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Sunrise Travel Club

 Sunrise Travel Club logo

Sun Rise Travel Club launched in 2010.

Available introductory materials identify Sunrise Travel Club Ltd. as a licensed shareholder company, located in the Qwomar Trading Building, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Executive Panel Members are identified by their industry experience:

  • CEO – Chris Michaels
  • Leisure Industry – Freij
  • Sales Industry – Sabba
  • Colossal Estate Industry – Eddie Hashemi
  • Lawyer – G. Milon
  • Accountant – G. Theo at KPMG

The ownership of Sunrise Travel Club is not openly shared.

The original presentation can be viewed here.
Unfortunately, neither of these contact links still function:

  • www.sunrisetravelclub.com
  • www.sunrisetravelclub.com/blog

If They Are Not To Be Found, Why Look?

No one feels joy in the failure of someone else…it diminished the one who does feel joy and it locked the person who may have failed into a snapshot of time, as if never to be identified differently.

Having said that, a careful study can teach us where such attempts do fail, and perhaps why they fail. It also insulates us when we hear such sincere expressions of involvement based upon unsubstantiated claims of stability, wisdom, and strength. The mistaken trust, or the intended misrepresentations begin to standout. It helps us to look past the apparent structure and dig down to find a more accurate assessment of the foundation of such businesses.

Here’s a case in point. Just read the opening paragraph of the presentation cited above…don’t you want to believe, too?:

“Are you looking to join a travel club and perhaps travel the world and earn money while doing this? Are you looking for something legitimate,that is affordable and truly makes sense to you? Have you had bad experiences with home travel business clubs in the past, and are really just looking to find something that works? If not, you have came to the right place when searching for the Sunrise Travel Club review. Sunrise Travel Club is quite new, and only launched about one year, prior to the writing of this article. This business launched in response to some of the previous home travel business clubs in the past that were not well funded and did not do right by people.”

How’s your checkoff list as to credibility?

• Decent web presence…..check
• Seemingly experienced leadership…..check
• Legal and Business Accounting….check
• Private, Members Only Web Portal….check
• Secure means to accept pay and distribute pay….check
• Evidence that all back office tools are accessible and interrelated….check
• Testimonials of satisfied customers and evidence of paid commissions….check
• Presentation videos and Training Videos….check
• Peek into the inner workings before pitching the opportunity….check
• International strength and reach….check

If you’re already tired of reading, this stuff my friend Brad shares is a whole lot better. He gives so much good information here, I can’t believe he doesn’t charge you for it.

The basic presentation of Sunrise Travel included:

  1. Affordable home travel club price, one-time $300.00 membership purchase
  2. No monthly fees or website fees.
  3. A 3-4 night stay at a 3-5 star hotel anywhere around the globe.
  4. Products to learn from and to sell: e-book library valued at over $1000.
  5. Personal website monthly without charge, with opt-in box and introductory video.
  6. Personal access through the Sunrise Travel portal to secure discounts on cruises, airfare, hotel and condo stays throughout the world!
  7. A compensation plan that earns $600 even if just the one who brings you in does all the work.
  8. If you personally bring in at least 2 people you qualify to earn $10,000 through team effort.

Cost of Membership:

• $300 one-time fee, No monthly fee

Members Benefits:

  • Access to 24/7 travel portal for Airfares, Cruises, Hotel accommodations, Car rentals at 65% discounts
  • 3-4 days hotel accommodation to hotels and villas all over the world
  • Sunrise Travel replicated website for help with making the Sunrise Travel offer to others
  • Virtual back office business tracking system
  • Direct personal sales assistant at the click of a button
  • E-books, programs and videos that you can use and resale
  • Online and offline marketing tools, training and support
  • Physical offices in different countries available for members to expand their business
  • Access to one live Personal Development seminar, of your choice

How Sunrise Travel works

  • The basic structure is a “straight line” enlistment with a binary split board using a 2×3 forced matrix for new member enlistment.
  • The new member enters on to a table (straight line) with 2 boards (binary, two sides of downline to fill up. The new member “A” completes the straight line with 6 new members even if those six new members are:
    • completely supplied by a very ambition upline sponsor (the one who enrolled new member “A”)
    • brought in by another new member “B” personally enlisted by new member “A”
    • brought in by a new member that Member “B” enlisted personally.
    • It is possible for new member “A” to earn $600 when member “A” cycles off the first board even if member “A” only joined with lots of enthusiastic recruiters and member “A” didn’t enlist anyone new.
  • Cycling (advancing from a completed board) off the first board, member “A” is pushed onto the second board. Member “A” will have to personally recruit a minimum of two new members to qualify to earn the $10,000 commission when member “A” cycles off the second board
  • When Member “A” cycles through and off of this second board, Member “A” may re-enter the second board and continue the cycle, earning$10,000 each time Member “A” fills out the second board.

Special Note: A later change in the compensation plan set the reward of completing the first board at $500 cash and $300 voucher. The voucher value was redeemed by applying to travel services, etc.

In accordance to this Sunrise Travel video, a member can also purchase multiple personal positions on the board, either side, each time the member completes one table (straight line of 6 in addition to the member). In effect, a member can purchase positions at a new member cost of $300 each time.

Cautions and Concerns:

  • Money generated from the previous matrix is utilized to enter or re-enter a person into the next matrix is more like a money game or pyramid scheme than like a legitimate multi-level marketing structure.
  • Sunrise Travel Club allows a single individual to own multiple positions within the same matrix. This practice is not in compliance with United States regulations of MLM companies. Many countries internationally follow the guidance of US regulations.
  • Multiple positions held by the same member causes huge problems within the matrices. Matrices stall due to inactivity.
  • The inactivity comes in this order. All new members start on the bottom table of a board. As the table is completed on behalf of the new member through everyone helping (even up line spillover can contribute), this pushes the new member up the structure to begin another table and it continues until the new member satisfies the total number of tables for the board.

When a member realizes no one else is actually working, then the member must single-handedly fill all the tables, if the member wishes to advance through the board. That would mean having to personally sponsor as many as 31 people in order to get paid on the initial matrix that pays $600. 31 x $300 minus the $600 payout results in a $8,500 loss.

• False activity is a second order that can stall a matrix. If a member has had some help and finally calculates it is possible to purchase new positions for $300 and it only requires 10 positions to push the member through the second matrix, it is possible to expend $3,000 in order to receive $10,000, and net a $7,000 profit.

The disservice is upon those that were helping the member get that close to the reward. Each new position purchased by the member (10 positions in this case) are “dead” cells, non- producing. All fellow members on the same board are weakened from the prospect of doing the same for themselves.

What Should Have Warned People Away From Sunrise Travel?

  1. The primary product is supposed to be travel discounts, but the obvious money maker is the enlistment of new paying members.
  2. The company location does not jeopardize its success as much as where the company is registered and under what regulatory oversight will it be managed?
  3. There is no clear identification as to who the owner or owners of Sunrise Travel Company might be. The absence of such fair information (where do you secure justification or satisfaction with regard to any dispute that may develop) is a concern.
  4. The sneak peek at the Sunrise Travel portal displayed the same customary public facing searches available to any person using Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak, or any similar discount service. Is this indeed an exclusive Sunrise Travel negotiated discount advantage?
  5. The Ebook library provided for personal learning and for resale is lacking in volume and those presented are dated and generic in composition.


You have taken the time to read this far. You have demonstrated a real desire to inform yourself and to make wise decisions. I’m the same type of person.

When we find something worthwhile after sorting through so many unworthy opportunities, we ought to share the true, legitimate ones with each other.

I’m sharing what I’ve found. I listened to Brad in the video up top. I found what works. I don’t recruit. I don’t worry about commissions. I don’t have to be concerned as to if the company will fail. I put my efforts into myself and I get results without compromise.

Listen to Brad. You’ll be glad you did. It won’t take you as long as it took to read this article, to listen to Brad and decide. Listen to Brad.