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Resorts360 Better Than Pro Travel Plus?


Resorts360 Vacation Club vs Pro Travel Plus

Travel multilevel marketing opportunities seem to abound. Particularly when a friend, coworker, neighbor or family member is recently joined to one. Maybe that’s happened to you and you are trying to get your footing before jumping in.

Or, maybe you are searching for both travel and income. You’ve come across a few travel mlm names and you’ve decided to check a few of the ones that seem possible to you.

Either way, Resorts360 and Pro Travel Plus are worth your consideration.

I’ve come to study more than 30 different mlms focused on travel. I did it because friends would ask me from time to time about joining one, or if they should consider joining one. I was curious and committed to finding out what makes them tick, are they legit, and would I commit?

Before we go too far, I will tell you I am not favoring one of these over the other. Instead, I favor a completely different and lucrative approach altogether.

Soon you’ll realize I’m all about facts, not emotion. So, if you want a better way, just listen to my friend and mentor Brad. He’s a generous, seven figure earner sharing FREE advice. I listened and I hope you do as well.

On with the comparison of Resorts360 and Pro Travel Plus.

Check Them Out For Yourself

I’ve gathered input from all around the net. I have tried to save you the time it cost me. I’ve put this in one place so you’ll not have to search to decide if you are interested. But, if this brings an interest to you, then by all means, go to the source yourself and check them out.

resort360 logoResorts360 Vacation Club had its birth in the final months of 2008 and its rebirth on April, 2015. You can find them right here: http://www.Resorts360vacationclub.net (later, please, just keep reading for now)

ProTravelPlus logoPro Travel Plus also began in April, 2015 and you can locate them here: protravelplus.com


These travel mlm opportunities come from somewhere. Someone or several somebodies have to conceive, compose, propose, and promote these things. By all means, take a look at the leader of each one when considering your involvement.

The leaders at the fore of these two organizations are:

Resorts360: The founder back in 2008 was an experienced commercial airline pilot, Mr. Rodger Rutter who knew the travel and leisure industry quite well. Jeff Mills became owner and CEO in 2015 with a background in local church ministry, tee shirt selling online and a can do spirit that rivals Mark Cuban.

The Leadership team is rounded out with Andrew Porto as Chief Technology Officer and Judith Drummond, the Customer Support Manager.

Pro Travel Plus has Seth Fraser as its CEO. Mr. Fraser has been associated with other mlm operations by the names of Uneeqlee, That Free Thing, Freebie Force and Kannaway. He is joined by the Vice President Charles Vest.

The handy thing about the internet is how exposed any public figure becomes and how lingering that exposure can be. Using your search engine on either of the names above will open up plenty to consider regarding reputation and likely success.

Basic Travel MLM Concept

Adding mlm to anything means something pretty consistent is going to happen. There will be a product and there will be recruitment and there will be expected income (those at the top benefit greater than those of us at the bottom).

In addition, mlm brings the awkward approach either from family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers; or, our uncomfortable sidestepping away from the same. (These roles can obviously be reversed; we could be the ones making the our friends uncomfortably side step us from the awkward approach we make to them).

Still, the potential for making money by sharing with friends and possibly even working with a team of friends to bring everyone some money and to enjoy a worthwhile product (like traveling at a discounted cost), is quite a draw. I mean, we’re talking about it, aren’t we?

So, what’s the basic concept to travel mlm? Joining a travel or vacation club with member-only access to exclusively discounted locations or travel and the potential to make some income while doing so.

It’s built on the idea that most people want to, plan to, or are about to travel for business or entertainment. Why not help them do so at a discounted rate and still stay in great public places in locations everyone wants to get to?  Tell as many people as you know and have them tell everyone they know, and use your services while doing so.

How Do These Two MLM Travel Choices Do That?

Resorts360 Vacation Club offers a very public connection to travel opportunities as provided by Saveon Resorts. Saveon is a third party that fulfills travel bookings on behalf of travel and vacation clubs all over the world.

In much the same way that Travelocity or Expedia or Orbitz allows the public to compose their travel in real time over the internet, connected to a grand variety of airlines, agencies, resorts, and more; so Saveon maintains that service with additional concierge assistance twenty-four hours a day, all year round.

By using Saveon in such a pubic way (not all mlm travel companies disclose their third party partners for fear the public would bypass the mlm travel and go directly to the partner) Resorts360 says they do not pay commissions for gaining new members, but rather they sell preset travel packages by which their members can earn commissions.

Pro Travel Plus encourages its members to regard themselves as “professional tourists.” The idea being to evangelistically recruit new members so that member-only access to drastically discounted travel services can be theirs. The online portal to these third party travel services can be browsed and booked with the advantage of member Rewards Network that further reduces the listed price of services and provides gift cards and purchases of name brand products (and local entertainment opportunities).

What’s the Cost of Membership?

There are three choices of membership in each of these two travel mlm opportunities. In both of these companies the choice of membership does make a difference not only with the benefits of travel, but also with the calculation of potential commission should you choose to sell or encourage others to join. (After all, why would you go to the trouble to become a mlm member if you weren’t going to sell or recruit others?)

Resorts360 Vacation Club offers potential members these three choices: (except the first one)

  • $195 paid annually provides a non-member with access to most benefits of travel
  • $995 paid annually provides for an Executive Member status.
  • $3995 upfront payment and $195 annually provides for an Elite Member multiyear status (number of years needs to be discussed to set actual upfront payment).

Just to lower the barrier to entry, there is a grace period of ten days within which the reluctant new member can be provided a refund if the request is made by phone or email. Following that, no refunds are allowed.

Pro Travel Plus receives members at three different levels as well. They are:

  • $69.95 for a 1 STAR member ($35 immediately with $34.95 monthly fee)
  • $269.90 for a 2 STAR member ($69.95 immediately with $199.95 to prepay the full amount for 6 months)
  • $469.90 for a 3 STAR member (69.95 immediately with $399.95 to prepay the full amount for 12 months)

How Can I Make Money With This?

Historically, mlms come under fire as potential schemes called Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes. It’s the first concern than any thinking individual needs to discern before joining a mlm.

The primary focus should be: Is there a retail product being sold, or, is the scheme really just the potential of membership costs being the exchange of commissions. In brief, it is not acceptable for a group of people to merely trade off of the commission from membership alone; there must be a recognized value (commodity, product, service) by which payment is procured.

So, with an eye for the product or service sold, the energy of a mlm opportunity comes from both direct sales and indirect sales. As in the case of travel mlm, there should be a viable travel benefit received for the purchases made. You can rest assured, mlm companies that seem to over emphasize a more subtle product are certainly reacting to the potential of misunderstanding, if they have not already been chastised for the misuse of the same. (These guys can come under the scrutiny of fair trade commissions in various countries from time to time)

Resorts360 Vacation Club places their product as the travel packages purchased, absolutely not the membership achieved.

Pro Travel Plus also focuses on travel packages as the beneficial product and though recruitment is rewarded, PTP makes very clear that recruitment is not required in order to make commissions. (That’s an unusual position for any mlm company to assume).

Direct sales can be understood as sales you personally achieve. Indirect sales can be those sales achieved by those you have brought into the company (and thereby, other members brought into the company by those you have brought in…commonly referred to as downline team members).

Direct Sales Commissions

Respecting the Resorts360 explanation of sales, Resorts360 pays a sales commission for each member who purchases a travel member product:

  • $400 commission for the sale of an Executive Member product
  • $2000 commission for the sale of an Elite Member product

As an Executive member, if your second sell is an Executive Member product you receive $400. If you sell an Elite Member product, you receive $400 and your sponsor receives $1600 regardless of the membership status held by your sponsor. (more on this in a minute)

Pro Travel Plus does not allow its members to individualize or separate out for individual sales any of the travel packages the members receive. Direct sales commissions come from the sale of memberships attributed to travel packages offered.

Those commissions are issued according to the status of membership held by the member who makes the sale:

  • 1 STAR member earns a $15 commission per new member sold
  • 2 STAR member earns a $25 commission per new member sold
  • 3 STAR member earns a $30 commission per new member sold

Indirect Sales Commissions

There are certain terms that are often used in explaining the compensation of mlm members. Let’s get a quick glossary of terms in our mind as we look further into indirect sales commissions:

  • Downline – members brought into the organization by a sponsor or recruiter and accordingly aligned directly through that sponsor or recruiter to other members (often seen as fellow team members who enter the organization at a later time than those to whom they relate).
  • Forced Matrix – a prearranged number of members per level and per number of levels to be included in a specific exercise or operation of service.
  • Level – the identification of members in relation to one another and as related to those members not to be included. A Level 1 member has specific characteristics unlike those of other levels. The primary characteristic is a one point of separation from the sponsor or recruiter being considered. A Level 1 member in most cases is a member who has personally been enlisted or recruited. A Level 2 member is a member enlisted, recruited, or placed at two points of separation from the sponsor or recruiter being considered.

Member Watermelon recruits or sponsors member Pink. Member Pink does the same with Member X. The levels to member Watermelon are: Level 1: Pink; Level 2: X.

  • Matrix – a formation by ratio (2×3 for instance) that remains applicable for enlistment structure or compensation purposes.

A 2×3 matrix means no more than 2 members can be at Level 1 to a sponsor or recruiter; and the inclusion of members will only go to Level 3.

  • Pass Up – a requirement that a commission or enlistment is earned by one member but passed up or passed over or passed down to another member. Often a number will be inserted, “pass up 1” or “pass 1 up” to set the prescribed amount to be passed up, over, or down.
  • Recruiter or Sponsor – a member who personally brings into the organization a new member. (Or the member under which a member is arbitrarily placed or assigned).
  • Spill Over – the arbitrary placement of a new member under a sponsor or recruiter that did not personally recruit or sponsor the new member.
  • Unilevel – any member personally enlisted or recruited by a member, no matter where placement of the member is made, is a unilevel member to the member by whom they were originally enlisted or recruited.
  • Upline – previous members of the organization who are related to the sponsor or recruiter of a more recently joined member.

Resorts360 awards compensation according to the purchase made by using a unilevel model with a “pass one up” requirement and your level of membership at the time of sale will determine your income.

Unpacking that means:

Unilevel—no matter where they are placed in the organization, you get credit for every recruit you bring in. That credit is not only seen as a direct commission (stated earlier) but also an indirect commission fr sales each of your personal recruits make.

“Pass one up”—you’re not going to make any money until your second sale. (The good thing is, you’ll make money on every sale your recruit makes)

As an Elite member, when any member you personally recruited sells a product, you receive:

  • $50 commission on an Executive member product sale
  • $400 commission on an Elite member product sale
  • If the member who sells an Elite member product is not also an Elite member, you will receive the balance of the Elite member product commission of $1,600.

As an Executive member, when any member you personally recruited sells a product, you receive:

  • $50 commission on an Executive member product sale
  • $400 commission on an Elite member product sale

PTP makes its indirect commission payouts in this manner:

As long as you have a minimum of ten participating PTP member in your downline:

  • 2 STAR members are awarded an additional $5 commission when their Level 2 members make a membership sale.
  • 3 STAR members are awarded an additional $5 commission when their Level 2 members make a membership sale and also make an additional $3 commission when their Level 3 members make a membership sale.
  • A Powerline Bonus of 3% is awarded upline for 5 Levels (that’s a straight line payout so at 3% it really delivers $5.25 per upline person for a total of 5 levels). (some people completely miscalculate this bonus).

PTP further pays out recurring commissions by various levels to a maximum of 14 levels. It’s a forced 2×14 matrix model.

  • 1 STAR members are paid an indirect commission at these levels and percentages:
    • Levels 1-4 at 2%; Levels 5-8 at 2.5%; and Levels 9-10 at 3%
  • 2 STAR members are paid an indirect commission at these levels and percentages:
    • Levels 1-4 at 2%; Levels 5-8 at 2.5%; and Levels 9-12 at 3%
  • If you are a 3 STAR member, then you get residual commission at:
    • Levels 1-4 at 2%; Levels 5-8 at 2.5%; Levels 9-12 at 3%; and Levels 13-14 at 2%

 Matching Bonus for Unilevel members

Qualifying for the indirect recurring commission also qualifies you for up to six levels of matching bonuses for every member you personally brought in:

  • 1 STAR member receives a bonus of 15% from Level 1
  • 2 STAR member receives a bonus of 25% from Level 1, 10% from Level 2, and 5% from Level 3
  • 3 STAR member receives a bonus of 30% from Level 1, 15% from Level 2, 5% from Level 3, 3% from Level 4, and, 2% from Level 5
  • 3 STAR ELITE (when a 3 STAR member achieves at least 500 active PTP members, the 3 STAR becomes a 3 START ELITE member) and receives a bonus of 50% from Level 1, 15% from Level 2, 5% from Level 3, 3% from Level 4, and 2% from Levels 5 and 6.

That’s It, Folks

We’ve wiled away the moments together having grouped some thoughts about travel mlm; compared Resorts360 Vacation Club and Pro Travel Plus; picked up a quick glossary of terms; and looked closely at the compensation possibilities.

I do hope it’s been helpful, at least to gather thoughts and go further if your interests carry you there.

If you want to say thank you, then just give a scrutinizing listen to my friend, Brad. I really am impressed that a millionaire, a seven figure earner, would continue to care enough to help you and me earn some money with a legitimate process online.

He is generous and he gives you a comprehensive view to the process for FREE and right here. I encourage you to take a look.