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Paycation versus Coastal Vacations

Paycation Travel


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You want to see a thorough comparison between Paycation Travel and Coastal Vacations and you came to the right place. I’m not affiliated with either one of these travel mlm companies so you’re not going to get a biased evaluation in favor of one over the other. The main reason is I’ve found a better way altogether from any of the mlm opportunities you may be aware of, or you are yet to discover.

I know the process of trying to find the right way to jump into earning money online. I still keep my senses sharp by doing reviews like this one. But, fortunately, I’ve found THE way that works for me. If you want to hear it just the way I heard it from the very 7 figure earner I heard it from, here it is. (In the same amount of time or less than it takes you to read through this comparison, you could be on to bigger and better, if you listen to Brad like I did.)

BUT, hey, if you want to read on, I’ve worked hard to give you something worthwhile to read about Paycation Travel and Coastal Vacations (after all, I did all the work to show you, the least you can do is read it, right?)

Let’s start at the beginning. When did these two get started?

  • Paycation Travel began in the first quarter of 2014 and you can still find them right where they started (not always the case with some mlm travel): http://www.paycation.com/
  • Coastal Vacations is comparatively the older sibling having started in June, 2002 and their current insider website is found at: officialcoastaltraining.com


The leaders in the cockpits of these well composed machines are absolutely crucial to their continued success.

  • Paycation is piloted by David Manning, its CEO. Not the first flight for this fellow. He has experience at the forefront of bot Xstream Travel (13 year licensed travel agency) and with Traverus (a former travel mlm organization).
  • Coastal Vacations is owned by Al Romaine. They prefer to be recognized as a Board of Directors led organization, but Mr. Romaine is a major factor in determining which Directors are there.

Primary Concept Of Service

These mlm travel businesses provide direct access to member-only discounted travel services and vacation opportunities. They both make use of third-party systems to provide travel discounts to their members. These systems are not unlike those similar to the general internet public. Sites like Expedia and Travelocity are generally known to the public. Sites like Gold Crown Resorts and Saveon Resorts are known mainly to mlm travel enterprises like these two mlm businesses you’re currently considering. All in all, these travel and vacation access sites function the same.

It’s common knowledge that people who enjoy traveling like to save money while at the same time enjoying luxury accommodations, vehicles, airfares, and exciting excursions or entertainment. People who want to travel but can’t travel often say the barrier to traveling is the expenses involved. IThe idea is, “I’d travel more if it didn’t cost so much.”) So, Paycation Travel and Coastal Vacations want to work with these kinds of people. Along with all the other travel mlm companies, these two often speak of the massive 8 trillion dollars spent on the travel industry annually. That means there are a lot of potential members and customers for their travel mlm systems.

In brief, these two companies want to enlist thousands to serve as affiliates to their travel enterprises and they want those thousands to enlist both customers and additional affiliates. (The truth be told, they both prefer affiliates over customers)

The more who use the system and the more affiliates they can get who sell the services (for the opportunity of commissions), the more money stirs into the corporate pot. And, the more imaginative income is possible for affiliates to tap into. The potential affiliate income comes through two sources: direct sales commissions and from recruitment of additional affiliates.

So, each of these companies have their own exclusive portal into their respective travel aggregate systems that keep the cost lower and the more who jump in, the lower and more numerous the choices of travel and accommodations.

Distinctive Presentations:

Coastal Vacations say they are not sales people for travel. Instead, they sell discount travel packages which in themselves provide access to preset travel services. (though some of these preset services do have slight customization choices).

Paycation, on the other hand, clearly presents themselves as those who sell travel services and even strive to train their members to serve as travel consultants.


Paycation uses a 13 year licensed and experienced travel agency (Xstream Travel) as the training vehicle for turning customers into its own recognized travel consultants. Each consultant is provided a company website that uniquely identifies any of the affiliate marketing and booking specific to each consultant.

Coastal Vacations makes use of websites provided to its members and backs that up with Monday Director Calls. It’s the primary means by which the Coastal Vacations network keeps everyone on the same page. If you look closely at any of the Coastal Vacations members or associates or directors websites, you’ll consistently see they are each powered by FocalPoint. This third party system keeps all the offers and bookings continuously updated and available for each Coastal Vacations travel consultant. Their coastaltravelpackage.com website helps with all the additional training and tools required to be successful using their systems and approaches.

Benefits Available To Members

Both travel mlm opportunities believe their members get a better selection of travel and vacation opportunities than those choices available to the general public. The privilege of membership is the access to these various discounts.

In addition, both companies intend for their members to seriously involve themselves in the recruitment of customers, associates, members, and leadership (each expecting to provide for themselves a means of personal income).

Membership Costs

Coastal Vacations maintains a lifetime status to its members. However, because much of its travel arrangements are secured by individual membership cards, there is an annual fee to keep those cards extending over from one year to the next (if they haven’t already been redeemed for trips and etc.) That annual fee is $89.95.

This is a prime example that when dealing with any travel mlm company, even though familiar terms are used, their meanings really need to be clearly understood. (It is a frequent complaint from former Coastal Vacations members that the lifetime membership also required an annual $89.95 in most cases.)

The following are choices of Coastal Vacations membership:

  • Resort Vacation Package has a price of $1,295. This package contains 25 membership cards. A membership card is the Coastal Vacation access to specifically booked travel offers issued directly with travel entities to provide evidence of transaction (it’s like a club discount card for that particular travel occasion). In addition this package provides no less than 24 preset travel accommodations including airfares, dining, cruises, theme parks and excursions. Coastal Vacations sets the retail value of this package at $15,000.
  • International Vacation Package goes for $3,500. Inclusive of the Resort Vacation Package, this offer allows for international travel experiences and cruises unlimited, with an additional discounted Coastal Vacations training seminar. The retail value of this packages is set at $20,000.
  • Universal Vacation Package is available at $7,500 and rounds out the standard membership choices for Coastal Vacations. In this package you have the choice of hundreds of preset five to seven day cruises or vacation experiences with thousands of locations in the United States or throughout the world. This includes the previous two packages and holds a retail value of approximately $40,000.

Coastal Vacations wants to make arrangements for payments within your particular needs. In so doing, they go further to provide two additional cost saving bundled membership packages:

  • The Premier Package is sold at $3995 to provide a savings of eight hundred dollars as you acquire two packages, both the Resort Vacation Package and the International Vacation Package.
  • The Platinum Package for $11,000 gets you all three standard vacation packages. The encouragement is to purchase this triple threat and in doing so, you simply get the Resort Package thrown in for free. The savings for this package over purchasing all three separately is the $1,295 you would have paid for the Resort Package alone.


Paycation Travel sets its membership choices at three:

  • $29.95 a month admits you as An Independent Affiliate.
  • $99.95 with an additional monthly charge of $59.95 gets you to a Referral Travel Consultant level
  • $199.95 and an additional monthly charge of $59.95 gets you to a Certified Travel Consultant level


Please take notice that the initial choice of membership in both of the mlm businesses establishes your potential level of compensation. A member who makes a sale or acquires a new member on behalf of the company is rewarded at their particular level of membership and also according to the level of membership chosen by the new recruit.

Compensation Plans

Both travel mlm choices have their own compensation plan. The only certain way you can be sure to be introduced thoroughly is to make a direct contact with each one. I have attempted to give introduction to these choices, but please do not assume you have the full disclosure until you conduct your own contact directly with the company of your interest.

Coastal Vacations keeps instructing that its travel packages are not to be broken apart and travel offers within a preset package are not to be sold independent of the entire package. That’s what I understand they meant when they say they are not sales people of travel, but rather they sale preset travel packages. (You are allowed to gift or donate individual vacations and airline discounts found in the package, but you are not permitted to sell them independent from the entire package). The primary take away is that you are not allowed to transfer any of your purchased membership cards (those discount evidences with each travel service we spoke of earlier.

All of that helps us to understand that Coastal Vacations does not pay direct sales commissions.

Coastal Vacations pays its members a commission (and some bonuses) based on the acquisition of new members by Coastal Vacations members.

Using a “pass up two” commission model, the first two membership acquisitions you bring into the Coastal Vacation family is passed up by you and awarded to the one who enlisted you (your sponsor, or recruiter…whatever you care to call them).

Hey, before you think that’s unfair, understand that the same thing happened to the person who recruited you. Not only that, the good times come when you recruit your third and continual recruits. One recruit, two potential commissions.

Don’t forget, the commission payout is qualified by the current membership position you hold at the time you acquire the new members and the specific choice of membership the new recruit chooses. Also, remember this only begins in your favor when you acquire your third new member and continues to your favor thereafter.

Jumping in at any level, when you recruit your third member and that person selects the Resort Vacation Package level at $1,295, then your commission is $1000.

Here’s the tricky part. If you join at the Resort Vacation level and your recruit joins at a higher level, you only get paid at your level of membership.

The choice of membership for each new member is both crucial for the immediate commission paid out to the recruiter and it is crucial for the potential commission the new member will earn when the new member recruits.

Let’s say you come in at the Premier Package level paying $3995. That makes you eligible to collect a commission of $1,000 for the third or subsequent member you enlist at the Resort Package level (Level 1). But, if the third or subsequent member you enlist comes in at the International Package level (Level 2), then you get a $3,200 commission. (You would have lost $2,200 if you were only at the Resort Package level 1 instead of at the Premier Package level).

If you joined at the Platinum Package level ($11,000…Level 3), then all three commission levels are opened up for you.

Those commissions are:

  • $1,000 LEVEL 1
  • $3,200 LEVEL 2 (package purchase)
  • $9,705 LEVEL 3 (package purchase)


Paycation Travel, in contrast, provides membership at two levels and, then, for the purpose of compensation maintains five different ranks.

The two membership levels for purposes of compensation are:

  • Referral Travel Consultant
  • Certified Travel Consultant.

Here are the Paycation Ranks:

  • Executive – this can be either membership (Referral Travel Consultant Membership or a Certified Travel Consultant Membership) who has acquired a minimum of three new members (the new members can be either Referral or Certified) and a total over all acquisition of six new members (that means the three new members you acquired along with an additional three Referral or Certified that could have been acquired by you or by those you brought in).
  • Regional Executive – this comes next after the Executive rank and you get here by having acquired an additional six new members with at least three of them at the Referral Travel Consultant level.
  • National Executive – once you reach Regional Executive you can move to National by acquiring ten more new members with at least six enrolling at the Referral Travel Consultant level.
  • International Executive – a National Executive must acquire an additional fifteen new members and among those you have brought in there must be at least three at a National Executive level and each of them must be identified in a separate legs. (A leg is recognized by the direct chain-of-enlistment among the respective members. For instance, a leg is accomplished when member A recruits member B; member B recruits member C; member C recruits member D and that produces a ABCD leg). To be an International Executive, you must have a minimum of three legs and each leg must have at least one National Executive.
  • Presidential Executive – an International Executive arrives at Presidential Executive status by acquiring twenty new members and having at least one International Executive in each of three independent legs.

Paycation Travel Commissions

Sales to a Paycation Travel customer who just wants to purchase travel will earn a direct sales commission to the Paycation consultant who makes the sell (however, there are no commissions for airfare):

  • A Referral Travel Consultant will be awarded a commission of 65%
  • A Certified Travel Consultants will be awarded a commission of 75%.

Paycation uses both a unilevel model and a forced 3×7 matrix model.

Acquisition of a new member pays a commission according to the membership the new recruit purchases:

  • $10 commission is paid when acquiring a customer paying $39.95 upfront and then the monthly fee of $29.95
  • $10 commission is paid when recruiting an Independent Affiliate
  • $25 commission is paid when recruiting a Referral or a Certified consultant

A uni-level compensation model continues to recognize each personally recruited member for the life of the service of a recruiter. That’s what puts the “uni” in the universal leveling throughout this particular multi-level model.

Here’s where that counts. Paycation will continue to pay a flat 8% commission to the recruiter on each personally acquired member who also recruits additional new members. So, even though you don’t bring in a new member but someone you recruited brings in a new member, you’ll get 8% commission calculated according to the type of membership sold. This continues without any limit to the number of sales made by all and by each of your recruits. (A Matching Unilevel Bonus is equally and accordingly paid to each qualifying Referral or Certified Travel consultant).

Let me explain a 3×7 matrix so you can understand one last aspect of the Paycation compensation plan.

When Member Pickle enlists Member Apple and Member Banana and Member Cucumber (three new members personally enlisted by Member Pickle), these personally enlisted members are Level 1 to Member Pickle. When Member Pickle enlists a fourth new member, Member Pickle places that new member under one of the three Level 1 members that Member Pickle first enlisted.

Fortunately, Member Apple acquires three new members (Member A1, Member A2, Member A3). A1, A2, A3 are all Level 1 to Member Apple and Level 2 to Member Pickle. Heavens be praised, Member Banana does the same and to every one’s delight, Member Cucumber gets it done as well. If each of these continue to Level 7, then Member Pickle will have 29,523 in her 3×7 matrix!

In short, no one member has more than three immediate downline participants, yet any one who acquires a fourth new member can place that fourth new member into any of the downline positions. (This tends to be a great encouragement to those working hard to build out their immediate three; but, this approach has been known to be counterproductive to a culture of enthusiastic recruitment and may foster a “well, if she is going to do the work, I’ll just kick back and let her recruit all she wants into my downline.”)

Paycation pays commissions down to the seventh level. (That can become a lot of payouts)

Final Thought

I haven’t exhausted all the considerations for either of these two travel mlm opportunities. You really must go directly to each of them respectively if your interest has been peeked.

I’ve attempted to give you enough to get a glimpse at their differences and their similarities.

Being fine in their own respective ways, I simply wouldn’t choose either of them for my purposes of making money online.

I’ve found a better way without recruitment, management of recruiters, or the headaches that come with such. It is easier, less dependent upon the work or lack thereof regarding others, and much more directly in my own hands.

I listened to a seven figure earner. I listened for free. Then I made my choice. I invite you to do what I have done and enjoy the success waiting for you when you do.

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