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Resorts 360 Vacation Club 2015 Review

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Resorts360 Vacation Club began in December 2008 with its founder Mr. Rodger Rutter. Mr. Rutter new the travel industry from the cockpit of a commercial airline for 22 years. His desire was to provide exclusive membership travel service values (discounted from the customary public prices) and reward multi-level marketing travel referral commissions to those who promoted the membership opportunities to others.

Transfer of leadership happened in April, 2015, as Jeff Mills came in as Owner and CEO of Resorts360 Vacation Club. Jeff has dabbled in many online pursuits from selling t-shirts to selling travel. He has a winsome spirit and a sincere communication, no doubt honed through the crucible of serving others as a minister.

Additional Members of the Leadership Team are:

  • Andrew Porto – Chief Technology Officer has developed his own creative agency since the early 90’s and knows the struggles and successes of small to medium size companions as well as the global scale of the travel industry.
  • Judith Drummond – Customer Support Manager has experience in accounting, finance, and Human Resources. She is poised to respond to members and customers with the skills developed over years of frontline interactions.

(Special note: At this writing, slight differences are noticeable in the materials made available. Data such as length of membership terms, etc., are in question, but can easily be secured if your interest carries you to inquire of the company itself. When items were in conflict, the most recently dated material was used).


The R360 Vacation Club builds itself on a direct sales referral program, equipping travel enthusiasts with the means of turning their passion for travel into profits of leisure. Home based referrals are multiplied through online access to the Resort360 travel services portal and its offers for assistance to those promoting their membership-only access.

The website location is www.resorts360vacationclub.net

Earlier versions still available www.resorts360vacationclub.com

Resort360 Vacation Club makes public in their introductory video that they rely upon Saveon Resorts as their travel services portal.

Saveon Resorts member portal entry
Here’s the travel booking log-in portal for Resort360 Vacation Club: (or the public can just click “Reservations” on the main website)

resort360 member login

SaveOn Resorts, LLC is accredited by the BBB and has been for  the past 3 consecutive years. It is a supply fulfillment center for Travel Clubs, complete with private label online travel savings and travel concierge assistance 24/7/365. Their corporate offices are located at 5962 La Place Court, Suite 100, Carlsbad, CA 92008, Phone: (858) 625-0630

SaveOnResorts.com provides their own partnership with travel industry suppliers and vendors to vacation clubs. This platform is then extended to their members as an exclusive members-only access to attractive travel options for chosen hotels, resorts, cruises, vehicles, excursions, and other travel related options.

You really must ask, could I get a lower membership price arranged directly with SaveOn Resorts? Would that then be a lower price of membership than the prices presented by Resorts360 Vacation Club (or any other such “travel club” or “travel agency” built on SaveOn Resorts)?

Benefits of Membership:

  • Access to one of the premiere travel services web portals to choose pre-designed travel and entertainment packages or compose a customized travel experience.
  • Reward Credits program that allows members to gain valuable units of credit to be applied to travel and other member purchases. Any service or product purchased in the system will display the number of reward credits awarded. Airfares are awarded 1 credit for each $2 spent. These reward credits can be purchased, but are earned consistently as you use the system. They can be redeemed for deeper discounts within the Resort360 enterprise.
  • Specially priced trip packages pre-arranged.
  • eGift card products member section where reward credits can be redeemed for purchases of many name brand retail items, restaurant gift cards, and an international wine club subscription.
  • V.O.I.C.E. Program (Vacation Ownership Interval Compensation Exchange) allows members to trade their existing Timeshare for reward credits applied to everything but airfares. This means members can exchange a locked in week in their Timeshare to the choice of any of the 52 weeks in the Resorts360 system. It transfers into reward credits that can be used for cruises, vehicle rentals, theme parks, almost anything but airfares.
  • Member-only webinars provide training and question and answer calls that are also archived for more convenient review and study. There are a variety of free training and some for fee training, varying according to the complexity and cost of tools to implement.

Compensation Plan:

Resorts360 uses a uni-level mlm compensation plan. Members can earn commission on their own direct sales and can also earn commissions from their level one recruits.

Resorts360 is careful to say, “No commissions are paid for the recruiting of members to participate in a business opportunity. Commissions are paid as a direct result of the selling of a travel product and related services to support the travel product.” Source

Commissions have two primary qualifications:

  • Membership status: The level of membership held at time of sale. The two membership levels are:
    • Executive member
    • Elite member
  • Type of sale:
    • Direct sale (the member sells the product)
    • Indirect sale (a person recruited by the member sells the product).

2015 Compensation Plan

  • Direct Sales Commission:
    • $400 direct commission for enlisting an Executive member
    • $2,000 direct commission for enlisting an Elite member
  • Non-Member:
    • Even a non-member can receive commissions upon the fourth new member who identifies that non-member as the one who encouraged them to join. Upon the fourth sale, the non-member receives $400 commission for a new Executive member and $2,000 for a new Elite member.
    • The first three sales can be attributed to the member who introduced the non-member to the opportunity.
  • Executive member:
    • No commission is paid on the first sale. The initial membership purchase can apply as that member’s first sale.
    • Executive members earn a direct commission of $400 when an Executive member recruits a new Executive member. When an Executive member recruits a new Elite member, the remainder of the $1,600 is passed up to the sponsor regardless of the membership level of the sponsor.
    • After an Executive member makes 3 sales, the Executive member qualifies to receive commissions equal to Elite member status.
    • On the fourth sale made by an Executive member, the full commission of $2,000 is paid to the Executive member for Elite sales.
  • Elite members earn a direct commission of $400 for a new Executive member and $2000 for a new Elite member.
  • Indirect Sales Commission: (second tier or sponsor commission)
    • $50 indirect commission when an Executive member is enlisted
    • $400 indirect commission when an Elite member is enlisted
    • $1,600 indirect commission paid to Elite members of the total $2,000 commission if an Executive member downline sales an Elite membership within the first three sales.


  • Payouts are made in US funds by company check or bank wire transfer at your expense. Plans are to soon move to debit accounts and eWallet accounts.
  • If a member makes a sale in January, the payment is not paid until February 15.

Membership Costs:

  • A “non-member” can pay an annual service fee of $195 without the price of membership
  • Executive Member is an annual membership at the cost of $995 and this includes the annual service fee.
  • Elite Membership is a multi-year membership at the cost of $3995 and annual service fee of $195

Refund policy:

  • Resorts360 offers a 10 day 100% money back guarantee on the amount paid to Resorts360 for membership
  • Contact must be made by phone to the Resorts360 office at 651-329-0362 or email to cs@myresorts360.com
  • After 10 calendar days, there are absolutely NO refunds available.

Cautions and Concerns:

There are slightly conflicting materials posted on the website. Be sure to clarify any and all specifics before committing to a subscription. This is most probably due to the transition to new ownership.

You may want to compare the possibility of membership and its benefits directly with SaveOnResorts.com as to how it compares to the cost of membership and benefits by Resorts360 Vacation Club.

You need to realize this is a uni-level mlm plan that still calls for the need for recruitment and nurturing the continual payment of fees and engagement of downline members.


I appreciate the obvious care given by the new ownership of Resorts360 Vacation Club. There is a desire to reward even the non-member who faithfully shares the opportunity with those who purchase membership. That seems unheard of to me.

Yet, due to the clear call for recruiting, I’ve got to bow out. It’s fine for those so inclined, but my experience may differ. I prefer a solid offer that rises or falls on its own merit without the need to look to commissions from recruiting.

I found that market and I found the means of tapping into that market with a system that yields tangible results for small business and large business alike. I’ve never looked back.

Listen to my friend Brad, the guy in the video up top. He’s my coach and has always given me clear and prosperous advice. Only time will tell how tremendously more valuable it will prove to be. It’s a great way to help others and make some real money.