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Coastal Vacations vs Resort360 Vacation Club

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I’m really glad you’re here. You’re curious about seeing the similarities and differences of Coastal Vacations and Resort360 Vacation Club.

If you are like most of us, you’ve search the internet for a mlm travel specific review and realized that most are in truth a sales pitch to be heavily biased in favor of the mlm opportunity to be reviewed. Even if they say, “Don’t Buy This” or “This mlm travel is a scam” in truth they are really hyping the general public to come and join their club.

Well, this is not biased in favor of either of these two travel mlm companies. Quite the opposite. I’m experienced enough to be involved in something entirely different, much easier, without recruiting, without a sponsor or being a sponsor, and making a lot more money than my mlm friends. If you want to stop and hear it now, get some free advice from a seven figure earner I listen to all the time.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s compare these two opportunities just to satisfy your curiosity. Again, I’ve reviewed each of these in depth, but I do not favor either one of them. Read on and find out why.

Essential Introductions


Both mlm travel companies are direct sales referral programs offering discounted travel packages through third party travel aggregates. That means neither one of them sustain their own travel offers. Very similar to what you or anyone else interested in securing a competitive travel service price can do through Travelocity, Expedia, Hotels.com and a number of other sites, these two travel mlm companies have made arrangements with third party travel services, gained an exclusive portal into these services and are selling that access to the public. We’ll take the time to look at each unique portal for the sake of distinguishing one from the other.

Both Coastal Vacations and Resort360 Vacation Club offer the potential for their members to also create a personal income through two means. You can join either of these offers, encourage friends and neighbors and the general public to use the travel portal and make commissions from the travel they book through your own affiliate designated contact.

In addition to direct sales through your affiliate access, you can encourage your customers to each become your associate as a fellow affiliate to either of these mlm companies. In brief, you can earn commissions from the efforts of those you recruit when they make direct sales or even when those they may recruit make direct sales. (Begin to see the mlm aspects?)

Both companies have had significant restarts. Resort360 had a transfer of leadership in April, 2015, as Jeff Mills stepped to the owner and CEO position. Coastal Vacations has battled a great variety of negative media; both of them are still standing and moving forward.


Both companies have experienced leadership at the helm.

Coastal Vacations prefers to be seen as an association of Directors and wants everyone to know all organizational matters are decided by their Board of Directors. That being said, Al Romaine is listed at the owner of Coastal Vacations. Stephanie Johnson is among the Directors on the Board and is recognized as the Worldwide Product Director for the company.

Jeff Mills, as mentioned earlier, is the new CEO and owner of Resorts 360 Vacation Club (taking over from Roger Rutter, the original owner and CEO). Mr. Mills also has at his side a CTO (Chief Technonlogy Officer) Andrew Porto and his customer support manager Ms. Judith Drummond.


Resort360 makes it very clear they are a seller of travel. Commissions are paid when a travel product and/or a related travel product are sold. They go even further to explain that no commissions are paid out for the recruiting of others to participate in the Resort360 Vacation Club.

There is no secrecy regarding Resort360 connection with Saveon Resorts as their third-party travel services access provider. What’s interesting is that Saveon Resorts is a recognized center for fulfilling travel requests every day of every month all year long for any travel or vacation club. Any group can white label (make the service appear as their own exclusive company) through Saveon Resorts and Saveon Resorts can equally present itself to the open public at will. You may not know which club is actually using Saveon Resorts or how any people at large have access to the very same discounted services you have chosen to access through paying for a Resort360 member-only fee.

Just to the opposite persuasion, Coastal Vacations wants the public to know they do not sell travel. Rather, they sell travel discount packages that provide access to many travel services and related companies.

Coastal Vacations keeps its association of members interconnected through website tools and teleconference calls. There is an officialcoastaltraining.com and a replicable site similar to coastaltravelpackage.com that consistently keeps member, associates, and directors on the same pages. A Monday Director Call is the means of keeping directors inspired, informed and energized for more sales and recruiting.

Coastal Vacations, much like Resort360, makes use of an interweb tool powered by FocalPoint. You can notice in the footer of most Coastal Vacations replicated sites (used as an identifier of each affiliate member) the statement, “Powered by FocalPoint.” FocalPoint is an automated marketing tool that provides a replicated site throughout the entire organization on behalf of each affiliate member.

Member Benefits

Coastal Vacation members are told they have a lifetime membership to access these deeply discounted, member-only travel opportunities. Now, if the members want to maintain a Coastal Vacations membership card (these are necessary to secure most travel arrangements) there is an annual cost of $89.95. You find out really quickly to listen carefully to what is said, and double carefully to how terms are actually defined. The relationship of a member is lifetime, but the use of the services requires payment again and again.

Prearranged travel packages are the products Coastal Vacation is careful to distinguish from actual travel services. It loses its distinction when members are able to customize some travel arrangements within some packages. It sure feels the same as setting your own travel services at will.

Resort360 Vacation Club equally has member benefits. The discounted travel opportunities are also identified as member-only prices. There are reward credits issued for purchases. These reward credits allow for even deeper discounts within the Resort360 system and it’s not just travel that’s included. You can even purchase these credits if you need just a smidgen more to reach the amount of credits required.

eGift cards can be purchased for brand name retail products of all sorts and they even include restaurants and a subscription to a wine club, if you’re interested.

Resort360 (harkening to its founding roots) provides for its members to trade in their own Timeshare access and in exchange through the VOICE (Vacation Ownership Interval Compensation Exchange) program get credits toward every travel service except air fare. This is a great convenience for those Timeshare people who have just one inescapable week they must use their Timeshare. All of a sudden through trading in this one set week on the calendar, they can choose any of the other 51 weeks that better fits their schedule.

Cost of Membership

With Coastal Vacations members have a choice of membership levels (and of course with that comes a change of fee and privilege):

  • At $1,295, The Resort Vacation Package gets you no less than twenty-five membership cards. These cards are used when booking your travel services with the third party travel portal. You also get twenty-four preset bundles of travel that include your sleeping accommodations, your restaurants, airfares and cruises and recreational outings like theme parks and cruises and the like. A $15,000 value they say.
  • At $3,500, The International Vacation Package includes all of the Resort Vacation Package provides but adds hundreds of more international vacation spots and unlimited cruises for a value of $20,000, not to mention the discounted admittance to a Coastal Vacations training seminar.
  • At $7,500, The Universal Vacation Package includes the other two and adds thousands of choice vacation spots domestic and global and hundreds of choice five to seven day cruises on top of a discounted access to a Coastal Vacations training seminar. The value approximates $40,000.

Coastal Vacations can work with you if you need purchasing plans and it’s even possible to bundle these packages.

• For $3995 you can acquire The Premier Package and save eight hundred dollars over purchasing the first two packages individually.
• $11,000 can get you The Platinum Package and that allows you to get all three packages while saving $1,295 if you were to purchase each of the three packages individually. Basically, acquire The Platinum Package and you get the first package The Resort Package, for nothing at all.
Resort360 Vacation Club is a little more economical class when compared to Coastal Vacations. But, hey, you get what you pay for and some of us don’t need or even want what others decide to have.

Resort360 allows non-members to access their discounted prices at a service fee paid annually for $195. All others must pay either an Executive Member fee or an Elite Member fee. The Executive Member pays annually a $995 fee. The Elite Member pays $3995 and an annual fee of $195, but the price of the member fee will vary according to the total of years you’d care to pay for upfront. Just to assure you are satisfied, Resort360 assures a 10 day period in which you can request a refund. During that 10 days you would have to make that request by phone or email, and following that grace period, no refund is possible.

Compensation Plans

Each of these two mlm travel opportunities have specifically declared compensation plans, inclusive of commissions and bonuses. As with all such plans, you need to careful read what the company provides to you directly and ask thorough questions for your own clarification. The following, just as with all you’ve read so far, is an attempt to introduce, not to qualify or declare. Always speak directly with the company to receive and understand their unique offers.

Coastal Vacations makes it clear their travel services (packages) are not to be individually re-sold. Yet, individual vacations and airline discounts are transferable as a gift or donation, it is the membership card (the card issued to get the deeper discounts for travel services) that cannot be transferred to anyone.

Accordingly, there are no direct sales commissions issued by Coastal Vacations to its members. However, Coastal Vacations pays commission and bonus based on the recruitment of new members by current members. The process is to “pass up” the commission on the first two new members you secure. That basically means you’re working for the person that recruited you with the first two new members you bring in, but, in turn, those two new members are working for you with the first two new members each of them bring in.

The commission is paid out based upon the type of membership you hold. After the first two members you bring in, when the third member is brought in, you will be paid a commission based on your membership level and based on the type of membership the third new member has elected to purchase.

If you join at any membership level and your third new member joins at the $1,295 Resort Vacation Package level, you earn $1000.

However, you must join at an equal or higher level of any of your recruits or you do not receive the full compensation due you. That is to say, if you join at the Resort Level and your recruit joins at the any higher level, you’ll only receive the lower compensation.

Now you see why the choice of membership package is crucial. If you join at the $3995 Premier Package level, you can collect $1,000 commission for a new recruit who purchases the Resort Package or a $3,200 commission for a recruit who purchases an International Package. If you jump to the $11,000 Platinum Package you would be qualified to collect on all three commission levels:

• $1,000 LEVEL 1
• $3,200 LEVEL 2 (package purchase)
• $9,705 LEVEL 3 (package purchase)

In contrast, Resorts360 uses what is called a uni-level compensation model. There are both direct sales commissions and commissions earned from the recruits you personally bring in.

In Resort360 you are paid according to status of the member you recruit (a little different than Coastal Vacations) and that commission is qualified by the status of membership you hold (that’s just like Coastal Vacations).

If the member you recruit chooses Executive Membership, you are paid $400; if the member you recruit chooses Elite Membership, the commission is $2,000 but you must be an Elite Member to receive it all. (Resort360 will pay the same to a non-member after they have encouraged three to join what they themselves have not joined…just so you know, the existing member who encouraged the non-member actually receives the commission of the first three brought in by the non-member).
Everyone has to pass up their commission for their first sale, but that first sale counts as your sale even if you’re the one who purchased it (become a member and that’s your first sale).

If you’re an Executive Member and you recruit an Executive Member you’re going to get paid $400; but if you’re an Executive Member and you recruit an Elite Member, you’ll get only $400 and because the commission on an Elite Member is $2000, the person that brought you in will get the $1,600. (Obviously, the incentive is to join high and recruit high). Even if the person that brought you in is only at an Executive Member status, they still get the $1600. If the person who brought you in has decided not to stay in, then whoever is next in line above you will get the commission that you passed up.

With Resorts360, you also earn commission from the recruitment efforts done by those you brought in. If you are an Executive Member and the person you brought in recruits a new Executive Member, you’ll receive $50 and if it is a new Elite Member you’ll receive $400.

Cautions and Concerns

It’s pretty obvious in the comparison that a person must be alert to the terms and the definitions each mlm travel opportunity offers. These two travel mlm offers have many similar terms and similar concepts, yet their approach and their compensation is massively important.

Frankly, I’m not a recruiter. I’m a great teacher and helper and I care a lot about the people I know and I view everyone as someone I’m about to know. I have simply found a better way to help people, make money, and even to have the money I need to buy discount travel when I want it. I would really like to see you listen to what I’m doing to make the income that meets my needs. If it works for me, I know it will work for you. Here’s a 7 figure earner telling you stuff for free just so you’ll listen to the even more important stuff. Obviously, my friend, if you’ve read to the end of this, you’re the kind of person that does your homework. Seriously, listen to my friend Brad. He’s for real!