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MORVacations (Members Only Resorts) Review

MOR Vacations logo

When seeking the fundamental information regarding MOR Vacations there are distinctions that should come into focus quickly.

Currently (July, 2015) the active representation of MORVacations is found at www.MORvacations.net.

The current location of MORVacations is 4023 Kennett Pike Suite #678, Greenville, Delaware, USA 19807. This is somewhat detached from the history of MORVacations.

MORVacations.com MOR (Members Only Resorts) Vacations was opened for business in August, 2008, at MOR Vacations, 9 South Brown Street, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, USA 54501

Despite the disconnect between MORVacations.com and MORVacations.net, at least one MLM ranking site identifies MORVacations.com at a ranking of 759 out of a total ranking of 849 home businesses actively tracked by their popular indices.

Searches for MORVacations.com have drastically fallen from a peak popularity in August, 2013 to about 10% today. Yet, searches continue every month.

No doubt there are those who attribute the structure of the .com to the .net when it comes to MLM Travel business consideration.

MORVacations.net maintains an exclusive membership website. The inventory can be accessed online and includes 5,000+ resorts and condos, International Tours with fluent English speaking tour guides, 200,000+ hotels & motels, and cruise or customized cruise package specials.

In the MORVacations.net ABOUT page, the connection between .com and .net seems to be interlocked with the comment, “MOR Vacations and its affiliates are a members only discount vacation club provider that has been in business since 1985.”

It is easily realized that MORVacations.net intends to provide a marketable retail product of memberships that provide exclusive discounts not otherwise available to the public. And, still focused on that product, they offer the advantage to members to earn cash back bonuses based upon travel bookings. It is curious they mention commission rebates of 5% to 12% and cash back can be applied if the travel itself is “commissionable.”


This review addresses the historic MORVacations.com business. As evidenced by internet searches there are many still interested in this specific domain. Admittedly, these searches may be caused by the use of the extension .com as having been the historically preferred extension of most businesses worldwide.

This focus on the MORVacations.com may help to clear up any detachment between the .com and the .net of MORVacations. As you read on, you will at least be equipped with questions for comparison sake in your own process of research.

The history of MOR Vacations includes an original Travel Membership company that functioned from 1982 to 1985 as a retailer of executive lifestyle vacation club travel through the sale of membership packages. This was in a time when resorts and condominiums were almost inaccessible unless a person bought into a group of resort or condo owners. The owner would be willing to pay a maintenance fee for others to manage the use of their condominium in their absence or for a premium commission at peak times and a bargain commission at off-season times.

Timeshares were the primary means by which the general public (among the higher income families) could enjoy luxury vacations back in the day. The cost of such memberships would be as high as $8,000 to $12,000 per membership (with a calendar expiration of 1 to 3 years). These types of memberships were primarily sold at seminar events or conventions specifically marketing the opportunities. MOR Vacations in the mid 1980 to early 2000 had an active membership base of more than 100,000 participating in those types of memberships.

When MOR (Members Only Resorts) Vacations in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, caught the vision, then the website MORvacations.com was launched for business. That domain is currently for sale.

MORvacations.net continues in active service today.


Members Only Resorts (MOR) Vacations was created as a discount travel membership that allows individuals and families to vacation at exclusive resorts at discounts of 50%-80%. MORVacations members enjoy discounts for condos, villas, hotels, cruises, and other travel related services.


MORVacations.com provides members with deep discounts on a variety of travel opportunities from timeshare condo units starting at just $149 a week to up to 65% off at hotels and motels around the world. MOR Vacations members can book package tours that include airline tickets, lodging, ground transportation and more. Amazing deals on are also available at great prices to MOR Vacations members.

MORVacations.com offers great choice of resorts in the US and Mexico. Members get to experience exclusive resort vacations at discounts of 50%-80%. Members also get discounts on cruises and air travel as well as escorted tours in the United States, Mexico, China, Europe and elsewhere.


MORVacations.com offers membership at two levels:

  • $998 The Emerald is a limited 3 Year Membership lets you enjoy the cheap vacations, cruises, and great commissions on sales. The VIP service is not included but can be purchased for $149 a year. This provides access to hot weeks starting at just $149 (there are no blackout date restrictions) and there is no limit to the number of vacations that can be booked.
    • This membership can be upgraded to the Diamond Lifetime Membership
  • $1,998 The Diamond Lifetime Membership lets you enjoy the amazing deals on vacations forever including a free VIP service for one year.

How MORVacation.com Works:

If a MORVacations.com member purchases at the DIAMOND Lifetime membership level, the DIAMOND member can offer the product for sell as an affiliate.

  • Marketing tools for advertising, website, email auto responders are an additional expense of doing business.
  • All commissions paid as a result of direct sales made by the DIAMOND member are paid at 100% commission rate. Those sales made in the DIAMOND members downline are paid at 50% commission rate to the DIAMOND member.

MORVacations Concerns and Cautions

It remains evident in online MLM Travel offers that research is essential. Through the years it is possible that businesses with similar names become confused with one another. Make certain you are not joining one MLM Travel business thinking it is another MLM Travel business with a similar name or background.

Be sure to deal specifically with only one access (representative or website portal) to a particular MLM travel offer and ask the important questions. Insist on written and attributable answers to:

  1. What retail travel related product or products do you sell?
  2. Are commissions paid for the sale of the product(s) and do those commissions vary by the specific product sold?
  3. Do those commissions also vary by the specific level of membership held by the seller?
  4. Do you pay commissions on the recruiting of new members?
  5. What scale of commission do you pay me for each new member (at each specific type of membership purchased)?
  6. What scale of commission do you pay me for each person I have recruited who then sales a product(s) or recruits another new member (at each specific type of product and each specific membership purchased)?

There is a Better Way:

Fortunately, I don’t fight these concerns. I don’t worry over the interrelatedness of products and membership and commissions. There really is another way to create a productive and solid income stream without recruiting or trying to convince people to buy in and stay in for the sake of getting more money from other people when they buy in.

I listened to my friend Brad in the video at the top. I really encourage you to do the same. Hey, you read this far, the video will take a lot less time to listen to than the time you’ve already spent.

Maybe it will help you like it has helped me. Listen to Brad. I did and I’m the better for it.