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Coastal Vacations versus Global Resorts Network

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The variety of travel mlm opportunities is really staggering. You’ve come here to see a side by side comparison of Coastal Vacations versus Global Resorts Network.

I’m going to lend my own thoughts to the contrast between these two mlm companies, but I’ll admit right up front that I don’t favor one over the other. As I’ve searched out the best input to evaluate at least thirty of these opportunities I have discovered what you probably already know.

Most of these types of evaluations are heavily sided in favor of one. That’s not going to happen here.

I favor something entirely more lucrative, easier and faster to accomplish and without all the drama of social marketing. You can listen to it before you read all I have to say (and you probably should) or you can come back after you see how thoroughly I consider opportunities like these. Either way, you’ll want to hear for FREE what my coach told me and showed me. I gotta say, Hoorah for Brad!

Let’s get into it:


Here’s where you can find these to opportunities when you do your own deeper research:

  • Global Resorts Network doesn’t provide a corporate footprint on the internet except through their great number of individual affiliate websites, all very consistent in their delivery. So, just point your browser search toward GRN and select anyone that comes up.
  • Coastal Vacations is practically a granddaddy among the mlm travel industry and has nine lives to boot. You can find them currently at: coastal vacations


As the saying goes, you might work harder than top management, but you’ll never out rank them. Here they are for each company:

  • Global Resorts Network – was founded by Al Morales all the way back to 2002. Mr. Morales was joined by partner Mark Hoverson in 2010.
  • Coastal Vacations – was begun in 2008 and is owned by Al Romaine. Despite their preference to be seen as led by a Board of Directors there is no question that Mr. Romaine give significant influence to organizational decisions.


Much like a gyroscope spinning while standing still, the inner ring rotating while the outer ring maintains the stability needed to stand, so runs the travel mlm company.

The outer structure of travel is very impressive indeed. Travel keeps expanding, moving from an eight trillion dollar industry straight into a soon to be nine trillion dollar annual expenditure. That’s a lot of money and it’s not stopping any time soon.

When you add in the growing sophistication of the average traveler and the ability to access travel aggregates like Travelocity, Expedia, Hotels.com and others; if a traveler has a desire and a discounted price that traveler can arrange some very impressive travel, all on her own.

To continue with the gyroscope illustration, the spin of marketing has gained significant speed thanks to internet and social media platforms. As with any mlm structure, you recruit or you ruin. It’s all about recruitment and recruitment is all about me telling you so you tell others who tell others, too. When people communicate at the speed of a click and they can email, text, tweet, pin (Pinterest), hangout (google), chat, skype, and speak to anyone else who can do the same, we’re lighted up to spin on a dime!

These travel mlm companies combine all of that structure, spin, speed, and light into a discounted travel platform controlled by replicated websites dialed directly into a compensation software that allows sales, recruiting, and commissions in minutes, not days.

These mlm travel opportunities look for people who travel and talk about their travels to other people who are then motivated to travel as well. Those who can’t travel say it is either they don’t have the time or they don’t have the money. These two companies say they can take care of both of those concerns.

In most cases a travel mlm finds third party partners at three significant points.

  1. A third party provider of massive travel services inclusive of travel (vehicle, plane, or train); vacation or entertainment locations (theme parks, excursions, exotic locations); and outstanding accommodations (hostiles, hotels, resorts, condominiums) with great food and entertainment.
  2. A third party internet website portal tying all the transactions (sales, recruitment), scheduling, training, and moral support by group and individual exchanges
  3. A third party training and organizational development software and tutorials.

Once these third party partners are brought together, there is a ton of marketing to get the word out and then keep hyping the dream until it becomes a reality.

How These Two Have Made It Happen

Global Resorts Network provides an internet portal to exclusive member-only reduced travel opportunities. These opportunities are supplied by Gold Crown Resorts, a third party provider that GRN has used from the very beginning.

Al Morales in 2002 tried something very few others in the travel industry considered possible. He contacted Gold Crown Resorts and swung an exclusive relationship to be their online marketer. That’s almost as genius as what Gold Crown Resorts did years before.

Gold Crown Resorts stepped into the time shares model and cracked the code. Until then people were purchasing time shares at resorts for a down payment as high as five figures and recurring property fees, maintenance fees, an association fees. They did this in order to have a claim to one week at the same place every fifty-two weeks. When they would tire of going to the same resorts year after year they could trade or sale their week and arrange the same with another time share holder and go to their luxurious resort.

Gold Crown Resorts set up such a relationship with 5,000 five star resort accommodations all over the world. In so doing, they made it possible for the ordinary family to secure a weeklong stay for as many as 8 in a group in some places and for a cost of between $389 to $799, without any large down payment or recurring fees. Genius!

That worked well for GRN, providing access to thousands of places at rock bottom prices in luxurious resorts for about seven years and then they lost the exclusive relationship with Gold Crown Resorts. Since that time Gold Crown Resorts has continued to work with GRN, but there are others using the same properties and providing a competitive price these days.

Coastal Vacations also provides its members with a replicated website to keep everything updated for ready and fast bookings attributed directly to each person who makes the sale.

These websites (if you notice closely in the footer of any affiliate site you see) are powered by a third party enterprise called FocalPoint.

Coastal Vacations keeps everything functioning with Director Calls each Monday, providing inspiration, instruction, and promotion of all things Coastal Vacations style.

A quick view of coastaltravelpackage.com will introduce you to all the many tools and connections the company uses from the newest affiliate the most experienced.


Each of the mlm organizations assure their members the selection of travel and accommodations are exclusive to their membership and provide those prices at competitively reduced costs.

Additionally, the mlm travel experience is designed to be shared with as many as possible, encouraging the recruitment of new workers and the promise of both direct and indirect income according to how many you bring in.


Global Resort Network includes three different membership experiences:

  • $2,995 down payment gets you 2 Premium weeks annually as Silver member
  • $7,995 down payment gets you 10 Premium weeks annually as a Platinum member
  • $11,995 down payment gets you 20 Premium weeks annually as a Diamond member

Coastal Vacations is a bit more challenging in determining a membership choice.

There is one caution that seems worth mentioning and it has to do with definition of terms.

Coastal Vacations states that membership is a lifetime experience for members. That’s really not to be questioned. But, the most common complaint discovered in customer reviews and blog comments is that members must pay an annual fee of $89.95.

The $89.95 charge is not for membership; it’s for preserving any membership cards for another date. Now, a membership card is the means by which a Coastal Vacations agreement with travel services is achieved in most cases. You get a membership card for a particular trip service provider or travel service provider from Coastal Vacations much the same as an official voucher. If the membership card for a specific trip or travel service has not been redeemed by a specific date, then your 89.95 fee is what may keep it and most of the other unexpired membership cards from lapsing.

Beginning to see how important it is to make sure common terms mean the same from one mlm to another mlm? Membership, membership cards, membership card fees are all distinctively defined, but all seem to say the same thing to most people.

Another distinctive you must accept regarding Coastal Vacations is that they insist they do not sell travel; instead they sell travel packages with preset travel experiences at a discount.

Here is the selection of membership from Coastal Vacations:

  • Resort Vacation Package contains 25 membership cards. (again, these membership cards are the means of securing preset packages of travel with various travel services and they usually have a shelf life of so many months, but not always). Additionally there are preset travel arrangements for airfare, cruises, theme parks, expeditions, dining in at least 24 packages as well. The retail value has been given at $15,000 and it is yours for a membership price of $1,295.
  • International Vacation Package includes the Resort Vacation contents and extends to include international travel and unlimited cruises. It adds a discount to a training seminar for Coastal Vacations. The retail value given for this package is $20,000 and the cost to you is $3,500.
  • Universal Vacation Package provides choices of hundreds of preset five to seven day cruises or vacation experiences with thousands of locations in the United States or throughout the world. The retail value is approximately $40,000 and it can be purchased for $7,500.

Coastal Vacations offers different payment arrangements for acquiring these memberships. They even bundle the packages for a greater savings. You can choose these combinations as well:

  • The Premier Package saves you $800 over paying separately for the Resort Package and the International Package, combining the two together for $3995.
  • The Platinum Package saves you $1,295 (you basically get the Resort Package for free) by combining all three packages for a cost of $11,000.

Besides the obvious increase to choices you may wonder why anyone might find it advisable to purchase one package or bundle over another. (By the way, you cannot sell these membership cards to various places individually. You can make them a gift or a donation, but the individual trip services are to be kept intact and the entire package is to be sold).

A member is paid a commission not only according to the specific package purchased, but also according to which level of membership the seller holds. To state it a different way, you must be a member at a particular level of membership package purchase in order to receive certain commissions. If you are at a lower membership purchase than the level you sell, you receive less commission.


As with any representation of compensation, you are advised to contact the company from which you anticipate compensation in order to be fully informed about potential compensation. The following is for illustration, and should not be taken for certainty without first confirming it with those directly involved.

Both Coastal Vacations and Global Resorts Network want their members to enthusiastically enjoy the services provided. In addition they make every effort to encourage their members to become raving fans, constantly promoting the services to friends and family and beyond; so that, their members become their salespeople. In fact, so much so, that their salespeople become their recruiters.

Direct Sales

As a member you are encouraged to sell to others.

With GRN, any commission you receive is based upon the membership level you are holding when you make the sale. GRN only sells membership by which new members access their travel arrangements.

  • As a Gold level member you earn a commission of $500
  • As a Platinum level member you earn a commission of $1000

Coastal Vacations maintains a distinction unlike most other travel mlm companies. Because Coastal Vacation travel packages are purchased as membership levels, and because these are preset packages (with some customizing within the package limits), Coastal Vacations explains it is not a sales company for travel, it is a sales company for memberships that contain preset travel packages.

In addition, these preset travel packages afforded to members are not to be split up and their contents of travel sold individually. (Portions can be give away or donated—like individual vacations or airline discounts; but no membership cards can be transferred in ownership to someone else)

Coastal Vacations pays commissions on the sale of memberships.

The commission model used by Coastal Vacations is commonly referred to as a “pass up two” model. True to its name, you don’t earn commission until your third sale.

Where does the first two commissions go? They go to your uni-level sponsor, the one who originally brought you into the company. (If that person didn’t stay in as long as you did, then it goes to the one who enlisted your original sponsor or to the administration – it’s the administration’s call. Mainly, it doesn’t go to you.).

So, on your third sale, you get the commission. (But, remember, any one you sponsor, their first two sales commissions go to you…that’s a little better!)

Another distinctive not to be lost is that you earn commissions according to the membership sold and according to the membership you currently hold.

  • $1000 is the sales commission you earn on the third sale if you are holding a Resort Vacation membership (no matter what membership you sale).
  • $1000 is the sales commission you earn on a sale of a Premier Package if you are holding a Resort Package membership.
  • $3,200 is the sales commission you earn on a sale of a Premier Package if you are holding a Premier Package membership.

All three commission levels are:

  • $1000 Resort level
  • $3200 Premier level (International and Resort)
  • $9700 Platinum level (Universal, International and Resort)

Indirect Sales

Mlm travel becomes very lucrative when indirect sales begin. Some refer to indirect commissions as residual income. In brief, with indirect sales at least two important matters are addressed:

  1. You make additional money according to the efforts of those you bring into the experience. In effect, you have a partner in the business of sales.
  2. If you didn’t make money from the efforts of those you bring in, then it would be a competitor you are introducing to your need for sales; and, you don’t need any more competitors.

Many experienced mlm earners say the amount of commission or bonus you receive from the efforts of those you recruit is the best practical measurement between if they are a partner or a competitor.

If the indirect commission is too low, then it may be you have enlisted competitors to the initial sales. If the indirect commission is higher, then it feels more like you have a partner. You’ll want to investigate carefully before you join any mlm experience.

The mlm experience really demonstrates distinction among its various models of compensation and organization through the experience of indirect sales.

Unilevel is one type of relationship found among mlm organizations. In brief, unilevel means that you keep a universal pairing with those you personally enlist or recruit. Because multi-level means there will be more than one level, then universal means it transcends any limit or distinction placed on any level.

If member Pink enlist member Strawberry and member Pink also enlists member Banana, then member Pink will always have Strawberry and Banana on member Pink’s unilevel.

In the case of GRN, a Gold member will receive a matching bonus of $500 when any unilevel member earns a $500 commission from a sale. (That is to say when member Banana earns a $500 commission, then as a unilevel member to member Pink, member Pink also receives a matching commission of $500).

Equally, GRN will provide a Platinum member with a matching commission of $1,000 when a unilevel member earns a $1000 commission.


Travel mlm opportunities remain fascinating to me even after several reviews.

When the focus moves from the travel opportunities to the recruitment requirements there’s a problem.

When the compensation plan is more complicated than the travel arrangements, there’s a problem.

When recruitment becomes the money maker more than the travel opportunities, there’s a problem.

Given your further study, you get to declare if there is a problem or not.

Me, I’ve concluded a much better way for me. I make enough money I can travel when I want and I don’t have to recruit anyone in the process.

Here’s the way that works for me and you can hear about it for FREE from the very guy who told me. He’s a seven figure earner for a few years now and he can tell you how he is making me become a high earner, too. You really ought to hear this. I mean, gracious, you’ve read this far. Why not take a brief listen and study that out as well?