and travel whenever, wherever, however, I want.
  • I never get calls or emails or texts from disappointed clients complaining about unexpected glitches in their travel plans.
  • If you want to experience real income and freedom from MLM, listen to my friend Brad before you leave. Really, it takes a lot less time, and he’s got a lot more to say, than if you were to read again this post.

Go listen to Brad…I’m really glad I did.

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