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iTravelParty and Travel Party Review

iTravelParty logo

iTravelParty and TheTravelParty are interrelated. There are several locations attributed to the two in social media platforms, YouTube nested videos, and iterations of .net; .info; etc.

There is no entry through their portals without the identification of the name of the person who introduced you to the site.

There are clear interchanges of information between the two in promotional presentations and training videos.

Description: “The Travel Party is more than just discount travel and lifestyle products and services. It is a vehicle for members to create time and financial freedom to explore, dream and discover the world around us.” Source: TheTravelParty


  • Daniel Butts – Chief Executive Officer, has been the top producer in several companies (co-founder of RocketCashCycler; launched EZ Wealth Formula) with teams exceeding twenty thousand members in several countries.
  • Tracey Jamieson- Chief Operating Officer, brings over 30 years of hands-on experience in successfully growing sales and revenues and improving customer service.


iTravelParty and TravelParty offer travel club memberships to gain discounts with third-party travel services.


  • $199 Tourist membership annually
  • $299 iTravelParty affiliate with $89 monthly fee

Member Benefits:

  • Tourist Member may access discounted rates (iTravelParty says 30%, 50% and even up to 90% off) for hotels, cruises, attractions, show, trips, vehicle rentals through the Silver booking engine
  • iTravelParty affiliate may access discounts greater than the Tourist Member through the Gold booking engine.

Compensation Plan

  • Commissions on Retail Sales

iTravelParty affiliate sells a $199 Tourist membership to an iTravelParty non-affiliate and earns a 40% commission.

  • Commission for Recruitment

iTravelParty affiliates using a “Passport Bonus” are paid to recruit new affiliates to iTravelParty. As each new affiliate is recruited passport stamps are collected by the iTravelParty affiliate.

  • The Passport Bonus is presented as affiliates “collecting” passport stamps whenever they sign up new affiliates.

In effect, it is a 2×2 Forced Matrix. (Some refer to this as the “Six Pack”). There are 6 positions that form the Matrix: affiliate 1, with 2&3 being LEVEL 1 affiliates, and 3, 4, 5, & 6 being LEVEL 2 affiliates. When affiliate 1 achieves a full matrix, a $400 commission is awarded and the affiliate 1 is to initiate a new matrix for the next $400 commission.

  • Residual Commissions for Recruitment

The $89 monthly fee paid by each iTravelParty affiliate makes it possible to earn a residual recruitment commission. The $89 fee is transferred into a value of 60 PV (PV is Point Value) for the purpose of calculating residual commissions in the downline of each affiliate.

As an iTravelParty Affiliate Ann personally recruits a new affiliate, that affiliate is Affiliate Betty and is at LEVEL 1 for the iTravelParty Affiliate Ann.

As a LEVEL 1 Affiliate Betty (personally recruited by Affiliate Ann) also personally recruits a new Affiliate Charlie, then Affiliate Charlie is placed on Affiliate Ann’s LEVEL 2. (and also becomes LEVEL 1 to Affiliate Betty.

  • Affiliate Ann has Affiliate Betty at LEVEL 1 and Affiliate Charlie at LEVEL 2.
  • Affiliate Betty has Affiliate Charlie at LEVEL 1.
  • This becomes 1 “leg” to Affiliate Ann (Affiliate Ann can repeat an infinite number of new “legs”)

iTravelParty will administer residual commissions as a portion of the new membership fees. This portion is a percentage paid according to an accumulative maximum GV (Group Volume is the accumulative PV and assures that each one in the downline is paying their $89 monthly fee) and the LEVEL (maximum LEVEL is 9) of the new affiliate in relation to each downline:

  • Bronze (120 GV) – 10% on LEVEL 1
  • Silver (240 GV) – 10% on LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2
  • Gold (1000 GV) – 10% on LEVEL 1 and LEVEL  2 and 5% on LEVEL 3
  • Director (5000 GV) – 10% on LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 and 5% on LEVEL 3 and LEVEL 4
  • Executive Director (10,000 GV) – 10% on LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 and 5% on LEVELS 3 to 5
  • Corporate Director (25,000 GV) – 10% on LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 and 5% on LEVELS 3 to 6
  • Premier (50,000 GV) – 10% on LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 and 5% on LEVELS 3 to 7
  • Ambassador (100,000 GV) – 10% on LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 and 5% on LEVELS 3 to 7 and 3% on LEVEL 8
  • Royal Ambassador (250,000 GV) – 10% on LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 and 5% on LEVELS 3 to 7 and 3% on LEVEL 8 and 2% on LEVEL 9

No more than 60% of the designated GV can come from the same leg for the ranks of Gold, Director and Executive Director.

No more than 40% of the designated GV can come from the same leg for the ranks of Corporate Director and higher.

  • Matching Bonus

iTravelParty affiliates are awarded a bonus of a matching percentage of a commission earned by each of their own LEVEL 1 affiliates. This bonus is assessed at the level of each affiliate’s rank:

  1. 5% Director
  2. 6% Executive Director
  3. 7% Corporate Director
  4. 8% Premier
  5. 9% Ambassador
  6. 10% Royal Ambassador
  • Rank Advancement Bonus

Having attained an advancement in rank and remaining at that rank level for 2 months, a one-time bonus is paid according to rank:

  • $200 Director
  • $500 Executive Director
  • $1000 Corporate Director
  • $2000 Premier
  • $5000 Ambassador
  • $10,000 Royal Ambassador

Note that iTravelParty affiliates must maintain these ranks for two consecutive months before the bonus is paid out.

Cautions and Concerns:

  1. What happens when no one joins? The answer is, you make money when people join, you don’t make money if they don’t.
  2. Most recruits in MLM companies will recruit between 0 and 3 new recruits. Then, not being able to recruit more, they simply stop paying their monthly fees. No fees from the bottom means the structure doesn’t hold and the structure begins to disintegrate. As the upline begins to feel the loss of commission and bonus, sometimes they jump ship before the ones nearer the bottom do. Then the structure accelerates its decline from bottom and top. Most MLM last less than 3 years, most can’t be found after 20 months.
  3. Does the fact that top leadership come into the experience from previous MLM businesses raise a question as to why they have changed businesses every 20 to 36 months?


My friend Brad has taught me a way that brings in money on a regular basis and lasts more than 36 months. It doesn’t include recruitment or calculation of percentages. It doesn’t turn any recruits into positions on a graph, nor into eventual competitors.  I didn’t have to beg family, friends, coworkers, neighbors and entire strangers to join. I didn’t spam my Facebook friends or look for every chance to let a casual conversation turn into a recruitment or sales pitch.

I listened to Brad, studied the offer, made the step and I’m encouraging you to do the same.