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Zyndio and ZynTravel Review

Let’s answer the question “Make money with Zyndio?”

Zyndio is new to the scene of mlm business opportunities. ZynTravel is the initial offer with a lifestyle approach soon to follow addressing travel, money, and health.
ZynTravel scam?

You can find the company website at http://www.zyndio.com and the portal is located here http://zyntravelsuite.com. The domain itself was purchased as far back as October 24, 2011, the owner being Integrity Management Group and the contact email is connected to Anthony Powell.

Their website printed address is: 15333 N Pima Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, with a toll free contact at 800-605-3738.

The most helpful source of information at this early writing comes from two prelaunch unlisted videos, one on August 28, by AnZyndio makes money?thony Powell and another two days later by John Beall. The push was to anticipate the September 9 official prelaunch and a company wide launch to follow 6 months later in Las Vegas with an anticipated 15,000 to gather. Time will tell.

Anthony Powell, the apparent guru of the Zyndio brand made his mark while in his early twenties with Mark Hughes of Herbalife. Moving from Herbalife in 2013 into Vemma, now with the FTC slap to Vemma, A.P. (as his faithful followers call him) is leading out in this new venture called Zyndio.

There are several testimonials of those who have been on the Anthony Powell team for a long time (some as long as nineteen years) and some as news as the most recent Zyndio convert. The prelaunch was all about gaining two thousand Founder member positions.

Let’s focus just on ZynTravel for now, realizing that Zyndio is anticipating the rollout of doctor-aided health products in the near future.

I do need to disclose that I am not ZynTravel affiliate. I have reviewed more than 30 different, prominent travel mlm business opportunities. I keep reviewing and keep finding none that can beat what I already have. I make money consistently. I don’t recruit. I don’t figure compensation plans. I just enjoy what I do. I listened to Brad, a 7 figure earner now for a few years, doing exactly what he tells everyone on to do. Hear it here, and be glad you did.

ZynTravel is a travel club that empowers you to take the vacation of your dreams right now. The boast is that ZynTravel, like no other travel mlm service, has managed to remove the middle men and takes you straight to the travel source for as much as an eight-five percent savings.

ZynTravel affiliates can enjoy these discounts among 15,000 resorts; 200,000+ hotels; share the stories of their travel savings and their exotic locations with fellow travelers they meet along the way and the family and friends who love to hear of their exploits upon their return. The same “come along with me, get the travel savings and sell the dream” message every other travel mlm has wagged around.

How To Join ZynTravel

There are three levels of membership into ZynTravel. For all levels there is an initial $19.99 activation fee and a recurring $12.99 monthly fee (for your personal website connection).

  • $49.99 purchases a Silver membership and a $75 travel credit is awarded
  • $199.99 purchases a Gold membership and a $300 travel credit is awarded
  • $449.99 purchases a Platinum membership and a $750 travel credit is awarded

The travel credit dollars are unique to ZynTravel and can be used only within the ZynTravel bookings. There is constant encouragement to raise your ZynTravel dollars so that you travel without expense.

The choice of membership begins to define the benefits and the potential compensation awarded the member.

There are two special incentives that are meant to really stimulate the early days of ZynTravel. They are:
• Founders Positions: the first 2,000 who join as Platinum affiliates (obviously time sensitive)
• Rising Star: achieved when an affiliate comes in as a Platinum affiliate; recruits three personal enrollees (completing Level 1); and completes the full cycle tree (all of Level 2), all within the first fifteen days of joining. (Read on, you’ll understand things better).

How To Make Money With ZynTravel

The Zyndio Compensation Plan is all about ZynTravel compensation in these early days

ZynTravel Commissions For Travel Sales

A ZynTravel website sales commission is awarded according to the membership held. A code is provided the affiliate and when used, allows affiliate designation for paid commissions when travel is booked through the affiliate website.

However, the percentage posted for each membership level is not calculated directly from the travel services purchased through ZynTravel. The percentage is calculated on the commission issued to ZynTravel from the independent providers of the travel itself.

The difference between the discounted price offered through ZynTravel and the actual cost the travel provider must bear yields a profit for the travel provider. ZynTravel is paid a portion of that profit. The ZynTravel affiliate is then paid a commission from the portion of profit shared with ZynTravel, it’s a percentage of a percentage.

  • Silver member making a ZynTravel sale gets 25% commission of what ZynTravel gets from the travel provider.
  • Gold member making a ZynTravel sale gets 50% commission of what ZynTravel gets from the travel provider.
  • Platinum member making a ZynTravel sale gets 100% commission of what ZynTravel gets from the travel provider.

ZynTravel Commissions For Enrollment

As is true for most travel mlm business opportunities, most compensation is focused on enrollment of more members.
The ZynTravel product sales commission is dwarfed by the money made from ZynTravel recruitment.

A 3 x 2 Matrix is the basis of ZynTravel enrollment commissions. The basic concept in a 3×2 Matrix is the original affiliate member enrolling 3 affiliate members who in turn each enroll 3 affiliate members, a total of 12.

A common result of any declared matrix is “spill over.” Spill over occurs when an affiliate member enrolls his or her Level 1 recruits (3) and then continues to enroll additional recruits and place those additional recruits under someone else. Everybody helps everybody to fill in the 3×2 requirement for Level 1 and Level 2. (at least that’s the idea)

In Zyndio, a completed 3×2 matrix is referred to as a cycle tree for ZynTravel.

ZynTravel Cycle Tree

To understand the cycle tree, just understand the 3×2 matrix has two levels.
• Level 1 includes the first three enrollees personally recruited.
• Level 2 includes each of the three enrollees recruited by those on Level 1.
All 12 spots must be filled to complete a cycle tree.

Ways To Make More Money With ZynTravel

1. Affiliate Referral Bonus
Referral bonus is paid two levels deep for each new recruit. The payout is adjusted to the affiliate membership held.
Level 1 recruit bonus is 20%, so a Silver means $10; a Gold means $40; and a Platinum means $90
Level 2 recruit bonus is 5%, so a Silver means $2.50; a Gold means $10; and a Platinum means $22.50

2. Affiliate Cycle Bonus
A cycle is completed when all twelve members have purchased memberships filling up both Level 1 and Level 2 spots. A cycle can be completed once a day, once a week, or once a month; at the speed of recruitment.

As this is accomplished, a bonus is paid according to the affiliate member level:
• A Silver affiliate completes a cycle and is paid $150
• A Gold affiliate completes a cycle and is paid $600
• A Platinum affiliate completes a cycle and is paid $1,350

3. Affiliate Lifestyle Bonus
As a Platinum affiliate completes cycles there are bonuses of items, trips, jewelry, vehicles, and cash.
• 5 cycles earns a mini ipad
• 10 cycles earns a Go Pro Hero camera
• 25 cycles earns a MacBook Air
• 50 cycles earns a mastermind session excursion in an exotic location with Anthony Powell and his team
There will be vacations to Rome and Paris and much more.
• 1000 cycles (that means 12,000 enrollees) earns a BMW or Mercedes plus $10k in jewelry
The top number of cycles (undisclosed at this writing) will earn $1 million in cash.

4. Affiliate Matching Bonus
An affiliate matching bonus is paid out at two levels deep on a sliding scale as a percentage of the total cycle bonus pay. The maximization is achieved at fifty or more cycles (though details are not clear at this time to this writer).
Every time the levels cycle, the total cycle bonus pay at Level 1 is awarded at 25% and at Level 2 the award is 10%.

• The Silver affiliate would receive $37.50 at Level 1 and $15 at Level 2.
• The Gold affiliate would receive $150.00 at Level 1 and $60 at Level 2.
• The Platinum affiliate would receive $337.50 at Level 1 and $135 at Level 2.

5. Affiliate Travel Bonus
ZynTravel dollars are uniquely paid toward travel booked through ZynTravel. Affiliate Travel Bonus is a means by which affiliates can further reduce the cost of travel from the deeply discounted ZynTravel booking and the additional ZynTravel dollars earned.

As long as three personal enrollees have been accomplished, 5% of the cycle pay (in addition to the cycle bonuses) is reserved as travel bonus for each affiliate (Silver, Gold, and Platinum).

10% Lifetime Travel Bonus
When a Platinum affiliate in the first 15 days of membership brings in three additional Platinum affiliates the 5% travel bonus is increased to 10% travel bonus and remains for life.

A Platinum affiliate cycles and earns $1350 on each cycle, so a Platinum affiliate qualifying for a lifetime 10% travel bonus would be awarded $135 of ZynTravel dollars on each cycle.

6. Affiliate Global Bonus
Affiliates have 12 months to qualify for the global bonus. To qualify each affiliate must recruit three enrollees.

Even with 12 months to qualify, should affiliates still not qualify, their bonuses will drop into a global bonus. All affiliates who do qualify and who have 50 or more cycles completed will receive from this global bonus. (It remains unclear if that is on a prorated portion.)

Just to keep thing exciting, there is yet to be disclosed one more additional means of compensation. Let the excitement grow!

Something Even Better

Even after looking closely at ZynTravel, and even with the promise of further development into money, travel, and health; I’ve got something better!

You really need to listen to Brad. It can really bring you the income to let you decide where you work and how much you make.