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Some of my all-time favorite vacation spots

To warm this icy blog up, I thought it’d be fun to start with some of my absolute favorite holiday destinations of all time.  (This is Brad by the way.  I’m making a rare appearance at the ol’ keyboard.  My buddy Scooby will be doing most of the blogging here — I’m just the video guy ’cause he hates being on camera!  Anyways…)

Here they are:

  • Los Cabos, Mexico (aka “Cabo“)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (aka “Sin City“)
  • Dunkerton, Iowa (aka “D Town“)

I’m sure the first two didn’t surprise you.  Cabo is gorgeous; Vegas is “anything goes.”  Both are fun and inspiring in different ways.

But what about the last one?  Dunkerton?  I mean… c’mon… right?  Well, it’s actually where I was born and raised.  And today I’m thousands of miles away… so it’s nice to get back there once a year or so and see my peeps (plus be reminded of where I came from).

I think you can learn a lot about someone just from hearing about their favorite travel destinations.  So what about you?  What are your top three?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!

Then, keep it dead-bolted right here and Scooby will be taking the wheel and answering all your MLM travel questions in the weeks to come.  Thanks for reading.