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World Ventures Review, Complaints, More

Hey, I’m Scooby.  If you’re searching Google for World Ventures reviews, you’re definitely the right place.

I’m a VRA (no, it’s not some 12 step program)…virtual research assistant. It’s not a real title, but it must be tattooed to my forehead.

Among my friends I’m known as the skeptic. So, they use my skepticism to their own advantage. It’s one of those communal habits, they enable my disease by asking me to look into things for them. Sick!


Just the facts, ma’am; just the facts

It’s a service I provide to my friends. I don’t get paid for it. I don’t have to please anyone and I’m not responsible for what people conclude. I am responsible for presenting the facts. Just like a Jack Webb (Sgt. Joe Friday) portrayal of a Los Angeles cop in the 60’s TV series Dragnet, (so, I’m into movies, all kinds of movies) “just the facts, ma’am; just the facts.”

So, it’s not long before I had a friend ask me to do a review on World Ventures.  (See their corporate website here.)

When I’m summons to such an opportune task, I ask that the friend not tell anymore than, “What is your bottom line question?” His basic question was, “Is this a legit group, or just a scam looking for another victim?”

Legit for what…it sounds like travel…legitimate rates, destinations, blackout dates?

Well, my friend seemed irritated. His response, “Sure, but also, do they pay real money if I become an agent that promotes their company?”

Oh, it’s an income stream he was seeking, not merely a vacation spot! Now, I’m really interested to answer his question. (be sure to read to the end).

It Ain’t Got No Gas In It

So, I did what Billy Bob Thornton (Sling Blade 1996, Karl Childers, developmentally disabled character) would do, “It ain’t got no gas in it” approach. (They couldn’t start a tiller. They bring it to the retard and he checks the gas. Something they should have done!) I went straight to the internet site to see if it had any gas.

Sure enough, all the wonderful perks of worldwide travel, the exotic without the expense kind of travel, cannot be yours unless you swig the swag, take the pill, down the kool aid.  If you dig a little deeper, you discover this phrase over and over again:

“Are you ready to change careers? Would you like to receive recognition for all your hard work? Are you tired of struggling paycheck to paycheck? If you answered “yes,” to any of these questions, then you need to attend BootCamp.”

Just a few clicks further and you can taste the honey dripping from the founders themselves:

  1. Structure a vacation and entertainment club with local and global affordable prices.
  2. Use a multilayered marketing direct sales force promising them life-sustaining income as our representatives.
  3. Promise a worthy cause(s) will also be our way to give back to others.

Let’s be fair. In our discovery, a further waltz around the site will provide solid evidence they have done and are doing exactly what they intended to do. (I love that they have pioneered “VolunTourism.” Villages in Asia, Africa, and Latin America are all the better because of these charitable :giving back” social advances from WV group vacations. Children are the focused ministry.

They seem to be growing.

In fact, going beyond the site, you can find evidence that WV is currently (early 2015) No. 75 on the Direct Selling News  Global 100 list and is ranked No. 7 on the most recent list of Greatest Growth Percentage Companies of the top direct-selling brands worldwide. By the way, the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) reports there are more than 91 million direct salesmen (make that independent sales representatives) who are part of the global industry and in the US that’s yearly retail at $154 billion.


Show Me The Money

Next stop in the snoop search, Better Business Bureau (I know it’s old school, but, it’s still around and a lot of the seniors who would use this service would lodge their World Ventures complaints here…and there’s no stronger complainer than a senior complainer). Who better to play the part of Cuba Gooding Jr (Rod Tidwell, character in Jerry McGuire, 1996) reference to what his dad always taught him, “Show Me The Money!”

The BBB describes WorldVentures as a discount vacation club and travel sales through mlm using “independent representatives” who pay a fee and sell WV products.

Reporting from the 2014 Annual Income Disclosure Statement, the BBB says that only 22.49% of these “representatives” actually earned commission between October 2012 and September 2013. Just as importantly, the median earnings per rep was $40.

Anyhow, despite 139 complaints over the past year, WorldVentures has a BBB rating of B+.  (That’s at the time of writing this.  Source.)


How Much Exactly Does It Cost?

So, if the BBB says that WVT reports just about 1 in 5 actually makes money and that the median earnings is $40 annually, how much does it cost to make $40 annually if you are fortunate enough to be the 1 out of 5 who earns it?

There are monthly dues just to keep your hat in the ring (active status) and here’s an explanation of compensation from one scenario online:

Business Cost: $ $99 one time/ $11 per month. Product Cost vary:$199 one time / $55 month.

So, hummm, my friend pays $99 to join; and $11 monthly to stay in; A product cost of $199 and $55 monthly….subtract the annual $40 (1 out of 5 reps make; or subtract 0 if you are among the 4 out 5 reps)…your annual expenses are…well, you do the math.

There is the “Get Four, Pay No More” opportunity. Basically, you get 4 customer sales in a month (these are customers, not new recruits) and your fee is waived for the month as well as commission calculations.

I’m not going to bore you with the full structure of commissions, dreamtrips, international dreamtrips, luxury dreamtrips, and levels like Rep, Director, etc. And, it a binary structure so there are two sides (right and left) and simultaneously you can qualify in one, but not in the other.

Bottom Line

Here’s why my friend might go for it anyway:

  1. If he isn’t really after income, just after great vacations.
  2. If he has a lot of friends that want to travel together, this could become a tribe of tourists (and my friend is really tribal).
  3. If he wants to be associated with an impressive organization and some really nice folks.
  4. After all, World Venture Travel and Dreamtrips are growing!

So, I’ve found something better for my friend.

  1. He can make enough money to afford discounts to the exotic locations, anyway.
  2. He can make that money without subjecting his friends, family or travel companions to a sales pitch.

I’m getting my friend to listen to Brad! (You DID see Brad..UPPER RIGHT CORNER..VIDEO!)

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